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“Bacchante” does her She-Hulk cosplay.
RT @BehindBobs: #BobsBurgers is moving to 9:30pm starting THIS SUNDAY.
90% sure the TV I’m watching @ConanOBrien gaming on is the same TV he’s gaming on. #BrushWithGreatness
RT @lifeofzin: One 20' Penske truck, 6 caffeinated drinks, 9 @Ihnatko Almanacs to play, 901 miles to drive. Ready for best road trip ever.
RT @BoingBoing: .@AARP runs vomit-inducing, quackerific breast cancer item with Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge
RT @verso: You guys! A rare wild @ihnatko sighting! This is truly a red letter #mustachioedadventure !
RT @theincomparable: Our MST3K episode will be LIVE in a few minutes.
RT @EliseDoganieri: 300 episodes would not have been possible without our amazing production team, cameraman and soundman! #AmazingRace
Does anyone else have problems with the “read more” deck at the bottom of @boingboing pages in Safari? Nothing happens when I click there.
New Moto update enables custom watch faces. Just select a photo and choose hands and numbers.
.@talldarknweirdo I disagree; when you’re part of the problem, you don’t get to manipulate fear of the problem for personal advantage
.@ohpleaseno Do we know what his job actually entails? Articles just don't care to get into it...distracted by his hair and weird title.
It feels uncomfortably like the school bully who doesn’t care that a kid is about much more than the Star Trek pin he wears every day.
All of this Shingy-mocking makes me uncomfortable. A writer needs to show me s/he did more than look for some easy-to-make-fun-of quirks.
Isn’t it funny when someone in government who wants a long career in government manipulates opinion by fanning our distrust of government?
RT @dylanseeger: I sponsored The @Ihnatko Almanac on @5by5 today in support of CLAYE. Check it out around the 1 hour 9 minute mark.
RT @5by5: Just posted: The Ihnatko Almanac 121 with @ihnatko & @danbenjamin -
Lucky shot: I rarely get to capture a squirrel’s reaction when I pull out a full bag of sunflower seeds.
Recording Episode 00121 of The Ihnatko Almanac with @danbenjamin. Listen live at
RT @ID_AA_Carmack: Seeing a Mcamaster-Carr catalog in Big Hero 6 made me smile.
RT @ComfortablySmug: I know exactly how you feel, vending machine.
.@KenJennings @danprovost Antidote: “Back In Baby’s Arms” by Patsy Cline. It’s a vaccine: the positive earworm dislodges the malicious one.
This ain’t good: Nov. 9 and I’m already muting the TV at the start of every ad break so I don’t have to hear any more goddamn sleigh bells.
Today’s cosplay: it’s great to see a non-sarcastic attitude towards Aquaman.
Settling in for a big Saturday Night Hummus Dip And Manuscript Editing Party.
RT @sarahnbay: Surely, you think to yourself, only a dumbass would fry bacon, pantsless, with a huge, fresh tattoo on their leg.
Okay, @benheck is designing an Apple 1 replica. Edges closer to Bill Murray in Coolest Man Alive rankings.
RT @bmontclare: Pay for postage & I'll mail you comics! $25 for125 comics + 5 TPB. Good stuff, lovingly selected from my collection.
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