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How sweet does the new Kindle Voyage sound? So good that @jsnell bought it sight-unseen.
RT @ejacqui: Hiring a deals assistant, social media manager, writer of computery things, creative director, and more.
If there is a full-scale Millennium Falcon prop somewhere in the world, then I MUST GO THERE AND BE NEAR IT.
A strong metric of how good or bad a camera app’s UI is “how many 3-second video clips are on my phone’s camera roll?"
.@film_girl @flargh @bxchen (The added weight & bulk of my 13” MacBook is often less trouble than preparing my 9.7” iPad for an overnight.)
RT @emilyhughes: Calling it the "Scottish vote" makes it sound like the real name is bad luck.
.@bxchen Ironically, I’m too busy preparing iOS 8 and iPhone coverage to update my “real” hardware to iOS 8. :)
Boy, LinkedIn emails are like my Mom. “Did you CONGRATULATE your cousin on her new job?"
RT @drewivan: Is @Ihnatko a cool guy? Or the coolest guy ever?
NFL, running out of ways to look dumb, asks bands to pay a % of their tour income to perform at the Super Bowl.
PS - Don’t feel guilty about seeking joy in silly videos like this one. Oversaturating yourself in depressing news helps nobody.
Low-poly digital art from Michiel van den Berg (source of today’s screen background) -
RT @philiped: Apple hit $100 at 12:01 p.m. $AAPL
Why I'm Flying To Chicago In A Few Weeks:
David Letterman's lovely 10-minute remembrance of Robin Williams:
Letterman had a flawless tribute to Robin Williams tonight. But then, I was sure that he would.
This screenshot makes it look like @craigfed is on PBS teaching us how to make an oil painting of Half Dome.
Safety tip: if you’re going to do the ALS ice bucket challenge, TAKE THE BEERS OUT OF THE BUCKET FIRST.
RT @JessiChartier: I'm looking for Android developers to join a professional advisory board. Time commitments are 1 day every 6 months. Ping me!
RT @5by5: Just posted: The Ihnatko Almanac 112 with @ihnatko & @danbenjamin -
SF writers spend too much time inventing bleak, dystopian futures and not enough imagining things like this:
The amazing @karlkerschl ladies and gentlemen:
Recording Episode #00112 of The Ihnatko Almanac. Listen live at
RT @samnabi: So I can delete my whole /Library folder by mistake, but chess... no, chess is special.
On @suntimes - @tomhanks and @Hitcents deliver a word processor with a good beat that's fun to dance to.
RT @iamsteranko: .@CorndogNinja Fury's stogie? Hydra couldn't bring the man with the eyepatch down--but apparently PC did the dirty work!
RT @ftrain: Since my short essay on politeness started getting passed around my desire to spew vile profanity everywhere has increased 5,000-fold.
RT @LazyFish11: Last Audrey Hepburn set for #7DaysofColor~ thank god xD I was running out of dresses.
Reading Twitter profiles. "Currently living on the ISS” is kicking the butt of “Rockstar guru for disruptive mobile startups."
RT @baldengineer: Hey @Ihnatko, know anything that helps clean up duplicate contacts across accounts?
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