my first tweet!
Why do they want to tatoo their eyes?
Super Sunday!! India is now No 1 test team .....
RT @mohitmohan: Google Introduce Its own Public DNS
RT @rkartha: A black day in Indian secular history becomes a memorable one in Indian Sports History!
Where can I get some #Malayalam!!
My colleague had a dream last night..that he was winning Mohamed Ali... :-O
Looking for Toshiba Satellite M200 WinXp drivers...any help??
RT @ektz: - Very interesting publicity of 3 idiots.
RT @ektz: - Very interesting publicity of 3 idiots.
RT @mohitmohan: Facebook reaches 350 million user mark
A friend is planning for a runaway marriage... poor chap, yet to realize that he is weak.
@kjohar25 Help!! for what? to meet dead lines or for going crazy? :))
These days my laptop is good till it reach its desktop... and then it restarts.. then again.. and again, and again - Sale Board @ Big Bazaar...LMAO!!! - Sale Board @ Big Bazaar...LMAO!!!
back to office after a loooong holidays...
Add my name Sreejith Gopinath on 26/11 tribute t-shirt #2611tribute
ROFL!!!!!! RT @anoopan: RT: @jithesh_e_j: RT @hnprashanth: What's the difference between &
I'm having a cramp on my left hand !!
@kunal_l am good.. how r u?
@SandeepHBhat Yes .. pardon my ignorance "TO" is appropriate
It's all about how I occur for you and you occur for me
The sound that people makes while sipping tea is really irritating..
RT @GuyKawasaki: 10 years in 7 minutes
:))) RT @radha_: Here's a joke.. What if Columbus was married? -
@meIHM yes.. it was tough for me when I shifted ... but now this is one of my good habit.. don't give up keep trying..
I never thought I'll enjoy Tea without sugar..
@mad_nad What goes around comes around !!! and you wish!!
@mad_nad Anger is not the best way to retaliate when someone challenge you, nyways.. no one can help it if thats the way you are.. @dkris
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