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DO you love GOOGLE WAVE? Do you hate GOOGLE WAVE? Tell me LIVE what you think here (you can even call me an idiot!):
so tempted :) - Rhys Amos
I'm sorry, it's worse than I thought yesterday. I'm writing a blog about it. Be up shortly. - Robert Scoble
The people who commented on my blog motivated me. In a bad way. Heheh. - Robert Scoble
I don't have a google wave account, so can't tell ya. - imabonehead
I'm letting you first adopters sink your time into it and waiting to hear what you think, before I spend any time with it. Not impressed with what I have heard so far though. - Jeff P. Henderson
Wanna try it out, but I don't have an invite. - Mike Dotta
I think it has a bit of a way to go, then I'll love it - Nicholas Orr
Jeff: it's worth checking out. There is SOME value here, but not as much as the hype made us all believe. - Robert Scoble
I think Google Wave isn't and won't be a great public communication tool. But it does have potential when it comes to collaboration within teams. In the long run it could give apps like Campfire a run for their money. - Abhijeet Mukherjee
Would love an invitation. Seems a marketing scheme rther than soft launch - Mark de Kock
I would had an opinion if I had it :) - Ata İsmet Özçelik
Do we have to comment on GOOGLE WEAVE to call you an idiot? j/k - RAD Moose
I don't love it - don't hate it - mostly I'm just puzzled as to what the best use cases are & with many of the UI quirks (and I would argue outright errors) - Shannon Clark
No invite yet. Lots of blog posts saying how it's going to change the world...but then the next sentence is that they haven't tried it yet. ?? - Jesse P. Luna
I finally figured out what I hate about it, though. It's based on email and makes the email metaphor even worse (And slower!!!) - Robert Scoble
I was in the Dev Sandbox version of Google Wave awhile ago, and it felt like I was in a really out of control AOL Chat room in the early 90s. - RAD Moose
Mark: it's not incredibly stable yet - so it is very much a dev preview - Nicholas Orr
Google wave is awesome if only I could get it! Even if I sent an invite request few hours after presentation months ago , still no invite received :( - Dema from iPhone
i have an invitation coming, from a friend. however, since it is not here yet, all i can say is their strategy for creating demand and buzz is absolutely stellar. must confess i am not immune, i feel that when my invite "trickles" through, i will indeed be quite fond of it. disclaimer: i have ADD & love noise. a lot. - (dot)lizard kelly
I'm just starting to get it - but am online with it and very motivated to see if it's as awesome as the Googlers and community believe it is. It's fascinating to say the least, from what I've seen so far. I'm open to connect with others on the Preview via - Tony Hollingsworth
Would love to experiment, was too busy when invite op came by, what's the best way to get one now? Robert, how's the baby? Pics were sooo cute. :) Best, Dave - dave_blogworld
Here's some ammunition for you Robert - Mark Krynsky
For such a strong platform, they totally bombed their marketing campaigns. Until you actually play with it, it's nearly impossible to understand what the heck they've created. - Sean Power
I love the ambition and the real time capabilities, but I am cautious in terms of its utility. It will take some getting used to. - Louis Gray
Given the big boom in traffic I got the last two days, Scoble, I assume yours has been immense. Front page of Slashdot, on Der Spiegel, you led TM yesterday. Nice job. - Louis Gray
Google Wave is mediocre, so it can't neither be loved or hated. Being mediocre is the worst thing you can do since it most often leave people indifferent. - rick
I can see ways in which it can be beneficial. I just don't see a public social network expanding from it as a service. It will find it's place and loyal userbase. Just like FriendFeed did. - Mark Krynsky
Though I haven't got invite yet but I still think when it is done and public for all of us there will be a lots of application which will make it more intuitive and useful. well for example twitter is not that much fun without its related apps. is it ? - Sunny (The Geek Lord)
I think it is too early for any assumptions - Sunny (The Geek Lord)
The protocol seems cool. - Mason Lee
From the video I couldn't understand what all the fuss was about. So far I can't find an invite, so as of right now I have to totally agree with you - RickMeasham from iPhone
I've try it, it seems cool but i need to test more the integration of external contents. - Roberto Scano
Wondering if it will replace Basecamp and Skype. If I could put those together it would be a major step for our company. Outsourcing to India is all of a sudden very easy because of "Rosy" the translation tool That's powerful. Didn't get a first day invite but look forward to testing it for our organization. - Brandon
Wave is baby at the moment and not even in beta version. So too early and useful for anything. While studying the protocol, it is indeed very intuitive - Sunny (The Geek Lord)
Brandon, there are a couple tools to allow conferencing from inside Wave, a gadget from Ribbit and I think Twillio has a robot or something. - James Williams
Anybody here written a wave server? - Mason Lee
Mason: I don't think so - Sunny (The Geek Lord)
If Google is the only wave-server game in town, it'll be kinda lame. They already read all my email. - Mason Lee
James: To combine the collaborator and the IM client would be big news for us. The promise is there but I still don't know if it's feasible. We will write all the todos and deadlines in BaseCamp and then move to Skype so it can be discussed. Doesn't seem very efficient and Wave seems to be the missing link. - Brandon
By the way here in Sydney where Google Wave is being developed we've had a couple of user groups at the Googleplex in Pyrmont. See hashtag on Twitter #gwsug - a couple of tweeps worth following are @domesticmouse @pamelafox @purserj @harrisony - they're deep dive and I believe have written a "wave server - Tony Hollingsworth
Robert, write more blog posts. :) - ryanhuff
I think it's our job to celebrate innovation and shots at leaps forward. It shouldn't matter so much that a product doesn't live up to the hype right now. The original web browser sucked, PINE sucked, my Tandy TRS 80 sucked, my first iPhone was a mess. But now, my email is great, my web browser is fast and full-featured, and my laptop is small and more powerful than ever. The iphone is... more... - Morgan
I hate it because... I don't get an invite. - Jackie
++1 Morgan - Sunny (The Geek Lord)
Morgan: Hear, hear. - Mason Lee
Here's a post from Sydney's local newspaper about the Wave team here: - Tony Hollingsworth
I think the product is too young to tell if it will be understood by user; and we as potential user need some time to understand the possibile uses of the product...I have an account, and I was in the dev sandbox, I think it's a briliant object... but still it's too young to tell. - andrea
It is a definitely interesting product. However, I need more than 1 other person to have it to see if I really know how it will function. - beachpig
It's dumb. I had it months ago. totally stupid. Then again, I don't like web based services. I only run desktop apps and despise Google stuff out of totaly control. so wave is dumb. email is better. - Adam Jackson
Andrea: I agree. I think the robots and gadgets people have developped/will develop will help better define the user experience. - James Williams
I haz not had wave yet!!! - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
I will tell you what. This is a lot better than using Google Wave. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
for this purpose yes it is - the only way it would happen in Google Wave is if we were all in a group that you sent it to :) - Nicholas Orr
Google Wave seems too bloated... but we will see - joe
I think GW just takes some gettinmg used to and U need to make sure you kow what U use it for, it is NOT just another new kind of 'multimedia collaborative mail chat'. - oliver gassner
guess one should differntiate between the WAVE technology (protocol) and what everybody now is moarning about - the collaborative mail chat thing they build to demonstrate its capabilities. Looking back it might have been a good idea to take a well known application to get the potential transportet. but now people are rating this application instead of the technology WAVE which has an enourmous potential! Its push´n´pull on steroids - and thats what makes a difference. - psanner
Have not tried it, but real time collaboration looks promising. I wonder if it fits the way people are comfotable working - Michele Costabile
Has potential for closed groups of people that all use wave. Further adoption depends on integration of legacy systems IMO. - bishoph
Slower than email, and just, well slow. I'd imagine it'll speed up a bit when 3rd party federation servers take the load off a bit. Even with the quirks worked out, it'll still just as exiting as email. When blogs start integrating Wave THAT's when things will really get started. If they deliver what they're promising it's going to bring about a new generation of social networking. - Philip from iPhone
I manage the IT for 5 people. Our biggest problem is making sure everyone sees what they are suppose to see. The idea that I can install Google Wave on a local server, and only have those 5 people in that instance is exciting. The Google Wave you are all trying ISN'T Google Wave, it's a free-for-all test of it the protocols. If you expect it to be another social media site, then you... more... - Johnny
I've reproduced this thread in a public wave: - You're live in Google Wave too. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
This is the Internet, Patrik. It's not about being right, just first... - Johnny
Patrik, agree. It's a very early version of a protocol. I think it's an amazing start and has lots of potential. I'd like to see groups added and some control of what waves you are receiving. But don't forget you can use the protocol and place it in your own site, so we can have a FF that looks like GWave. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
I mentioned this on today's show. If I can run my own instance, I could almost create my own 'realtime BBS'. If I could create my own network with just a select group of people (say movie buffs or photographers) to exchange files and talk in real time... WOW. We all go one about social networks controlling what we say and owning our content. If I could set up my own sites, free from rules or ToS... WOW x2 - Johnny
No comment!! If anyone is generous to send me a free invite, pls send to victed at Thank you :-) - Vic Ted from iPhone
google wave looks exciting, however the slow release to developers is making other current real-time standards like PSHB and SUP more attractive for immediate building - Mike Chelen
I have an invite and I've used it somewhat and I suppose I'm lucky I'm not a blogger who adds everyone on earth to every tool that I use in the hopes that I can parse all the noise, because I immediately saw the value in Wave. Rule number 1 of Wave: Don't talk about Wave. Seriously. The second you stop involving yourself in 20 concerrent waves about does Wave work? how is this looking?... more... - Chieze Okoye
Robert: "I will tell you what. This is a lot better than using Google Wave." is the epitome of what you're doing wrong. Honestly. Stop trying to use it like you use FriendFeed and start trying to use it like you use Google Docs and BAM, you'll see it. - Chieze Okoye
Chieze: is there anything different or better compared with google docs? - Mike Chelen
well, the thing that I like about it is that it combines the ease of collaboration of GDocs with the basic (sorta) paradigm of email/IM to improve the conversation part of creating a document. In GDocs, the communication with your colleagues/friends part of collaboration always took a back seat to the creation part. In Wave, I think it pretty successfully melds the two. - Chieze Okoye
That said, neither facet in Wave independently (communication or creation) is as good as the two tools that exist now (Gmail and GDocs) but combined, it makes a lot of stuff easier. Specifically the kind of email threads centered around a central idea or final product (group report, list of who's bringing what to which party when, etc). - Chieze Okoye
Love it. Even at this preview stage, I'd hoped for greater control over the Inbox - after all, it's supposed to be "email, invented today" - so, in its current form, it's not ready for mainstream/widestream adoption, but with a bit of polish from the usability experts, it's going to redefine how inter and intra organisation communication and collaboration takes place. - Andrew Terry
And also, there's tremendous ability to keep Waves on topic (specific tools and actions available to remove thread-jackers and/or their non-sequiturs, add people as they become pertinent, remove people as they become unrelated, etc), instantly provides value to me over emails. There are definitely shortcomings and rough edges, no doubt, but the potential is quite clear when you know where to look. - Chieze Okoye
Chieze: might address a few gdocs issues- that tracking revisions becomes difficult with many edits, and the lack of a realtime api. interesting, thanks - Mike Chelen
Yeah, good point Mike, I hadn't even considered the API issue. As far as your first point, the revision part of Wave (playback mode) is already (to me) superior than the one in GDocs in terms of allowing me to follow all the changes that went into a document/Wave. With some more granularity and control (rollbacks, diffs between non-successive states, etc), it will be nigh perfect. - Chieze Okoye
its not what i expected it to be, not from google, i guess they are mortal too. - imran
for me it looks like groupware done right. Because it will really elevate in a corporate envirement when there is a office integration and you can make all you're office stuff in a colaborative way with all office products with all mayor plattforms and with people outside the intranet - mosta from AndFeed
there is a alternative server called pygowave where you can get a test account. It has not as much features bud you can run it yourself - mosta from AndFeed
Does the invite have to go to my gmail address? Or can I get one at ? - Justin Goldberg
haven't tried it yet. - Thomas Hawk
can only tell that once my close friends join in...till now just experimenting. From the discussions that i saw till now, learning curve is pretty slack for G-Wave...all the new terms, bots, not to mention the inconsistent behaviour. But then its only a preview.. :) - Roshan Ramachandran
Still waiting for my invite. It's been two days since someone invited me so they must be really backed up sending them out. - Mike Doeff from iPhone
with my limited use of WAVE...huge potential once more extension are built integrating with other Google services and offerings...using iGoogle page to consume information it would be nice to choose items and insert them into a WAVE for collaborative discussion / work related = GAnalytics extension would make it efficient to discuss metrics - shayne catrett
FriendFeed != Google Wave - I think that's why you're frustrated. You're trying to solve a problem it wasn't meant to solve. - Jesse Stay
In hindsight, I'd say the biggest problem with Wave is the way they decided to roll it out. If they'd simply given invites to groups of people who actually have a reason to try to work together and collaborate on real projects...rather than 100K unrelated developers/early adopters/pundits... I think much of the unwarranted backlash could've been avoided. - Ken Sheppardson
Ken, but then Robert would be complaining of why he hasn't gotten a Wave invite yet ;-) - Jesse Stay
Yeah, you just can't win, can you? ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
Ken: I use more collaboration software than anyone I know, so I'm pretty qualified to try this stuff out. - Robert Scoble
Andrew Terry: the problem is that the email metaphor is very unproductive. THAT is what I hate about Google Wave!!! Thank you for identifying it. There are far better metaphors for collaboration. Oh, and I get a lot more done in Google Docs than I ever will in Google Wave. Why? Because documents are a far more productive collaboration metaphor than email is. - Robert Scoble
Shoot! I wish I had a Google Wave invite so I could try it out for myself! Hope it doesn't take too long to get one. - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Jannifer: you already have FriendFeed. Wave will make you say "meh." Oh, OK, I can watch you type in real time and see just how bad a typist you really are. - Robert Scoble
If someone can send me an invitation I'll tell you if I hate or love it ;) - Napolux from twhirl
Robert: Yes, having FriendFeed does remove a lot of the wow factor of Wave. The real power is in the apps(gadgets and robots) which besides the featured gadgets is uncharted territory. - James Williams
Robert: But don't we have to find a replacement for FriendFeed? FriendFeed is the best, but how long will it be here? :-( - Jannifer @wordsforliving
I think Wave has a story for FF's threaded comments(IMHO it has a story for most of FF). What it needs is roles on a Wave so that I can allow ppl to reply to a blip that was created from one of my social media actions yet disallow them from deleting anything but their comments/replies. Also being able to have my "personal social media wave" be updated when I comment on someone else's "social media wave" would be nice so I that all parties can own that interaction. - James Williams
Am I the only one who is SERIOUSLY concerned about the power Google has over our lives and businesses? Do we really want to keep giving them more and more access to what we do? I know they can compile it anyway but we can at least not make it so easy for them. I have had access to dozens of Google Analytics accounts. When Google is responsible for 50-70% of the traffic and 50-70% of the... more... - Gail Gardner
I have not used it, but I have a question - Should Google have waited little longer to polish it? because if people don't like it or they don't get invites they are likely to forget it ? If Google wave was from other company say xyzwave, people would not have created such a hoopla. To Non-geek public :What I am feeling is that majority of people don't have any idea what Google wave is and those people are likely to complain without fully understanding it. - Ashish
I agree completely with Ashish. - Red Label
It's the frame of a house that could be quite something. - Aron Michalski
you're an idiot lol jk ;) however the whole debate has got me thinking about how i use twitter and i have decided to change my approach cheers! twitter(at)locspoc - Loc
I'm certain I'd love Google Wave if: a) Google thought I was cool enough to have it; and b) I had it. - Karoli
I don't know how to feel about Google Wave! - Chris Charabaruk
Can someone send me an invite to wave please americanm at - americanm
i requested them but still didnt have the invite.. please some one invite me : viralavatar at - Daniele - Viralavatar
Feels like IRC/iChat/Friend Feed - Eric_T
Robert: Have you tried wave out with any of the Building43/Rackspace folks on project work? A team of 3 or 4 people or so? Anything work related? I'm not trying to be snarky, I'm genuinely curious how it's worked out for you when it's with a group tying to create something collaboratively vs general tire kicking stuff. - Ken Sheppardson
I think Google Wave is going to be one of those Google products that never really takes off. - Steven (optionshiftk)
I think I should at least try it before forming an opinion, and since nobody has saw fit to invite me, I can't do that at this time. I think your request for opinions is a bit to early for most of us. - April Russo (FForever!)
My ocean is flat. No wind, no waves. - MiniMage
I'm still waiting for someone to invite me. But from what I'm seeing wave is more like a framework for people to build upon, not a user application itself. - Sung W. Lim
@Sung - that's basically my conclusion as well ( and a few people seem to agree with me that the beta is really more about figuring out what the UI should actually be for that framework than just polishing the UI they currently have. Most people are too caught up in the hype though and don't know what they're looking at and so get disappointed pretty fast. - Lindsay
Robert, far from idiot, but you really surprised me Thursday (too fast & decisive), digesting the new post. - Majento
I'm bullish. It seems like a lot of noise now, but when I saw the demo I saw how much more useful it could be for certain types of communication. - Adam Loving
Option #3: Did you not get an invite to Google Wave? - Michael Pinto
I would comment Robert but as I didn't get an invite to Google Wave, I can't. - Technogran
Even if you use it for its intended purpose (collaboration among a pre-selected group of people), Google Wave still needs a lot of work. - John E. Bredehoft
You should do a public wave with this question, and add the poll extension so people can vote and comment at the same time - Jesse Stay
Tag me when you do though so I know you did it. :-) - Jesse Stay
like, want to try more usual conversation stuff before being sure, but like the embedding, sharing, etc - immaterial
never got a chance :( - testbeta
Robert, thanks for opening the discussion. I really would like to read about more evidence and facts about the experience, rather than opinions without a foundation or whining about not having it. - Luis Valdes
+1 Sung and Lindsay. Actually, this isn't even a beta, it's an alpha preview. - Chieze Okoye
If you try to use wave as a replacement for facebook, twitter or friendfeed it's not going to work. Lots of people want it to be the revolution in social media when in fact its aimed more at private communication. as a way to communicate between a few friends it's fantastic although it still needs some work. Just remmeber its a replacement for email and im - Jamie Vidamour
It's okay Robert and has potential especially for collabortory working together. However, whether or not the general public is going to drop e-mail and IM and use this instead is a moot point, as its not easy to 'suss out' - Technogran
@Sandra I don't think the basic useage is any more complicated than email, people probably just need to have their hand held through a simple example conversation with one or two others & they'll be able to use it - public waves & advanced features can come later if needed - immaterial
Robert Scoble
THIS CONTEST IS OVER. THE MONEY HAS ALREADY BEEN GIVEN AWAY. I'm giving away $4,500 of my money. The contest will be here in friendfeed between now and Tuesday afternoon. Ends 3 p.m. Austin, Texas Time. Winner will be picked live on at 4 p.m. Austin Time. Two ways to win: First way to win ($1,000). Leave a comment here. We'll pick one winner out of a hat randomly. Second way to win (Two prizes of $1,750 each). Leave a comment about how you will use the money (use only one comment here). I'll pick my favorite two messages and announce a winner on Tuesday afternoon. Good luck! - Robert Scoble
Good way to keep us engaged Robert :) - bcultral
only that? too easy Robert! :) - directeur
Robert "Ben Stein" Scoble :) - Mattb4rd
Will it be tax free? :P - imabonehead
I'm in. - Paul Grav
Sweet awesome robert! - TheHenry
Simple is good. :) - Heather Solos
Robert, Ben Stein beat you to that game. Try and be first rather than a fast follower. :P - Lorin Olsen
What are the rules? International ok? :) - Holger Eilhard
I'll happily leave a comment here. - Aaron Crews
Congrads on the new venture:) - Rob Cairns
Lets be honest- there are few people who literally put their money where their mouth is. Mr. Scoble you continue to impress me. And I have said this before the contest. - Alyx
I declare myself ineligible for the first way to win :) - Douglas Gourlay
Do you have to be an American? Cause I could use a new laptop :) Plus the USD>AUD exchange rate is pretty good at the moment ($1000 USD = $1500 AUD) - Bryce Roney
Cool ....I need new Laptop - Michael Holzinger
Prediction: this will be the most commented thread on FriendFeed ever (chance to win $1000). - Mike Doeff
be sure to let us on the detailed result of this new experiment of yours - Georgios Kasselakis
really? :) - K.Fatih Özçelik
oh...pick me pick me pick me :) - Stephanie Segel
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woohooo! Anton like this. - Anton Johansson
c'mon fingers. find me in the hat. - Jason Kane
OK, I'm changing my comment to go for one of the $1750 prizes. I will offer to donate all of it to a mutually acceptable charity in exchange for an appearance with you and Steve on the Gillmor Gang. If Jason can buy his way onto Twitter, maybe I can buy my way onto the Gillmor Gang! - Kent
Are you still going to the XMPP meetup on tuesday? - J Allen
Good luck to everyone! - Amit Nangare
money talks :-) - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Leaving random comment here for $1000 yo! Can I get that all in pennies and not rolled up? Preferably in gallon milk jugs! - Jason Moffatt
I think Mike will be right - Henrik Johansson
I would use the money to 1. Donate and support our local Milwaukee tech community (events like,, and and 2. purchase some more tech items (i.e. mac mini, video camera, webcam) to enhance and encourage more interaction with development and the tech community. - Sam Dodge
I'm in too ... - Leo
$1000 for a random comment. I suspect we'll have a record number of comments. But what kind of hat will you be pulling the name out of? Austin Cowboy hat? - Andrew Leyden
well, this is one way to get me to actually use my friend feed account =) - Travis
I could use it. Ill be out of a job in 2 weeks. - Armando
sweet. i like free money =) - Arin
Second way to win (Two prizes of $1,750 each). Leave a comment about how you will use the money (use only one comment here). I'll pick my favorite two messages and announce a winner on Tuesday afternoon. Good luck! - Robert Scoble
I'm game. But don't shoot me. - Steve Lowe
why would you do that? - Burçak Sayınsoy
is this part of the bailout? - Thomas Jelonek
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hook it up! - Zachary Poley
Robert , Congrats for ! - Rocky
Open to anyone in the world. It's my money and if I get sued I'll make fun of you on Twitter. :-) - Robert Scoble
So let me get this straight, I just leave a comment here? Will this $1000 be reported to the IRS? :) - Craig Eddy
If ever there was money that could be used to buy gadgets guilt free it is Scoble money! - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Building 43 sounds interesting. Can't wait. - Andrew Bashore
I'll talk about the contest later on - Robert Scoble
Isn't this a nice way to test how scalable Friendfeed entries really are? :-) - Yuval Atzmon
Will use it to buy Arrington a hairpiece after the TIME article. - Mike
Please, no, you're better than Ben Stein (although that's not saying much) Are you trying for the most comments ever on a Friendfeed post? Because I can certainly see that coming. - The Web's Wendell Wittler
Scoble--congrats to you and Rocky! Keep up the great work! - Joey Hayles
Neat! I'd spend the money fairly selfishly... on bandwidth bills for - Ted Roden
How would I use $1750? Three words: Pay. My. Rent. - Stephanie Segel
Are friends and family excluded? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Oh well, why not! maybe the hat's lucky! - vanweerd
I'm just here for the cash. - Jim Mitchem
Nicholas - would like to work with you at Rackspace, was a senior systems design engineer for Sony Broadband SW Development + Broadcast Integration Division(s) SW Systems Integration and testing, also senior technical project manager on Google's infrastructure upgrade + Verizon's FIOS fiber-to-the-premises nationwide. I also spent ten years in post-production in hollywood as a senior tech support engineer / consultant to the stars. I like bad food, long hours and the warm glow from completing projects. - Nicholas Chase
Hmmm, how do you post a comment on FF...??? :-) - I Spy
Feel free to donate lol - hiphopgame
I would use the money, to help buy a mac for the family. We are in need of a new one, and right now our current one (a powerbook) is starting to die out. I already have some money saved up, but not enough. Thanks for doing this Robert! :) - Techno Todd
thanks for making friendfeed notifier go insaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane - Caio
I'll use the money to buy a laptop for my soon-to-college daughter, as well as to fund her scholarship searches& college visits this summer. She's leaning towards working in special education, continuing the volunteering she's done with her high school's Options Program ( - Craig Eddy
My friend (14) and I (15) are working on a subscription web service that we want to launch this summer and some additional runway and start-up capital would really be helpful. We do have some experience with this stuff -- we did iJailBreak ( a year or so ago and had millions of hits and a million downloads and a lot of coverage (Gizmodo, TUAW, Digg front page multiple times). - Ben Feldman
I want Robert's stimulus package. - Daniel Sims
This is my random comment for the random pick! - Mona Nomura from fftogo
Hi Robert - Pick me! :) - Susan Beebe
if i didnt know you, i would have un-friended you for a post like that. "i'm giving away money. details to come." Congrats on the new gig! - fansnap
$1,750? Ok, I'll give the half of it to a charity, that is: $875 — and the other half will be my contest's gift. My contest? The one who donates the most to that charity wins those $875. And yes, I'm serious :) - directeur
I don't know about the tax consequences. I'll try to find out. Basically this money is money Cisco paid to me and I'm just shipping it back out. So, this money will be counted pre-tax, I'm sure, and you'll probably need to pay tax on it. - Robert Scoble
First comment: Hope my comment gets chosen! - Kevin Poirier
Fabulous - Jon
Sweet! $1000 would be lovely - Vanessa Scanfeld
I'd be using the money to finance my freelance work and get a half-way decent video camera. I'm working with a friend of mine on (nothing to see there yet) to produce videos of popular tools, tips, tricks, howtos, etc... - Holger Eilhard
Throwing my piece of paper into the hat. Crossing my fingers! - Troy Malone
man, my feed is going crazy... stop it guys :) - Ingo Di Bella
OK Robert, I'll bite and leave a comment here. - Herne
Second comment...I will use the money to buy as many clever domain names that I can in hope that one day, when you are creating your "next big thing" that you will have to purchase the domain name from me realizing that you had in fact, through me, had purchased these domain names in the first place. - Kevin Poirier
I'm also available for 1/2 time work for $185/week (Rails sites) Thanks :-) - Jesse Crockett
Thats a internet first i guess, good luck to all contestants :) - Yunus Tunak
For the 1500, I will donate all proceeds to #smackdown. - Mona Nomura from fftogo
If I win: I will use the money to lend out some of it on, give my brother (12 years old) his own domain/hosting so he could start a wp-blog there and maybe buy Spotify premium =) - Anton Johansson
I would buy a new macbook pro with it. I have the old one, and Was hoping to buy the current one. I would then give the old one to my brother and I would use the new one! :) - TheHenry
I'm in!! - DanDan
I would use it for the prizes I'm giving out daily on my twitter game @I_spy_treasure. Robert, you can win it back... (and so can anyone else...) - I Spy
Lasers. - Lasse Johnsen
I will use part 2 to donate to and match it with Cisco's matching gifts program - Douglas Gourlay
I would donate it to my homeless shelters. - imabonehead
I'm giving my winnings to congress to spend wisely : ) - Joseph
Congratulations to both you and Rocky on the new jobs. - Ron Schott
Count me in! Could use the extra $$ to buy a mac and see what all the hype is about. - Tim
I would create a company called One Laser Per Child. - Lasse Johnsen
This is my comment. I would use the extra $1750 to pay for me and Lindsay's trip to Gnomedex this year. It would probably be enough for us to come up and stay a few extra days in Seattle. - iTad
That'd put a dent in my taxes. Ugh, freelancing has its pains. - Andrew
nice! i could use some money :) - krist80
umm..ok i'm in! - Michael Lemmon
Even I can manage that! - Jeremy Brooks
Everyone else is doing it... - Rochelle
Is there a third way to win? I'd use the money to offset part of the costs of moving to Portland in the spring. Moving from New York with next to no connections to see what it's like living on the west coast for a while. - Mark Trapp
Did I win yet? - Robert Collazo
What I'd do with $1000? Get them converted to Euros :) Would most likely be spend on "offline" needs, like a new bathroom - dieck
I suppose spending it on crack and hookers wouldn't win the prize, would it? - Ian Betteridge
I will use the $1000 plus 119,000 more dollars to buy a spot on the Twitter "Suggested Users" page. - Sprague D
And you r giving your money away why? - Andrew Finkle
it'd go toward my first Mac - Jeff Mincey
118 comments in 17mins, progress report.. :) - Yunus Tunak
Count me in! - Wim Mulder
Interesting; I'd give a bit more than the the money to an unemployed friend for necessities(car repair, rent, food, getting back her phone with Nana Lemon singing Nena's famous anti-balloon protest song) in cash and perhaps a small gift - RAPatton
I would use the money to go biking in Tibet and give everything that's left to the Tibetians. - Henrik Johansson
Robert why are you giving away money - not that I am complaining- but curious! :) - Susan Beebe
I'm game - Ken Nicely
I'd spend mine on women, booze and a Mac. - Ed Hudson
I'd use it to stretch the time I can work for equity-only before our startup gets funded! (Why doesn't federal stimulus money go to something like this which actually creates jobs and innovation instead of banks and auto companies?) - Dale Larson
this should be interesting - Robert Accettura
The chances of winning Scoble's money are slim. But the comments are hilarious. Love them. - I Spy
This is easier than a lottery ticket! We must be in an experiment or something, knowing Robert. - Cesar Arevalo
Sure why not - Rodfather
I will use the money to go PyCon, learn new skills, network, mention how generous Robert Scoble is, and do a sprint to improve FriendFeed PyAPI--which, by the way, you should use to select the random winners from this thread. Thanks in advance. - Chris Lasher
Clever way to show the power of friendfeed! - Emee Pumarega
For $1750: I would pay a portion of my wife's college tuition, buy my daughter a netbook, and my son a practice guitar amp. - Mattb4rd
Great idea! Count me in. I think you should give your money away monthly. - Grace Ciccone
I'm Here. Wow. I''ve thrown the laptop up on a 56" JVC LCD HD. Convergence! Just watched you on the Gillmor Gang. Feels like TV to me. It's great. Something's definitely happening. - Stephen Pickering
Love it...I'm in - gavin
I'd spend the money on a new display, I really need one - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Not my first comment on a Scoble posting here, but first with a potential payoff. - Tom Landini
I'm in. How I will use the money? will buy server for XdbE project - Elmira Gazizova
With $1,000 I could buy all 57 Used & new "Naked Conversations" books from Amazon and still have enough to buy bottle service at the club. - Andy Fields
would like to be able to try new technologies while still being a student and on a student's income = ($0) - Shane Grant
Cool, count me in :-) I would use the money by buying 2 HTC Fuzes for me and my love. - Sarah Peterman
Count me in! (for the first way I guess :P). - Mauro Borione
What can I do to get your $$$ Robert? How about a virtual dance from my dogs? - Jeff
get Diabla my pit bull puppy hip surgery sooner rather than later - shayne catrett
haha, what is it all about? - Лёша
I would use the money to help fund a small-scale electronics lab, which has been a dream of mine for some time. It would serve as the perfect place to plot and create the robotic army that will eventually take over the world! Also it would teach me lots that would make me very attractive to an employer, or capable of creating a business of my own. - Daniel Bruce
It would be hard for me to decide how to spend the money. There is so much, yet so little, being given. Because I'm a crazy Linux-lover, I think I should take the selfless route and donate at least part of the money to various Linux/open-source programming projects. Though, I would have to be careful to make sure that the money is not wasted in the style that Jeff Atwood describes ( - James Rishabh Mishra
<cold><oddsized><red>here's my comment</red></oddsized></cold>. I've made my comment colored and differently shaped because supposedly those will get drawn before all the other regular looking comments. It's cold too because that's how the Knicks got Ewing first in the draft. - Todd Hoff
Well, I need a new kidney, and there just happens to be one available on Ebay for $1000. (The previous portion of this comment is an utter lie; both my kidneys are doing fine, I am gainfully employed, do not need the money as much as so many on this thread, but Mastercard would really love to have it.) Congrats and good luck with the new venture, Robert. - Phil Essing
Very cool! - Josh Haley
Hey as long as were giving away money - count me in ;) - Rob Jones
sweet, a thousands eh? converted to $ JMD that's 90k, groceries for 2 months:P - Gordon Swaby
i'd like to thank my good friends olasofia and tav for mentioning this opportunity to win $1000 randomly, and if gratitude to one's friends isn't enough, how about this: i will give the $1750 for the best answer to this question: now that there are 100,000 people paying attention, what single action can we all do next tuesday that has the greatest social impact globally? - happyseaurchin
I'm on spring break now and my school was nice enough to lend me a Canon 20D (a little old, but I'm still glad to have borrowed it). Usually, only people who are part of the after school photography club can take it out, and seeing that I'm not, I was quite lucky. They gave me a 28-135mm lens, which looked ok to me. It was the last lens they had available, so it was take it or leave it.... more... - Michael Forian
hmmm just leave a comment for a $1,000 dollars, not sure what to say... - Kevin Tunis
$1750 for a cheeky mobile app, any more would be telling - Yant
i am somehow reminded of ben stein - Adam Singer
Testing the mix, testing, testing, one two, one two, - is this thing on? - Martha
Give it to Michael Forian! He seems so well-meaning! - RexEveryhting
Big Spender Robert. Who knew? - Michael Fidler
I'm feeling lucky. - Laura
Cool! I saw your new venture announcement (live) earlier on my old iMac, which I would love to replace. :) - Rob
I'm an unemployed community manager formerly of Silicon Valley. Hoping to spread new technology from NorCal to SoCal. - Kimberly
Pick me, I've got medical bills to pay-off. Boring I know, but it's really how I'd use any extra money. - Curtis Phillips
I'll donate the money to GM. Nah, forget it. I'll worry about it if I actually get it. - Hal
I will throw my virtual hat in the virtual ring for the not-virtual $1000. What is the other $3500 going toward? - Lindsay
Working on a little something in the review space with a friend of mine, $1000 could cover a bit of initial hosting. - Jack Bogdan
Hmm, adding that to a house down payment would be nice. I imagine there's others here that could use it much more, though. - Jordan Hofker
peace on earth..... - imran
Awesome. With $1,000, I'd use 50% to buy shares of F, GM, BAC, etc... and we'll have even more money to hand out. With the other 50%, we could also make 20 $25 loans at a Stanford MBA microfinance project, so the money recycles and has more impac (and have FFers decide which projects to support). Gumball Capital or Ideally we could even start a fund to support out-of-work FF'ers. - Mitchell Tsai
@scobleizer - please give me your money. if you do i will use it wisely to help pay for a macbook & if i get more than the random $1000 prize i will use it in a philanthropic manner - Chris Heath
I'd have to use it all to put toward the $1,900 deposit due next month for the Friends school for which we got an acceptance letter, on behalf of our 10 yo, earlier today since my partner's reaction was that all I needed to do was to go out and get a job Monday! We've tried public schs (& their lotteries) in Boston & DC and have come to this... If that wasn't pressing, I'd use it to put... more... - Angela E. Taylor
updated to say - please give the money to someone in need. If I were to have the money to give away, my choice would be to - BEX
Wait, in this economy, you giving away money?! - Adi Rabinovich
So...dear! Did you sign the cheque? Yes? Now send it to me! LOL - Lora Lufark
It would be really cool if this money went to a charity in need, in increasingly tough times. - jjprojects
posting comment. crossing fingers. knocking on wood for good measure. - Anita
I'd use the money as a donation for my favorite charity,, helping orphans and foster children get adopted. - Lynn Owens
Well after the football team I support (Nottingham Forest) lost 5 -0 today I would spend the money on buying myselft a place in the squad. I can't be any worse than the current goalkeeper - Paul Bainbridge
I'd give the money to children of San Diego - David Krug
I'm in - Jack Kendall
Putting my entry in the hat. Hope this is truly random because I don't have anything interesting to add! :) - Matt Baron
With $1750 I'd buy Canon PowerShot SX1IS 10 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 20x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.8-inch LCD @ $600, a 2nd Gen Drobo populated with four 1TB Western Digital Green Drives @ $849 via TwipPhoto and a GigaPan Epic 100 as soon as its available (probably about $500). All of this will support my GigaPanning habit: - Ron Schott
James (imabonehead) & Robert, $13,000/yr is allowed by gift tax limits,... so no tax if it's from Robert's personal money. - Mitchell Tsai
I would use the $1750 to pay for the laptop that my daughter wants for her 11th birthday at the end of the month. She will be entering Jr. high next year and could use a faster more up to date computer than the 5+ year old hand me down desktop PC running Win2000 that she is presently using. - Jeff P. Henderson
Craziness. That kinda money could feed my voracious tech and gadget habit for quite a while. - Brooks Bishop
OK, I'm in. Though not for the money: I want to know waaaay more about Building 43! - Jordi Soler
I'd use the money to invite (pay for flight/hotel, etc.) someone really cool (Harold Varmus?) to the next ScienceOnline conference. - Bora Zivkovic
Building 43 and Rackspace FTW! - Bill Koslosky, MD
I'll use it to buy 2 new monitors. 1 for tweetdeck and 1 for Alert thingy - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
Hi Robert. A noble venture to be sure. We would put the gift to use saving our art studio. The after effects of dealing with the Basin Complex Wildfire that burned Big Sur have left us in a precarious postiion. Truth be told, we'd rather have a big commission than the gift. Work is always better on so many levels. Perhaps we can bootstrap ourselves back to where we were and afford to offer the same gift to others in need one day not too far off--Pay it forward. Best wishes on Building 43 & thanks. - B.E. (BJ) Johnson
I'm in for the $1,000 random drawing (because my $1750 answer would not be memorable - pay my bills). - Laura Norvig
Give half to charity, then spend the other half on upgrading my skills (educational resources) - Mo Kargas
What did I miss? - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Do Canadians qualify? - Brian Sullivan
I just caught up with what the other money is for. If it was awarded to me I would use it to help a couple I know get started in Aikido. Their kids are in our kid's class, and they had been trying to find the finances to join for almost a year and had just figured out how to start and then the husband got laid off... They're having a hard time making ends meet and I know that they would... more... - Lindsay
I'll donate the entire $1,750 to Phoenix Children's Hospital if I win. Same goes for the $1,000 if I win that one. - Aviv
paypal address to follow ...... :) Good luck with the new gig Robert - Charlie Anzman
With $1750 I would help that YouTube girl scout girl, Wild Freeborn, reach her goal of selling 12,000 boxes to send her whole scout troop to camp. Got to give the girl some credit for thinking outside of the box. - Tyler Brownfield
_/\_ Namaste (greetings) from India. This is simply awesome Robert. Would be great to win a cool 1000 USD. That's a lot of money in India. ;-) - Shinil Payamal
Here's my comment. I would use the money to fight against DRM - Marcos Marado from fftogo
My mother has been an avid Obama supporter doing a great deal of volunteer work before & after the election. She recently lost her job & wants to start something new. She will need an audience. Robert, I'd love to use your money to hire YOU to coach her on how to do that most effectively. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Money..! Will use the money to travel to India this summer, visiting,, and with my family :) - Karthick R
maybe because I'm the first Italian to write about it :) - Contz
Haha a single thread from Robert turned us all (briefly I hope) into marketers :) - Mo Kargas
This comment is random. - Dave Roth
Great idea Robert! If I won I would take your portrait for free :-) - Bill Pennington from twhirl
Cheese and rice! This comment thread is giving FriendFeed Notifier a run for it's money. It's an interesting character study on what people will do with free money. Me? I'd pay the IRS & give to my favorite charities. - Anthony K. Valley ©
I thought I already commented on this? - Herne
And the other way to win? - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I would find 17 worthy people under the age of 16, who are helping their community through volunteerism or have started businesses and give them $100 each to help them reach their goals. IMO, helping young people is the most noble thing those of us above the age of 40 can do. And I'd spend $50 on take-out dinner with my wife. - Scott Duffy
You win if you're last on the thread, Alex ;) - Josh Haley
here and ready to spend the money for new ipod touch :) - nahnu
Hi Robert. I can haz $1,000 plz? kthxbye. - Joey Gibson
DONT PICK ME!!! </ reverse psychology> - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
If I win the prize money will go on my school fees and the rest will help me to buy a netbook with a full-size Scoble sticker :D you crazy! - İbrahim Uzun [ j ]
ROFL, Chris. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Money would help so much you have no idea. :) - courto
I'll use the money to send 2 teachers in my school district (Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools) to a technology conference somewhere to learn about Web 2.0 technologies. - Tim Cooper
If I win I'll use the money to buy a copy of Autodesk Maya 2009 Complete. Then build cool things. Thanks for the chance Robert. - Andrew Smith - Bob Stewart
bring it on - jkkmobile
Hi, and who are you? Thanks Robert. - Daniel Buckley
Sounds good, here is one comment. - Grant Bierman
I would channel the money to ongoing biomedical research in the lab I work in (UCSF). - Pedro Beltrao
*wave* - Jan Schwenzien
I will use the money to start my non profit and purchase educational/tech material for my son's school. Warm thanks Robert. - Yanik Falardeau
And as for what I would do, I'd build a new desktop pc (and switching my current one over to act as my media/web pc), buy a true dSLR and donate some to charity. And if there is any left over, pay back some minor 'loans', which I guess I really should do first... - Grant Bierman
Hi! İ m not speak english so not comment writing :D(ingilizce bu kadarmı berbat olur ya:II) Thx You Robert. - Mehmet ALP
Hey Robert, If I were to win the money would go to a project myself and a few other early stage entrepreneurs are starting to help get people who have lost their jobs back to work in the startup community. I know it wouldn't go very far but it'd get it kicked off. Otherwise just give us some help (which would be better anyway) and give the money to the guys who have to pay school fees or rent or buy food for their families. Their need is greater. if anyones interested in helping - Anton Mannering
Great.I'm in. - onurc
this post is going to get a hell of a lot of comments. - Thomas Hawk
Random is random, Chris. :) Thanks for the thought though. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Just another random comment. :) - Zian Choy
Why am I giving away the money? Because last week we did a job for Cisco where they paid us to do some videos. I am giving away my cut because what Cisco is doing is important to pay attention to without you worrying about whether I am paid off to say so. Also, I'm very fortunate to be in the position where I can do it. I thought about paying Jason Calacanis to buy some of his tweets, but thought that money could help someone out of work more. - Robert Scoble
I think you should give it all to Jason ;o) - Ken Morley
I would use one of the $1,750 prizes this way. I'm currently photographing people that ask me for money. I give them $2 for their portrait. Instead of the two dollars. I will use the the money to add $50 to each $2 (total = $52) to the next 35 people that I photograph as part of this project. After I photograph them for the $2 I will give them the extra $50 and tell them that it is from Robert Scoble and will document each person's story, photo and reaction in a blog post. - Thomas Hawk
i'd like to thank my mother, my father and all the people who helped me win this :p - Sofia Bustamante
interesting !! - mcd
Hat off! - Alemsah Ozturk
Sounds good to me. - Herb Hernandez
I changed my mind. Give it to Thomas! ;o) - Ken Morley
Hmm I like Thomas' innovative idea - Mo Kargas
I couldn't tell you what I would do with $1750, but I do know I would give some away to good causes like my underfunded state school or the public school drama and music programs, and I would probably keep a little to save or update my home technology. - Steve Lowe
This is my first comment : Gods of Randomness, choose me ! - Alemsah Ozturk
how many others have signed up for Friendfeed to try and win $1000? Scoble, you should be a Friendfeed spokesman... :) - chelle
Best of luck with the new gig! Have fun at SXSW! - Trevor Little
I wonder how many new FF accounts this thread has been responsible for? Many first-time posters here. - Ken Morley
This is my second comment: I will gonna put your $1.750 to eBay tagged as “Robert Scoble's first FriendFeed Competition money“ and I'm gonna wait & see what happens :) - Alemsah Ozturk
Sounds fair to me. I'm in. - Henry Burger
Random rules - ted perlmutter
My niece in Mexico is on a partial sports scholarship at the university she attends. She's been supported by her mother who worked at a liquor store to help pay my niece's way. My niece's mom recently lost her job and fears she cannot financially support her daughter's education. $1,750 would pay for six months of university studies. If I were to win, that's where it would go. Good luck everyone. - Andrew
Thanks for the opportunity Robert. Good luck on your new gig! - andy
What would I do with the money? Well I'd put some towards my debt and paying my Mum's house bills. But I think my family could do with a nice break or trip away somewhere - my Mum hasn't really gone out since the death of my Dad last January! Time away from the house would do her the World of good right now. - Kol Tregaskes
My second comment (for the 1K). This would go to the same's 3 more months of school. - Andrew
i dont want it... { reverse psychology } - Cem Öztürk
My wife has put up with a lot of sacrifice as I've worked on and money's been tight so I haven't been able to make up for what she's done. I'd use the money to take her somewhere special, and of course I'd share a picture/map of where we went here on FriendFeed. - Bruce Lewis
Oh for peats sake, it should at least be easier than winning the lotto. I'm in. - Eric - Final Countdown
I'll comment and be's a good day to be giving away $$$ :) I would use any money won here to help my friends who are in such horrible need right now. (the story is on the blog and all over my FF stream). I may be unemployed, but I have a roof over my head, food on the table and can make some $$ freelancing. My friends are hanging on by less than a thread, already stretched way too far. - Karoli
Hey man, I love money. Also, I have no job. Also, I will say some incitement here: LEO LAPORTE IS AN ALIEN - Mike Nayyar
Make me your AIG! On the cheap no less. - Tracy Viselli
Well here goes nothin'. thxbye - April Miller
I'm pretty random... I'm in. - Jamie Grove
I wish I could be at SXSW. - Christopher Knopick
i'm feelin lucky :-) - Cardeen Risen
Interesting promo Scoble. Comment and win money. Cool - Sam R
so this is how you comment on friend feed.... - Noel Gomez
looks like i have a 1/300 chance of winning (right now). i'm predicting this number will diminish to 1/950. - Kevin Pruett
just to be safe.. - Cardeen Risen
Count me in! - Aaron Draczynski
good luck :) - Ömer Karapınar
I'll throw my name in the hat. - Chris Owens
Sounds like a plan. Let's see if FF has scalability issues with their comments. - Michel Goldstein
Yea! I need some money! :) - emdot
Why, not... Thanks Scoble! - Jim Porett
Welcome to the ScobleCashMachine. Enter your comment. - Olivier FAURAX
Put my name in a small hat and draw from it. - Ken Worley
I'm in. - aykut
If I win then I'll donate 0% of my proceeds to charity. Even more than that, I'll DOUBLE it. - Cody Robertson
Trust me I am still looking for the details.... Can't find them! - Ricky
Who wouldn't want to win? - Tom Silk
This is my first year of trying to "make it" on my own, with a camera and no "real" job. Just trying to scrape by ... to be perfectly honest I'll use the money to help pay off some debt that I have acquired since I started, which has definitely been causing me headaches and frustration. My husband has been a gem, paying the majority of the bills since I make very little, and I want to be closer to breaking even with my debt so I can start to help him out. :) - Nicole Young
new sponsor ? paypal ? - Gökmen Karasu
robert başkan parayı buraya getir. - bahadır canberk
Wow! I've outgrown my entry camera and this price is just what I need to be able to fulfill my dream; a Nikon D300! Please make my dream come true, Robert! - Graphfruit
Hit me, Fortuna. Papa needs a new MacBook. - Will Parker
robert are you a photographer - Dixon Hamby - Dixon Hamby
Geez, it's 2:10 am here in Berlin and you start just another interesting stunt. I will take the 1.750 US and pay a programmer to finish our "Virtual intelligent chatbot" project which offers affordable AI Avatars with personality for all kinds of virtual worlds like Second Life, Gaia, the web, Opensim etc. They'll be our 24/7 virtual workforce and a way to create immortal interactive portraits - Gaby K. Slezák
I like this idea. I'm talking with some friends this evening about how they'd each allocate $1750 if they were given this much money today to do anything with--most would share with friends and acquaintances that are going through tough tmes. One would help a friend who just closed down his company and is in need of dental work. Another would help co-workers whose hours have been cut... more... - Loren Heiny
I own Cisco stock. love that Co. - Christopher Mann
Count me in - Peter Szaro
a subject very interesting, congratulations in advance:) - Serkan Cura
An interesting way to find out what the limits (if any) of FriendFeed comments are. Also: show me the money. - Richard Akerman
Damn Robert Scoble: I meant "overly engaged" this thread is off the charts! - bcultral
I'll get me some of that - Phil Coyne
It's very interesting to see how many new people your offer has attracted to friendfeed. - Anne Bouey
Great idea! Count me in. - Mike
A comment for the $$$ - Jess Gibson
this sounds fun. - Wesley Robin Guerrero
I'd like to win :) - Sam Houston
i will love you forever. and evah evah. money would be spent on a nice camera (i'm studying photography) and supplies. working with a 5 year old p&s is getting tiring. :) - shannon
How can anyone NOT click 'like' or comment? I definitely 'pLike' (the p is silent - btw) this thread. :-D - Sean Hanna
a stunt? sure, but I could use an extra $1k. count me in, scoble - Seth Long
If I win the $1750 it will be applied to my son's tuition as he starts college this fall. - Jess Gibson
Is this stimulus money??? If so I'll use it to build infrastructure. There's a giant pot hole in our alley. I'll buy bags of cement and repair it myself. The neighbors will love me. - Greg
Who am I and what am I doing here? - Kris
I'm on it like white on rice. - Jay Lara
Wow, I'll take some money - I need hard drives for my Drobo. Seriously, I need to start up an emergency savings account. - Bryan Villarin
A chance to get paid to comment? Love it! - Ginger Kenney
Could really use some money to help plant some seeds for the future - Leonard Nelson
I'll buy an Iphone and with the rest put in my IRA to reduce my tax bill. Hey, helping economy and investing in business. Not bad. - Stephen Pickering
i would spend for my interrail trip.. - Yasin Müderrisoğlu
This is my lucky day, an email today said I won the UK lottery. - Bob Gannon
I'm going to buy half a Canon 5D Mark II. Or pay my bills. - Andrew Trinh
Ok. I would donate my winnings to the Bernie Madoff Defense Fund!@#$%^ - bcultral
I have dreadful luck when it comes to these kinds of things but I could really use this money. I have no car & desperately need to buy one. - Mattie Kenny from fftogo
Cool. And speaking of cool, is very cool. - dunsany
between building a new house, a new baby and a new job, I am sure I can put it to go use, btw congrats Robert on your new venture, I shall be keeping an eye on it. - Shane Wolsey
Cobble Sorter (anagram of Robert Scoble) = my random comment for the first part of the draw. - Daniel Rowley
Wow, there's like a lot of comments here! Great idea for publicity, Robert. Carry on... - Kevin Trotman
Watching Robert on Ustream right now. - John Rubier
$1000 USD goes a long way in Canada :) - Ryan
Thanks for sharing the wealth in more than one way - Matt Penning
I could have an actual vacation and pay down some more debt. - Todd Tripp
$1000 is mine! please? thanks Robert - planetMitch
1. my comment for 1k, 2. $1750 would be split into 3 gifts of $250 a piece to encourage the best new open source projects, and the other 1000 I would invest and reinvest in , selecting entrepreneurs in third world countries to invest several microloans in. Its' a gift that, over time, can be reinvested over and over to benefit many! - David Silvernail
Take my hardworking wife on an overdue vacation - she supports me thru the IT bubbles. Thx hun! - mal
Probably will give it back to you, winning could be cool enough - Burcu Sarar
LOOKING for work but hand out will help - Ron
I'm in as well. - OyaD
C'mon Robert money or not now ya still benefit more with the insane publicity - Mrsth
well, we are curiously waiting the result, and also i'm in.. - Mücahit Yılmaz
Smart one - Heni Hazbay
Word Of Money. I am in:) - Yunus Arslanoğlu
I'll take it if your will go towards the camera fund! - Noelle Bell
I would use it to promote my tiny little super niche social news site The campaign would involve helping bands go DIY and avoid evil record companies. - MarkCarras
What kind of sick social experiment is this? :) - Oren Shomron
I'm in - Josue Fontanez
mmmmm, austin. i miss Trudy's, El Mercado, Magnolia, Wanfu, Kerbey, Chuys, Fonda San Miguel, Dog & Duck, Thundercloud, Waterloo, Amy's, Little City, Hut's, Green Mesquite. aw heck and Taco Cabana and Whataburger too! if i win, i'll spend it all on restaurants in Austin! - poxaV
pick me - Ryan
OK Robert, add me to the pool.... - Gregg
You can't win unless you play! Ok, I better start praying now.... :-P - Brian
Hello, giving away your money randomly? I can comment for that. Best of luck to all! - Ronald Paul Corbin
Will you next tell us its limited only to Americans? I hate contests on the Internet, or anything on the Internet, that says "limited to the USA". The Internet is borderless... so should its contests and prizes - Colin Charles from twhirl
Thanks. I would use the $1750 to help my grandparents. My grandfather is 73 and my grandmother is 72. They just lost their 15 year home to foreclosure and are pretty much starting over with not a whole lot of time left. They are both on fixed income of SS and are now renting a house and trying to survive with the help of friends and family. When he as younger and had more money he was always the first one there to offer money to friends or family to help, even if it meant he went without something. - Jonathan Gotcher
Robert please consider partnering with (Facebook) Seattle's Seeds of Compassion 2.0: The Compassionate Action Network (Twitter: @SeedsCAN) -- this organization is building a supra global network of "Compassionate Action Networks" (a bunch of ex McCaw, Softies and CISCO) -- currently in the throws of leveraging Social Media and Seattle's creative communities (music, tech, film). Last... more... - dakini_3
I wanna buy a jet ski, that's my MONEY! - sofarsoShawn
Random commenting! I hope FF doesn't fail whale! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from BuddyFeed
If I won, the money would go into putting insulation in my daughter's room & closet. Any leftovers would help buy a gas stove & fridge. :D - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
My, there has been some very good comments about what people would do... And some very needy people out there. - Grant Bierman
Like most, it would be an unemplyment extension for me. As mine ran out, no jobs in the area, and times are tough. But hey, BUCK UP not DOWN! the only obstacles that exist are in your mind. - Ronald Paul Corbin
I'll put some of the $$$ into for some local classroom requests and the rest to fix up my car. - Pete D
comment left here - Brad Nickel
Count me in. - Keith - @tsudo
This is a cool idea. - Bluesun 2600
I would take the $1750 and go and get myself a root canal, so I could finally get out of pain. And if there was any left, I'd donate it at - Bec Rowe @d0tski
Will comment for money, any time. - Dinah
Alright, I'm a sucker for free money so here goes... $1750 would be enough for me to buy an oven, sod my yard, and still be able to donate half to a charity. - FFing Enigma
I wouldn't say "no" to $$ - Ted Louie
I could use $2,000 just to pay off my credit card. That's about it - Outsanity
A $1000 would be geektacular. $1750 would buy my way into the cult of Mac. - Melinda
$1750: Others need the money more than me, I'm sure of that. But ... that said I'd give $500 to a local library or literacy charity. $500 toward my home down payment fund. $150 to a kidney charity (my daughter only has one kidney). $100 for flowers for the wife. $100 for a bike for my daughter. $200 for a brake job. $200 to send at-risk kids to a Giants game. - AJ Kohn
I would pay off our one remaining credit card and put some portion toward a down payment on a new car. In fact, I'd probably give a slice to the EFF as well. I haven't given to them regularly since my last layoff. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
why would you do that? It's a sort of social experiment? - Niki Costantini
Will invest the money in my new unique microblogging startup :) - Sergey Bulaev
yay first comment ever, though I suppose I should be commenting more - Wang Yip
Wow, a lot of people commented just while I was writing my own! For me, half the money would be for savings and health insurance while I'm still trying to get a job (recently graduated). The other half would be for the non-profit arts organization my friends and I just founded in our hometown, which has no supportive creative outlets for its youth. The money would help produce the tri-high school theatre competition we are currently planning and hope to put on soon. Great offer, Robert. - Kelly
One comment, coming up. - Michael R. Bernstein
For $1750 I'll either blow it on more photo or computer equipment. Or sock it away in my kid's college fund since it'll probably cost more than half the organs in my body to pay for by the time he's of age. It's a tough choice. - rønin
I'm all for free money Robert! - Michael A. Baydoun
Who wouldn't comment for a chance ... lol ;) - Brandon
If I win the money I'm going to establish world peace & have tons of sexy bitches serving me grapes. - sofarsoShawn
I would finally upgrade components in my PC and pay off some of our upcoming wedding debt! - Shmoe
I'd put it on black - John Kitchen
A percentage would undoubtedly go toward the health care fund, unfortunately. I'd allocate some for art and film supplies and give away the remainder. I've seen several comments here mentioning worthy projects and needs that are certainly deserving of attention and support. Thanks for sharing, Robert! - Chris Weige
Circuit City lay off would use on BILLS, BILLS, and oh yeah BILLS - Ron
I want to win your money!!!! - Andrew
Wow. This is kinda cool. If I were to win anything at all from this, I would ask that the money be instead given to fellow FF'er Anika Malone because it breaks my heart that her and her family are having to go without hot water, a dryer, their stove...due to their gas being turned off. Hard times have struck too many good people right now. :( - Hookuh Tinypants
400+! Guess 1000 bucks is motivation. I'd put the cash toward my photography efforts or go the boring route and invest it for now. - Justin Korn
The pure capitalist social media business model: simply pay users to come. - Michael Krigsman
It's so easy a caveman can do it!! - Fireman17
I would use the money to pursue my passion of creating LOLcats & bring endless joy to all the world forever. - sofarsoShawn
I sit here naked as I type. By the way, they're real, and they're SPECTACULAR! - Abbie Kendall
If I won, I would ... go to Disneyland! - Jerry Chacon
lol, great Seinfeld reference!! - Michael A. Baydoun
If I won the non-random cash prize, I'd use it for expenses while I was off work, recovering from my (upcoming) third brain surgery. - Abbie Kendall
I would love to use the money to stimulate the economy by purchasing a new hot water heater. Our current one is in need of being replaced. - Vaughn
Cool, this would help me stimulate the economy while I wait for my California state tax return. - Stephen Ip
Question: Is it one comment per way to win or one comment in general? I've made one comment above that says how I'd spend the money. Now I'll just be random: PURPLE MONKEY DISHWASHER - Bryce Roney
Okay, I'll play. I would return your money to you with a "let's do something better than this" remark. I would then ask you to actually read (reread?) the email I sent you about helping me get in contact with NPO's re: starting an OLPC-esque SMS-device project for said devices to be delivered in care packages around the world (via Red Cross, etcetera, etcetera) so that the poverty stricken and people in disasters could actually communicate with the world in real time. - trench
Good job ! - Alper
I am making this comment as the IT/Communications Director of FHL International, Inc. I want to feed babies of poor working and nonworking single mothers. I want to change the oil in their cars when they can't afford it or know how to. I want to feed their children good wholesome food. I want to give the refugees and the lost some hope for another day. If we spend it carefully and wisely we can make it stretch to cover a 3-4 outreaches and give you a write up. - Melanie Reed
random random random. macro lens, macro lens, macro lens. - Andrea Ewald
I would probably also tell you (via your infamous digits) why facebook sucks, why friendfeed pretty-much sucks, and why Twitter sucked but no longer sucks. And then I'd educate you on why we - yes, you and I (and Thomas?) - need to visit Turkey ( ) and discuss these things further. Yes, k... logging back out now. Thanks. Make coat not war. - trench
@Robert as the IT/Communications Director, I would invite you to one of our events to cover it, put you on one of our videos and underscore the digital divide and what we can do about it. I would invite you to our UB cafe for the best pancakes in the world and have you look over our IT training provided by the IndyChristianGeeks in Indianapolis, Indiana and meet Dr. Thomas Ho, former... more... - Melanie Reed
Robert, I would also introduce you to my "boss", Merlin Gonzales, who started FHL International, Inc.: - Melanie Reed
I'd use the money to pay off debt, and take some time this summer to work less and volunteer more. - Michael Kacer
What else would I do with some extra cash from Scoble? I'm thinking about making a difference via and - Anthony K. Valley ©
want the money for my project - Abubucker
Would love some money of course! I plan on using at least 3/4 of it to fund a new project I'm working on involving the iPhone and a web service. It would most likely go directly toward the cost of the project (registration fees, hosting fees, learning materials, etc.) - Brandon Titus
can you imagine if I actually won? - vijay
This is really cool. I love seeing all the people who would donate part or all. - Alix May
@qtbrowneyes - get in here :) We are making FF history. - vijay
That took a long time to scroll down here to make a comment. - David McDonald
Me FTW - Brian
Good luck with building 43—great name, great concept. - Dave
Interesting experiment. Can't wait to see the final results. - Shamir Katsu
< insert winning comment here > =P - vijay
I'm spending my winnings on wine and women - Zik Daniel from twhirl
Great contest. I'll give it a go. - Michael Molinar from twhirl
Why, thank you kindly, Mr. Scoble. - Victoria Plautia
I'd use the money to get a new iPod Touch and maybe pay the rest to my medical bills. :P - Molly Song ;)
As far as how I would spend $1750: I'd love to say that I'm going to donate it all to a worthy cause like the EFF or the local mission, but I know I'll be selfish and just end up spending it in a blaze of glory at Fry's or during the next Woot-off. No point in trying to kid anyone here. - Michael Molinar from twhirl
hi! :) - Larry David
Cool way to gain money :) - Richard Holas
I can definately use some cash. :) - Shawn Whitmire
I am in! - Edwin Khodabakchian
I would spend all the money for entertainment :) - Sinem Co
$1,750 or $1,000? In any case it would be a good stimuli to open a startup in Belarus - Aliaksandr
Wow, popular contest! I would use part of it to buy the Rosetta Stone package to help me learn French. I'm taking time off between my undergrad and graduate degree, and I figure learning a foreign language would be a great use of my time. I would use the rest to help pay rent when I get my own place, I'm going to be a Congressional Staffer in D.C. and the living is expensive while the pay sucks! Thanks Robert. - Keenan
If i get the $1,750, i'd give the money as $100x10 and $50x15 AdWords Coupons to the people who searched for the website/blog on for promote their projects like sponsored by Scobleizer.. And if Scob gives me $1,000, i'd spend all of them with my sweetheart Sinem :D - N.Onur ATAHAN
I would use the money to buy a laptop for my wife, a Kindle for myself and one year worth of school for two children that we know and support in Nepal :) - Sam Grover
i need money :-) - Dan
:) If i am lucky enough, i'll pick a random comment on this thread to give this money + 1$. Just to see how loop can be created. - Guy Vander Heyden
One more random comment - sam b-r
1 Timothy 6:10: "For the love of money is the root of all evil." If that's the case Scoble bring on the EVIL! WHOOOOOO YEAAAAAHHAHH EVIL!!! - sofarsoShawn
Beautiful, beautiful link bait. ;) - Chris Nixon from BuddyFeed
Wooow this post will be the most popular post of all times :-) I'm in! - AlpB.
$1750 would get me a DSLR and new macbook - Duc Nguyen
Wow, great idea to make new friends ;) (but a bit expensive?) - Pascal Hertleif
This is totally insane. I'd probably buy my mom the Palm Pre and 10% will go to charity (like always). - Nir Ben Yona
In a rich man's world! ain't it sad! - sofarsoShawn
I need a netbook for my projects :) - Gepetto
That's a big hat you need... - Orli Yakuel
Yay! - Rich
I will by my wife a flight home so she can go and see her parents who she misses lots. Which means i'll have sole access to my (our) laptop instead of having to share it. I could just use the money to buy a new laptop but then i wouldn't get teh good sofa and control of the remote as well! - Jamie Vidamour
meow! - iey
Let's see if I'm still the unlucky guy I used to be - Boubacar Balde from twhirl
I could be homeless soon, lost my job due to the economy, and getting unemployment that just doesnt cut it, I could really use the money to pay my rent, bills and feed my kitties, contact me via email or you could just hire me and I'll help you in any way possible, check my blogs, I could be useful. And I would return the favor 10 fold if I can, matter fact I'll search for 2 other people to help and blog about it/take photo's - Kyle Weller
I would keep half of $1750 and give the other half to the author of the comment I liked most, but only if he/she promises to do exactly the same. - stark
.I need a new Laptop - Selçuk Hoca
I`ll use 1000$ of the 1750$ to buy a lot of comments on FriendFeed :) - Vlad
I thought these kind of things happened only countries like mine which the goverment tries to build a begging culture just to keep the hope alive and dependent to the authority at the same time. Each reply begging for money is adding another brick on the wall of shame. And Bob, couldn't you find another way to publicize this? - M. Serdar Kuzuloglu
If I win I will invest it back for advertising! Just say my name 3 times on twitter like "Candyman". - Los Angeles Dj
So what would I do with the money? Half of it would go to the good cause. I want to create value for people and who other than the less fortunate, handicapped and so on deserve this? Right. The other would go to a business I'm building. One for the people, on that will change our lives fundamentally and is here to stay. - Kris
If I dont win this, i'll be happy to donate my time blogging or helping someone in any way right now, im jobless in Phoenix Arizona, I could do yard work or hook up pc's/fix pc's or help you with your website if I can - Kyle Weller
I'd invest half of it in Google Stocks, then the rest I would pay my rent, get kittie food, and try and advertise with adsense so my girlfriend makes some money with it, its new and not very popular right now ;\ - Kyle Weller
Here is my comment : the best way to talk about something is to let people talk about, and 4500$ is a pretty advertising investment. but it is really interesting :) now the question is ; is there any way to gauge the effectiveness of word of mouth? good luck. - abdellah
Mmm....are u crazy Rob? :) Ok! I wanna a netbook give to me only 300$ ;) - Dario Salvelli
I'd give the money to Comic Relief ( to buy 250 mosquito nets for Africa. Two hundred and fifty saved lives? Bargain. - Robin Stacey
you are so generous robin you deserve to win :) - abdellah
why? - catepol
I don't need this money :) Because I'm still working. But you can donate to a charity organization if I win. - Süleyman Sönmez
I will spend the money attending game design workshops in when in San Francisco, to improve my theory about the use of game design techniques in social web applications ( - Federico [Kurai]
@abdellah Hehe. Anything that stops someone from dying of Malaria is all right by me. Besides, it's simple economics. With $1750, no matter how I invest it, I can't do more that what 250 people could do with the rest of their lives. - Robin Stacey
you are right, so let resume (generous, logic, awesome, and with a sens of humor), let ask the question differently Robin : who has no reason to win the money win the money ;) (it seams that all have at least one reason) human are really amazing creature. (ps: me too) - abdellah
I agree, I'd buy a jet ski and have so much kick ass fun! - sofarsoShawn
i'm in is too easy :) - Valentin Sandu
se vinco devolvo tutto a Mantellini - Luca Sofri
Trying to overload the comment stream? - Örjan Lundberg
I am here~~~LOL - K.D.
l'uomo a cui appiopparono la santità - azael عصير للمشيمة
I'll create a new world :] - ahmet
if I win I will give $1 to everyone - Giuliastro
great idea, Robert! hope i'll win it.. i'll pay for my flight ticket, so i can finaly see you:) - Martin
Dear Robert, sağa sola para saçmak yerine gidip bi türkçe kursuna kaydolsanda türkçe öğrensen olmazmı? Hem bu yorumu anlardın bak ne güzel. Paran çoksa işe yarar bişeyler yap canım. - Ahmet Karaca
Robert! :) - Anıl Eren from fftogo
If I win, I will use them to finance my trip to L.A. next August. - Fabio Cristi
I'm in. - Tiziano Caviglia
Count me in. - Alexander Arsky
of course, I'm in. - Lorenzo
I'm in :). - Demircan Celebi
Ecchime. :) - Maxime
I'll take "I'm a Nigerian Prince" for $1000, Alex, err, Robert.! - Kevin Leroux
I have some debts.... and I have 11 sons... 34 grandchildren... 22 dogs... 16 cats... and I am a liar... a neeedy liar :-(((((((:-D).... GIVE ME CASHSHSHSHSHSSH... Ah... Goodmorning Mr Scoble - Daniel
I'd invest the money to my wife's startup that she starts next month. She'll be working around social media, blogs, photography etc. :) - Jemm
send all the money to germany :D - Carsten
whee! I'd use it to open my deli :) I see free lunches in your future *laughing* hell, I'd even dedicate a booth to you.. with a cool plaque and everything! - russa
This is going to be the longest thread ever - Manuela
I hope the money goes to someone that really needs it - Kyle Weller
Love to know your motivation for doing this Robert. Social experiment? See what people will do for money? You have a financial backing in Friendfeed & are aiming to stimulate usage? Either way, if I win, please donate the money to your favourite charity - Lindsay Davies
if I win I'll make a gift to my girlfriend - Ciccsoft
yo free money? I'm in! - danslarue
I would give it to a friend who is unemployed; buy a new computer, smart shirt and tie, give him his dignity & confidence back. It saddens me to see so many friends hurting right now. - Sally Church
I'll use the money by not using it (well, except for that 4pt escape clause written down below in the yet-to-be written contract between me and Mr. Scoble about the prize) - Daniele V.
oh, WOW! - Viditù
This is the FriendFeed equivalent to leftover pizza in the breakroom. I could certainly use some $ right now. - Phillip
if I win I'll make a gift to Lehman Brothers - azael عصير للمشيمة
I'd rather type in nonsense, can I have Kaan's spot? - sofarsoShawn
awesome robert!! are you part of pres obama's stimulus package? LOL! hope i win the random $1000 contest =) - Melissa Solito
I'll stay tuned :P - Tiziano Tassi
In regards to the first prize, I'm in. - Armin Talic
crazy guy you are! "You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it." (Robin Williams) - Johannan Edelman
I'm in too ;) - saicharan123c
So. this is my comment: I would use the money to buy a ticket to fly over to meet you and discuss if I could support you as some kind of correspondent over here in Europe (I'm in Germany). - Till
In regards to the second prize, I'd like to use the money to buy my brother and sister their first macs. I grew up on encyclopedia britannica CDs on Windows 95, they deserve Wikipedia on a Mac. - Armin Talic
@danslarue, "free money" these two word combined are more powerful then a TNT, if you can conceive or even think a second about a concept of "free money" then implicitly agree with the concept of "free work" and beside voluntary work they call it salvation . - abdellah
I would use the $1750 in part to purchase some equipment for the part time photography business (about $500). The rest would go to 2 friends who are hurting right now with Flagler County, FL's unemployment rate at just over 14%. - Jay Caruso
strange that no one, think to reverse the money to the 43 startup!! boys oh boys buy some action some part of this 43 startup may be it will be worth million :) - abdellah
At first i thought i'd start a similar thread and give the money i win :-) but, here's the truth... I'd use the money to pay the next month of dev, working with a partner on our hope to be successful web service. I'm jobless 9 months now, 3 months since we started pushing the idea forward, all done @ home. Will use the most to pay my bills, with the rest i'll buy dinner for some of the homeless people i usually ignore. - Majento
i need a new macbook)) - написано иероглифами
advertorial? - Elif Yılmaz
really? - Moses
gonna go to hollywood - Özkan Altuner
With this money, I am plannig to start a new company that develops social media applications. So if I win, I can give a job to you :)) - aydınn
the entire amount of money will be used to help the local communities in eastern congo and sustain conservation of the virunga national park in congo. if you prefere, you can do it right away without giving me the money, visit for a one-time donation / all donation are tracked and transparent :) - giulio
Brilliant idea and very noble of you, Scoble! (Sorry...I should leave the humor to my husband, who does a much better job!) LOL! I would use all the money to buy as many Radio Flyer kids wagons and send them out free to those that win a contest similar to this one! (I get them wholesale because I am an authorized dealer, so that would stretch the budget a bit more). - Pat Graham Block
I'd spend the money for future trips: I have ever wanted to see the milky way from the earth or see the Northern lights. But maybe, I could put the money aside and spend it for a parabolic flight when I have enough money (that's another lifelong dream). I would also love to go on safari in Africa and see all the amazing animals in the savanna. But maybe I should rent a car and feel the American dream at Route 66? Ah Robert, your money lottery helped my thinking about all my dreams again. Thanks! :) - Timo Heuer
I would use part of the money to donate to some podcasters or webcomic artists who are selling things on their website, like T-shirts, mugs and stuff like that. And buy a couple of domain names. Things I already do when tax return time comes, only this time more. - Derek Coward
Each post you make will promote this thread more and more thus decreasing the expected value, with this rate a post made a few hours from now will probably have an expected value of a few cents. This will be a very nice data . - Tuna
I need a new woman, please Robert choose me! - Francesco M.
cool :) I would use $1750 to buy cabinet-type gas-control point for cottage - Igor
I would spend the money of webhosting running free-of-charge computing services for open drug development (using open source utilities), such as used in Open Notebook Science and sorts. - Egon Willighagen
what's up. - pastas9
I think we will use the money to develop a desktop application for facebook very simple, actually, but that still does not exist in optimal form. I thought with a friend, but, since we are both students, we need a bit of $ $ $ to get technical advice from someone for some parts that relate to writing code (I study Marketing, and my friend is the final year of a degree in computer engineering). - Tiziano Tassi
Okey I give in. Scoble, finally you made me signup for friendfeed - shafiu
i'm in. also if this a psyco socialexperiment... - Laila
hahah interesting to see anyways .. how many comments on the one thread - Terry O'Fee
Alright. This is my first entry. Chances are that I won't win....but it is exciting waiting to see if you do. :-) - Thebluestbutterfly
1) I'll spend the money to end my fear for airplane: so I can travel again. 2) i will organize a free public movie show here in Milano, all people sits in the night to watch the screen in the spring air - Laila
@FedericaBellag, interesting :) and what if it is just a plain and simple contest? it may be more "word of mouth advertising" tracking experiment then psyco social one. (love the smile face) - abdellah
Who wouldn't want to join FF for $1000? - Samuel Driessen
I will use the money for paying up my college fees and taking up a course related to VOIP. People like Craig and Vincent of Grandcentral (which I use for 3 years almost), pat Phelan and more VOIP experts keep pushing me to do something great in that area. Also, great its open to any1 iin the world. Most competitions are US ONLY, which is something I HATE BIG TIME. I m in India Mr.... more... - Hardeep Singh Dang
@samuel, no the question is are FF team ready to pay $1000 for any on who join!!! - abdellah
@abdellah ok, let's be tracked then! that's my face at the office ;-) - Laila
I will save the money. I'm an italian student studying abroad (Master in Digital Library), and those money could just be useful. They could be also a way to go in Jerusalem, following my girlfriend. Anyway, goo viral Scoble ;-) - Aubrey McFato
I bet half of the money, the prize goes to the 1000th commenter. - funkyboy from Posty
notice : the headline is "win my money" not "take my money", so we have to make effort, it is not a "free money" it is a make effort and win, so remember it is not "take my money" :) - abdellah
im in :) - shaff
Adopt me Robert! - Özer (Wrzl) Dölekoğlu
It's so hard to see whole of the comments. 620 including me now. :) - Meriç Dağlı
I would get an iron if I have been searching some water in the desert and I would be the ass part of the Voltran, when we have been arising it.... bacause I am so unfortunate - Lokman Köroğlu
.oO(i SHOULD be able to get D90...) - browneyes
you wanna DDoS FriendFeed :). I will use the money for a ff-contest when i pay people for the best comment. obviusly you can partecipate and win back your money. :P - ez
nice ;) - tbr (nicola) √
I'll donate some charities with 750$ of it. Buy a macbook with 999$ it, and set up a " First commenters win the buck. " contest via friendfeed. :) - Meriç Dağlı
It shouldn't be about the money? What kind of game is it? We still need to wait Is it somehow related to SXSW? - Aziz
Sure do wish I could be there at #sxsw - Gil Rodriguez
Hi, with that sum I would probably take a chance to stop and take time to smell the roses, at least for a while. - ziomau
nice way to see if there's a limit on the number of comments a ff post could get.. - Nicola Maggi
I could qualify for the $1,000, but not the $1,750 as I have two jobs. The only basis I could see is for a complete donation to an organization helping out of work people. We have a food pantry here in Beverly Mass called Bootstraps and a women's shelter in Gloucester, Mass called Wellspring that both would know just where that money could be best used. - Martha
Damn... money can do anything... - Eyal Shahar
I'll be practical when I win the money and invest it in the childrens' education! - Kevin Dugan
@Eyal no, you can't win a contest even if you give money :) money don't do anything ;) - abdellah
@nicolas interesting question, and what do you think? does a thread have a comment limit or no? it all depend on the limitation, will this run eternally?no so there is a number of comment that people will post here it is a kind of buzz after the momentum there will be no comment let say there will be 50000 comment, FF are able to store such data. - abdellah
So being completely unbiased, with little if any interest, if I were Robert Scoble, handsome fella, I'd give the money to whoever stated first they would buy a jet ski due to the fact they are super fun! Oh, who knew, that's me! - sofarsoShawn
Great...I was juts talking over in TechCrunch that Robert does not need luck in his new venture "Building 43" and not it seems I am the one that needs luck to win the $1000 ....:) Thanks Robert Joao/TechFuga - TechFuga
a little is better than none. :) - Geyik Mühendisi
Well I started reading this thread, but I got a 1/4 way through & gave up, >650 comments, that's got to be some kind of record. What post does have the highest number of comments? - Glenn Slaven
Interesting... I guess there's nothing to lose by trying - Adi Sheleg
Ok, can't hurt to put one's name into the "hat"...p.s. good luck dude on the new gig... will be following closely... thinking cloud myself :) - Michael Lehman
Hmmmm. That is my comment - Darrell Bell
Commenting away in the Great Scoble Sweepstakes. - Warner Crocker
With $1750 I would spend half to get to next years SXSW which I am missing this year :-(. and the other half I would spend on sponsoring a deluxe drop in-childcare at the Austin Convention Center for the parent bloggers. - Emee Pumarega
I'm in too:) I would use the money for keeping an exhibition - Neya
Comment! This is the Robert Scoble Stimulus Package - Kreg Steppe
Spinning the wheel. FF FTW ;) - Daniel Krech
10% to charities of my choice, the rest to pay bills and allow me to keep working in the nonprofit sector. I'm at that level where I still need to do outside consulting to come out ahead at the end of each month, and $1600 would give me 4 months where I wouldn't need to get a consulting gig (yep, the budget is that tight) - Jeff Stern
The 4 minihawks would like to donate to their california school district to help offset the 1.5mm cutbacks. - Mrsth
I'm in too! - LJ Kyser
Of course MRSTH could use an overdue marathon weekend away with Mr. Hawk. - Mrsth
I can promise nice pics? - Mrsth
I'm in... - Halil Ahmet ÇAKIR
This thread will explode in 3, 2, 1... - Marta
I can upgrade to a macpro by winning :-P - Richard A.
wow this is the most comments/likes i've seen! - andy brudtkuhl
If I won either sum of money, I'd probably put it toward buying some camera gear, like a Nikon D90 and another lens. I have a couple family events that I'll be taking pictures at, and it'd be nice to have a D90 for them. :) I could go for a D700, but the D90 has video, so that's why I prefer it right now. - Cheryl Jones
@Jason H - Whether or not either of us wins Robert's money, I have a timeshare near Disney that I haven't had the opportunity to use in the past few years. If you can get yourself airfare, a rental car and park tickets, I'll be happy to let you use the week, no charge to you. The dates are October 24-31, 2009. - Sally - Skyrimmin' It
Congratulations to you and Rocky on the new gig. - Aron Michalski
With $1750 I'd give money to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, to help fund research for a cure and treatments so my mother and others with MS can have an improved quality of life. I'd also give money to the American Diabetes Association to help my father and others living with diabetes. I'd give some to @smallcanbebig to help needy families locally (Boston) and hope to have enough left over to take my son to visit his grandparents in FL. He's 6 mos. and they've only seen him once, at Christmas. - Sally - Skyrimmin' It
Robert, I want your money. Do I have to work for it? - Aidha
I'm in. I wanne buy ı mac pro. - Rıza Selçuk Saydam (RSS)
I'm in robert! - Junal Rahman
on that money is the side of the monte man. what's this it :) scoble iki dakka delikanlı ol lan paran fazlaysa git yardım kuruluşlarına, özürlüler, kimsesiz çocuklara ver mngoduum kapitalist pçleri. - Volkan Yılmaz
hehe :P - Geyik Mühendisi
Yes please. The odds are way better here than playing the lotto - Christian Burns
I can't wait to see the effect of putting my name on this illustrious list of luminaries - David Gallagher
that's a smart way to get attention :) - PaperDoll
With USD1750 I could finally prove that friendfeed is not a complete waste of time... - Morten Josefsen
I would probably go for a D90 :-) - Nils Sandin
if you come to shanghai/China, we can have a dinner and go to bar :) - 赛林(土耳其)
I enter not because I need the money (I'd give it away too) but because me entering slightly reduces all of the rest of your chances to win. MUAHAHAHAHA - Nate True
My Scoble $1750 stimulus package spending plan: Give my son (the struggling Mac/iphone developer) $1,000 in "angel funding", get a Drobo ($500), and put $250 in my Grandson's (future Mac) savings account. - Al Degutis
Just for fun :) - doorbinn
Pick me, pick me, pick me for the $1000 giveaway (if you don't pick me for the $1750 Scoble Stimulus). - Al Degutis
more people should do this. Many people or businesses could afford to give $1,000 - Lady Lovely Heart
i would donate some of it maybe half to a local worthy charity, the rest would go into a fund that would be used to encourage this type of activity. Conversation building, with the right questions a lot of solutions can be found by crowds - Tweet Feeds
My intent for the big prize would be to replace windows in my home with energy efficient ones. the ones in the house now are cracked from the house settling. they are the original 1959 windows, and they rattle every time a plane goes over the house. very distracting when we are trying to concentrate or stay warm - Lady Lovely Heart
I can haz money? - Bryan R. Adams
Big money. No whammies. STOP. | I would use the winnings towards upgrading my equipment (Mac Pro) since my current setup is pretty bad for video. I would sell my current MBP (2006 First Gen) and use the proceeds towards the new machine. I would pump out twice as much HD content with better equipment. Thanks for all you do Robert..I know whoever wins will make the best out of the cash. - Bwana ☠
Take my husband to the Grand Canyon for that honeymoon we never had--that's what I'd do with some extra cash. - joansjewels
Show me the money! :) - Ale♪nastrorosa
actually, I don't want your money - Manuela
That's quite ingenious =) - Count Caturday
I'd buy a laptop so that I don't have to wait for the missus to get off the ruddy computer and let me have my go on it!!! - Andy
a nice way to test the limits of commenting feature on a bunch of real people just for US$1000. - 9000
I will use the money to buy $1 stocks in companies that will re-bound or will be more successful in the next 2-5 years due to the ongoing financial crisis. My choice will be guided by those companies that care, share and have flare for others...a community stimulus...hope others will join and build what the "financiers" could not. - Gordon Montgomery
It seems too easy, but.. here ya go! - Scott Breakall
You'll be my best crazy friend! *LOL* - Andrea Spedale
1. Cool 2. Travel for VC meetings so I can finally provide some solutions for RSS that we argued/discussed 2 years ago (delivery of premium content possibly over open channels) - Andy Beard
here I am :) - Fran
Yo Robert, did you give it away yet? Here's my chance to win! ;^) - Michael Bailey
@manuela, but personally I want more comment from you. - abdellah
awesome idea. by the way, how goes life without diet coke? - tracy
I'd use it to help an independent artist with their career. Rentals for video equip on shows and music videos with stories that would otherwise remain untold. - Frank Jonen
I'm in - Lucas Araujo from twhirl
I refuse to comment in this thread. - Akiva
How can I win? - Gloria Gordon
Woah! So is this part of the Scoble Stimulus plan? Anyways, if by some chance I did win the money I would use either towards moving out of my parents house later this year or put it towards my student loans. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
@Akiva you also deserve to win., I insist please comment this thread please. - abdellah
I'd use the money to go to Korea. - Mark Woodson
I would use the money to fix the economy. - Andy Bakun
Andy: you get it right, please fix that economy. - abdellah
Its enough to buy one toliet seat for the government :) - Roberto Bonini
Robert could fund nails and shingles for building a small seminar facility in the Adirondack State Park. - Jeff Archambeault
With $1750 I would buy a lot of toys for the baby we are waiting.... - roberto ferorelli
I count at least 6 references to "donate to" so far. Pretty cool. That is what I was going to write, but looks like many other's beat me to it. But hell... If I got it, I would donate to :) (make it 7 now). - Shannon Bauman
JET SKI! - sofarsoShawn
Sounds like a great idea. - Tyson Key
awesome idea. - Jessie
Give me $10,000 in unmarked bills or I tell Maryam your giving away $4800. - shelisrael1
joy and joyness! - Jenn Castro
Nothing special here, just want to pay some outstanding bills and get supplies for my 3mth old =) - Mat Finch
Quickly put in a reply while thinking about a smug way of spending 1.750... - Stefan Kolle
Yeah, I think I'll stick with the Kiva donation too. I'm pretty prolific there (a true believer), and have about that amount outstanding in loans, so the chance to double my Kiva loans in one go would be outstanding. - Stefan Kolle
is this gonna have like 1000+ comments? - Jorge Murillo
I'm bummed I couldn't get to SXSWi so I came to Robert's ATM machine instead. :) - Laura Zickus
No comment :-P - Richard A.
Bump! - Tyson Key
I'd love to say I'd do something altruistic with the money, but I'd invest it all in my startup (we're doing cool things with information and emotions online). In this economy every little helps :-) - jennielees
Awesome. Looking forward to what's next. - Andy Sternberg from fftogo
Yay, the Scobleizer Grand Prize Giveaway- Still more chances than the National Lottery! - Tyson Key
FriendFeed Scales! - Tyson Key
with $1,750, I would I would set up 7 performance art / photoshoots uptown here in Charlotte in the center of Bank Town at lunch time, wordlessly demonstrating some of the problems (as I see them) with our current corporate culture. I have the first one of these ready to go but don't the cash to set up the others (yet). If I only got the free $1000, I would buy some more studio lighting equipment (much to the chagrin of my roomy). - Shannon J Hager
Why? Why? Why? - Ashish Rangole
in - Roozbeh
Bella idea! :) - Daniele_MD
with $ 1.750 I would buy a laptop + microphone + router for my parish and start broadcasting with kids. - astry
Hey Robert, I think this is the most commented entry on Friendfeed. btw I don't want your money :) Cheers - cihanergur
just testing my luck :) - DenizEdincik [bluesign]
sure, I'll play. as for how I'd use the money, I'd probably use it to help offset the cost of my lasik surgery. - chrisofspades
I would use the money to fund my own open source development work (within the php symfony framework) as well as supplement my wife's pending maternity leave. Realtors don't get paid maternity leave... Thanks! - Jon Issler
Scoble rocks, count me in! - Chris Pugh
I'm sure that there are a lot of deserving people who need this money so best of luck to all. I would give this $ to my mother who had to sell her business after working so hard, cause she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Now she has to work for someone part time cause still sick, husband laid off in Florida, trying to pay off house, med bills, prescrip, barely making it & gov't no help cause not appv'd for Medicare cause married, what? so considering divorce just to afford medical bills & mortgage. - M.E. - monica Edwards
I've blocked u, so if u wanna get back on my list....:) - Koba Yaschi
This is really good. I'll buy a Nintendo Wii. :) Thx. - marrup -serkan-
Here's the rundown with what I'd do with $1750: I want to do a Power Rangers fan film. No joke. Stop laughing. No really, you can stop now. Power Rangers has been on the air for the past 17 seasons, and it's finally getting canceled. This has inspired me to shoot a film short inspired by the show I grew up with. The $1750 will be invested to bump it up to looking professional. Scoble can be the Executive Producer! Don't pass up on that chance. Ok, you can stop laughing now, lol. - Lisa J
I want money - Tyler (Chacha)
Tuition for 2010 Iowa Summer Writing Festival courses, at Iowa Writers' Workshop. - Paola Bonomo
It would go into the funds I am raising to start a new print venture, tbnl, which will publish great, timeless stories (fiction & nonfiction) in a limited edition (subscriber only edition), a print-on-demand edition available for years and a digital ebook reader. Paying writers & artists on an ongoing, fair basis - Shannon Clark
I'd love to have some Scoble Dollars. They'd help fund my exit from technology to academia. - Tom Morris
Hi Robert, Congrats on new opportunity with bldg 43 Can I share your money with my 18 month old daughter AKA the Joy transmitter or perhaps I could drop it form the sky with my tandem paraglider over the Microsoft campus... - John Clifford
It's impossible not to comment - although if it wasn't Scoble saying this, I wouldnt bother to be honest, as I'd suspect a con ... - Ian
760 comments and counting... - Mike Doeff
Is it for VAT? - Onur ALMIŞLAR
I'd use the money to buy crack. I mean books for children. Oh, wait, it's random... - Jules Morgan
Wow! I think I would invest them for developing an iPhone application - Nicholas
Hi Robert, my first comment on friendfeed, I couldn't resist the chance. You do know that Tuesday is St. Patrick's Day - I'll buy you a leprechaun hat from the parade in Dublin to celebrate! - Niall Sisson
Leaving Comment here. Hope it finds a good home. I would use the money to start a shelter for lost comments. - Joe K
No 419 scammers yet? ;) - Tyson Key
Great! As this 'WTF' crisis in Madagascar is causing everything to be sooo difficult now! - Thierry R. Andriamirado
better try... - grouchomax
That's like a lottery :) I'm in ! - Il gareth in Brasile
I would put together a new computer, like to see BOINC running on a quad core. - Willem (@wim66) ☠
Great way to engage Robert! - Sampad Swain
I'm here! And I'd like to switch from PC to Mac... :D - Giovy
Rackspace customer and big fan... Looking forward to this new venture! - Charlie N. Browning
Surprised you have fallen as low as this Robert. Still, been there and done that before so best of luck and best wishes with Rackspace. - Paul Fabretti
Um, awesome. - Nick Humphries
count me in - Edward Kimble
If I win, will post about the same in my blog and you'll be famous in India too (if you're not, that is). BTW your fan following can add upto 45 million Indian internet users (Smirk!). Now how about that Mr. Scoble? Game for it....Oh man, this is quirky fun! Keep up the good work Robert :) - Sampad Swain
I would use the money to fix _my_ economy. And by my economy, I mean I'd blow it all on strippers and blow. - Jon Ursenbach
The amount of comments in here is insane. What's the record for the FF entry with the most amount of comments ever? Because this one feels like a winner. - Brad Butner from twhirl
you lucky! in Italy we can's setup a contest like that one easily and free, we have to pay taxes :( - Maurizio
If I won $1000, it would go to my first Mac since a Mac+ ! - Steve Ellwood
am still undecided on your real motive...... but then again, pecunia non olet..... ;) - denise
787 comments ?? wow!! Scoble u are the Brad Pitt of friendfeed... anyone else see the physical resemblence? - Cody Heitschmidt
Um, no, I don't Cody. Sorry. Scoble is taller. - Roberto Bonini
just leave a comment. well her's mine - Rachel Clarke
well its not identical I know Scoble is a little taller, but other than that Anfgelina could easily confuse the 2. - Cody Heitschmidt
I'm in! - «Weird & Sons»
eh what the heck, im in :) - ralphsaunders
This is interesting, but too many comments to read unfortunately. - Mitch
Simulate me, Scoble! - Robert Owens
That would be awesome, I could put the $$ towards my vacation to Kauai in August. Thanks Scoble, I promise to provide you photos from the vacation PF. - Pentaxfan
I'm bending the corner of my comment so it sticks out - Just Ken
pick me! Pick me! :) - Dania
This is great.. thanks Robert! =) - Timo Ukkola
I'll buy whatever Apple is developing with that rumored 10 inch multitouch display.. - Peter
too much comments..pick me! - magari sul tardi
. - Smeerch
Jet ski, I need one - sofarsoShawn
If I win this thing, I'll be most hated person on FF. god help me!. - Ozan Caglargil
For a small advance fee, I can take part... - Gordon Joly
i'm in, too.. - Sercan YILMAZ
You're not really going to write down all these names & pull them out of a hat are you? - Mrsth
I'll need a credit card that got no limit-cuz we all just want to be rock stars - Mrsth
Mrsth: I bet he'll find a script somewhere to pull all the usernames into a file, as only Scoble could do. :) Any amount of money would likely go towards my photography business, should I be chosen to win... it would be fun to put a portion of it towards prizes for the photowalks I'll be starting this summer in northern Vermont for area photographers and enthusiasts. - Bob M. Montgomery
Are you trying to create "the most commented thread" on friendfeed? Here's my comment however: what will I do with my 1750$? Probably I'll use them as a "microfound" for a webapp I'm thinking to... :P - Napolux from twhirl
814th post! - Tyson Key
I like free money. Was it already given away? - nsnadell
I'd like to say that I'd do something noble should I win but there's no nobility in ordering cases of wine and giving my liver a good workout. Plenty of enjoyment, though. - Mark H
I'm in! :) - Vlad Rafeev
I would use it to not have an excuse for not recording my album. That is to say after 15 years of putting it off, I would stop procrastinating. - Vicky
wow for real? thats insane - ralphsaunders
I'm in and I'd probably put the money towards building my deck (not super exciting but still...) - Trevor
Starting to think I should post a reason why I want it... - ralphsaunders
I'm in! And I would use the money to buy my mom a present. She just turned 52 :) -
I'm working on a funding for a research application for a semantic web project that I hope will become the next big thing (one of the next big things, anyway). If I succeed, you'll be the first person I ask to cover it! - Sam Kuper
Money, money, money, money ... MONEY! - Great Scott!
You guys do know that Scoble is essentially bribeing you to comment here? Large carrot and a small stick. - Roberto Bonini
Didn't stop you did it? - ralphsaunders
LOL. In my defense, I was performing a public service. *ducks* - Roberto Bonini
Hey I'm in. Is this the most commented entry in the whole of FriendFeed? I'm guessing that it will be. Anyone know what the previous record was? - Peter Kelley
I'd use the money to help get my wife's specialty dessert company off the ground: - Michael Listberger
Can't wait to win your money... I'd use it to pay for some much needed camera gear and the rest of it to plan a trip to a city I've never been before so I could photograph it. I would love to be able to do something with photography, but it's tough working full time and going to grad school at night, all on my own dime. I don't have it as rough some people, but I've had to earn everything I have so I make no apologies for it. - Michael
Good luck sorting thru the 800+ comments :) If I won the money, I would repeat your experiment and give it all away (though I'm sure I would get no where near as many entrants as you) (P.S. It's not that I couldn't use the money, but I think it would feel good to help someone who needs it more than me). Good luck everyone! - Helen Hoefele
He won't notice if I comment twice, right? ;) Nah, I don't do that. But, holy crap! This is a lot of comments! - Mike Nayyar
I sure could use $1000. Would go straight to funding Taskerrific. $1750 would be even better, because I could get a new computer and a year's hosting, based on my current estimates. - Chris Charabaruk
I would use the money to fund my plastic drumming addiction. Hellooo pro drum set hacked to play Rock Band! - Chieze Okoye
So I wonder how many comments a FF post can handle? - gfurry
I would use the money to pay my taxes so the needy executives will still be able to get their bonuses this year. - gfurry
Hey Robert. Hard to say the best way to spend it without doing too much work to make it be most useful, but if it could be used to do something radical with what is going on with the Fed, I'm sure you know that Ron has a bill in Congress to Audit the Fed. Very soon things are gonna be way worse for us on this planet if things are not done to stop the insane people from making some really bad choices. So the money should go to someone willing to do something really radical to save our country from ending. - mikehedge
Weird. I was just thinking about how I needed about $1750 in ones to sew together and waterproof in an effort to make myself an umbrella top to fix the one I ripped yesterday. So...yes, that's what I'll do with it. I'll even give you a free picture of it in exchange for your dollars! (Leftovers will be donated to credit card debt. :( ) - Brett
what is going on here? - potatohai
mortgage and beer, yo! - Adrian
I'll put the money into microlending; a good social/economic ROI. - Phil Wolff
I want to say something conservative like pay down my debt or put it in the kids college fund, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I would use the money to buy myself a bass guitar. Just something I've been wanting but don't have the discretionary income to afford it. - Eugene Huo
850+ Comments? That has to be some sort of record for friendfeed in just over 24 hours. - WiseYoda (aka Patrick)
Win money? Count Me IN! - Dave
I want to win money! - Matt Bebich
hi Robert Scoble :D yeah count me in! - OmniDragon
$4500 closer for next TED. Plenty of time to work on the invitation! jgx - Jennifer Green
Bring it on! Love your feed from SxSW! Now, send me the money! - Gene
OH good money for college... or to buy a new computer... - Laaabaseball
I want to win so that I can buy me a Macintosh,so count me in. - frank harvey
Hey, Rob help a sista out! Give me da money! - Jackie
saw you on Chris's live stream @ money count me in! - Jason
Money rocks - Shawn Farner
If I won $4500, I would install central heat and air in my house. You would make my life so much happier! - Auriette Lindsey
$1,750 would go to the nonprofit volunteer org I'm trying to get off the ground :P - Shawn Farner
Diapers for Newborns. $1750 split evenly to the most socially active on (my free web service enabling expectant parents to run their own baby pool contest). Most active meaning the 10 pools with the most participant guess entries Jan-Feb. I will paypal $175 to each winner and blog the results inclusive of the funds origin & any statements from the families impacted. I've seen the bebepool community show their own generosity ( ), so would love to full circle it. - Micah
Scoble the human Roulette wheel. - Rob
wow. must be the post with the most comments i've seen on friendfeed so far. - simonpure
With 1750 I'd do the ever boring "keep paying off the wife and I's credit cards" - Steve Boerner
Any and all the money I win will go for building this charity app we are planning. Every cent spent will be accounted for and would be posted on a web site (TBD). Additionally, we will be spending our own money and time on this. @scobleizer, please ping me if you would like more details. - Ashish Rangole
lame - Vezquex
Behold, my comment. Hi Robert, I saw you at SxSW. - Michael Lee Wise
I'd put up the first Bldg 43 Billboard - - Rob
Tipjoy $1 each to the first 1,000 or 1,750 (depending on prize) commentors in this thread who have a Twitter account. - Hao Chen
With $1750, I'd put up another "Win my money" post on FriendFeed, and see if people bite more or less than for your money. And then figure out why they liked your money more (social-networking experiment 2.0). - Ivan Zuzak
Robert kardes kusura bakma Ingilizcem iyi degil. 1750 gaymeyi bana verirsen sirket acarken kullanacagim. toparlarsak : $1750 + 10 000tl = design company :) - Uur
Interesting. :) /sits down and waits - PiDave
Emergency is an independent, neutral and non-political Italian organization, provides free, high quality medical and surgical treatment to the civilian victims of war, landmines and poverty. - Cristian Conti
If i won the money, I will write a easy to use friendfeed app for iphone :) - cem
very cool idea - Kate
$1750= Paying off my medical bills... no, not enough. Gas, food, rent... mmm, scratch that. Funding my craving for more, new camera equipment.... perfect. You, rightly feeling good for what you want to do,... priceless. - Kate
mi piegherò al Dio denaro, ma almeno lo farò nella mia lingua madre :) - Tambu from twhirl
I will use the money to put towards a deposit on a flat. Currently I am living between my parents and my partner and daughters. I have two children from a previous relationship so will use the money for a deposit on a place which is central to both location - Joe Dawson
I'll use the money for a much needed, long overdue, 2 month break and go to India to relax from this hectic world… - Adi Sheleg
hard to win easy to spend. - ismail ünal
Scoble, fund me a startup! - Toni @ NavinoT
i'll use the money to get out of this place and start running my own business - Claudia
I'll fund prototype of my p2p language learning startup - Artyom
In case I win, I'll upgrade my networking status to "notworking" status. At least for a month. During that time, I'll have more time to make blog posts and enlighten self taught musicians and producers who are fighting to make music in their bedrooms. And I will buy some cookies for myself, in case I forget to eat - ilterocktive
I'll get a haircut, and get a real job. - Adrian
I would donate the money to, whose cause is to give children in war zones around the world a peaceful future. - Alexander van Elsas
lascio un inutile commento pure io - AdamoLanna1(chiuso)
Sei un chiattone, bob. Simpatico, però. - jokerulez
Considering some people worrying about taxes, I'd just like to state that up here in Canada, lottery and contest winnings are not taxed. At all. - Chris Charabaruk
Sorry, I don't want money, we've got too much ! - Benoit Bourdin
Benoit: I'd be happy to help you get rid of some of your surplus, if that's really the case. ;) - Chris Charabaruk
In response to happyseaurchin's question above, I propose tiprojx ... If anyone reading this who has a twitter account tweets an idea for a (social change) project with one or more of the hashtags #tipme #tipshare #tiptodo #tipif ... a whole lot of new projects have the potential to 1. gain crowdsourced funding and 2. be collaboratively refined in the process. I'll split the money between my favourite tagged ideas posted before midday (GMT) next Tues 24 March. - Hannah Lewis
If I won $1750, I'd use the money to hire a local (Austin) freelance UI/dev to help me finish my social sports service ( and pay for hosting for a year while we grow it. - Carter ♥ JS
OMG. Robert Scoble jumps into "paid per comment". This is the end. My only friend, the end. - Davide Pozzi
ok, this is definitely a test for does friendfeed run on rackspace? Rob, you trying a massive test of comments or live commentary, or something like that. i can bet you're analyzing this data on rackspace. you're making the new friendfeed search of organized live conversations/streams. - Reji
Another social experiment?!? Sure, I'm in for a little bailout money!!!! - Ferwin from Nambu
If I win I will hire someone to keep track of these little contests ppl like Scoble play from time to time.(since this kinda contests will be the newest #trend from now on) - Manoj
Comment 909 and counting. New pool ~ When will Robert break his own record. - Russellreno
910! - Tyson Key
Will Tomorrow be my Lucky Day? I will buy $1750 dollars of PowerBall tickets and then give 90% of the winnings to help feed children in Africa. - David Clements
This money could really help me in my current situation. Unfortunately I recently had a tumour removed from my bladder, which has really turned my life upside down. Overall, this has resulted in me having to miss and therefore finance two extra years at University. I’m currently 21 and studying BA Hons Economics at Newcastle University, England. I’m pleased to say that my health seems... more... - Daniel Rowley
Very funny! :D Did I win something??? :D - Matte
ain future economic prosperity! I would also donate $250 to Malaria No More: Thank you for the opportunity. - Daniel Rowley
wow..If I win I will buy a bike.. and travel around India... God bless me!! - sirishkumar
If I win I will buy a ticket to SxSW next year and watch Scoble get totally wasted and take pics of legs with his camera... - Ross
Pick me, pick me. - Amit Morson
As for the $1,750 - I will donate it to the first children related cherish organization that approaches me. - Amit Morson
With $1,750 I would be able to afford the flight back to Austria and support my dad who has to undergo his 3rd surgery and eventually also the 4th. - Verena Fuchs
I would sell it! =) honor would be enough for me... - Goktug Gedik
I would use the money to purchase a head stone for my mothers grave. - Ardail Smith
i would use the money for a long hot summer :) - Samuel Kreuzer
I'd buy $1,750 worth of green energy stocks, most probably geothermal - Fabio
Robert - I would use the money to buy good microphones to make an internet video series about Nerd Revolt. I would then use them to document the 2009 Decibel Festival in September: After that, who knows - but I promise to come up with something good! You can't document musicians without good sound :) Thank you, Erica - Erica Toelle
I would use the money to pay my out-of-state tuition! - Kevin Mohr
i would like it in a brief case... small unmarked bills please - ray parisi
I'd use $1750 towards a down payment for a first home. My wife and I recently had a son, and our apartment is shrinking at an alarming rate. - Chris Heald
i'll be a materialistic bastard. i'd pay my bills while still trying to search for a job in this life sucking, non-forgiving city. yup. that's what i would do. ramen noodles are no fun when you're not in college... - ultimate_loser
if i win this money i'll use to buy some equipments for the university, but not only for me. i'll buy two computers, one printer, and so we can do our university newspaper. this money will be a contribute for the free press, in a nation like italy, where every voice is subdued to the power. give us a chance! - Riccardo
Leave a comment here, and I can win. Ok, done. What's next? There's something about a second way to win, that looks like I need to state what I'd use the money for. Simple: to continue to make uplifting films, like I did this year for the 168 Project. Need to make a few payments still. The rest will go towards next year's film. - Mike Shields
Way too easy ;) - Gregg Wenger
I'd put it towards a computer and software I need for my new small business I'm setting up after 4 years off work with a broken back - Rob Bell
Mee Two :) , i'll use it for world Piece - Chirag Chamoli
Mike: watch at about 4 p.m. today (Austin Time, which is about 2 p.m. Pacific Time) and we'll pick the winners live on that show. - Robert Scoble
I'd like to join this competition to make a chance for the money for my new developing start-up. Could use it for sure, development is costy these days! - Coen Jacobs
I'd use the money to pay for an artist to help me out on a Palm Pre/Windows Mobile app that I'm working on. - Alastair Maggs
Robert, great gesture! I would give all of the $ on your behalf to this worthy cause: - B2B Specialist
Took the challenge. Opened account from my couch with iPhone. Curious to get the rest of the story. - Georgiana Dearing
Generating metrics I presume Mr Scoble? - Stefan Szo
OK heres my comment! - Randy
OK, first the 'leave a comment here' bit - here it is. As to what I'd do with the money, my wife has been made redundant and two days later someone crashed into my car while it was parked - so I guess I'd put it towards replacing the car and rebuilding our lives. Actually that sounds a little melodramatic, it's only a car, but it would be useful. Unless of course UK residents aren't eligible for this in which case I guess I'll just sit at home and sulk! - Guy Clapperton
I'll switch SocialToo from Amazon EC2 to Rackspace if I win - Jesse Stay
Win money? No, thanks. but I DO wanna earn your money :). Send details to or visit - MEDIAFORCE
I would spend $1,750 on a iPhone App using fbConnect for my financial services startup which I otherwise wouldn't allocate a budget for. - Abhimanyu Chirimar
Gosh, there are a lot of comments. Is this a FF stress test? - Morton Swimmer
I'm in! - Simon Holliday
I would use the money for development of gCaptain 2.0 with the goal of dethroning the oldest magazine in continuous print, Lloyds List, from the maritime news sphere of influence. - gCaptain
I will hire a scholar to make my research few hours a day so I can follow your tweets!!! :D - Jesús
I'm in, what would I do with the money? well, I'm a teenager from Cairo, Egypt, and I plan to start podcasting during my vacation "first video podcast in Egypt" and work on my blog, I don't have enough money to buy an HD camcorder so I would use the money to buy that and get a domain name for my blog and go pro, and if there is enough money I would buy an iPhone. - Ahmed
I'd take the family out for a meal at the Gaucho grill - mike williams
I would give the money to this young man in his fight against hodgkins lymphoma. He is the nephew of my daughter's preschool teacher and I would do anything to help him out, but we don't have much. As a former soccer player, current coach and human being... my heart goes out to him and his family. Anything would help. - Jason
Not yet in the position to give like you give, I do what I can. Giving spirits garner unselfish hearts! - - Carlo At Your Service
This is the most epic thread ever, i put off replying all weekend but i think its about time i joined in. I think if i won i'd propose to my girlfriend because id be able to afford a ring! Or, we'd go on a nice much needed holiday. - Simon Wicks
I'd give the money to Daniel Rowley (comment above). Seems like he has a genuine need. - Dustin Curtis
hey! easy game Mr Scoble :) I'm here :D - Guillaume
What a cool idea. I would definitely use the money towards taking another class. Assembly? Lernin is espensive. -
I'm in too - Judging by the entrants, I'll have better odds on winning the lottery - Shaf
I'll donate the money to AIG executives. - Filipe Marques
I would use the money to bid on Gaius Baltar's Robes at the Battlestar Galactica Auction in May. Those costumes get pretty pricy! ~Matt - Matt
I'd use to money to stimulate the US economy by buying all your stuff - Magnus
I'd pay the 4000 I owe in tuition. I've paid off all but this last bit, so it'd be my first move. Still looking for a job... - Linda Margaret
I liked that :) - MobilAdam
I would use the money to buy a laptop. I bought one in December and was getting a friend from the US to bring it to me (I was in Dubai). The laptop was stolen from her luggage at JFK and I got no compensation. I was out 1500$, laptopless, and highly depressed because the euphoria of getting a new laptop was not realized. - Bhavishya Kanjhan
If I win the money - its going straight to helping my startup - get to Public Beta. We're so close and every cent counts! - Charanjit
Good way of generating a lot of comments :-) I'd use the money for reducing some debts... - Diego Zamboni
Whoaaaa, there. $4,500? Really? Boy am I glad I follow you on Twitter. Since when does money grow on tweets? If I ever had the good fortune of being plucked out of a hat, I'd spend all of it on the tuition bills that have racked up in my family name (mother, brother y yo). - amira
I'll make a social network for BitTorrent. - KN
Hm. Maybe I spend it on a Nikon D90 or a camcorder. - Stefan Michel
Money is the root of all evil, they use to say. But it can blossom into good things. - Nick Palffy
I would use the money to update my photography equipment and software. This would update my pet photography as needed - Randy Nacol
I am in - Bronchart
I would use the money to get my girlfriend @Tatty, who I met on Twitter, from Norway to the US so we can start living happily ever after. :) - Foul Bastard
Pay off the credit card and get a return airfare to the USA from Sydney! - Nathan Davies
Sounds crazy but why not :-) - Cyril Hanquez
I need 980 dollars to go to school to be a cheesemonger. So tired of waiting tables and am ready to pursue something I am passionate about. - Miles Laird
I'd use the money to take some time off with my daughter... - Fredrik Wennberg from twhirl
I'm saving to buy my first house later this year and working to start my freelance design business. - john
$1750...I would use them for a wonderful trip to San Francisco! Plane tickets from France and visit of the best web start-up / companies :) Enjoy!! - Guillaume
I'd have to assume I'd use the money to buy a Nikon D90, then hunt you down to thank you and take your picture with it. - Richard Finucane
How can I mute this thread? - Richard A.
I'll use it as a "Pay It Forward Ponzi Scheme" (In these crazy Maddoff days, it's about time we revert the wheel.) - Vivian Cohen- Leisorek
Hi Robert! I would use the money to put into a bank account. I will become a daddy within the next weeks and this would a be a 'scolar fund' for my first kid! - Bas van Breugel
Count me in. $1750 would go to the IWK Children's Hospital for Xboxes and Wiis. - M Langille
Great idea-- and I'd use the money to create workshops to bring younger and older gay men together to discuss the history of the AIDS epidemic in Philly. - Chris Bartlett
What am I going to do with the $1750? I will reveal that secret in my second comment :) - Bari Hossain
Great idea Robert. I'd do four things: I'd pay for a ESPN360 season and play-off pass to watch NHL games over here in Europe. Then I'd hire a graphics designer to redo to have it not only appeal to learners but also sponsors. Third, I'd take my wife out to dinner and fourth I'd give the rest back to you - I wouldn't need it all and you have a family, too. - Sebastian Keil
Sure, count me in. - Barty
First of all, thanks for the heads up on "Free Money" also thanks for being such a great conduit. So throw my name into the hat please. I know I usually push for giving to Cancer foundations and etc. But am going to change it up a bit.... If I would happen to win the money there is hugely talented Photographer on Twitter that needs only $6,000 to sustain his enrollment at some artsy Ivy... more... - SashaKane
Seriously? I'll start a "Mini-ITXs" fund to replace all the desktops in my home with Mini ITXs. Power saving ftw! - Nimish Batra
I'd start a foundation dedicated to bringing the finance crooks to justice and redistributing the stolen funds from whence they came. - Alistair Knock
hmm...I'll rather invest it in gold. That's the least volatile thing these days. - Kunal Gangar
i would finally finish my thesis and rent a lot servers with mosso after that to incorporate a company dealing with enterprise mashups and cloud computing in germany - tmetschke
im in - Jason Walke
I would tell my boss he is a noob and that I quit my job and start my own business. - Gary Schubert
oh, and i'd also KILL for a macbook. but i'd probably go to school. but you should totally give it to someone who needs it more. - Miles Laird
simple way to enter :) - Cristian
Robert, I would probably spend the money in a relatively futile manner. Therefore, I'll let others who need it more have a chance at the $1,750 prizes. I'd be happy to be chosen randomly for the $1,000. Great initiative, by the way. - Antonio Cangiano
This is just what we need in order to launch hosting + legal expenses +company registration fees. - Erez Eden
richard, by giving a way more money, are you ready? - abdellah
I'll give YOU $500 and give $100 to twitter (since I heard about it there). The first should make it easier for you to part with the money. The twitter donation will conclusively prove that they have a viable business model :) - Ebrahim Nalwala
Our band would use it to buy a PA system so that we could play anywhere/practice with proper sound. I`d treat this as a loan and donate the money in your name to the VH1 Save The Music Foundation. - Reuben Fortes
It would help me pay for my wedding in Ottawa in August, rather than having to borrow money! (PS nice way of getting people on FriendFeed!) - Paul Lomax
Robert, please pick me. I need the USD1000 to get myself an iPhone 3G (cost HKD6200.00 from Apple Hong Kong) so I don't have to borrow my girlfriend's, and the rest of the money, I will use to pay for all the data usage I will be using when testing review copies of iPhone apps. How can I be borrowing an iPhone to write iPhone app reviews? That is just ironic. - Vinko
I need to do something completely luxurious and pampered for a week. Oh, I would really like to take my brother along because it was his birthday two weeks ago and would like to surprise him. That's right, a very belated birthday present. Very much would be a surprise. How about a cruise out of Miami to the Caribbean or out of Los Angeles to Mexico? We need to see the water! Sure we have the Fountains at Bellagio but we would like to sail on an ocean. There it is. I have our bags packed and ready to go. - Vegas Bill
I need money for my first startup! - kunal jain
Buy a nice camera for making better videos for my blog & invite my family having a nice evening at a greek restaurant - Wittkewitz News
Show me the money - TJ Polczyn
I would develop an innovative iPhone app using the money and when sales pick up, return the amount to you so u can run another contest. - iPhone Dev Guy
I am a poor student who really could use a new Laptop.. I will Ustream and take pictures of the unpacking so you know I didn't spend the money on beer ;) I could put SPONSORED BY SCOBLE stickers on the new machine. Please Scoble, I could really use this. Cheers, patrick. - patrick detlefsen
a new laptop to replace the almost 6-year old one would be nice for a developer. give me the other prizes, too and i'll donate 'em to schooling a kid in a 3rd world country! - moogs
*wonders* Do we have to leave two comments, one for the $1000 and one for one of the $1750? - Linden A. Mueller
Ok, Scoble if i get this money somehow, give my money to this student (patrick detlefsen) - Thanks - Junal Rahman
If you pick me, I will lend out the money via - Henning
So just in case, here's the second one. :) I would save it. We'll be making our second international move in two years in September, and this time, we'll be settling down. I would use it for part of our down payment on our first house. - Linden A. Mueller
Right now $1750 is worth $2700 Aussie (sounds a lot better) I'd ask Robert to JV with me and share how to turn that $2.7k into $270k in 6 months. If we didn't like each other after that we needn't continue to turn it into $27M. Jim Beasley (Twitter: whoisJimBeasley) - Jim Beasley
Would love to start an online business for my 7 yr old as a college fund!!!! Have the idea, just not the funds to start it!!! - Charles Bovard
I could use the money to pay some of my student loans that I had to take to study the one true thing worth studying, the Internet! - Shane Tilton
I would spend the money on bourbon and porn. - Kari Holtz
I'll use to finance our new project of social publishing with Friendfeed. Thanks for the opportunity. - Massimiliano Mancini
if I win: I'd give half of the money to Emergency ( to help their medical work in war areas. - andrea
In New Zealand his will go along way. Id use it for language resources for our indigenous Maori - Bradley Walker
I want I want! I will restore my VW 1974 with it! :-D true story: - Pierre Lapointe
I'd love to use your money to send kids with disabilities to! With the $1750, 3 children would get to go to camp this summer. Or, it would send maybe a dozen to a weekend camp this spring! Either way, I'd love to see you help these kids out. In this kind of economic environment, places like Camp ASCCA are the first to be forgotten ... that means the kids are forgotten, too. Thanks, Robert! - RD French
Before I reveal the secret of what I would do with $1750, I really need to know the secret - "Why are you giving away this money,Robert?" - Bari Hossain
Will use it finally upgrade my powerbook to a MBP so I can write an iPhone app as part of my CS Degree Dissertation. - Shaun Bohannon
$1175 to my all time favorite musician's (Diana Krall) chosen charity: Vancouver General Hospital's Leukemia Bone Marrow Transplant. Would use the rest to cover my tuition expense for a Nancy Duarte slide:ology seminar. Trying to figure out ways to tackle mindnumbing government PowerPoint decks. Happy St Patrick's Day! - Bud
With our terrible exchange rate here in the UK, I'll probably buy myself a week's worth of groceries with the prize money! Seriously though, I may treat myself to a video camera, so that maybe one day, I can be like my favourite technology evangelist! - David Swallow
I can't wait to read followup posts to your contest. I would invest the money in my children's college funds. - Erick Tyack
I think I will buy some books on how to get my daughter to sleep past 4AM... Seriously, any advice? :-) - James Marino
With the money I would invest in a Home Server to better provide for my familys digital needs ;-) The rest will be given to SOS childrens village - A good and worthy cause. - Ken-Tore
I will use the money to spend it to bloggers in germany to promote the german blogos- and twittersphere! They arn't as big and importnat as in the us, but they have the mbition for it, serious and current content... - Simon Rabente
The money will enable me to buy some much needed toys and gadgets that mortgage/wife/2kids/etc to not allow! - Matt Groves
I was thinking on how to win the money and then I read comments by others. I realised there are more ppl who need the money more than me. So good luck to everyone! and Robert, pls make sure the winner really deserve it. - Gerald Neo
If I won I would donate every cent to Red Nose Day ( to help children in the UK and Africa and I'll put up $200 of my own money (about 10% of my salary) into microloans through Kiva. - Peter Curd
I doubt this would be a winner, but I need a new set of effin tires. - Patrick Kay
Strike one for the South African - Iwan
I will use my winnings to purchase books to better understand how to use all the great social media tools out there and will also earmark a portion of the winnings to use to attend SXSW 2010. - Promising Projects
I'll use the money to finance bailing out of my apartment in light of this recession and my current status of gainful underemployment. :) - teleken
Cool! I'd love to spend it on a netbook and a good (web)cam and start using it to lifestream/share some nice events using kyte or qik. What's left after buying the gear, I would spend on tickets for events such as The Next Web Conference, Lifehacking Academy, etc. Btw: have fun at Rackspace! - Alex Vermeule (@alexve)
ok deal, you talked me into it - IrishWonder
it is really interesting to see how much "I" in this thread, ok if I (+1) - abdellah
Cool. So 80% of the dough goes on a Twitter API developer as I have a great project in mind. And the other 20% provides a stake for the blackjack table, for when we launch. Combined earnings will be sent back your way, so you can do this all over again. - Econsultancy
I'd put it towards my TED application fund! Made too many promises about speaking there one day soon... - Oliver
First I would buy an engagement ring for my lady and take her out on a romantic evening and propose her. And of course 300$ would go for a Wii. - Andy Gongea
Hi I have never won anything so i dont think i will win,but hope never dies so here i am.. - Dimi
My boyfriend got made redundant a while ago so I'd use the money to take him on holiday to get away from it all for a bit and help him refocus. - Katie
thats cool to hear...thanks for the competition.i will love to buy macbook... - Mohammed Moyeen
Hmmm... Give it to charity is the easy answer.. But I would find and elderly person who needs home renovations etc but cant afford it.. and then get someone down on their luck to do it and pay them.. Double the satisfaction and impact - Christopher Blake
Comment for one of the $1750 prizes. I will offer to donate the money to bail out some more fat cats living high on the hog, and give them a bonus to boot. - TJ Polczyn
Don't get pinched - wear green today! :) - Ricci Neer
If I won, I'd donate it to Comic Relief ( Cheers! - Graeme Coleman
I am saving money to go out of my usual work to start a startup, so it will be helpful for me in my saving and allow me to come out of my daily job soon. - Mohammed Moyeen
If I win I will twitter my followers and people in Seth Godin's tribe to find the most excting youth oriented project I can, then come back to you, Robert Scoble, and see how we can involve your followers in offering knowledge or connections to make the whole thing take off, good on you. - Sarah Farrugia
I would put the money to good use and kick start the economy with it... should work... - Alex P
wow! this is by far the longest thread i've ever seen! :) - David Clifford
I'll use the money as a super lucky contribution to, an initiative of my startup nonprofit, Tweetluck is raising funds to build a technology lab and boarding facility/orphanage for a school with which we're partnered in Arusha, Tanzania. The locally-run school recently performed #1 out of 117 schools in their district on national exams, and I can only imagine what's possible if we get the children at the school web access ;) - Stacey Monk
This is one way to get me to use friendfeed... I'd use the money to enter a poker tournament in vegas this week at MIX. (at least I'm being honest) - Jason
Wedding Ring deposit, new mac, or broker's fee to get the hell out of this apartment. Probably one of those three. I'm a huge fan of Kari Holtz's answer of bourbon & porn, but my early thirties have got the better of me and must try for something vaguely more responsible. - Travis
Hey, why about trying, great idea ! For the second part of the contest, i'd prefer to let more chances to people who really know how to make something really usefull and interesting with it ;) ! - Christophe Michau
I hope to be one of the lucky few. Happy St. Patricks Day! - ian ross
I wish I could come up with something clever or generous but other needs are too pressing. I don't even want to think about it really. Health insurance, upgrade to CS4 (priorities, right?), art supplies, new shoes, vet visit for the cats, whatever else I could squeeze out of it. But I would put some portion toward charitable use, or else use it to create something that I could give, because generosity deserves to be honored in kind. - Rebecca Lasley
I'll buy some of the gadgets Scoble is talking about... - Alexander Benker
In Malaysia, I'll give the money to the women's aid organization to fight discrimination, women are first to go in a layoff. - Carolyn Chan
Great idea. I'd probably put the money towards a good camera for a live video project I'm working on. - Alan Chamberlain
If I was lucky enough to win I would use the money to attend It would cover the cost of the airfare, accommodation, and registration fee. I would then be able to Tweet and blog about it so those who read me would get some benefit from me being there. Anything learned would be put to good use in the open source projects I contribute to. Unlike some of the others here, I can't be altruistic about this - I want to go to the conference and can't afford it! Charity begins at home after all - Elpie
It will probably help me to keep one of my employee, until we bounce back in our feet - Boubacar Balde from twhirl
I'm definitely in and I'd use the $1750 to buy my first macbook. - Robbin
I would use it as nice start for my first house loan ;-) A man has got to start somewhere doesn't he ;-) - Pieter-Jan Adriaensens
get lasik after reading all of these #CCCCCC comments on friendfeed! - Landon
What I would use the money for? Well, I have been eyeing up some netbooks and need to replace my aging television. So, this would pretty much go there in my lone attempt at reviving our moribund economy/ I'm doing my part to help us out of these troubled economic times! - Jason J. Thomas
Here is my initial entry comment. - Hal
I'd learn how to code in Cocoa, and create a salsa dance iPhone app :) - Tom Tubbs
Clever idea. If I win, I would put half the money in the bank, as my husband is currently unemployed; and would give half the money to my friend and her family, as her son & daughter-in-law were in a serious car accident in Oct. 2008 and my friend quit her job to help take care of her premature born grandson, 2 yr old grandson, so her own son can then take care of his now brain-injured wife. - Traci Knoppe
Half to a couple of back bills, the other half here: - Hal
My first comment didn't show up! REPLAY: With the $1750 I will expand my business working with energy and transformation in the area of money & prosperity (Money Reiki Healing) attuning people to their Source resulting in personal and planetary shifts around money and abundance. I will also donate a portion of the winnings to a few favorite charities (including Water is Life and Charity:Water). - Amy Flynn
Wow, Just needed that money to buy me a trip to the states at last! I'm from Paris and I just keep reading your feeds on twitter, ff etc... - anciaux
Should I win, any money would be invested in upgrading some piece of computer equipment, or a software purchase... and a celebratory dinner with my wife, of course. - Chris Grayson
Heads up, Twitter! I would put the money into real competition to Twitter. - David Baum
To quote Han Solo - "Got some old debts I gotta pay off with this stuff" - Cliff Forster
I need yet another bicycle. Choose me! I promise not to give it to AIG for bonuses! - mrbrown
I'd put the cash toward a new unibody Macbook - I broke the screen on my Macbook Pro and it's difficult to use now because I have to us my iPhone as my screen (Jaadu VNC). I'll take care of my new Macbook, Robert, I promise. Please pick me? Please! - David Mozingo
I got married on last saturday, 14th ( sorry only German ) and I got a whole bunch of photos and videos. I would take the money and buy a new iMac to organize them and my videos too. Pictures will be published on that website. - Mayads
My cat has been very sick since late last Thurs. He's was jaundice, probably some level of renal failure - all likely diabetes. Been having to force feed him with a syringe because he wasn't eating on his own. I'd like to be able to use this money to offset the vet costs towards all this - doctor would like to run more tests but I can't afford it. This money would help with this. - Todd Perlmutter
I'll stimulate my economy. - Chris Dickerson
Howdy Scoble. I graduate University in July with an IT degree and am planning a Trip to South East Asia (Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam) in September for a bit of fun and adventure. The money would greatly improve my trip. I'll blog the whole thing personally for you (I'll go to anywhere you suggest) and do my best to send you at least one ridiculous photo a day along with a video diary and a few interviews of people I meet along the way. - Michael Gross
My kids, who've lost their mother, really need something positive. So I would use the money to redecorate their two rooms as a surprise. - Jorg Jansen
Thanks Robert. A great idea! I could really use the money to finance my startup "Big Red Zebra", the world's first truly useful Location-Based Service for Everybody (not just people with Smartphones, iPhones, Blackberrys). Check it out at - David
If I won the $1750 - I would put $1600 towards a kick-ass web project I have been working on (code-named Daily Bird Feeder). Then, $100 would go to dinner with the wife to make up for the late nights I've spent working on the project. $30 would go to an action figure I have been dying to get. And $20 would then go to flowers for my wife, to make up for buying the action figure. - Michael Withrow
I will spend it all on me - on daft 'there is no way I would buy this under any other circumstances' things. - Alison
I would follow your example: I'd run a contest and ask my followers to choose how I would spend it. - Gail
Show me that money! - Alison
How about this.... My wife and I are expecting TWIN SONS in August. ANY contributions would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! - Jeremy Osborne
congratulation jeremy. - abdellah
That $$ would buy me a lifetime subscription to Fast Company!!!! - CJ
My dinosaur-like mind is inexorably on its way to extinction. It's been ages since I bought a new book. And reading online just doesn't satisfy that ancient craving. So if I win I'd use it to buy Kindle2 e-reader. The ultimate revenge of a deprived bibliophile. :) A little memento of my fabulous good luck, courtesy of you sir. The rest I will donate to a Philippine charity of my choice. Good luck to us all, if that were possible. :) - jan geronimo
Would like to take my wife to NY for our 15th Wedding Annv. - Timothy Love
Count me in. Can't work out if I should sound worthy or greedy, so shall be neither. - David Eedle
You got me Subscribe :). I will apply for a distance education in Actuarial Science at Leicester University. - Bruck Sewnet
I will not use this money for unmerited bonus pay - Craig
If I won the money, I'd pay for my GMAT & Grad School applications with it. That way, I'll hopefully be able to do the same kinds of contests soon. I'd also adopt two cats for my parents farm and pay for their cat food - you can't have a farm without cats! Lastly, I'd increase my number of Kiva loans. - Edwina
what is interesting in this thread, is the fact that there is more and more reason and ways to spend that money, now let please see for what "you can't spend this money". - abdellah
I'm just getting a project going that could be really helped at this early stage with some "free cash" to help complete the prototype. The idea is for an engine that aggregates content from originators and then filters and distributes it according to preferences to the consumer through a variety of touch points. Very focussed on one specific interest area. - Alex Guest
I'll place my bet for the $1750, although my chances are thin. Lots of things to do, get Dad treated, pay my bills et al. - Rajtilak Bhattacharjee
I'll buy something amazing and the one who finds out what it is will receive it. Just a way to see if it is possible to get more comments than you do :o) - Zack Brandit
I will gift the money to my husband's business,( ) so that he can focus a little more on music and thus spend more time happy and not in a programming job that bores him. It's not much, but it'll pay for the upcoming Das Dhoom album. - InPerpetualMotion(Gina k)
Hate to admit it in public, but I owe parents, friends, and credit cards money borrowed while searching for another job. This would give me some breathing room and let me get some stuff done that I've put off, like fix the brakes on my car. - mark zero (Jason)
I will give the money to my 18 year old son. He's getting ready to enter college for the first time and needs it. - Lisa Saul
$1,750 will feed me for a year! :-) - Chinny
Mr. Scoble - Use of funds should I become one of your winners... ala Dave McClure and Y Combinator... I'd turn right around and invest it in equity positions in two local startups neither of which is mine. Should there be any kind of exit of either, I'd just keep plowing proceeds into local startups (we need early stage, non-debt seed capital in Oklahoma). - Gerald Buckley
these funds would help at a very diffcult time for my family would be a very big blessing for us - Diane Brixey
i would put the money in my future start-up. i really could use the money for. the main problem is that i have to wait for maybe 2 years, because of uni. so i could invest it at the beginning in something safe and could make more money for the start-up. - Alexander
Pool Table - Dale Fraser
Sadly, I would put this toward my taxes. My contribution toward the bailout I guess. A new tv or trip might be nice though since I'm not getting that Australia blogging job. - Dave
I would put the money in our twin boys college fund, which will be in inflation-adjusted treasuries for the next year or two. (PS: This is the most effective way to gather the most comments on a single thread in the history of friendfeed) - DGentry
OK, just give it to me already and quit all this fuss... - Garrido
Hey Robert! You finally got me to sign up for FF. If awarded the money I would finally get that Gibson Les Paul I've always wanted and go back in the studio to create my opus. - Kyle Shay
Split it into 495 $2 donations, for charities selected by fellow Friendfeed and Twitterers, with the remaining funds for a pizza while organizing the aforementioned discussion. - Mike Chelen
Count me in. I would blow the money on Tacos. No burritos. No Tacos. Well Tacos or Burritos. Just imagine me eating over $1000 worth of tacos/burritos. - Franklin Pettit
Fund small-scale Appropriate Technology projects in Africa where I live: - Rick Love
I would put the money to good use-- - Dennis Shlaen
First! Oh wait, maybe not. :) Boring but I'd use the money to get my 60,000 mile service on my car before it falls apart. Anything left over would go to paying down CC balances. I know, I'm dull... - Pete Smith
I need a new tv I'm a poor seminary student in new york with a family - kevin
count me in! How to use 1750$: buy four cheap pocket cameras (200$ each), announce a "movie making contest" on the blog, give four cameras to best four ideas, take the movies, post on youtube & blog, make users vote, give first prize 950$. - Tudor Galos
Robert, Congrats on joining Rackspace & I'm eagerly awaiting Building 43!! I would use the prize money to fund my sisters education. - Roshan Ramachandran
I'd go for a piece of electronic equipment. I haven't owned a computer since a nice visit from an unknown burglar a year and a half ago. Luckily my work provides me with a nice Macbook Pro 15" but that doesn't really help much during the weekends. So I'd go for a 13" MacBook and then of course a round of Hero Rats ( for the change. - René Clausen Nielsen
Hi Robert. I would use the money like Tudor, but I would get two good pocket cameras, the Sony pocket 1080p ones, not the Zi6 or the Flip. To take better quality videos. - Odi Kosmatos
Hi Robert, my intention isn't to partecipate to your contest but my comment is just to say that you are a genius. I appreciate this social experiment and on Sunday I have analyzed it in this post on my blog: If I were to the place of the winner, I’d give this money to you because you really deserved it. The previous most commented thread on FF probably were Italian ( Chapeau - Roberto
G R E E D .... - Kai
I would use the money to jump start the economy as part of my stimulus-package plan - Mitchell Schneider
Not sure, but I'll try to heed the advice my grandmother used to give me when I got a dollar "Don't spend it on crap." - Steven Stark
There are things I want but nothing I need so I'd donate the money to Philabundance. - Bob Gannon
i would use the money to help pay for school - Shane Grant
I would use the money to get into photography. I have always wanted to but have never had the funding to do it. It would be great if I had the funding to get a decent body and a couple nice lenses. - Sweyn Venderbush
I'm in as well. Will use the money to get into iphone apps development - Arnaud Fischer
Woohoo! I'd buy either a home automation setup or a home server :D - Robert DeBord
Yes! I could use some green on St. P's Day! Would get that D90. - Kevin Crader
I will help @romanzolotarev. - Вашингтонский Обком
If I came into any type of money this year it would go towards a trip to London to see my family and friends; and see my favourite band, Blur play live for the first time. Leftover cash to the Red Cross. My honest answer. - Chrissie M
I would use it to help fund a startup website to help diabetics find proper products to help manage their health and lifestyle - Erik Schmith
I would love to win. Would probably spend the money on one of two things: my 17 year anniversary is coming in early April, so a present for the wife is a necessity - thinking a nice hot springs overnight trip in Izu, south of Tokyo (where I live). Otherwise, I would also consider using the money to help bootstrap, a new blog I co-founded and launched on Jan 1 with my good buddy Rich. - Scott Jarkoff
I want to win soo soo bad... lol... I would use the money as a deposit on an apartment so I can move out of the country and actually have High Speed Internet (cant even use a cellular card cause im so far in the country) Ive always wanted to start a blog and website but cant since Dial-up is sooo sooo slow... This would be the Happiest Day of my Life!!! :) - James Boyd
While thinking trough this all day since I've read about it, I think that I should spent it for 50/50 on my own project and on the stuff that you just don't get to while being a son of divorced parents. My computer upgrade is more than welcome, switch to Mac OS X would be greatly appreciated. Great action Robert, thanks for this opportunity from Holland! - Coen Jacobs
If this comment picked randomly, then goodbye to MacBook Pro...(paradoxal comment including 2 answers in one way.) - Olcayto Cengiz
Growing up, my parents would always tell me that considering the amount of time I spend on the web, I should be making money out it. But I desire that the content I put out there be free. Over the years I've spent a lot on pursuing this passion but never earned a buck out of it. Now would be a great opportunity to finally do so. I may not be the most deserving or the most in need out of everyone here but if I did win I'd do something nice for my parents and tell them it was courtesy of the Internet. - Michael Josh Villanueva
I would use the money to donate back to all of the open source projects that I have been using for the past 5 years. Many of the products that are produced are outstanding and need to be supported. - Anthony Schelling
I'll take Scoble to block. Actually; I would use the money to complete my dedciated streaming studio. While I have the mics & cams set, I'm still working on the furniture, and the servers for the encoding. Then I could be a guest on your show and show it off. - Keith Barrett
Will take a trip and visit you at your new project :) - Liviu Lica
I'll use the cash to attend sxsw next year, following the twitter feeds this year has proved its worth to me. I'll get you a beer in too, unless that seems coercive. - Simon Kirrane
I would use the Money to help my daughter who is 13, to Travel Europe this Summer as she has been selected to be a Student Ambassador Representing the US and The State of Kansas. A Life changing experience, for our young people to learn and experience other cultures. People to People select 40 top Students from each state to represent the US. This experience is to teach our young people... more... - Joyce
Hey new friend I sure could use that money to repair some of the debt my bipolar wife has put our family in. Ever have any questions about what goes on in a max security prison, let me know. - Tom Lord
Both me and my SO need computer upgrades at home to better work from home but that's not very much money. Just don't have it. The rest would go towards savings or to fix the collapsed porch out back. - Paul Wade
Nice discussion thread. Any extra cash would go to my newly-widowed uncle, who found himself with a mountain of vet bills to pay after his dog, and only remaining companion, spent a week in ICU in an O2 tent. - Hooeyspewer
Hey Robert - I would use the money to pay some bills and refit the computer my kids use. Thanks for making the world interesting! - Tim Ake
It's a real and nice chance to win a pretty good amount of money, which can help me in making my dreams about lighting equipment for home studio to became true! :) - PWR
I would pay off my burning man debt. - Andrew Stein
This looks like its a record breaking thread. - Roberto Bonini
Count me in! - Alvin
I would use the money as part of a down payment on a new car. I commute 100 miles a day and my car is dying at a most unfortunate time. Well, that's what I SHOULD do. I would probably buy some gadget like a Kindle and some books because my geek gene gets the better of me most days. - Amy Anuszewski
I would like to use it to buy a Mac Mini but I first have to deal with Wife Tax so I might be able to get a snickers bar. Love you honey! - Wesley Snider
I would buy a slice of taxes that I owe Barack Obama. - Chris Wallace
I'm in! - James Ferguson
I would use the money to finally launch my puppet sitcom. My seven month-old daughter already loves the live version, and it would be great to have the video version for anytime viewing. Plus I think lots of other people would love the show as well. It's like the Muppet Show but more "Seinfeld" and less "Lawrence Welk". But there will still indeed be musical numbers. - Mike Janicke
I would give the money to my wife. She is trying to get custody of her son back. Thanks for the chance Robert! - Brian
I would use this to upgrade my camera. - Evan Travers
Oops almost forgot to leave a comment for the random drawing. :) - James Boyd
I would use the money to take my wife on a nice vacation for our anniversary. - Jonathan Gardner
I`ll take some of that money :) - Steven Shvartsman
What would you like me to do with the money? - Simon Hicks
An Irish Toast on my favorite Holiday that is St. Paddy's Day: "Here's to the ones we love we love. Here's to the ones that love us love us. For all those that don't love us, F@%$ them and here's to us." I'd use the money to spend on friends & strangers drinking and eating on a random day enjoying the moment and making memories you'd never forget. - Lyn Graft
What a great idea Scoble! So sad I missed sxsw this year! I would use half the money to go towards a new lift for my step mother who has MS and I would use the other half to purchase a small fishing boat to go fishing with my boy who's birthday is this weekend. - Bryan
Robert, dude! You are awesome. Would use money to help find a teaching job! - Patty Pinkley
If you pick me I will put the money towards the trip to China I'm taking in July. - Kris
Better idea of what to do with the money - promote LTSP - Linux Terminal Server Project Continue to bring low cost desktop solutions to the masses. - Erick Tyack
Robert, congrats on the new job. Look forward to seeing the new ways you are going to invigorate rackspace and the community. There are some great comments here already. This is a great thing you are doing, take care - Michael Bazzoni
Action Figures. I would use the money to buy lots and lots of action figures. And maybe a dwarf horse. - Aaron Linne
I would put that money towards buying a couple of iPod Touches and a Mac for three friend of mine. We've just finished a short, free game that took us two years to finish on evenings and some weekends, and are talking about trying to make a game for Apples platform in our spare time since we work so well together as a team. - Jonas Eriksson
This will kill FriendFeed. DO they have a FailWhale...? ;) - Frank Koehntopp
Pay 4 months rent. And, I swear I'm not trying to sound pious, but I'd donate to Food for Lane County, an awesome local organization that gives away food. - tracy
I'd do some traveling, getting to know new things is always great... - Fabian
$1750? I'll buy Facebook and sell to Twitter. - Bob Withers
I'd use the cash to pay back my employer all the time I spend reading Scoble's comments on FriendFeed. ha. - Jon Mason
Jumping into your hat. Randomly pick me. - Ben
I'll finally buy that wide angle lens that I've been hankering after for my Olympus E-400... - Peter Holloway
Hmm... $1750, eh? I'd buy a few of those unlocked Android phones to create custom firmware that does end-to-end encryption of calls... I've been wanting to do that for a while for fun. - Matt
I will use the money to help me get to OSCON. - Mike Canzoneri
I will buy an iMac for my local school who only have PCs ... boo. They currently do basic animation with PCs but I would like to get some of the older kids using iStopMotion, FCP and possibly Motion also. Would be an honour to spend ALL the money on this. - Nick Pearce
Was laid off a month ago from my job at one of the big 4 record companies. In this down economy, seems like a good time to start a new business. I'd use the cash to help get my new business started. - SJ
Ha! Joined friendfeed just to win this! - Solomon King
I'll buy a new computer for my wife... now that she's a blogger and podcaster, I can't do anything on my computer anymore! Then I'll get a decent shared network storage device that makes a lot of sense for my expanding network. - Chuck Stanley
A chunk to charity and a chunk to fund some development on some crazy web thing I am cooking - Nigel James
$1,750 would go a long way in Africa! That's like 8 months salary for my small team! - Solomon King
I believe I would take a vacation to the Keys. - Ryan Dadey
Or wait, I could get two decent laptops for my developer and tech support guy! - Solomon King
I'll do my part in stimulating the housing market! I'm buying a house in a couple of months, and savings for the down payment. An extra grand or so would allow me to stop doing some work for other people, and focus on doing work for myself in the way of publishing my ideas, and creating web-apps that would be useful. Reading your blog posts has really got my excited to share my thoughts and ideas with the web. - Jim Rubenstein
I'm wondering if this is a test to see if FF can handle a few thousand comments in a short amount of time. May the winners enjoy what they get. - Matt Silva
I would continue my educational pursuit of an IT degree. Plus buy a few Xbox 360 games! Awesome way to use FF Robert! ;-) - Carlton Hackett
I'd buy the iPhone tablet that's being announced today. Good gosh, I hope it comes out today! - Robert Hinojosa
I'm looking for a new camera. I've been trying to take pictures of my son's Scout troop and swim team with an old Canon G3, and it's a real struggle to get any decent pics. I'd love to pick up a 40D and a lens or two. - D. Lambert
I would send my parents on a vacation and I would buy my wife a NEW HD Tivo - Andrew Yeager-Buckley
Debt reduction? - Lenny Post
I run a small business with two brands and, I will use the money to advertise on blogs and facebook. - Mike Down
Pretty cool news. I love this kind of capitalist competition. I've been reading your blog for about a year and I'm glad you're using it more now. I'm a college student, I think I would use the money I win to start a site which rewrites the Constitution and basically the entire American governmental system in a wiki, user-edited style. I've got a url that isn't taken picked out, and I just need some money to startup and learn html all the rest of that stuff. - Brian Wilson
Hello Robert, I will use the money to help create a web startup which will allow you (and other people of course) to use their fame and reputation to help promote other people who have talents, skills, experience, and a willingness to work, but who are not necessarily able to reach a wide enough audience on their own. The focus is to allow people who network with entrepreneurs to refer... more... - Ivan Lukianchuk
This is damn awesome, Robert! What would I do with some nice cash? I'd probably buy myself some new-to-me Canon camera gear, a lens or two (depending on price), and maybe some Alien Bees lights. Probably soup up my PC a bit more too. Either that, or just buy a MacBook Pro instead. At least that way I'd be able to edit photos and audio worth a damn haha.. :D I just REALLY need some extra money to be able to enable me to start doing what I love doing more, and a day-job less. :) - Lou
I'll use it to obtain my CISSP cert. There has to be a better way to reduce/eliminate these zombie bot-nets that are used for very bad activities! - Craig Macfarlane
Hello Robert, I would use to money to keep developing and expanding affordable wildlife photo workshops to some of the most amazing destinations in the US. You can see my last Yellowstone Winter Photo Workshop info here: This workshop was very successful and managed to fit in both natural history of one of the most amazing places on earth with some spectacular photography (and video). I am in the processing of editing some of the content that will then be made available. Thanks. - Juan Pons
I would use the cash to buy some of the new netbooks with touchscreen to get some seniors online: grand parents deserve to enjoy the real-time web goodness too! - Mathieu Ayel
So with Scoble's latest post this thread is now closed. LAST! - sofarsoShawn
50D + Decent Lens, and a six-pack. - Than R
Donate it to charity - Allwin Agnel
I would use the prize money to stimulate the economy by purchasing a new MacBook Pro! :) - Matt O'Keefe
you are hardly last :P I'd use the money to put more down on a down payment for my first home :D - Jonathan
I'd help fund my husband's work on his first graphic novel and send his butt to Comic Con to pitch it to publishers :) The most empowering thing is to help other people reach their goals, and I like that this contest is all about that, so I'd pass that gift along. - Tiffany Monhollon
NIKON D90 for my wife... PS3 for me... the rest toward the house... - Jason Womick
Here's my entry. Thanks for the contest, Robert! - Paul Maez
hey Robert, great competition! I'd use the money to fund my startup creating mobile apps that offer powerful messaging possibilities, including gmail-style threaded messages for all kinds of networks. - Dirk
I'll use the money to pay for my certification in Cisco's Unified Computing System - Andrew Mitry
Good luck with the new direction, Scoble. - Mike Smith
I'd use the money to further my tech addiction. Too many gadgets, too little money...that's where you come in! - Paul Maez
I'd take my daughters to see their grandparents in Florida, upgrade to a (used) Intel Macbook, sign up for PHP training, and renew my NPR membership, Cheers, and thanks! - Jim Akin
I'm not going to even pretend that I would use it for charitable causes. A new MacBookPro and a 30 inch display. I'd then use it to start my development projects. - bjmac
Hey there, Robert. I'd use the money to finance my teeny-tiny iPhone game development company (basically a programmer and myself doing art and everything else). Cheers! - karchesky
I'd use the money to start my "LIFE IMPROVED" fund: personal use, philanthropy, and anywhere in between. The only stipulation is that it improves someone's quality of life. - Tamikka
Hey there Robert! I would use the money to either pay for my coming semester of college so I could actually finish....or I would upgrade some tech in my life (for example, acquire an HD video camera and various other tech for studio and/or podcast recording) - Gerardo R. Monreal Jr.
Oh netbook, finally getting a smartphone, and renewing hosting on new blogs... Anything left after that will be split between my son's saving account (investing in the future) and probably the Dog's Trust charity. - Badger Gravling
How would I use the money? I need to purchase one of the new 24" iMacs to further my Design & Photography careers. - Herne
I will use the money to invest in myself and my future career. By that I mean make my side business of portrait photography into something more real and tangible rather than just a haphazard event. - Ryan
I would most likely spend the winnings on gifts for my daughters, a little something for my wife and (of course) a tech toy for myself. There's nothing more enjoyable than spending "found money". Cheers! - Kevin
Interesting idea, thanks! - Loïc Dumont
I will donate half to the local computers for kids program that helps underprivileged kids with access to to computers, education and the internet. It is a great program where soon I will be teaching parents about social networking so they can communicate with there kids in the same language. The other half, I'm helping pay for my wedding. - Chris Rippe
I would use the money for my ceramics art studio. Part of the money would go to setting up a live 24/7 multi-camera stream where people can watch and learn. - Greg Ashbaugh
You rule! - Happy
top o' the mornin' to ya - (from boston>austin!) - clewellyn
We're having our third child in July, so I'd use the money to re-do our upstairs. The office will be a casualty. - Tim Trentham
Robert, I just returned from a Alexandria Rotary ( Board meeting. I am hoping to go on a trip to Tanzania to work on a school called Peace House ( Funding is the hold up for me as part will come from the Rotarian and part from our club. If I win, I am definitely going as the amount that I will likely be responsible for is $1,500-1,700. - Craig Mische
We are hosting an event to celebrate the International Creativity and Innovation Day (April 21 which is Da Vinci's b-day). It is the first event within a telco culture. I'd use the money to buy some creative tech prizes for the day like CS4, an entry level Wacom product, a mind mapping subscription, SXSW 10 pass, etc. - Krystal
I would use the money to put a dent in the mountain of cc debt I have from a couple of failed ideas that I've poured money into. - Joel
($1,750) - Open a phonebook, randomly pick a name, follow that person 7 degrees out. Each degree of separation tell that persons story through audio interviews, video, writing, and online media. We need to remember life is interconnected and everyone has a story. - Tim Shisler
Hi Robert. I'd use the money to help fund construction of a computer that will reveal the Ultimate Question to Life, the Universe and Everything. It's a small start, but then everything's small in the light of 10 million years... - Andreas Strothmann
Everything old is new again---make it green on St Paddy's Day! - Carolyn Baehr
I would probably buy the most expensive meal I ever had.(6000 Chicken Fajitas) - JC Lima
Thanks for spreading the wealth out Robert! As for me, should I win the money, I would first take my wife out to dinner (priorities!), and put what's left toward software to help me in my fledgling freelancing work. - Sam Hetrick
Hmm... A shot at $1,000 just for commenting? - HackingNeflix
First Comment: Awesome idea, great way to draw attention to a great conversation - Jason DeBoer-Moran
Second Comment: I would use part of the money to get my SxSW travel fund off the ground for next year. The other part I would put towards paying off my travel to ETech this year. - Jason DeBoer-Moran
Well, I fell in love this year and I'm saving money for an engagement ring. So I'll be using it for that! - Ben Pettit
My wife and daughter live in Ohio, and I took a career job in Virginia. It being difficult to sell a house in Ohio, I would put any and all moneys toward that goal. - Shawn Lockard
Sounds good to me - Austin Garrod
if i win the prize, I will spend my money to build a new and free web 2.0 web project (i will anounce it here) - Abdullah Özgün
and with the money, i would probably invest in getting a new computer for me and the family, the one i'm using now is 7 years old and i could barely start it up to write this - Austin Garrod
Lost my job last year after 3 yrs and checked my 401K yesterday and had a whole $77 in the account. Will use the cash for the mortgage and training. Thank you! - David L. Crooks
I'll be using the money to fly to the bay area to see if it's worth it to quit my job and follow my dream. - Mike
I would use the $$ to kick my fledgling start-up into gear. Even without your money would love to talk to you about it. - Philip
Marketing at its finest! Excellent idea Robert. - Simply Boulder
Roll the cash, baby! - Wisdom Works
I'd give every cent to my mom, who is struggling with her mortgage, so she wouldn't get behind. - Andrew Green
Free internet access for a year! - ReeltimeDVD
Hey, you are always creative... - Ömer Faruk Kurt
Really not sure what I'd use it for. Probably bills, but most likely I'd see something shiny, realize I have $$$ in my wallet and just spend it :) - Hal Thompson
I'll use the money to fund my random venture over the summer. - Hung
I'll use the money to buy a DSLR and attempt to learn how to be a photographer - Ryan
I have no idea what I would do with the money, but it would likely end up in a project for my kids school.... - Samuel DeVore
I will take 750$ and use it for my project and I will give 1000$ part back to you for another contest. Maybe I can win it again... :) - Ömer Faruk Kurt
Student loans, here I come :) - Sigoya
Pay for my trip to Japan, as well as entry into a Ironman race! - Chris Lewis
Does FF pay you to get them users? - Thomas Amberg
If I could be chosen to receive the $1750, I'd give it all to to support women entrepreneurs who need technology to build their businesses. the condition is that you join me for drinks/dinner at Presidio Social Club. - Lydia Sugarman
I would use it towards the downpayment for a new house J - Eber Irigoyen
I will use the $1000 to create a quick prototype of a friendfeed like social network (of course better, but can't tell you the secret yet) and put aside $750 to hosting at mosso for the next 7.5 months. - Jeffrey Yan
yes please - Christopher Bell
No whammies! No whammies. STOP! - Michael Pearson
I'd use the money to make my commute much greener - either for a good bike or an electric scooter. Additionally, I would purchase through a nearby vendor so the buy is also helpful for our local economy. - Paul Marino
Hurrah for free money. If i won the money i would take my wife to paris disney as were both disney nuts and are feeling very broke and in need of a holiday. Anything i had left woudl go towards my macbook fund - Jamie Vidamour
My wife is going back to school to become a physical therapist and I'm trying to update my resume/portfolio in case I need to look for a new job in web marketing, and we need new computers to replace the 6 y.o. desktop and 3y.o. laptop that gets daily BSoDs. - Benjamin Lipsman
Half goes to Heifer International and half goes towards paying down personal loans. :) - Rylan
with that money we would hire 4 programmers for 1 month in eastern europe to develop a product that would change the world of e-commerce ;) - Alensa
I would use the money to pay one of my brother's bills. The tech sector in MN is not in good shape. - Matthew McCowan
I wouldn't mind the money, I would put it in my pool of cash that I'm growing for a startup. Thanks for giving the chance! - Tim Broder
I'll use half the money to help me and my family pay some bills and get a small breather from the recession. I'll donate the other half to the jQuery project to help foster more development of their projects like jQuery UI and to help with their infrastructure costs. - Ralph Whitbeck
I would like to pay some pending bills, also I would like to share the money with a cultural association here in Costa Rica - Víctor
I would use the money to makeup for market losses on March 16th - srinivasufeed
I would use the money to hire a designer to design a good looking website for a Jewellery store site that I'm working for my wife. She's currently using blogspot along with google checkout( and has being asking for a website for ages. - Praveen
I will fund my childrens picture book startup ( and have 1. one of my cool illustrators create a super cool illustration of you or 2. have one of my writers include you as a character in one of my picture books. 2 cool offers - personalized just for YOU!! Imagine that !! You pick 1 or 2. (picking both would probably cost me as much as the prize money ;)) - Maya
With either of the prizes I would put a tiny bit away, and use the rest to buy some film equipment/time to finish my series about artists in the DC area called "The Form Appears". I'm guessing I should write something here about give the money to a non-profit doing amazing work for the planet, but honestly, it would just be used for my own artistic needs. - Emmett
I'd create the Scoble Blogger Scholarship. I'm just getting established as a pro blogger. I would use the money to invest in my business to take me to the next step. I would pledge to double the money this time next year and make it available to another blogger in a similar position, with the proviso that they would also continue to pay it forward. - Mike Cliffe Jones
probably would use it to knock of a bit of a 30k hospital bill. Or decorate my 5 yo daughters room. Nah .. definitely the room, if we can get the house lol - vanweerd
I'd get my 15 seconds of internet fame, and laugh at my fortune. I would not forget the little people. - Viajero
If I win, I'm going to donate the money to SproutPoint, a local non-profit org that helps business people refine their business plans, and seeds them with investment capital. The only way out of this recession is if we rebuild the economy with hard-working entrepreneurs. - Rob Stevens
I'd use it for a new MacBook, which of course I would use to spend lots of time following @scobleizer on twitter, friendfeed, and anything else - Chris Brakebill
though I should note I'm not as obsessive and creepers of a follower as that made me sound. just love the good content @scobleizer puts out - Chris Brakebill
Thomas: I am not paid by, nor compensated by friendfeed in any way. I push friendfeed because it's the best service out there. Period. - Robert Scoble
This must be the all time record for comments! Great idea. - Victor Ryden 美久太阿
i'm in for the $1k. i haven't read all the comments, but my two cents says give one of the other amounts to margaret! - Scott Sorheim
would use the $$ for much-needed computer upgrade - b Anthony
In case you're not following me yet on FF, find me here. - Scott Mace
Robert, agree with FF being the best service out there. Thanks for promoting it and thus getting more people involved and more great content shared and commented on. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
I will pick today's winner with live on at 4 p.m. Austin Time (2 p.m. Central). - Robert Scoble
A new fire hoop I would buy. - Donovan Watts
I would probably use the money on a family vacation (or at least an upgrade to a family vacation). - Andrew Gorohoff
Great contest. I'm in. - Patrick Jordan
Wondering if this has broken a record for most comments on FF. /random comment - Rachel Walden
Friend feed should have a back to "topic", if the comments are huge like for this thread. :) - Swaroop
Will the winner need to contact you right away? Because I won't be able to watch at that time or anything. - Chris Charabaruk
@Rachel It hasn't. There's at least one thread with more comments. - Chris Lasher
If you choose me, I ask that Rackspace donate's the money directly to OLPC. Enable everyone! - David Lynch
Chris: no. I'll post the winners on friendfeed and have them email me. - Robert Scoble
If it's not too late, I'd love the extra funds; both sons need dental work and the employer's dental coverage is pretty slim. - Jill O'Neill
If I win, I would use the money to go see my son and granddaughter. - Sandra
Wow, Robert, this thread is incredible! I would use the money to pay for some improvements to my home and to pursue a nonprofit idea I'm trying to grow. - asiriusgeek
Count me in! Well ,I'll order Kindle 2 and plan a vacation to Europe! - Krishnamoorthy
If I win second prize, I will send money back to you! :) - Vlad Rafeev
With $1750, I'd repair the windshield on our 2000 Impala and then pay off the remaining debt on our "overdraft protection" credit card. - Daniel J. Pritchett
This is great! I've been working on helping very small businesses (pizza shops, dry cleaners, bowling alleys, etc) use SM tools to promote with very little overhead. A lot of shops have gone out of business recently because they didn't know how to promote outside of the Yellow Pages. If I were to win, I'd use the money to help these businesses with some basic costs like reprinting a menu to mention their facebook fan page, some hosting for a blog or a webcam. I don't charge for my services. - Dave Ferrick
Robert, the $1000 would be nice, but having you visit my site to see a demonstration would be even better. - Kenneth Stein
My wife and I are a statistic, but we break the trend. We were "friends with benefits" in college and she got pregnant. I married her. Not because she was pregnant but because I realized that's what I wanted all along. This June we will have been married 9 years and we have 4 amazing sons between us. For our anniversary this June I want to re-propose to her and tell her I want to renew our vows for our 10th anniversary the following year. I love her so much and it's time she has some proper wedding photos! - George Clingerman
How I would use the money: I would have Robert donate the money to a charity, to be decided later. Or perhaps to low income student athletes in California who may have to 'pay to play' this year due to budget cuts. - Rodfather
Hmm. I haven't got a sob story that would make anyone sob on my behalf. And yet I would like to take your money, Robert, so very badly. If I were to win, I would be tempted to use the money for a good cause but ultimately, after putting away money for taxes, I would end up spending the remainder on fripperies and possibly airfare someplace that is not here. I would have a very good time (but nothing illegal!) and might even send you a post card. Or in your case, a tweet. I could do both, I suppose. - Carolyn Jewel
Hello Robert. If i win i'll use the money to hire a coder to create part of the platform for - Idea77
I'll donate the money to Our Lady of Perpetual Help (OLPH) food pantry in St. Louis, which has also become a facility that provides medical / vision care and training (in addition to feeding several thousand people each week) in the most hard-pressed neighborhoods in the metro area. We'll then use the money to improve the OLPH infrastructure (basic stuff - network switches, nics, etc.) that supports that medical / vision care, as well as the training. The labor is donated by local tech entrepreneurs. - Bob Lozano
With $1750 from @scobleizer, I'd pay for a little freelance graphic work to get the redesign of rolling. - Ryan Sholin
Many people are saying they will donate to charity and this kind of stuff, but I will be honest. I will use about 150 to buy a new printer - I really need it for college, it is a pain to ask my neighbor to print stuff all the time. 450 will go to 6 months of my grandma's medicine fund, so I don't have to worry about it. The rest I will probably save to buy a Palm Pre when it comes out or something cool and amazing. - Kiko Cherman
I would use the $$ to make a dent in the pile of debt that is looming over my head and making my life hell!! Not a very exciting use of the money... but getting out of this debt would make a BIG difference in my life!! - Meredith
With $1750 I'd finally get a laptop that wasn't owned by an employer. - Richard Byrne
To my new FriendFeed friend - always remember: "a friend in need is a friend in deed" but a "friend with money is the friend we need" - Huw Pendry
There's only one thing that's been on my mind that the money could go towards: An Open Source Command Center which will be named "0pie: Reb0rn". The current 0pie isn't doing so well, with a 40lb monitor that flickers in a way that really seizes you, and RAM that was considered top of the line when Megabytes were the highest feasible unit of measure. However! 0pie: Reb0rn will surpass... more... - David Wynn from fftogo
I'd buy something nice, like a vacation, for my mom. - John Piekos
I have a feeling this just made me an accesory to a crime. - Steve C, Team Marina
Nice! I would add the money to what I'm saving to buy a garage for my house. - Orville Chomer
I would GIVE the money to my former admin who's husband is hospitalized awaiting a heart transplant. - Bob Stewart
Hi Robert. Not one person above me said PLEASE I would like 2 win because........ can I remind everyone that manners cost nothing so may I be the first to say please count me in to your generous offer and Thanks - garth
I would give my fiance the money so she could register for real estate training. - Ryan
I would use the money to help buy monitors and computer to have a good setup to kickstart my graphic design freelancing career. I'm very poor and won't be able to afford it for YEARS. - courto
A thousand bucks is plenty. How would I use it? First I'm going to get myself a Flip Mino HD that I read about on your blog. I'm running the Mexico City Marathon in August and that Flip looks the perfect way to record my effort! I'll even get it in custom colours to match the Marathon blog I'm doing! That takes care of $200. Another $300 will get me the Canon SX1 instead of the SX10 I'm about to buy. The rest will go to the charity I'm raising cash for by running the marathon. - Gary
I'm from Costa Rica, I'm Sculpture from UCR, in case you think on me, I'll use that money to help me and my friends to get tools and work materials, maybe you can get some of our sculptures in spirit of fairness! :) - Mauricio
Hope everyone here for the money sticks around for the people! I would love to win the money - I would buy my first Mac ever, the new Mini looks amazing! Pick up a Kindle and some books and pay for our family vacation before the new baby arrives! I will also renew the domain and actually write on my secret identity's parody site. DM Tygerdave on Twitter if you need to know the site before you decide :) Thanks for doing this and pluging friendfeed at the same time! - David Knight
I would use the money to buy a new lens or two for my Canon - Marcus McCurdy
It's very generous of you to do this giveaway Robert! I'd use it to help keep my wife's new law practice wiith some additional marketing. She just got set up in her little office but is still working on building the business. She does Immigration law. Her Twitter handle is @mainstlawyer. - Jesse P. Luna
i am in! i would use the other money to promote a new online project that i am working on that deals with the graphic design. thanks. - Ethan Bodnar
Hi, i'm Jose Daniel from Costa Rica, i work in web programming. I hope win the money to start a little personal projects. By the way, in this moment i have not job so would be nice the prize :) - Jose Daniel
I would use the money to start a company in my spare time - John Munro
I'd use it to help pay for my wife's medical school expenses - loans topping $250k... - Dave
If I win the $1750 I will buy me a Nikon D300. - Philipp Mertens
Want to create great conversation? Start giving stuff away! I would use the money to finally finish my iPhone development project by hiring some graphic designers to customize graphics for the program and then release it via a Scoble announcement! - Matthew Strickland
If I win the money I would use it to continue my studies in Reiki healing and teaching, so I could assist in healing people in these tough times. - Louise
Robert, if I win, I'll give half to the Charity Smackdown cause I'm supporting, Stand Up To Cancer (see: ). The rest will help 'stimulate my local economy' - food from the green market, some purchases at local stores, probably pay the plumber to fix something that's been on the list for a while. - Howard Greenstein
Hey Robert- Thanks for the offer and I gladly accept the possibility of winning! Normally I am a giver and have been all my life, but this time, due to my financial situation, I have to be a receiver. So I would share the money with myself. But that will help along the road to be able to give back again. It's all good! Thanks to you for being a giver! - Candace Davenport
Congratulations. You made me log into FriendFeed this week. - maczter
Sweet. Free money! I'll take me some. - Jason Packham
With $1750 I'd use it to travel to California and try to get my startup in Y Combinator. Even if I don't, $1750 would be enough to fund my business in Mexico for 3 months! - Mariano
I'd use the money to jumpstart my new pseudo teleportation company. Details on the concept can be found here: - Rick Popko
You could just be my destiny! - Alejandra Luthmer
Robert, I'll use the $ to take a trip to SF to meet YOU! if you take me up on it I'll pay you for a few minutes of your advice :) - Francois
Robert, thanks for sharing... I'll take the money and give it to the hard working developers (2) of our Startup They deserve a bonus and due to the economic times and our need to be frugal we haven't given anyone extra $. These guys deserve a little extra for all their hard work behind the scene - David - David Clarke
If I win the money I will (1) give some to family members in need, (2) purchase a computer for myself (using a very, very old one), (3) save some for the future and (4) fund some acting career necessities, i.e. classes, etc. Thank you for this opportunity!!! - Cynthia Fellowes
You are very generous to be doing this. Ignore the haters!!! - Cynthia Fellowes
I'd buy an iphone to start doing dev work for cross platform (bb, symbian, etc) apps. - Ben Vear
If i would win id buy as many good engineering books as i can find ( The art of electronics, the art of computer programming, blodgett), Buy some propper tools like a good soldering iron, power supply, occiloscope and a microcontroller programmer, get loads of components and start learning to make cool electronics stuff. - Pim de Groot
i'd donate it to my dad's after school/summer program for inner city kids in toledo, kids unlimited. - john
I'll buy the website on sale on sitepoint and then donate the adsense earnings to my Kiva account - Dave Nixon
If I won, I would use it to be able to get some of the gear that I've been looking at and try to learn how to develop on it. I've been trying to piece together the parts to be able to build a smaller linux computer to do what the droboshare does (the drobo's not as interesting if you're technically minded). As a student, that gear's hard to come by. - robbie nakamura
I would give up $1 greasy McChicken sandwiches and bump up to $2.50 Subway sandwiches--this might help me make better decisions--you know, more veggies for better brain power. :) - exoticat
When will it be Announced? - TheHenry
Congrats & Thanks for getting me started with FF !!! - sathya
Love it. I'd like to buy the world a coke> - Ben
Good Stuff! I do like the XML API - definitely a universal interface. - Terza
I'll pay a UI person to work on my pet project, i suck at it. - mehdi
If I win, I'll stimulate the economy by hiring someone to fix my roof. - Roy Jacobsen
I'm ready. I could use it to pay for ridiculous prescription costs. - Jen (SquirrelGirl)
For $1750, a Kindle 2, some e-books to go with it, and maybe a nice Canon lens. :) - J Wang
If I won the money I would buy a HP MediaSmart home server. My wife and I just got married, and suddenly we have gigs and gigs of photos and videos that we want to keep forever. The idea of automatic, incremental backups gets me all aflutter. I love technology that makes life easier :) - Tony Fendall
I'd give $750 to my Fav charity, Mobile Loaves and Fishes, @MLFNOW, and Split the $1000 between my two children to start a college fund. - Karen
I could come up with no good reason - except that I probably would get myself the Wii and one more console and probably a NAS server - the rest (f anything remains) can go to some charity. Oh and get a drobo too if I can:) - Brijesh
I would use it to upgrade my teenage son's Mac and camera equipment for his stop-motion Lego movie. - MaDBooM
I would celebrate the crash of the GBP against the USD as I convert it over to spend in Harrods - Emma Dunstone
I will get myself a new laptop that doesn't take 10 minutes to start up, and by the way I'm a teacher that taught four sections of a "Thinking and Writing: A Blog of One's Own" at a state college, using (among other readings) your Corporate Weblog Manifesto and Scobleizer--I want to equip myself to further use social media for fun and education. - Tracy Mendham
I will spend the money on my wife and mother of our young kids. A day of pampering at a spa, new clothes, nice meal, etc. - Clif Mims
Robert, I would use the money to but my 17 YO daughter her first car....or at least a down payment on one.. Nothing fancy, just something to get around in. - Nick
I would use the money to buy a decent server and some memory upgrades for the Linux Lab we are setting up at a local community center. It's all donated hardware and will be used for computer literacy in the underprivileged North Charleston community. - Dan T
A handful of Nikon SB-900's - chris tirpak
I believe in randomness :D, so if I get your money I will buy a "random" airplane ticket to a "random" country and blog about it - dimi3limb
Buy a used Canon 5D and a decent lens - Alain Breillatt
Hello! I'll take that money and buy half a laptop. - Anthony
I'd invest it in my startup - MixedInk! - Vanessa Scanfeld
I would tithe to Kiva and use the rest for my startup (change the world, baby!) - Toby Hede
What do we get for pointing out that you didn't follow your own rules? Made fun on of twitter? ! - Jesse Crockett
Attention addict. Nice one. - Tom Beardshaw
Is that your diagnosis, Dr. Beardshaw? - Jesse Crockett
$1,750 would be great to put toward training for leadership training: I'm launching a business to train rookies on using social media and more advanced users how to tie it all together. This training on leadership is to equip me to better serve them. - Courtney Engle
i have a great idea for a twitter reader, but dont have the money or coding skills to build it, btw congrats on the new job scoble, cant wait to see the new site/content - patrick
Looking forward to more Scobleizer blog posts soon. Are you going to be able to keep up your blog with the new Rackspace gig? - Jack Nork
I can only wish you get more paid gigs :) I would use the money ( along with my small nest egg) to start a direct to doorstep solution/service company. - Mohan Ramkumar
Random wins! I'll jumpstart my freelance biz... - Derek Markham
I just want the $1000, and I'll finally buy a DSLR I've been craving for a while now. - Mike Estes
If I win I'll spend the money exclusively on a device that allows me to liveblog (videos, photos, etc) from my trip to Tahiti this year. This is my lifetime dream vacation, which is already booked, and I want to have a device that allows me to upload instantly (so, no computer in between, no transfer of memory cards and then upload, just straight upload!) anything and anytime I want to :) Of course, it must be able to allow me to follow up comments from people who check it :) - Vitor Spencer
Robert, I'll use it to contact as many local/national government as i can. :) Building an app that allows citizens to help each other fill out those god-awfull form's, by implementing a Forum style plug-in on the webpages of local and national government bodies. I'd use it to take time off from the dayjob and convince as many municipalities and agencies of my plan! - Tom
Robert, I'd give the $$ to a friend of mine in California who is down on his luck, got laid off from the school system, lost his house, and has kids to support. He has finally decided that the only recession-proof job in California is to become a wildfire firefighter, but is in desparate need of some bridge cash until he gets his certification in June. His family is living in a friend's... more... - Marc Monplaisir
wtf! I'm upset at the possibility of someone getting scammed here. - Suvarshi Bhadra
Well how can you resist an offer like that. I will use the money to help my sister who is struggling to pay for her last semesters in college so she can get her degree. - Andromeda Edison
mmm..... donuts! - Adam Lasnik
I would go with Jess Lee's cause, UNICEF - Pico Seno
Joining! - yannick
i'm in - stanescu adrian
btb, where's the original cisco data center post? - priyanhere
CIAO Robert! I'm ready to win :D - lyonora
is it too late? here i am, however! :) - Alessandro
kadir my friend the game is over :) I mean the contest is closed, someone else get the prise, may be an other time, good luck. - abdellah
I'd probably buy a nightstand for my wife, since she wont let me buy a laptop unless there is a stand to keep it on. - mka
I'd use the money to send my older daughter (8yo) to The Country School Farm summer camp. - Shad Aumann
Thanx for this hope u gave us first of all. I use the money for a laptop or macbook because my computer is killin me. But to be honest im not really expecting to win anything.Im tired of hoping and losing even this kind of comment & win style events always..Anyway thanx a lot again.. - Bilal
hacı bizim para vardı ne oldu o ? bu kadar yorumu okutma bana. kazandıysam el salla. - ahmet
12 saat oldu. ne mektup geliyor ne haber senden, söyle de bileyim bıktın mı benden :) - ahmet
I'd use the money to set up a comfortable home workspace. - Ian Yang
Wow, Robert, I'm ready to win. For $1000, this will be enough to start my personal iPhone App Dev studio; For $1750, this will be enough to start both iPhone App Dev and Android Dev studio :-) - Yingfeng Zhang
spend the money create another friendfeed. - xia
new friendfeed?twitter? oh,I will send some special gifts to you from China,Robert,if I win the $1750 .haha ,I am not kidding. I really like the friendfeed. - 老巫
for!!! - hugh
Never mind the money – you frieinds just feed me more religion! - kelvin
嘿嘿,from china - loading...
Random. $ to Haitian Clinic. 4 chances 2 win. - Douglas Hopkins
I just sent out the checks. Thanks everyone! - Robert Scoble
I won!!!!!! - Micheal
I'd get a new macbook and a mac mini for myself, buy a little something special for the girlfriend, and save the rest for my summer in NOLA and grad school - Chris Brakebill
Good luck everyone. Spread the love and the money :) - Nir Ben Yona
You're nuts... anyway I'd use the money to buy a new porch... or perhaps go to Velocity (not sure my boss won't think 3 days if San Jose is too much like a holiday - I know get a new boss) - Andy Davies
So, with Roberts money I'd pay down a debt & buy a domain/hosting for a web app I'm building to try and earn some more $. Thnx Robert. - Mr K from Nambu
My one comment - money would be used for a mouth make-over. - Randal
I'm in, as for the reason should I not win the random drawing, pc parts and save the rest for the new iphone. - Michael Breslin
Robert, perhaps putting that notice in the first comment or the original message itself might be even better. - Chris Charabaruk
If I had my druthers, I would get my wife a new set of hooters. But, since my wife thinks most of my ideas are juvenile and self serving, I'll end up saving the money or something responsible. - Demian Vonder Kuhlen from Nambu
How would I use the money...hmmm well my wife wants to take the kids to Texas to see her sister or there are about a million home improvement projects that I have at home and at my parents - Brian Allen
I would use the money to buy my mom a basic laptop. I would hand-deliver the laptop and give her some basic lessons on connecting to free wireless (probably at her public library). Naturally, my internet instruction would include such basics as "beware strangers on the internet -- and some are stranger than most" and "even your dog is a celebrity on the internet" and "blackmailing neighborhood teens via facebook and myspace". - JoJo
I need money, I used to be a stick-up kid / So I think of all the devious things I did / I used to roll up--"this is a hold up; ain’t nothing funny / Stop smiling, and still! don’t nothing move but the money"... - Uche Ogbuji
I will happily take your money. Most will go to a good cause. Okay, all of it will. Me :-) ---> - Robert Kenney
I would like to win the money in order to use it to cover the remaining $1,250 I will owe Drexel University after scholarships and federal loans, Fall '09. - Andrew Leahey
Tuition. 'Nuff said. - Kevin Mohr
Brilliant! I love watching the social experiment evolve... I'm a pro photographer dreaming up my next career as a content producer. I would use my winnings as a piece of the cost to purchase a Red camera. - Michael Angelo Truncale
ололо! =) - penguin
give it to a little girl going to school who need it. - Can Turanlı
I"ll use the money to buy two airline tickets from NY to SC so that both of my granddaughters could come to stay with me for the summer. If anythings left over, I really could use an external hard drive. - Leigha Baer
epic thread - nm
I'm in, winnings will go towards a new Mac Pro. - timepilot
What would i do with $1,750? Pretty simple. I will establish a limited in Hong Kong and a branch office in Taipei. This would give me a visa and work-permit for Hong Kong and Taiwan and the blogosphere the chance to get always the hottest hands on and news from the Netbook and mobile computing hot spots in Asia. So yeah, i would use the money to establish a company in Hong Kong and i would even send you copies of all the documents and let you know about the success of it.;) - Sascha Pallenberg
i would buy a Mac, so i could be cool, too ;) since the contest is over, i'm afraid i have to stay uncool :( Or buy an HP.... :) - Marco Schmidt
I'll donate $1,750 to Austin Free-Net, which teaches Austinites with limited means how to use the Internet to improve their lives (find jobs, get healthcare information, stay in touch with family ...) - John Sirman
What a good idea for a survey. :) - Technical Support
I will start my phone system support website to deliver cost effective dialing and installation for small to medium business that needs a break from their local phone company. - Technical Support
This is a poll :) - CantorJF
.With the prize i think i can donate more then half for charity to People of Abruzzo that are victims of Earthquake in italy, then pay hosting of website for another year and buy a 2nd-hand reflex... I'm Sincere, and sincerly i know it's near to impossible to win, but for sure will be the best thread ever :) - CantorJF
Did you make a bet with Michael Arrington for $4,500 that you would get 1000+ replies on Friendfeed to prove him that people do use this? i would pay of debt - the best investment. - CJPhoto
We are three 20 somethings who have been working on a web start-up here in Seattle for the last 18 months. We've taken a salary at less than $2,000 per month for this whole time to make this work, we are that passionate that the idea will impact the Food Industry. Building a B2B platform for the food industry that is one part business, one part networking, two parts sourcing with the potential to integrate the social web with Food Manufacturers. The money would tie us over to round 1 of funding. - Matthew Wall
Hi Robert. Great contest. i would give the money to our local animal shelter. I went in there a few weeks ago and saw their desperate need for cat litter and dog supplies - Mike
I would use the money to start building a photography business. - Evan Travers
Happily commenting for $1k and use the other money to go Zorbing in New Zealand with my Flip Mino recording the man-girl scream coming out of my face. - Dutch Driver
I'd buy a FriendFeed Pro account - Pat Hawks
Some much needed financial assistance for our wedding in 2 months would be great! :) - Shmoe
The winners were announced here: - Robert Scoble
a Comment ;-) - Allen Harkleroad
I would pay for my daughters summer and fall college tuition with the winnings. - Allen Harkleroad
I'm amused that people are still commenting on this, saying what they'd do with the money, when the contest is long over. - Rochelle
maybe he has more money still! - Iphigenie
Should I win the money would be donated to the Janesville, WI food pantry which has been hit hard with the GM plant closings. Too many children and adults (and their pets) going to sleep hungry. - Dave Martin
I would use the money to follow in your footsteps and purchase a camera for how-to and web related videos. - Damond Nollan
Yay, I like free money! Give some to me. - tabbr
Wow, as I leave my comment, there are 1,510+ comments ahead of me. I would get a digicam so as to be able to interview peeps around town and upload to the Special Sections portals. Create community, let voices REALLY be heard. - Denise
SORRY TO BURST YOUR BUBBLE EVERYONE, but it's over. Robert already announced the winners A MONTH AGO. - Chris Charabaruk
To Tweet or not to. I will use the winnings to purchase a Netbook so I can finally have a mobile computer for class. My Dell died 2weeks outside warranty. I'll also use it pay down my Charter Bill. - Arawak
If I win the Money I am going to buy a 60 inch pioneer plasma. - John Wood
The money will most definitely be used to pay bills. And buy food. I'd also probably but a secondary monitor for Friendfeed. Real-time is real neat. - Matthew
So, where is the money? - Özkan Altuner
I am in! I will use this money to invest in a small social media project that I am doing! - Frank Da Silva
Mr. Mack: This is a good target. "1513 more comments" and 400 likes. - Steve and 4 other people
allright.i know i'll win this: ) - umut
Pick me Robert, pick me! I promise to give it all to *and* match it with my own money. - Joseph
Why me? I promise to give it all to (or Charity:Water or Gates Foundation) *and* match it with equal amount of my own money. - Joseph
Rebuild my circa 1999 website, get logo redesigned, build it out and link to anywhere my investor wishes. Build in more social media tools, perhaps Y!OS and G's Friend Connect. - Mike Valentine
There's no way to win anything with this huge number of people , but thanks mr .Robert Scoble for this quiz . - ahmed nabil
I was wondering that, too...who won? - Thebluestbutterfly from email
This was over a long time ago. I gotta dig the winners out again, sorry. - Robert Scoble
Would love to spend your money on my credit cards and my wife!!! - Brady
if I win, I would buy Ads on - Alex Sauceda
Okay, I'm commenting. :D - amygeek
IT'S OVER PEOPLE. March 14, yo. - Josh Haley
i think the confusion about this post lies in the inability for FriendFeed to appropriately show a date and time stamp on each comment. I just figured it out that you have to scroll the mouse of the comment bubble to see the date and time stamp of the comment... they should make it more visible. - Jason Pollock
If I won, I'd give the money to because it's obscene that in the US, public schools don't have money for pencils & paper. & my employer would match the donation. & I'd get a nice little tax writeoff for myself. :D - amygeek
You are a developer's dream beta tester ! Way to push a system to its limits ! - Benoit Cazenave
This giveaway is over. Has been over. Ugh. - Mattie Kenny
This makes a Thursday that much better. I would use the money to fly myself and the family back home to throw my son his first birthday party. =) - Robert de Castro
That's certainly a cynical strategy for getting comments... but I love cynicism! How will I spend it? Sending my GF and I back to DisneyWorld! - Ciaoenrico
buy a new cleaner/envirmnt friendly car - Harscoat
No impressive story on how I would use the money... buy one netbook and put the rest against my credit cards. It's tough times! - Jan Ole Peek
I'd use the money to fund my son's mission - - Bill
Money is great! - Fred Hsu
I would use it to pay Obama's tax increases. No spend it to stimulate the economy. No pay new taxes on health insurance. Naw, buy a Mac or I-phone. I-phone, friend feed hard to use on the Dare. 10% to charity though. -
Put in my children's college fund. -
Is this the record for the most comments ever? I'll use the money to replace the lens that was stolen by a United employee at ORD on the way from SFO. I will invest the remainder in stocks; if I show profit, I'll hold a similar contest to give away the profit. - Hiro Asari
I'd use some of the money to get my 4 year old into music class. Its not super expensive but beyond my reach right now. Neither myself or his mother are musically inclined at all. But he is. - Capn' One Eye - adrift
============= with the money, Il register a lot of domains, and not only .com ! I'l start new websites, new web app services. I want at least one of them to be that BIG one. I have an idea. Just not that money. :] ......... If money enough, Il commission userscripts, to facilitate internet browsing in general ! ....... I'm open to share in the results. ================ - pb:
If you still reading it means you did not like any of the 1575+ comments here. This is a very good reason to pick me. Second comment about what I am going to do with this money; probably will go to a holiday, order a champagne and remember you. - Jacque
I have to comment again now. - Mattb4rd
is this still running? - Zee.
probably buy a lense for my D90 to take some pictures of the baby that is due in june. - Zach Scott
OK, I won't. - John Craft
Sure. - Larry David
up - eksi21
hacı biri özet geçsin - eksi21
dedim bu ne ameka.. - hailsematary
you wrote nobady NOT COMMENT :) - Davit Channa
Is it over? - CarlC
It's over when *I* say it's over. - Akiva
(It's over.) - Akiva
Posthumous bump - Iain Baker
Mauro Magnani
Internet Society (ISOC) -
"The Internet Society is an independent international nonprofit organisation founded in 1992 to provide leadership in Internet related standards, education, and policy around the world. Read more..." - Mauro Magnani from Bookmarklet
Microsoft releasing Internet Explorer 8 gold today, CIOs ecstatic -
It's better than nothing, or IE6. - Roberto Bonini
Marco Montemagno
Robert Scoble
I just saw something mind blowing that I am under embargo for until March. Of course, they started out "we're not showing this to TechCrunch."
I know others that have sent stuff like that out before. - Jesse Stay
Why bother showing people something that is under embargo for 3 months? Why not let you write some sort of teaser article. - Rob Diana
*crosses fingers for portable iPhone keyboard* - Johnny
Jesse: yup, but in this case I believe it. This company has been working on this technology for two years in stealth and it's the second time the founder has met with me. It's amazing just how fast the TechCrunch post reverberated through the industry, though. Everyone is talking about it and thinking about it. That means Arrington wins. Again. - Robert Scoble
Rob, to have some feedback and tests. I've just done this with Robert today - directeur
Nice get Robert! Is it a consumer or enterprise product? Can u tell us at least that? - Randy Ksar from twhirl
Johnny, it'll be hard to type that way! - Kristin of Two Everything
Rob: yup, feedback. I saw PeopleBrowsr three times before I was able to write about it and there are quite a few changes that happened in there. Let me just say that the Real Time Web is going to explode next year. In mind-blowing ways. - Robert Scoble
Randy: both. :-) - Robert Scoble
I hear Mike has experence waterboarding sorces, he'll make you talk! - paul mooney
Paul: I'll probably give Mike the exclusive. :-) - Robert Scoble
I'm hoping for a robust wireless entertainment box for online video as well as divx/xvid stuff - Josh Haley
I feel like this embargo thing is a big company problem. There's no practical reason for a small company to require media to hold off on publishing something. It's a bit like election formats--I favour first past the post in news releases. - Darren Barefoot
Josh: hmmm, there's something else I've seen under embargo that's similar to that. - Robert Scoble
I just saw something too that I can't speak about for a long time :-) - kamla bhatt
Darren: in this case the company doesn't want to get defocused while they finish off their product. If I told you about this product I guarantee that they'd have 100,000 signups the first evening. It would be on the top of TechMeme tomorrow and Digg and Reddit. It's that good. But they can't deal with 100,000 people yet, so are holding off until the stuff is done, but they do want some feedback. - Robert Scoble
Big companies use exclusives so they can get big name journalists to write about their products without leaking. Apple gave only four iPhones out to journalists, for instance, all of whom worked at big news papers or magazines. It's a relationship tool for the big companies. They use it to ensure that the big name journalists will write about them. - Robert Scoble
"How many shots of vodka does it take to get Scoble naked?" and Talking? - Majento
I wonder if they really hamstrung themselves or not. - Alex Wilhelm
Majento: if you got me drunk and I told you about what I saw, you wouldn't believe me. You have to see this one working. It's like if I told you about the World Wide Telescope "oh, big whoop, a Google Map version of the sky." - Robert Scoble
They've cloned Steve Jobs? - Gilbert Marlowe
I hear you Robert, it sounds promising, i have patience & will be tuning in... - Majento
So they've invented the mythical "have your cake and eat is too" device? Or is the Staples Easy Button finally real? - Dean Clark
Dean: something like that, yes. :-) - Robert Scoble
Re: PeopleBrowsr there's much more to come - I can't say what either. - Jesse Stay
I can confirm the comments on PeopleBrowsr as well. Feedly another great example of an early briefing while the product improved. - Louis Gray
We're not worthy of your early knowledge - Bwana ☠
Ouch. -
I understand both sides of this. Man, have you ever worked with clients? Nevertheless, this is a new age and if you want to use the new media, you haz to deal with the unmanageable mess that makes it vibrant and evolving. - Phil Boiarski
Robert: Glad to hear of a new product that you get so excited about...neat! Now you've got us all curious and excited with you! But we have to wait till March! dang that's sooo far away and yet this year was a blink, so I guess it's not really all that bad. I remember how when you announced PeopleBrowsr we saw the "Scoble affect" in only a few minutes! Smart to scale the app to handle the load!! - Susan Beebe
Sounds interesting, I'm going for a cold shower! - Joe Dawson
Companies use embargoes these days because they feel they need to control the message precisely, 3 month embargoes are much rarer in software than hardware. But in either case the companies are deluding themselves, not just because many journalists wouldn't recognise good faith if it was stuffed up one nostril but because companies (like governments) leak themselves. My experience at Joost seems to cover both eventualities. - Simon Lucy
Thinking seriously of totally dropping the (TechCrunch) feed. These posts by Arrington may work but they're annoying. There's always TechMeMe and Google Blog Search.... - Charlie Anzman
Robert.... Ok it's March NOW... what is the BIG news?! :) out with it! - Susan Beebe
Time to spill it! :P - MarkCarras
March 8th: not quite yet, don't have permission. - Robert Scoble
Hmmm. Interested to see if this links up. When's the embargo up, Robert? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
If it's as mind blowing as ClikBall, I'll hold my breath. Sorry, no offense :) - Eric Florenzano
WorldofHiglet: not sure yet, will ask. This is one of those things that was an estimate and might slip. I've been using it every day, though. There's a ton of other cool stuff coming this week. Been doing a ton of videos. - Robert Scoble
Eric: its better than ClikBall. I still like ClikBall but it needs to free itself from the browser. - Robert Scoble
Thanks. I have a sealed envelope with what I think it is written on it :) Oh, and did I tell you how awesome you were today, Robert? No? Well then, you are awesome, as I hope you understood from the comment I left on your blog (what's it called again?!). I'm even more interested in what *you* are going to be doing in the future than this announcement. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Robert: Cool, well now I'm a bit excited despite my best efforts not to be. - Eric Florenzano
To tell you the truth I had to think back at what I had seen in December. I've seen so many cool things since then. :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert, if you use it every day as you mentioned you have to know what it is :-p - Amit Morson
Amit: yeah, that's why I knew what it was. But I had to think back to when I first saw it. - Robert Scoble
The problem is that now it's overhyped in my head. I shouldn't do this kind of stuff. - Robert Scoble
is this it? "Wolfram Alpha Computes Answers To Factual Questions. This Is Going To Be Big." - RicardoSilva
RicardoSilva: nope, that's something mind blowing that I didn't see coming in March. :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert: Got tricked by the bumped thread.... You know, you get used to this real time web thing and then someone picks a conversation from way back in December? Its like picking up a conversation from the stone age. :-)) - RicardoSilva
Tell me about it! - Robert Scoble
I am guessing you saw myphone - Ritesh
Sasha Kovaliov
Writespace - a fullscreen editing environment for Word. -
Writespace - a fullscreen editing environment for Word.
Writespace is a fullscreen writing environment, developed with WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) as a ClickOnce installed add-in for Word 2007 . Unfortunately Codeplex cannot host ClickOnce applications, so to install the add-in you will have to download and run the installer locally until I've found a site to host it. Writespace is inspired by Dark Room ( for Windows and Write Room ( for OS X. One advantage of Writespace is the built in spellcheck support (English, French, Spanish and German). - Sasha Kovaliov from Bookmarklet
thx Sasha: love this app! - Nilesh
Only for 2007 word? - TrafficBug
Robert Scoble
If you want more followers on Twitter and friendfeed here's what to do:
1. Stop begging for followers. It turns off all the interesting people. - Robert Scoble
2. RT smart people's stuff but add onto it with a good comment. - Robert Scoble
3. If you have something smart to say, say it to someone directly like "Hey @techcrunch you should check out the new Palm Pre." - Robert Scoble
I now await the inevitable flood of "RTs" of this message ;-) - Warren
4. Send wine or other bribes to people who make lots of noise. - Robert Scoble
Sounds like someone's running low on wine :) - Eric Florenzano
5. If you are friends with a real celebrity bring them around at blogger/twitter parties. Make sure you get them to follow you and remember your name. All good twitterers have iPhones or other phones that they can tweet from. - Robert Scoble
6. Put your twitter and friendfeed addresses on your business cards. - Robert Scoble
7. Talk shit about Eric Florenzano. :-) - Robert Scoble
Ok, well that's *someone's* blog done for tomorrow, then! :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
8. Follow people back if they add value. 1938media has added 1,000 new followers since he started following everyone back. - Robert Scoble
What kind of wine goes with bribe? Did you ask GaryVee while in Vegas? - Dave Cadoff
9. Talk shit about that Scoble dude. Yeah, me. Sometimes it gets a link and a follow. Especially if you teach me something while you are calling me an idiot. - Robert Scoble
LOL *hands Robert a bottle of wine* Please add the "don't pout or make a twitter fuss when you notice someone drops you. Insecurity isn't a attraction" - Sprite
10. Be interesting. Craig Newmark got hundreds of follows in first evening (I was the first to follow him) after I tweeted about him. Why? Because he was interesting already. - Robert Scoble
Remember it's not about the followers - it's about the relationships. Your purpose of having many followers should be so you can build relationships with as many of them as possible. - Jesse Stay
11. Do something sensational like tatoo your twitter address onto your face. - Robert Scoble
BTW, (real-life) relationships then bring more followers - Jesse Stay
Wine? Bribe? Anything will get noticed. Better yet, put a custom label on it and include your Twitter address on it. - Robert Scoble
Liked for the 'talk shit about Scoble'. Also, Scoble, do you accept Mead? - Will Higgins™
12. Hang out with Jesse Stay. Better yet, bring him to Twitter's headquarters for an interview (that's what I did and it worked). - Robert Scoble
I've tried to do everything on this list, but the tattoo isn't going to work. I've already branded my twitter address onto several steers. - Mike Nayyar
13. Stalk Guy Kawasaki until he calls the cops on you or follows you. - Robert Scoble
14. Get naked. Take pictures. Include your Twitter address. - Robert Scoble
er - we've seen most of your body, Robert, so where's *your* tatoo? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
15. Tweet from a burning plane. - Robert Scoble
16. Tweet from jail. - Robert Scoble
17. Tweet your marriage proposal. - Robert Scoble
Robert, so you're saying I got you more followers? - Jesse Stay
18. Tweet you are dying. - Robert Scoble
19. Be a member of congress, or better yet, Barack Obama. - Robert Scoble
This would loose me followers. Trust me on this. It would also get me a few lawsuits I think. :D - MarkCarras
this is going to go on for like...days...isn't it :P - Erin @queenofspain
#18 is reasonable, as long as you don't actually die. Lowers your productivity. - Ken Brady
Jesse: hanging out with you made me far cooler than I was previously. - Robert Scoble
Write a FriendFeed post about how to get others to follow you - Jesse Stay
If I'm gonna get naked, I've got to have some sort of revenue coming in. At least enough to buy a netbook with. - MiniMage
20. Get your picture on the Twitter blog. (Actually that didn't work that well because they didn't include my Twitter address). Heheh. - Robert Scoble
be yourself and those that fit with you will follow? or at least seem a certain way for that audience? - David
21. Tweet while having sex. Or getting drunk. Or, better yet, doing both. - Robert Scoble
Robert, no, I must say I became much cooler hanging out with you - Jesse Stay
Will: Mead? Absolutely! - Robert Scoble
Jesse: that's what you think. Ask your real friends and they will probably tell you otherwise. :-) - Robert Scoble
22. get on Leo Laporte's show and have him order his listeners to follow you. He did this last Sunday to my son and you should have seen the followers roll in. That dude has POWER!!! - Robert Scoble
Robert, I asked them and they said you're the man - Jesse Stay
23. Get @garyvee to take you wine tasting. Tweet it. - Robert Scoble
24. Write a book about Twitter. - Robert Scoble
naked pictures drunk sex and dying. got it. Oh, also, be Barack Obama. ANything else? - Erin @queenofspain
25. Get Chris Brogan to say you are smart. - Robert Scoble
Be hot and make sure your avatar shows it - Chris Saad
WTF how pathetic do u have to be tohave this desire to be followed.Ppl follow u cuz they find u interesting & if not they will dump u period.Being a Personal Ball washer is just lame to get to have sure to hold ur ground. - Baba
26. Get into an argument with @techcrunch. - Robert Scoble
I've mentioned my Twitter account on The Tech Guy but I think my last name throws people. :D - MarkCarras
27. Question @loic's Frenchness. - Robert Scoble
Go to breakfast with @techcrunch and he tweets about it randomly - Chris Saad
"Have Scoble say you are interesting." Just worked for a few people I am going to "try follow". - Dean Clark
Erin, welcome to Twitter ;-) - Jesse Stay
28. Be like Baba and call everyone who worries about being followed an idiot. Or 28B. Agree with Baba. Personally, he's right! - Robert Scoble
Tell any blogger they're wrong - Jesse Stay
29. Claim you are above this stupid game. - Robert Scoble
Quit Twitter, come back after 2 months - Jesse Stay
All bloggers are wrong at least every few posts. Especially me! :D - MarkCarras
30. Follow more interesting people. That's why I've said for a year now it's most important who you follow, not who is following you. What I really was trying to say there is if you want better followers you've got to follow better people. - Robert Scoble
lol Jesse. Twitter? What's that? I thought I was learning how to sell a shamwow - Erin @queenofspain
What kind of wine are we talking here? - Chris Poirier
Mark, you bet, but we are all type-A personalities. We hate to be told we're wrong and will defend it to our dying day. :) - Jesse Stay
31: Give away something. Hold a contest. - Robert Scoble
Launch a great Twitter service and stick your twitter name in the footer - Chris Saad
32. Invite Louis Gray over for dinner. Make sure he brings his twins. Take pictures. 1000 extra points if you bring shirts for the twins with your Twitter address on them. - Robert Scoble
be in a warzone and don't die - Simon T Small
33. Do something outrageous for followers. - Robert Scoble
Start a thread going on and on about it on FriendFeed :) - Chris Saad
imagine what'd happen if you had sex with Obama on a burning plane heading for a warzone, whilst drunk, and piloting the plane? - Simon T Small
@Simon ROFL too funny - Chris Saad
34. Chris Saad is right. Speaking of Chris, if you party with him in Amsterdam you'll get more followers. Oh, and if you are the guy who wrote you'll get more followers. - Robert Scoble
Not 'Chris Saad' robert - @ChrisSaad :D - Chris Saad
Get in with the Mommy Bloggers and #GNO Tweeps - Jesse Stay
35. Get your Twitter address on CNN. UPDATE: Hey, Chris Saad here you have to put heheh. - Robert Scoble
Good call Jesse, I was going to say piss off the mommybloggers , but getting in with them works - Erin @queenofspain
I've had 2 new FriendFeed followers just from this thread. - Jesse Stay
Follow Garry Vee (don't ask me to spell his full name out at this time of night, please?) what kind of wine goes with Twittering. *lol* Well, Gary Vee is THE wine expert on Twitter. :P - Molly Song ;)
be Robert Scoble - Simon T Small
36. Jesse Stay found a new one: comment on lots of friendfeed threads! - Robert Scoble
@simontsmall post your Twitter feed here - Simon T Small
Erin, it is my goal to be King of the Mommy bloggers - Jesse Stay
Follow just 1 online multi-level marketer and you'll has a ton start following you - Paul Povolni
I buy dinner for anyone who comes to my area and contacts me through Twitter...and is following me. :D - MarkCarras
I find that not following people back increases the rate at which I gain followers - Simon T Small
Simon: being Robert Scoble is pretty hard. You've gotta keep coming up with new ways to find followers. It's easier to call him an asshole on twitter. Even better, call him, TechCrunch, 1938media, JasonCalacanis, Guy Kawasaki, and a few other people assholes. - Robert Scoble
37. Jeremiah Owyang found this one: stop Twittering. - Robert Scoble
I'm amazed I don't get called an asshole more often. I think this should be my New Years Resolution. :D - MarkCarras
38. Follow someone, then when they don't follow you back, call them out on it and say they are lame. - Robert Scoble
Robert: haha! I'll try it now :) - Simon T Small
39. Come up with a new Twitter game. Get it retweeted by Chris Brogan. - Robert Scoble
Make a real funny stream on Friendfeed, but better yet put it on your blog so SEO really gathers people to it and put your Friendfeed/Twitter handles right in the post - Ian D. Nock
40. Pay Magpie to spam everyone with your Twitter address. - Robert Scoble
41. Go to Gnomedex. - Robert Scoble
Oh don't tell people to talk shit about you. It's kinda sad to see people talking crap about you, then when you're some place they are, they turn all fanboy. - Anika
Robert: wait, not change in plans, I don't hate those people, damn it! - Simon T Small
No one gets to be King of the mommybloggers until I deem it so dammit - Erin @queenofspain
42. Hang out with @newmediajim at the Inauguration. - Robert Scoble
I figured it out before Jeremiah: - Jesse Stay
43. Hang out with Hillary Clinton in Davos (my dream). - Robert Scoble
Erin, but I thought you were the Queen of Spain - Jesse Stay
44. Come up with a new set of rules for Twitter behavior. - Robert Scoble
Oh boy, Mr. Scoble. I hope you are not Tweeting while getting drunk and having sex... Poor Mommy and son... Some things need to stay sacred. Do you really want the world at large to know what you are doing at all times? Quit goofing and send us more tech info we enjoy. Great videos from CES by the way. I even got my partner to come and watch some of them. Thanks for the good stuff! - Colleen
45. Get more followers on Facebook then get them all to join you on Twitter. - Robert Scoble
46. Be @god. Even better. Be @god and hand out beta invites to something cool coming soon. - Robert Scoble
Colleen: I didn't say I use all these ideas. But I've seen them work on other people. :-) - Robert Scoble
Don't forget the with @mchammer part - Jesse Stay
Give a talk at a geek event and make sure you give out your Twitter name for feedback - Chris Saad
47. Twitter the birth of your new baby (high risk, if you aren't there mentally during contractions you might see your iPhone thrown across the room). - Robert Scoble
Pay @MrTweet to recommend you to everyone - Chris Saad
48. Tweet exclusive Apple news before anyone else does. - Robert Scoble
49. Be the first to retweet a big earthquake tweet. - Robert Scoble
Got any more? - Robert Scoble
Throw popularity out the window and somehow measure influence (stay tuned) :) - Chris Saad
Make a list of ways to get more followers. - Scott Kingery
change your name to your @twitter handle - Simon T Small
Chris: hah, even better, have so many followers already that you break MrTweet. :-) - Robert Scoble
50. Post cleavage pictures of yourself with your Twitter name plastered on the picture CLASSY! - Mona Nomura
Ustream the birth of your new baby (even higher risk, but at least you have proof): - Jesse Stay
51. Follow everyone then unfollow as soon as you get a follow - follow that? - Mona Nomura
Chris: Influence is gold, like it, am tuned - Simon T Small
This post alone lets me see the value of FriendFeed over Twitter for conversations. Glad the list above isn't documentation of your personal twitter conquest, but a record of some of the looneyness of Twitter follower greediness - Paul Povolni
52. Move to SF and go to every. single. Tweet-up! YAY HOW FUN! - Mona Nomura
Be Warren Buffett or similar. - Moushumi Kabir
Scott: I don't know that this list helped me that much. But, how about a list of things that will get rid of followers? I bet that one would work better. - Robert Scoble
53. Set text alerts for Brightkite and follow all the huge Tweeter's comings and goings - show up and SUBTLY introduce yourself so you'll be name dropped. Keyword = SUBTLY - Mona Nomura
54. Go to every single conference and shamelessly pass out your Twitter in lieu of email! - Mona Nomura
Streak at the Supebowl with your twitter name on your front and back(side) - Simon T Small
Be a default on FriendFeed - Jesse Stay
Nice to see this list here instead of scattered across oblivion---I mean Twitter... - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
use to find people that like what you like, @reply them and RT their stuff. :) - Simon T Small
Jesse: that only used to work. There are no defaults on friendfeed anymore. In fact, if you don't have any friends it won't recommend anyone to you. - Robert Scoble
Name drop as much as you can and do whatever it takes to get written up on ValleyWag (wow, I've learned a lot in six months!) - Mona Nomura
Get Robert Scoble to tweet that he can't believe what's going on at your birthday party even though it was a tame house party with friends - Chris Saad
Tell people to NOT follow you. I mean it. Don't. - Andrew Smith
Get your name on Alltop - Jesse Stay
another posting sponsored by Palm *yawn* - Dieter Schwarz from Nambu
Post a bajillion pictures of your kids, pets, and more kids. - Mona Nomura
Make sure you participate in every. single. Robert post and name drop him as much as possible. ;) - Mona Nomura
Mona, great one - Kids, Dogs, and Kittenz - Bacon, too - Jesse Stay
@Dieter if a post was sponsored by anyone scoble would let u know - trust me - Chris Saad
Go to every. single. event and take + post as many. pictures. as you can w/ the "famous" people and PING.FM THOSE PICTURES! - Mona Nomura
Here's a novel idea - Have something interesting to say and focus on producing value instead of your follower count :) - Chris Saad
Mona, Facebook and Flickr tag them as well - Jesse Stay
Always respond to people with an "@" ie: @scobelizer WOW this thread RULES - since you never know what Google's indexing! - Mona Nomura
Dieter: Huh? If anything this post would be sponsored by Seagate. You can follow them at (Seagate sponsors my video show, not my friendfeed account). - Robert Scoble
Mona: 'post famous pictures' Love it. Works a charm on facebook. - Simon T Small
i have a new one: use Browser bugs to greet your blogvisitors with their twittername @andreasklinger - Andreas Klinger
Chris: having something interesting to say? No, that couldn't work, could it? I'd rather talk about my followers. :-) - Robert Scoble
Retweet this thread (no, that's not a request, it's an idea) - Jesse Stay
Robert: U do both so its all good :) - Chris Saad
Chris Saad: yer talkin crazy with that last one. Focus on content? Insanity. - Scott Kingery
55: Dieter reminded me of one more: talk about products that already have Twitter accounts. When I talked about HR Block they followed me. So did Ford. So did Zappos. - Robert Scoble
Get a tshirt made with your twitter name on it... - Luke Harvey-Palmer
Find a unique thing that you can help another Twitter user on - the bigger the user, the better. Fix their problem. - Jesse Stay
So did @HeavyAsHell Oh wait, that's my site. :D - MarkCarras
Luke: T-shirts are so common. How about shoes? Jeans? Underwear? Don Box used to have his company logo on underwear. Called them "Boxer shorts." I still remember those, even though I've forgotten all the lame Tshirts I've ever gotten. - Robert Scoble
Only a slut is going to be able to advertise well with branded underwear - MiniMage
Compete for the most followers on Twitter - didn't Leo and Calacanis do that at one time? (or am I getting the contenders wrong?) - Jesse Stay
MiniMage: not true. Don Box is no slut. He now runs a team at Microsoft. - Robert Scoble
Spam FF with your useful knowledge - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Be an early adopter - be one of the first, get in early, and build a follow base early - Jesse Stay
Another one? Take pictures of Twitter users and follow them. They almost always follow back. - Robert Scoble
I aint never heard of Don Box, and that means I didn't see that underwear! ;). No, seriously, I concede, but I had to make a retort. - MiniMage
This thread is my bucket list. - Eric Florenzano
I think a good way to make more friends is to live an interesting life. Life is a journey. You meet people just around every corner. Twitter happens to be one of them. - Helge V. Keitel
Build up and help out a non-A list, but up-and-coming A or B list Twitter user or blogger. They will be more appreciative (it's those people that like the shirts and swag). - Jesse Stay
Tweet something like this: "I'm looking for funny people to follow, do you know any?" - Robert Scoble
Never sleep - Jesse Stay
#ces09 hash #mwsf09 tags #cwc09 use #sxsw09 them #snl as #jackiepetersspawn much · #gaza as #hiphop possible #burritos every #dubstep other #microblogging word = KEY (relevance matters not) - Mona Nomura
Get @gapingvoid to use your twitter address in one of his cartoons (he designed my business cards and you would be amazed how well that works). - Robert Scoble
@Mona use a hot suggestive silhouette as your avatar - that alwasy helps too - Chris Saad
Mona you are *so* followed - Jesse Stay
Take Louis Gray to a Vodka bar. You might not get any followers, but you will have a good time and he doesn't drink so you'll have a safe drive home, too! - Robert Scoble
Create a custom T-shirt with "I Love Your Stream" (mine) on front(or your own words) and your Twitter name on back. I did it with @crypticfragment at Still waiting for it. I didn't put twitter name on back though, should have, but not trying to gain HUGE followers, just the ones that would like to hear about furniture,interior design and eco home stuff! I put: twitter:FTW, on the back. - Leslie Carothers
Robert, not to mention get on the front of Valleywag - Jesse Stay
I keep hiding this but it doesn't stay hidden. :( - Mona Nomura
Jesse: I find that I get a lot of followers by keeping the A list on the A list. Who wants to deal with those assholes if they fall onto the B list? - Robert Scoble
I'm with @garyvee & how he encourages us to *execute the best YOU* - don't try to be anyone else but the *best* you... your passionate self. Peeps who resonate with you will follow. And for sure add value, retweet good resources, build peeps up, thank those who comment on your blog & RT you. - Mari Smith
58. Post to a list to get people to follow you. such as the one explaining how to get people to follow you... - Sheraz Mahmood
ROFL Robert! - Jesse Stay
share links to awesome blog posts - Simon T Small
Sheraz Mahmood I just tried that, thought i'd do something, but 10 minutes later and nothing *cries* - Simon T Small
59. Be the center of the universe...the rest will follow - Sheraz Mahmood
Unnecessarily talk about iPhones. - Mona Nomura
Start browser wars. - Mona Nomura
Re-Tweet all of Tech Crunch's posts. - Mona Nomura
Start Steve Jobs rumors - Mona Nomura
Name drop Hollywood celebrities even if you don't know them. - Mona Nomura
By the way, I'm following everyone who has participated on this so far. Why? Because only geeks would be online on a Saturday night and I want to follow all the geeks. So, everyone here has at least one follower on friendfeed. - Robert Scoble
write a dramatic post about a family from Romania with a child with down syndrome and ask people to donate money. - Simon T Small
Robert: You'll need to unfollow me, its 6pm Sunday here in Aussieland, so I'm not a commited geek sorry - Simon T Small
Robert: Gotta do something while Windows 7 downloads :) - Scott Kingery
Haha!! So busted - very good point re your last comment, Robert. Thank goodness for fab understanding spouses is all I say. hehe - Mari Smith
60. Get on FriendFeed and Twitter super early and become de facto popular. And yes, #32 is a must. - Louis Gray
Another tip: Don't live in Australia nearly NOBODY here is on Twitter - Simon T Small
Compliment the crap out of "A-listers" and always laugh at all of their jokes. Make sure to add at least seven exclamation points. ie:"LOL!!!!!!!!!!" to stand out from the crowd. - Mona Nomura
Note: above only works if you participate in every. single. one of their posts on both Twitter and FriendFeed! - Mona Nomura
Mona: absolutely! :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert: 5:30 pm in Tokyo. I'm pretty much just getting going for the day. :-) - Ken Brady
Say something that makes a 200 + comment thread ;) - videopixil
When you send bribes, make sure to research. ie: LG doesn't drink but Robert likes wine. Subtly ask for preferences so they'll get something they actually _like_ <--KEY. - Mona Nomura
Use Tweetdeck and apply filters to see subjects you are expert in. You'll notice lots of people look for advice in certain fields so you can reply and show your expertise. I notice those people you help are happy and more likely to follow you even if you don't follow them. - Luca Filigheddu from fftogo
Have a sense of humor! - Mona Nomura
@videopixil Of course, that applies to most things Scoble says. - Ken Brady
@tkpleslie says," Ask people like @scobleizer sincere question about whether Nokia's new phone works for people, like me, that wear hearing aids when's he's in Japan in middle of your night at the actual Nokia conference where phone is being intro'd for first time. He did respond,nicely,but did not follow so I guess it doesn't work too well. - Leslie Carothers
Send Mona lego art wrapped in bacon. Oh wait, that'll get you friendfeed follows. - Yuvi
better yet. take Robert AND Louis to a Vodka bar - Erin @queenofspain
OMG iPhones are SO 2008. Becoming a Palm, Pre, and Nova fanbois = FUTURE - Mona Nomura
@Mona Humor is key. What better length at which to be witty? Any longer than this and most of us become dull. - Ken Brady
Robert, I kinda bagged you, with a positive spin, it got me on openzap 'today's best' - Simon T Small
This was before I really understood as @marismith says, that true value in twitter for me is having followers and following those people with intersecting paths because, like in real life, that's how interesting real conversations have a chance to develop into fuller, deeper, more lasting relationships. - Leslie Carothers
Robert, It's Sunday Morning in Loviisa, Finland ;) - Helge V. Keitel
Leslie: I did follow you here on friendfeed. I still haven't been able to find out if it works well for hearing impaired. I'm sure it does, though. The speaker phone on that device is pretty darn good. - Robert Scoble
Speak in SAT verbiage at all times to make yourselves sound smarter. - Mona Nomura
Never admit: ay kin knot reed end rite... :( - Mona Nomura
This is a great list Robert, I love making new friends. All those awful things people are saying about you must be wrong - aren't they? -] - Chris Loft
Post YouTube clips of classical music to make yourself seem more cultured. - Mona Nomura
Share everythign popular on digg because if it's on digg, it MUST be cool. - Mona Nomura
stop following people who post about following and follow people who don't try... - Ryan
mention yourself on Scobles friendfeed (@mattrendo) - Matt Rendo
Keep up with memes since everyone wants to hear what's been repeated on the web a trillion times without contributing a new opinion. ie: CES looks cool. - Mona Nomura
All great points. I've always hated requests for follows. I'm only attempting something like it for charity. In that instance, those who do the same should be very clear about WHY they want followers in the first place. Otherwise it looks like you're just in it for yourself. - B.J. Mendelson
@mattrendo, already been said up there! But you FAIL since you forgot the hashtag: #scoblizerrulesOMGWTFBACON. - Mona Nomura
Chris Loft: everything said about me is absolutely true! :-) - Robert Scoble
So it's true that you have huge... giant... socks? - Chris Saad
Thanks for the follow here on FriendFeed, Robert. I know this is where you interact. But,because home base for me is Twitter, I never saw your follow here until I went to comment on this thread! It's too much for me to constantly go back and forth and also keep up with work, life,friends and family.How do you guys do it? Thanks, tho, Robert,for letting me know. I learn from you ALL the time. - Leslie Carothers
I really am not obsessed with more followers. Sure I appreciated them as much as the next person. It is not a popularity contest for my use case. Hence, I will never be a "Top 100" person on Twitter. ;) - Rodney Rumford
If it's on the Internet, it is ALWAYS true, Robert. ;) - Mona Nomura
Try to explain yourself out of being a geek when you really are - Jesse Stay
I am indeed a failure, all the more reason to follow me... and that BACON Mona N. mentioned - Matt Rendo
Get Robert Scoble to Foreward/Afterword your book for you - Jesse Stay
@Jesse I'm incapable of explaining myself out of being a geek. Better to embrace it. - Ken Brady
61: Add on to a Robert Scoble numbered list with an incrementally interesting item. - Steve Garfield
Bacon IS the future, Matt! - Mona Nomura
Is this the biggest thread ever on FriendFeed? - Eric Florenzano
Get Rodney Rumford to Foreward/Afterword your book for you - Jesse Stay
This is an EPIC thread. Thank you Robert and THANK YOU INTERNET! - Mona Nomura
62: Follow Steve Garfield in a Scoble numbered list - Jesse Stay
I wonder how long it will take Friendfeed to add comment ratings like Digg? - Simon T Small
Hey Mr. Scoble! You make it sound like a bad thing to be online on a Saturday night. -Mr. Geek ;-P - Eddie Soto
Refrain from hijacking someone's thread by digressing with bacon - Focus, Matt. FOCUS! - Mona Nomura
Hilarious thread BTW!! - Eddie Soto
Content is king!!!!!!! (Mona see, 7) - Amit Morson
See... Me=failure A sense of humor seems to attract followers too. - Matt Rendo
Memorize this entire thread by EOD Monday and recite it back to Robert - on video! - Mona Nomura
Re-Tweet all 264 lines Googleplex times - or until the FailWhale / FailRobot appears. - Mona Nomura
Talk about how much you love Twitter and Facebook. - dont' forget the hashtags: pound facebook pound twitter. - Mona Nomura
Jesse. OK. Now I am smiling man... lol. By the way thanks for writing the afterword for my twitter book: Twitter as a Business Tool. - Rodney Rumford
Deem yourself a Social Network Expert and write a bajillion blog posts on "How to Use Twitter for Business" - Mona Nomura
Oops. Sorry Rodney. Bad timing... :) - Mona Nomura
Be consistently random - wait, no, then they will unfollow you :( - Matt Rendo
Always use emoticons as disclaimers! - Mona Nomura
What is this thread about?. I forgot by the time I read to the end of it. - Jim Bednarz
Bash on mattrendo - Matt Rendo
Always use *this* emoticon: :-) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Have foot in mouth moments. Oh, wait... - Mona Nomura
63: Profit!! - Aaron Baer
Be a spam artist - Matt Rendo
Follow everyone posting here - Sheraz Mahmood
back up your success with nothing more than 140 characters - Sheraz Mahmood
I've noticed that people who start a controversy, especially with a high profile person, get an immediate boost in followers. You'd think it would backfire but it seems to have the opposite effect. Maybe it's the trainwreck factor? People curious what on earth will be said next? - Liz
Apparently posting on Scoble's Friendfeed works... 6 followers in the last few minutes. - Matt Rendo
Woah. 278+ comments. Impressive! This is definitely one that will stick on FFholic for a while. - Phil Glockner
You forgot to add being Karl Rove to the list: - Roberto Bonini
Wondering is anybody will read all these comments. I do believe if twitter doesn't get it together, that a large group will flock out to another destination. ala: Poof! - Dave
Hey @scobleizer, your post would have been more appropriate on a blog. - Klaus Alexander Seistrup
Post photos of cute puppies on FriendFeed. - Amit Morson
To get followers, jump into a Tweetchat "room", get into the convo, follow folks then tell them in the chat room that you are following. For the "Happy09" chat, there were tons of people in there. Better yet, start your own chat/chat meme! - Jesse P. Luna
@ reply like crazy to let the person know you followed them ie: @Scobleizer HI I FOLLOWED YOU FOLLOW ME BACK repeat until FailWhale/FailRobot shows up. - Mona Nomura
Well, that's starting to work . . . anyone else getting lots of new friends? . . . and I didn't have to insult anybody. I think I might have to post one of my classical video clips for Mona - Chris Loft
Leslie, the N series work v well with the hearing impaired, but the iPhone works even better from my experience FTW! - Sally Church
One thing that annoys me: people who discuss their follower numbers on twitter. Its just not interesting! I just subscribed to someone and unsubscribed the next day as 4 tweets were about passing 10000 - I'm very glad for you but it is just noise in my feed. Now I understand the feeling - I was amazed the day 100 people followed me (it is all relative :) ) - but it is not necessary to tweet about it. - Iphigenie
I was going to send you some Swiss wine Robert, but I was told it doesn't travel well, so drank it myself. Just so you know, it was good :-) - Paul Shadwell
I'm paling up with several here, in spite of what Mr. Scoble says about Saturday night geeks. -Mr. Geek ;-P - Eddie Soto
Participate in a Robert Scoble's friendfeed conversation on Saturday night, have him follow you, post the screenshot of him following you - Bertrand Doux
On the subject of more followers, arrrrrgh! *runs screaming from room.... * - Sally Church
Tweet about Windows 7(or something equally as interesting), which I'll be doing a lot of in the coming days, It's installing as I type this! - Kevin Lloyd
Tweet, but don't tweet too much because people apparently don't want to hear from you (or is it just me! ;)) THAT much! :) - Christopher Kusek
I'm using Windows 7 right now! I've posted tweets and videos of it on YouTube - check it out! - Will Higgins™
Paul, what's that about swiss wine not travelling so well? It travels beautifully (but you need to get the good ones). It is so hard to find outside Switzerland because the swiss tend to drink all of it. - Iphigenie
Liz, I thought that was really funny cos it's Sunday evening here. I'm not some z-list geek sitting here wasting my time on a Saturday night. -[ - Chris Loft
point 4 above is shameless self-plug :) but entertaining :))) - A. T.
64. Comment on a Robert Scoble list at 2:21 AM in bed becausse you could not sleep - Tyler (Chacha)
65. Plan to write a blog post on thisentry in the morning - Tyler (Chacha)
66. Fail at placing a space between in this and entry on a scoble list ( iPod recognizes Scoble as a word and auto completed it) - Tyler (Chacha)
You guys are awesome by the way. - Tyler (Chacha)
Tattoo your twitter/friendfeed address on other people. - Kevin Leroux
lmao!!! great one Robert - Kaysha
get stuck on a bus in death valley in the middle of the night with robert scoble. - Christine Lu
Follow an obscure norwegian and get incoherent conversations about whales, blåbærsyltetøy, and the semantic web;) (which may make people curious.. or unfollow you actually..) - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
Get up at 6 am on Sundays if living in Europe because otherwise you miss Robert Scoble's craziest moments and most interesting threads = people *damn* I should have never slept in! - Gaby K. Slezák
A real one: Upload a sexy picture on your profile or your twitter bg !! - İbrahim Uzun [ j ]
Claim that Scoble and Techcrunch are simply manufactured entities by a mysterious corporate power using Coke vs. Pepsi tactics to polarize the masses in an effort to conquer the world. - Bob Starr
RT @scobleizer Robert this is good advice, except I don't see any reference to bodacious tat-tas. ;) - John Craft
RT @scobleizer Robert wow, your post generated so many comments, is this the most number of comments from a single tweet in Twitter history? Can anyone confirm? - Alvin
Sorry not Twitter, this is from FriendFeed :) - Alvin
67. write about stuff you are enthusiastic about and that's only covered by a handful of people yet (like virtual worlds, metaverse) and shamelessly reveal that you are enthusiastic about that in one of the most commented on @scobleizer threads ;-) - Gaby K. Slezák
stop reading half way but say it was awesome anyway - Stephen Breen
You forgot about having a whole lot of time on your hands! - John D Reasor
yet still looking busy kthxbai - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
Stop caring who follows you! - Elias Bizannes
I can't scroll to the bottom ;-) This list is hilarious! Robert, I'm glad you have been taking notes this whole time! - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
Do NOT use the phrase "social media" in your Twitter bio. - Frank Scavo
"16. Tweet from jail" ahahahahahahaha :) - disconnesso
I knew I should have tweeted from the back of that police van on the stroke of new year's eve, watching the fireworks. And walking away. Walking. With a big grin on my face. We'z not dus photoz. Doh. - Chris Loft
Write an "unofficial biography of Robert Scoble" and have it published? ;) - Tyson Key
Post a picture of you with someone famous... - geekazine
“Scoble's law of unfollows: for everyone who you get on Twitter that says they will unfollow you will get 87 new followers.” - Tapio Kulmala
Talk about the versatility of bacon - BACON - crisp, tasty BACON - BEX
Just noticed this is a very dude-heavy thread (not all but mainly) and that I mainly subscribe to guys on FriendFeed. But on Twitter I have about 60/40 men/women Following mix, I think. It was the comments about ta-tas and sexy profile photos that made me realize the difference. - Liz
nope its nun of the above; .they are just hacking into your FF account;If you really want more followers on Twitter and friendfeed this is what you do, its...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.they got me. - tomartomartini
Set up a low-wage tweet farmer in China. - Richard Sprague
Use Jennifer Aniston's cleavage as your avatar. - Jim Mitchem
omg I go to bed and you people KEEP GOING. unreal. - Erin @queenofspain
Yep .. I think this has reached the most active discussion .. ever (It past Dave Winer's post which is most discussed in past 30 days) - Tyler (Chacha)
Come on people! We need to reach 500 comments! - Tyler (Chacha)
Tweet unto you as you would like to be tweeted. - iamkhayyam
69. start a list and slowly move out of it as other members of the community move in to pick it up (there is no 68) - you are now running things without even being there. - Valeria Maltoni
Be a more interesting what Robert? :p oh and maybe follow the fastest top ten commenters here. - mrsha
I don't remember any friendfeed item getting more than 300 comments. I think this is now the new high water mark. Wow! - Robert Scoble
Or: Post a “If you want more followers on Twitter and friendfeed here's what to do:” tweet :-) - Marco Massarotto
Not being in this comment stream is so embarrassing. Wait, so is BEING in this comment stream! - Tom Guarriello
i wonder if you did it all wrong, would you really get no followers... - Iphigenie
Joelle: if you did it all wrong you would still get followers but they just would be all spammers. - Robert Scoble
Robert - define spam... Is this post spam? - Brian Roy
Comment on the longest thread in Friendfeed history. - Mike Lewis
You're right! I forgot about the spammers :D - Iphigenie
it seems pretty simple: post interesting things, interact thoughtfully, and be patient - Kelly W.
70. When all else fails, make interesting crap up about Robert, Gary, Brogan, etc.. - Todd Jordan
It isn't how many follow you... it is the quality of those you follow. But... that makes it hard to keep score and determine who is "winning". - Brian Roy
patient? I want 1000 followers and I want them now! ;) (actually, I am with Kelly on this one) - Iphigenie
How to get Robert et al to follow you - - Todd Jordan
Commentate on sports during the game or politics during debates. - Nicki Laycoax
Put a nice Twitter Icon on your blog like mine - Douglas Karr
You know... Chris Brogan liked a post of mine and retweeted it letting everyone know... it ended up bringing me about 800 new visitors in the span of 2 hours. There's definitely something to be said about being seen with the right people. :) - Steven Sanders
Hey Robert, say something positive about each of us today? Really be a boost. - Todd Jordan
AVG works just fine for me under Windows 7! - Dave Oliver
Todd: you all are beautiful. And smart. That's why I am following everyone on this thread. - Robert Scoble
It's simple, but just do two things (in order): 1. Create good content. 2. Market that content in an intelligent, non-spammy way. - Daniel Miessler
Daniel: marketing part is what we're really talking about here. How to/who to/when to/where to/what to market. - Todd Jordan
OMG this is STILL alive?! WOW - Mona Nomura
Keep it going!!!! - Tyler (Chacha)
I'm wondering at how many comments this will start crashing browsers - Iphigenie
That said: Talk about Twitter and FriendFeed all day every day. Don't forget to include: "I AM A SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT" in all of your profiles. - Mona Nomura
Make special badges that scream your self proclaimed title. You know, kind of like flair? Or girl/boy scouts? - Mona Nomura
@Mona - heck yeah, huge % of new followers claim to be soc media experts. - Todd Jordan
Todd- FAIL. You forgot Rule #163. NAME DROP. @scobelizer (I'm just namedropping but really addressing Mona... err @monaaa) - Mona Nomura
Not call anyone out but I think it should be: " I AM A SOCIAL MEDIA SLUT!1!" ;-P - Mathew A. Koeneker
Mathew - CRAP you stole my thunder... I'm working on a blog post entitled "How to know if you are a social media slut"... thanks! - Brian Roy
Brian - I hope that comes after: "10,000 Ways to Effectively use Twitter for Business" - Mona Nomura
I wish FF would timestamp comments. It'd be interesting to know how this conversation flowed...or jumped around. - Liz
Mona - pretty sure those two are the same post... No? - Brian Roy
Liz: Just hang out over the little convo balloon to the left of the comments. It shows you how long ago the comment was left. :-) - Lisa L. Seifert
Be serious at ALL times since analyzing Social Networks with charts and graphs is THE FUTURE! - Mona Nomura
Announce your twitter address after saying the pledge of allegiance over the school intercom system. - David Rose
I drunk tweet all the time, and it doesn't help. People just email you AA invitations. - Alex Wilhelm
+1 Mona! I'll make a video of this :D - Yuvi
Since you are all here... I was wondering. Have you seen my car keys? - Brian Roy
Will find out soon if becoming a social media diva pin-up acquires more followers :) - Nicola Quinn
PLAY with your followers and build a community of FANS. Start a meme, host a trivia session (@linnetwoods), do fun thematic sets (@jesseluna, @Dave_Malby), start a fun-spirited smackdown battle with another Twitterer (@Dana_Wilhoit and @SeanAMcAlister). UStream and play Wii while you're lightly toasted with a fun friend (@queenofspain) - Jesse P. Luna
Start your own threads using all and only Robert's suggestions. Originality means nothing, it's all about being a Robert clone! - Mona Nomura
Participate in memes where you can post old pictures of yourself from 70s, 80s or 90s. - Larry Kless
71. Create a list that combines Sex and Windows - Tyler (Chacha)
Hate on someone enough for them to write about you. It worked for Sean Hammons (Clicky) and Techcrunch.......... - Alex Wilhelm
i'm afraid some of those won't quite give you the right kind of followers - Iphigenie
entertain! - kosmar
I'm wondering if everyone who has commented here is at least following each other now. - Nicola Quinn
Nicola - no. I think I have a block on my account that I can't figure out. ;) - Jim Mitchem
Oh dear Jim, that doesn't sound good. Just managed to subscribe to you so that's ok then. - Nicola Quinn
Nicola Quinn: I have not had one new follower from this, but I did have an entertaining conversation. - MarkCarras
There Mark, you've got at least one :) - Nicola Quinn
@nicola you followed me :) - kosmar
Kosmar, I did! You following me? - Nicola Quinn
@Scobleizer so far I tweet from party, wc, roadtrip, first minutes of the new year, wc again, meeting, boring meeting, boring presentation, wedding, engagement, hospital... I think I am on good track !!! - Alemsah Ozturk
Talk like you are deluded into thinking the iPhone and Apple computers are superior machines. - Mark Stahler
Help Robert getting 400 comments or any other all time high on friendfeed! - Gaby K. Slezák
Wow. 400. - Robert Scoble
Here's the 401st for good measure! I kinda use Twitter and FF to keep up with new, and record ideas and thoughts for myself, but if some people out there find a common ground with me, that's very cool! I think too much is placed on these online friend / follower counts overall tho... BTW, this comment is probably on the "How NOT to get more followers on Twitter or FF" list. :) Keep feeding me the knowledge Scobs! - AdPanda
You can order custom wine labels to bribe Scoble with at - Gail Gardner
Spell @Scobleizer correctly when trying to drop a name ... lol. - Robert Couture
Bump .... @charlieanzman. I can't believe this thread! - Charlie Anzman
Charlie - the sheer #s of comments or the fact that this is such a popular topic? - Susan Beebe
How can you possibly read all of this and get anything done? This is an example of FF overkill. - Scott Maentz
@Susan folks are now commenting for the fun of it. :) - Todd Jordan
Wow! I remember when this began as three items, then Scoble got all giddy and inspired and started this hilarious chain of absurdity. Well done Mr. @Scobleizer - Paul Povolni
Make sure to be a hater and nit-pick on every. little. thing. someone does online! - Mona Nomura
Take everything someone says as a personal attack and rant! - Mona Nomura
Complain about every. little. thing. - Mona Nomura
no Mona you are wrong. - Brian Roy
Change your display name everyday aNd mAkE sUrE tO tYpE LiKe DiS - Mona Nomura
Make sure to kiss a whole buncha *ss and name drop, name drop, name drop! - Mona Nomura
every 3rd comment should be "noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooopooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooopoopoooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooppooooooooooooo oooo" wow... It is hard to enter that many o's on an iPhone. EDIT -> I put in spaces - apparently I annoyed Brandon... - Brian Roy
@Brian: Please edit your post so it doesn't break everyone's feed. I'd like to not hide this item. Thanks. - AJ Kohn
oh... Ok. It is hidden now. - Brian Roy
@Brian: Thank you. Greatly appreciated! - AJ Kohn
423 comments? :O - Will Higgins™
I think that I made a comment on this post but I can't find it. And Mona, you are cracking me up!! - BEX
I wonder if there is a limit to how many comments can be added to a post on FF - Susan Beebe
The funniest part about all this is that I've gotten a *ton* of followers for posting on this thread. Weird! I think once my programming-related FF activity resumes people will drop from my feed like flies :) - Eric Florenzano
Too bad I can't tweet the link (yet) -- of this 400+ comment -- I don't know how to call this. Not a Tweetversation by any means. A FFversation? Anyone come out with any sensible terms? - David Feng
I have some ideas, none of which are usable. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
subscribe to Friendfeeds for Twitter Celebs and read their Twitter hints... Start with Scoble.. - TechMama Beth Blecherman
I see "423 more comments". That's the most I have ever seen so far in FF! - Winston Teo
TechMama: that will work very well. Of course then you'll only be fed shallow news. The real good stuff is on the K list. They aren't on the bottom, so they have a few followers, but they really don't give a shit so they are very real and teach you stuff. Unfortunately they usually don't stay on the K list very long. They either get moved up pretty fast or they get put in rehab for social media addiction. - Robert Scoble
You don't. - David Spinks
What was this thread about? I forgot, AGAIN! - Jim Bednarz
Jim: me too, it's taken on a life of its own. Oh, yeah, it was about how to make money with friendfeed. Heheheh. Yeah, right! - Robert Scoble
Quick! Scoble's about to do a 'How to make money on friendfeed' post now. Looking for the hattrick ;~) - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
Ed: heheh. how to make money in friendfeed? Get a million followers. The money will come. Or maybe not. :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert: I guess you could charge for seminars on how to get a million followers ;D - Seth Greenblatt
Robert - Think you broke your own record with this one. 255 Likes and 437 comments ?! Guess nobody's embracing Friendfeed tonight :) - Charlie Anzman
Nobody's gonna read this, but I can't help observing that "I've got 10000 followers" is kinda like saying "I have 1000 books on my bookshelf", as if the number, not the content, is the important thing. - Mr. Gunn
Charlie .. his last one has 300 comments and over 300 likes I believe ... But this thread is 70 people away from reaching every single person on Friendfeed. (Given the 500 like rule) - Tyler (Chacha)
Better than the cover of Rolling Stone!! - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
ChaCha - Ya gotta love it. Now when he reaches everyone on the Internet ... :) - Charlie Anzman
Susan - Wasn't ignoring you ... just got lost in the middle of this ScobleChaChaMeMeWhateverItIs ... night all :) - Charlie Anzman
Most importantly, get followed by @scobleizer hope he retweets, likes and/or comments on your posts. - Christian Anderson
Christian: that's fair. I keep hoping you retweet, like, or comment on mine! :-) - Robert Scoble
Yikes, I see there are 442 "collapsed" comments that follow Robert Scoble's teaser! (I won't dare to "expand" them - it would take ages to read them all.) The subject clearly preys on people's minds... Scoble has a knack for hitting the right button! - Yule Heibel
I wonder if Mobile Safari would have such an implosion that the iPhone would shatter in my hands, if I tried to expand that thread. - MiniMage
doing video works pretty well too :) - Loic Le Meur
great, robert, this is *really* pushing the limit :) - Alberto D'Ottavi
tweet about the size of Robert's ..... =X - Rachael Depp
whoa comment frenzy! @FriendFeed can you please build a Comment Quality filter before I attempt to make sense of all this user generated erm "content"? Now there's a question: how do we measure Comment Quality? - Bob Hitching
And then you hate IM... - Dario Salvelli
I was lucky enough to arrive at his 3rd or 4th point... it was amazing to see it happen on the fly, as I and other people jumped in. It was like a chat room or IM chat. - Simon T Small
Oh, and by commenting a couple of times on this post, I got 36 new twitter followers and about 6 new friend feed followers in 12 hours - Simon T Small
omg.. why isn´t there a comment link on the bottom as well ? Especially useful on the iphone. I forgot the witty remark that would ensure me thousands of followers by the time I finger-scrolled to the top and to the bottom again on this insanely long thread. Oh, well, at least my comments are seen sometimes.. hello ? - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
I do like how #1: Stop your bloody begging and whining for followers is still showing though. :-P - Mathew A. Koeneker
this is so last week... - Edward Zwart
Robert: You need to add one more. "Send Tweets from a Ferry when a plane crashes on the Hudson" like - Alex Sauceda
"Hudson-Plane" and the Web2.0 viralism response ; - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
Re: 18., Tweet from the great beyond. INSANE follow numbers then. ;-p - mtlb
This is certainly quite interesting thread. I wonder how many Likes this will get. :D - Daniel Schildt
This thread has become a meme unto itself. As I once said, Robert Scoble plays social media like a virtuoso musician. FTW - Sheldon Steiger from twhirl
this stuff works for real! wow! - Siddharth Parmar
I felt like bumping the most discussed conversation ever on Friendfeed. Here ya go - Tyler (Chacha)
or tweet about this friendfeed-post! - bumping ;-) - Torsten Eckert
Become a Needle in a Haystack - geekazine
Have them join up on sprnch and watch them walk around in real time. - SpRnch
Link your Twttter Account @SAMMCOOPERMED on Http://SAMMCOOPER.COM via Twitter Link Pics All over your site! this really workS! - SAMMCOOPERMED
Robert Scoble
Not sure I agree with that. The three features listed exist in both apps. OneNote was my constant companion in college. Perhaps he was just using it wrong? - Jordan Hofker
I've tried both and ended up using OneNote more often. OneNote has synchronisation as well but I think it only works in corporate environments with Sharepoint. - Alan Le
I am the same was as the author-onenote was just too big of a gun for most of my tasks. Evernote is a godsend - Mitchell Hislop from twhirl
I use Evernote more because my main work computer is a PC which I spend most of my day on, but whenever I travel I take a MacBook Pro with me. Evernote has all my notes no matter where I am. I can also send notes/pictures to Evernote with my blackberry. - Adam Teece from twhirl
Alan, OneNote syncing works great across your home network. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm thinking it would work nicely with Mesh as well. - Jordan Hofker
I have setup WSS (the free SharePoint) on my home server and put my personal OneNote notebook there. Then I can easily access my notes from work and home. - Jemm
interesting, thanks for the info Jordan and Joni - Alan Le
Well I use both and I cannot decide; as I use windows mobile and web continuously I should prefer Evernote, but also OneNote has a WinMobile Client, and the Office integration is really impressive - and I need Office (Outlook in particular) in my daily job for sharing with the rest of my colleagues... - andrea
By "home network" I guess I meant standard file shares. :-) - Jordan Hofker
Been using OneNote for a while - I think it's a killer app. I like the interface, I can organize things the way I like. It's friendly and intuitive. BUT- although it is possible to synch it online with OfficeLive Small Business, it just doesn't work right. I wasted two days on this. So I switched to Evernote, which I installed 3 months ago and never used. I don't like the interface as much, but it was obviously designed for the user who doesn't have their own IT department. MS's real customer. - Walter Feigenson
I've tried both and also G Notebook but prefer Evernote overall, it's just a little more intuitive for me and I like the UI. - Sally Church
I like Google Notebook: ; it works great for all kinds of stuff - Ralph Poole
I've used both and was also quite addicted to TiddlyWiki for a while. I like the fact that Evernote can be used online and offline and that I can send stuff from my phone to it. My main complaint is that I can't format the notes very easily. If they would put in some kind of simple text editing (I would be super happy with Textile or MarkDown) then I'd be happy. Just to make tables and lists easily and format code snippets. It would be purely optional use for those who didn't need that functionality. - Lindsay
Evernote is good tool - I use it for fast web clippings and snippits and so on. The time line vew is great for that stuff and it does a good job of preserving the formatting of a web page. For almost everything else I use OneNote. Not only does it sync really well with my phone and with multiple collaborators but the organizational abilities kick Evernote's butt. - Soulhuntre
Timeline view? what's that? - Lindsay
As a side note: OneNote sync works really well with home server or the built in file sharing in Windows. It also does a great job syncing with offline laptops and so on when they hook back up. - Soulhuntre
oooh... cool. Thanks Soulhuntre... didn't know that existed. - Lindsay
Just trying Evernote now. It's pretty cool and I'm super-impressed it can search my hand written notes from the wacom tablet. - Andrew Smith
Really like OneNote, but Evernotes ability to sync across computers, platforms and be web accessible makes it a winner. If only the search function could be used in other programs (are you listening Thunderbird?) - Bob Stemen
Robert Scoble
12 ways to use Twitter to increase your productivity -
If only Twitter could get it together already. Getting tired of them being down. - Kasey
...when Twitter is up. - Mark Fishgrab
Do those services increase productivity when Twitter is down? :) - Morton Fox
Way #1: Always have a good backup. Productivity is based solely on being productive. - shanebe
Scoble - I've been wondering about your thoughts on noise music. - Bryan Woods
i can't get to this site... is it using the same server as Twitter? - Rudy Amid from twhirl
Great, but how do I remember them? Some are so special, you'll only need them when you just forgot the name and command. - sdfx
it usually has the opposite effect - Sarah Perez
Always has the opposite effect for me, same with FF thou... if I am working on something urgent I just shutdown twhirl - Philip Evans from twhirl
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