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Componentize everything!
RT @benjaminws: Everyone just set your Caps Lock to Ctrl already. Damn
Dissecting the Reasons Customers Don’t Pay via @zencash
Saw sharpening sessions @zencash proving successful. This week watched some @garybernhardt screencasts.
IE6 Still has 6% world wide market share. China, why?
It is great to see browsers one-up each other. Still feels like Microsoft's @IE is a few versions away from paying us back for IE6.
RT @BadJokeCat: Wind turbines. I'm a big fan.
RT @txbc: @ZenCash was the subject of a great story in Forbes! Check it out here -
To every Open Source library maintainer: THANK YOU FOR KEEPING CHANGELOGS! Love, -Every Developer
RT @zencash: Any of you that missed the @nerdenterprises interview with @StacyKildal and I, it's archived here -
RT @zencash: Any of you that missed the @nerdenterprises interview with @StacyKildal and I, it's archived here -
RT @zencash: Have customers that aren't paying? @CPAAccelerator has some ideas on why
RT @joshsusser: If you don't hate time zones, you're not a real programmer.
RT @clujrb: Global Day of Coderetreat 2012 - Cluj-Napoca / Romania, impreuna cu Cluj.rb
.@bradly Custom Ruby and Resque jobs and Redis for collecting and storing stats on backend. @geckoboard w/ custom widgets for presentation.
Monitoring your app is the best way to stay on top of things. And stay sane.
RT @clujrb: Slideshare pentru "Build event based UI with Backbone.js" -
RT @kevinrose: My new post: What I Leaned Building a Product Team, via @medium -
RT @rjs: Part of healthy design and development is controlling the way you introduce novelty into a network of interdependent elements.
RT @rjs: A sudden explosion of variation can derail a design that is on track. Change too many things at once and you lose the thread.
RT @rjs: If you see your design problem as a big system of equations, something like TDD is just a strategy to solve for fewer variables at a time.
RT @rjs: It's much better to focus on a few critical elements, resolve their interdependencies, and then introduce another round of elements.
RT @rjs: Since design is about managing interdependent elements, adding more elements up front reduces your freedom of movement.
RT @rjs: Even if you know you need the extra features later, adding them now can constrain the design space too early.
RT @rjs: Repeatedly betting on fear of excluding something instead of waiting for real knowledge of itches leads to bloated product design.
RT @rjs: When you're afraid a customer will be frustrated because a feature's missing, but you also aren't sure it's needed, you have to make a bet.
RT @rjs: The tension with waiting for an itch before scratching w/ a feature is we fear a customer will be dissatisfied by its initial absence.
RT @rjs: It's easy to solve speculative problems with software, which leads to features nobody uses. Better to wait for an itch before scratching it.
RT @chrisrockoz: Movies are so unrealistic. This guy's using his computer to access an alien ship & not once has it asked if he wants to upgrade his Adobe.
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