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Seriously, I'm now likely not attending this neat comedy event SOLELY because it feels like the venue is bullying me. Sick of it!
Once again, my desire to buy tickets to an event was killed at the last step by a demand that I eat ****.
Wall Street disappointed by Apple Q1 results; company failed to take in “all the money there is,” as projected; analysts blame iPhone 5C.
RT @mmonogram: An #OscarCozy for @Lyrikris10 ' Oscar! Made by "Bear" hands. (This is what an EGOT looks like)
Leave the ten bucks. Take the discounted HD bundle of all three “Godfather” movies via iTunes.
Really enjoyed “Eltingville Club” #1 by @evandorkin - about terrible comics fans and a terrible-er comics shop.
.@mnewberg @richard5mith My _personal_ fave Plex receiver is Roku 3. Simple, reliable, great remote…very “TV” experience.
.@Nick_Bit AppleTV will get a major refresh. The only question is “where is this on Apple’s list of priorities this quarter?"
.@corymockford Write. Post/publish what you’ve written. Repeat. (Seriously. That’s all there is to it.)
.@Nick_Bit Yes…unless you use AirPlay a lot. Otherwise, yup: Roku 3 beats the current Apple TV in speed and features.
.@pattonoswalt No sarcasm: I love "Pelham" partly for its showcasing of so many terrific middle-aged character actors of the 70s.
RT @Luke4Tech: @reneritchie @Ihnatko You guys missed the best part "Apple Marks Earth Day by Trolling Samsung in Newspaper Ad"
I’ll have a full column on the new Mac OS beta program soon…reading and researching now. TOS includes (sensible) confidentiality terms, FYI.
This is a VERY big deal. But: Beta ≠ “consumer-ready.” RT @theloop: Apple opens OS X betas to the public -
Bill Murray makes a cameo appearance in last Sunday’s “Amazing Race.” I think.
RT @Honky275: Somehow i never noticed that the UFO seen on every Boston album cover was really a guitar viewed on end. How did I not see that? #oblivious
Made a change to a Wikipedia article. But I know that “this is provably wrong” is often insufficient grounds to fix a mistake.
RT @PurplefoxCreate: @Ihnatko love how IA 100 became a discussion of the nature of podcasts, both from creation and consumption viewpoints :D
RT @5by5: Just posted: The Ihnatko Almanac 100 with @ihnatko & @danbenjamin -
Recording the landmark Episode 00100 of Ihnatko Almanac with @danbenjamin - Listen live at
.@DeadLazlo Mirrorless compacts are the better choice for 90% of people who think they need a DSLR. There’s just so much upside to them.
I'm just gonna go ahead and believe that #AmazingRace teams get to meet Bill Murray during one of tonight's Roadblocks.
.@biker_pilot They're not "banned" items...police just warning that backpacks might be searched, etc.
(Curious to see how this works. It seems impractical to ask 26.2 miles' worth of spectators not to carry bags or backpacks.)
For Marathon spectators tomorrow: there are certain things @MassStatePolice would rather you didn't bring.
.@blipsman Smart reason for Apple to price the 1st one at $1K? To attract ONLY people who “believe hard” in the concept. Google Glass mktng.
.@Dman228 A $1K watch would be a reversal of the pricing choices they made for the iPad & iPhone. I just don’t think this is credible.
I hope someone, somewhere casts @carlreiner in another "crazed former Nazi officer" role because he's very, VERY good at that.
RT @NotifyBoston: Please do not enter this year's #bostonmarathon as an unofficial "bandit" runner. #marathonsmart
RT @MJMcKean: Happy @RecordStoreDay everybody. "In '78, those born in '45 turned 33 1/3". I'm quoting...whom? Anyone?
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