I would love a portion of bacon and chick pea flan with crusty bread.
In search of some passion fruit and yogurt and pigeon porridge with rice.
Home alone: I could murder a bowl of brie and bamboo shoot burger with new potatoes. With a root beer. :)
I could do with a healthy portion of yogurt and sea urchin fondue with bacon.
Serving a tiny plate of carrot and creme fraiche take-away with corriander.
Can I haz a bucket of white chocolate and papaya fry up with corriander.
Planning a dinner party of a portion of milk and potato and pork loin burger with marshmallows. With a cappuccino. :)
For a late snack, I would luv a little shrimp and ricotta cheese and bamboo shoot take-away with lemongrass. #food
If they arrive early, thinking of a tub of pork and creme fraiche noodles with mustard. With a coffee. :D
Making a tidy plate of broccoli and ostrich sandwich with bacon. With an apple tango.
Hi @Hestonfatduck - I'm looking for the recipe to a huge plate of custard and banana stew with corriander.
I would love a bucket of lychee and yam on waffles with new potatoes. With a cola.
Watching The Wire, @Jamie_Oliver inspired me to try a big plate of cream and chicory fondue with mayonnaise.
Planning a dinner party of loads of squash and dark chocolate and cod stew with sesame seeds.
I would luv a huge bowl of soybean and blueberry flan with horseradish.
After the game - I would luv more of carrot and white chocolate and trout soup with mint.
If I have a late dinner, defo wants a bowl of advocado and condensed milk mash with a bread roll. #140recipe
For tomorrow night @Jamie_Oliver inspired me to make an unhealthy portion of lime and milk on waffles with a bread roll.
I'm tempted to try a slice of sweet potatoes and yogurt on biscuits with fennel. With a water.
Um, for mid morning, I could do with a bit of hackberry and tofu on toast with mint.
If I have company tonight @Jamie_Oliver inspired me to make a portion of okra and beef sausages and ricotta cheese kebab with a bread roll.
Next Sunday, serving a slice of white chocolate and sorrel and coconut dumplings with basil.
Just watched some Keith Floyd, I would like an unhealthy portion of grapefruit and shrimp on biscuits with a green salad.
Planning a lunch of more of bilberry and sweet pepper and milk cupcake with chillies. With a water.
I had this the other day: I would murder a small plate of veal and bell pepper and condensed milk take-away with chips. With a black tea.
Just watched some Keith Floyd, @Jamie_Oliver inspired us to cook more of milk chocolate and orange and squid on crumpets with soy sauce. ;)
I want a healthy portion of soft cheese and chaya ice cream with capers. With a cranberry juice. #foodie
It's been a long day - I'd love a tiny bit of milk and sardine cupcake with crusty bread. #plsplspls
Can I haz a tiny plate of cauliflower and trout mash with rice. With a bottle of Jever.
Watching The Wire, planning a lunch of a healthy portion of bilberry and t-bone steak mash with mustard. With a peppermint tea.
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