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The review I'm writing made no logical sense. I solved the problem by calling it a "sizzle reel" and then took an early lunch.
.@tomgara @ejacqui "When Genocide Is Permissible" is the test phrase I write every morning to make sure all the keys on my keyboard work.
RT @HollyGoDarkly: Quite excited to talk about "Mind War" w/ @Starfury10, @ThatChipGuy, & @Ihnatko tonight for @B5AudioGuide! <3 #Babylon5
I enjoy watching @benheck solder things as much as I enjoyed watching Norm Abram use a router table.
Another killer James Brown TV performance: THREE numbers on the @Letterman show in 1982. Holy mother of God!
.@kurtinatlanta Bad news: "You go on after James Brown." Worse: "He doesn't like what you to do 'his' music and intends to show you up."
"Richards would eventually say that following James Brown was the biggest mistake of the Stones’ careers.”
An "Into The Storm" TV ad with one-word "reviews" from random Twitter users. This movie must be the worst pile of suck ever.
.@RussRenshaw @GaryWhitta I wasn't aware. M.R.'s tousled dark hair and almost-shaven face was all over my feed after Comicon & that was it.
RT @garywhitta: @Ihnatko You’re a little late to the party on that one, Andy!
RT @karlkerschl: So I guess if you've ever wanted to draw a Charles Christopher guest comic, now's your chance! Send it to mail at
RT @theincomparable: Want to be the first to hear about our new t-shirts? And other stuff? Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of
RT @stevenf: By the way you'll never unsee this now, sorry
RT @dteare: The GitHub repo for the 1Password App Extension is live. You can add support to your apps *today*.
Sorry, all: I only just found out that this great book is $2.99 during July. Snap it up...great nonfiction.
I never thought I’d want to see a “Columbo” remake/reboot. Then I thought “Mark Ruffalo."
.@andrewsinclair1 The Royal Opera House production of "The Magic Flute." My fave opera on disc, start to finish.
RT @AngusMacLane: LEGO WALL•E moves onto the review process.
I involuntarily root against Project Runway designers who use the word “edgy” a lot. It’s an Episode 1 prejudice that tends to pay off.
RT @nellyNECN: Nothing to see here... Except THREE tornadoes in 2days in New England. 😒On, Sunday A small EF0…
Time for another Q&A episode of Ihnatko Almanac this week. Fire away with any questions on any topic.
Lovely post: RT @BodyofBreen: "So Breen, what's the deal with all the Twitter beach photos?" I explain here:
RT @Thom_astro: Ok the fun is over now, time for our serious game faces: recompression has started. Surface in 16 hours #NEEMO18
I don't want to be cynical about the chances of Apple finally releasing a computer with a light pen, but I'm starting to lose hope.
.@Honky275 My favorite specimen is the passenger who thinks the doorway to the aircraft is also the carryon luggage sizer.
RT @KQED: On @NPRFreshAir at 1pm: @GeorgeTakei on his family's time in an internment camp, & coming out aged 68. Listen online
This has been the Day of System Updates. Sitting in the rock garden, holding tea and no tea in my hands as I contemplate turning wheels.
RT @Motorola: Time is running out. Grab a #MotoX on sale starting at $299.99 before heading Back-To-School. Offer ends soon.
RT @NASA: Ready to test! Until noon PT, anyone with @NavBaseSD access can visit our @NASA_Orion spacecraft (by Pier 6).
On my blog: I love "Bob's Burgers" so much because the writers & animators do everything the hard way.
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