Iggy Mwangi
6. Sequences – Being lazy is allowed
I remember the day I got the mind shift about functional programming. I switched from being a fervent defender of Java and C# to a passionate of LISP dialects. At the time I was convinced that there were nothing better than OOP and curly bracket syntaxes. I was then fighting for conventions and simplicity rather than language expressivity. Why do not C and C++ have a module system ? Why do not have C and C++ a garbage collector ? Why C does not have namespaces ? Why C does not have safer string and array primitives ? Why aren’t Unicode/UTF-8 strings the default in C and C++ ? Why are the C and C++ libraries naming convention so bad ? Why is C++ so complex? As a good ignorant I thought that languages evolved with the time, and that these problems were not addressed because nobody thought about them before. And I discovered LISP the second oldest programming language with none of these problems and even powerful features other languages don’t have such as macros or continuation capture.... - Iggy Mwangi