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Nike cancels FuelBand. Now isn't THIS interesting?
There was a time when a rocket barely clearing the pad then coming back to ground tail-first was a VERY bad thing.
"The Death of Captain Waskow." Written by Ernie Pyle, brilliant war columnist who died today in 1945.
Some folk are smart enough not to put away the winter clothes just because the calendar says "Spring."
RT @Interior: Did you know that fees are waived this weekend on all of America's National Parks? RT to spread the word!
Downtown phone testing ended with squirrel photos using FIVE phones. Was I thorough or just bored?
New on @Suntimes - my flawless one word column on Heartbleed. Plus 1500 words of padding about passwords.
RT @Eater: Canadian pizza chain threatens to unleash "Pizza Cake" upon the world
RT @MBTA: Taking the #MBTA to the 2014 #BostonMarathon? Full service info here: #WeRunTogether #marathonsmart
Ugh. Some writers don’t realize that a column making fun of something often says more about the writer.
I'll be on @wlsam890 soon to talk with @KassCohn about preventing online spoilers. Listen at
Smart New Englanders don't put away the warm clothes just because the calendar says it's Spring.
.@gregpak Users fail to tap so much of the iPad's potential because of (artificial) difficulty of some basic stuff, like file I/O.
Charging MANY devices (incl. HTC M8 and Galaxy S5) for tomorrow's downtown photo tests. Last step for M8, first step for S5.
RT @MovieJay: @Ihnatko "Honey....the prowler needs a jump".
Wow, the weather rebounded from "let's open the windows and enjoy the spring breeze" to "do we have any firewood left?" in a hurry.
.@rjackal An Ihnatko Almanac listener told me about it, after I remarked that I wanted to start archiving Letterman shows.
“Putting Pants On Philip” (1927) - Oliver Hardy is embarrassed by Stan Laurel’s kilt:
.@xrobspencerx @511Tactical To be honest, my plan is to keep waffling until they sell out and I don’t have to decide. :)
The Tactical Duty Kilt is back in stock at @511Tactical — be ready to take advantage of summer breezes.
RT @jsnell: Anyone out there have access to a movie theater marquee and want to help us make a new logo for Not Playing With Lex and Dan?
Another great $.99 issue of “Bandette” by @PaulTobin and @ColleenCoover out today. A fave series of mine.
The @songexploder podcast gets into the nuts and bolts of the @bobsburgers theme with Loren Bouchard:
.@telcodud @SammyWalrusIV $399 is doable, esp. if it reminds people of why they like Apple design. I think they’d want it < iPad though.
Think back to the iPad. Everyone was expecting a $799-$999 price point. Bang, they deliver at $499, to actual gasps in the room.
.@SammyWalrusIV A $1000 Apple Watch sounds like another $7500 20th Anniversary Mac to me. Apple makes REAL products for REAL markets.
.@xeni Lord, grant me the serenity to reply to critics who seek debate, the courage to ignore trolls, and the wisdom to know the difference.
RT @CraigSilverman: !!! RT @jillianong: Wonderful piece of writing! 😬 RT @GilesKristian: Oh I like this. In The Times today.
Bids on a 1990s Toshiba laptop have topped $45K? Well, it comes with an external floppy (and a good story).
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