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Matt Wigham

Matt Wigham

Partner at Indie Labs, makers of fine web products Big Cartel & Emptees.
Sent my grandma 300 picture prints through iPhoto over the weekend. She's gonna lose her mind, in a good way.
Metallica's black album on right now. I'd forgotten how heavy this is. Memories of me at 12, headbanging while mowing the lawn.
I really wish @github allowed me to check who I wanted to notify of commit comments instead of blasting everyone. Basecamp-style.
RT @paulm: Holy Crap! Day One got top banner placement in the Mac App Store!
Watched "The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia" last night, driving there now to move my grandma far far away.
Just got caught in one of those 3-day Glassjaw binges. What day is it?
Entrepreneur magazine interviewed me and @stremph about @bigcartel. Check it:
If the ultimatum is to make a PG-13 version of World War Z or nothing, you choose nothing, Mr. Forster.
Big Cartel or Etsy? Our thoughts.
RT @TheRidersProjec: Skullcandy 70% off all weekend! Get it while it lasts. All profits go to charity, choose Red Cross to help #Japan.
RT @bigcartel: We're thrilled to announce that support guru Rachel Gollay (@rachtastic) will be joining our team on 3/28! Big thanks to all that applied.
RT @paulm: Day One is currently #10 Top Paid app on the Mac App Store!
RT @bigcartel: Artists working to raise money for disaster relief in #Japan.
I'll always remember #NateDogg as someone that wasn't afraid to use "swell" in a song. Next stop is the Eastside Motel in the sky.
RT @robotwithwings: Lookin for a part-time jr. video dude/dudettte to help with some @bigcartel marketing/buzz videos. Holler at a player!
Man, @threadless really steps it up when disaster strikes. Pretty inspiring.
RT @nopattern: It's a good day to not complain about things that really don't matter.
Big ups to @spburton for shipping the new Google Analytics feature on @bigcartel today. It's a huge hit so far.
RT @paulm: SLC rated 10th as America’s Most Socially Networked City.
RT @bigcartel: Introducing built-in Google Analytics for your @bigcartel store.
RT @robotwithwings: Waka Flocka and ghostly russian dolls. Check out this recap of my show with @blondegrizzly
RT @emptees: So long, and thanks for all the tees.
Love helping artists? Then we want you on our team. @bigcartel is hiring!
I hate that I really started following the Jazz this year.
Ugh, I meant The Famine. Haven't had my coffee yet. /cc @icreature
Just bought the new album from The Faint. Sorry to curse, but good gravy! Also, amazing cover by @icreature.
RT @bigcartel: Our boy @joshuadavis took the smile off of @KenJennings face and put it on a robots.
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