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Photo: elenamorelli: { one step at a time } -i wish i was there again-
Photo: superseventies: Grace Slick and David Crosby outside Vesuvio’s Bar, San Francisco, 1970. Photo by...
Photo: frattaglia: “There used to be a hardware store right on Beverly Hills Drive where you could buy...
Photo: guardalaluna1: If your phone gets wet, try placing it in a bag of rice. At night, the rice will...
Photo: rocknrollhighskool: Tom petty
Photo: theswinginsixties: At home with Mick Jagger, 1965.
Photo: mdma-mao: petapeta: А вы смотрели? — Интересное — Релакс! ce la fa’, ce la fa’….ora…ora
Photoset: welele: Top Secret, si no la has visto no sé a qué esperas.
Photo: rocknrollhighskool: Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, David...
Photoset: catsbeaversandducks: Post-it Notes Left on the Train Writer and illustrator October Jones, the...
Photo: superseventies: Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in the studio during the recording of Exile on Main...
Photoset: yoghiorso: Blade Runner (1982) amo questo film
Photo: theswinginsixties: The Yardbirds in Soho, London, 1965.
Husker Du - Celebrated Summer: via @YouTube
Husker Du - Celebrated Summer: via @YouTube
Il pezzo dell’estate. Di ogni estate. via @feedly
Photoset: rollingstonesofficial: On this day in 1978 Some Girls became the USA’s number 1 album. Here are...
Photo: catastrofe: step by step
Photo: avinsidelife: It’s only tuesday.
Photo: theswinginsixties: Bob Dylan, 1962
Photo: frattaglia: Paul Newman and Clint Eastwood
Photo: simplyeighties: Robert Smith at Miyako Hotel, San Francisco in 1985 Photo by (c) Nancy J Price...
Photo: moviesincolor: Request Week #13 - itrustmyselfimplicitly Gattaca, 1997 Cinematography: Slawomir...
Photo: container0228: really the Best Always reblog
Photo: rocknrollhighskool: Jimi Hendrix playing accordian
Photoset: futubandera: Un ejemplo de persona
Photoset: hippopotalust: Images by Johan Kuno
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