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david medina
one invite for FFFOUND -leave email-
damn, too late! now you should also have one invite, mona :) - Mario
hahahaha note to self ;) - Mona Nomura
check your mail mona* - david medina
david, thank you! :) - Mona Nomura
can I join in? qburns at gmail ... :) - M. Donaldson
let's make a chain...time to sleep...leaving my email just in case. (here was my email, thanks a lot M.) - Mario
Hey Mario - I just got invited from another source, so I'll send my invite your way. - M. Donaldson
no more? :-( just in case ajbatac (at) gmail - AJ Batac
Joining the queue! d0tski at gmail dot com - Bec Rowe @d0tski
-SERVED- (passing mine to mhmazidi) the queue is a good idea, but if one person doesn't give the next person an invite, the pattern breaks until someone else comes along. - Hao Chen
ut oooh i forgot =( - Mona Nomura
SERVED (passing mine to celia) - If we pass the invites along effectively, we might all get in? please - Ryan Gallagher
Ok, well I still have the invite. So it'd be AJ -> Bec -> Patrick -> Hao -> Ryan - Mona Nomura
..then first come first serve like the way David did? Or should we have a que? - Mona Nomura
augh, I'm guessing that there are no more ffffound invites. ceciliaw1223 [at] gmail [dot] com, in case the queue starts up again. - cecilia
who's next? i've got one invite. everybody who got an invite should mark his comment as served. bec? - Mario
I guess so Mario! Oh wait, what about AJ? - Bec Rowe @d0tski
please..please...please.. mhmazidi [at] gmail [dot] com - mhmazidi
So I'm going to send AJ an invite. ATTN AJ: please send the invite to the next person in the que. Thank you in advance! :) - Mona Nomura
Thanks Mona :) Will do... - AJ Batac
@Mona: I'm ready when you are. ;-) - AJ Batac
Could you please add me to this invite chain? furukama AT yahoo DOT de Thanks! - Benedikt Koehler
AJ: sent! - Mona Nomura
i ♥ you for this Mona! - AJ Batac
Don't tahnk me, thank FF and David! - Mona Nomura
Invite sent to d0tski (Bec) :-) - AJ Batac
invite sent to bec - Mario
uhhhh lol bec... will you send one of those to the next person in the queue since it's an invite url please... to patrick: patrik.bjorn.johansson AT gmail DOT com - Mona Nomura
pretty please, if anyone has an invite, please add me to the chain edwardbishop AT gmail DOT com Thank you soooo much - I can feel that karma coming ;-) - Edward Bishop
I can haz an invite too :)? elvira.berlingieri AT - Elvira
It would be great to get invite to FFFOUND since it's one of the best photosites around for bookmarking and finding great images for inspiration. If you have invite for me, could you be so kind and send it to: daniel.schildt at gmail dot com? - Daniel Schildt
Ok, I've just sent one to Patrik and Hao. Be sure to pass it on! Ryan is next :) - Bec Rowe @d0tski
@Patrik: next should be mhmazidi [at] gmail [dot] com -> furukama AT yahoo DOT de (disclaimer: that's me ;-) -> elvira.berlingieri AT -> daniel.schildt at gmail dot com - Benedikt Koehler
I would love an invite thanks: irenegeorgiou at hotmail dot com - Irene Georgiou
i think that I might have got passed over in the chain, I posted 8 posts above this one. please could someone forward an invite to me - I would be really really appreciative if you could - edwardbishop AT gmail DOT com - karma is knocking at your front door. ;-) Thanks Edward - Edward Bishop
Thanks for the invite, Bec! I'll invite mhmazidi next.. - Hao Chen
i would like to be next in this line for fffound :) salus.rex |AT| - slsrx
Chain is still going. I just fired mine off to celia. Thanks a million everyone ahead of me! - Ryan Gallagher
We've forked and now have two chains going. Keep it up! - Hao Chen
Damn, how can I miss it?! get me in! :-D - JohnDu™
@hao chen: thanks for the invite.who is next??? - mhmazidi
@mhmazidi, i would love an invite :) salus.rex at gmailcom - slsrx
@slsrx invite please! alex AT - Alex Plank
Let me be the next. if any left invites send to me. thanks - JohnDu™
How did we fork? I thought each person only got one? I was apparently the last to report sending one and Celia got it, but no word from her here. ??? - Ryan Gallagher
I would love to have an invite :-) please :-) quakkauq[at]googlemail[dot]com - Jens Ludwig
@mona and hao chen: please tell me: who is next? i have an invite. - mhmazidi
mhmazidi, did you get yours via celia or via Hao Chen? If Celia then my chain is still alive and I think benedikt would be next? If not then I think my chain broke and celia has not accepted yet? Anyone know if the FFFFound invite page changes once your invite has been used? - Ryan Gallagher
@ryan and johndu: i got from hao. who is next? slsrx? or...? - mhmazidi
@mhmazidi, come from benedikt's post, i found he said the chain invites after you is he. so.. you should send furukama AT yahoo DOT de ( you can see his post above) - JohnDu™
@mhmazidi, see the screenshot. - JohnDu™
@mhmazidi, yeah johndu's right. furukama AT yahoo DOT de -> elvira.berlingieri AT gmailcom -> daniel.schildt at gmailcom -> salus.rex at gmailcom - slsrx
@john: invitation has send to benedikt. - mhmazidi
Sent invitation to Elvira. - Benedikt Koehler
Thanks :). Invitation sent to Daniel. - Elvira
I read next in line as: Irene, Edward, slsrx, Alex, JohnDu, Jens (if the current chain breaks with someone let me know because I think celia never accepted mine and I could pick up where it stops). Too confusing to try to have 2 going. - Ryan Gallagher
This topic might be the immense invites on the earth.. *LOL* ;) - JohnDu™
Got invite, now just need to register to it. Thanks everyone. :) - Daniel Schildt
this chain's becoming harder and harder to follow. thanks, Ryan for heads up :) - slsrx
@Daniel, keep going send invite to next ? -> slsrx -> Alex -> and me.. :) - JohnDu™
@Daniel - it should be Edward (me - edwardbishopATgmailDOTcom), then slsrx, then Alex, then JohnDu, then Jens, Tanner - Edward Bishop
@Tanner, write down your chain notes: Jens Ludwig (quakkauq[at]googlemail[dot]com) -> Tanner Woodford ( -> (your next follower) - JohnDu™
@Edward, sorry miss your name before slsrx. :( - JohnDu™
[the current chain is:] Daniel, Edward, slsrx, Alex, JohnDu, Jens, Tanner ........ [write your name] [and email] @Daniel, have you sent your invite to Edward? @Edward, my address is salus.rex atgmailcom - slsrx
Have we stalled again at Daniel? Everyone be sure to mention in your invite email that the person should return here to invite the next person. Perhaps not all requesters realize this? - Ryan Gallagher
Sorry that it took this long time.. I sent invite to Edward just minute ago. I don't use Internet at home during summer so that made it slower. - Daniel Schildt
@Edward, it's your turn now to act on this :) - slsrx
@Daniel - thanks for the invite. @slsrx - invite sent to you one minute ago. @David Medina - thanks for starting this thread! - Edward Bishop
@Edward, thanks for inviting me! @Alex, i sent invitation to your address. Thanks, everybody over here! this is a great thread! - slsrx
Can I have one? :) - Профессиональный зануда
OMG! I am ready ! :) - JohnDu™
@Tanner, no problem. :) - JohnDu™
Me please! x-demon{{{{@}}}}x-demon{{{{.}}}}org - Alexander Sokolov
@Tanner I'm still reading this post, and waiting for my invite :-) - Jens Ludwig
BTW, i sent a mail to Alex 5 minutes ago, want to know if he got invite or not, and hope he could return here to help us keep the chain go. - JohnDu™
Invite sent to JohnDu. sorry for breaking the chain folks. It got sent to my spam box so I thought I hadn't gotten an invite yet. - Alex Plank
@Alex - glad to hear that everything's ok. Hope, the chain will go on - slsrx
@Alex, got it, thanks. And i already sent invite to Jens Ludwig, next is Tanner Woodford (tannerwoodford at gmail dot com) - JohnDu™
@JohnDu, got it thanks and thanks to you all! Already sent the invite to Tanner Woodford (tannerwoodford at gmail dot com), next is Никита Бегун (elizium[at]elizium[dot]ws) - Jens Ludwig
Hi! Can I have one? antispammer {at} inbox {.} ru. - Pendulum
Have 1 invite. Who's next? - Профессиональный зануда
I think the next is x-demon{{{{@}}}}x-demon{{{{.}}}}org - Jens Ludwig
hai. can i gave invite? - stfoo Thanks! - лайкнул напоследок
me too please, if still available post at markdudlik dot com - md.
Sent to Alexander Sokolov. Enjoy! - Профессиональный зануда
it will be great! - vitalnrg
So the order now is Pendulum, Foo, Gluek, Me(!) Vitalnrg...right? - md. Thanks! )) - 4shir
Is the last person that got the invite still around? Lots of new requests and I do not see any new activity since shortly after Jens. (remember, I have a spare and can take over if it is broken). - Ryan Gallagher
Looks like its broken Ryan. - md.
help fix the chain! - Hao Chen
Can I have one? newelvin (at) gmail(.)com - Elvin
Okay. So it's broken? Anyone know where it left off before I troll this now massive thread? I hope I can re-start it. - Ryan Gallagher
if I read correctly, Alexander was the last to "be sent" one, don't know if he got it and passed it? - Ryan Gallagher
@Ryan Gallagher: Alexander Sokolov was the last one who got an invite from Никита Бегун. - vitalnrg
I will contact with Alexander Sokolov... - Профессиональный зануда
Thanks for invite, Alexander Sokolov. Who's next? ;) - лайкнул напоследок
yes please! post at markdudlik dot com - md.
Hi people, send me invite to "vyazovoi at gmail dot com" please. Thanks in advance. - Pavel Vyazovoi
@md. I think the next one is me: vital.nrg at -> thanks! - vitalnrg
as soon as I get the invite, I'll pass it along vitalnrg. I still haven't heard from gluek - md.
would love one to too, thanks! :) - michele
It's about my turn and @md: I sent him an invitation yesterday:) - лайкнул напоследок
I'd like to get in on this, too, if I can. Stellina at me dot com. I'll certainly continue the chain! :) - Stellina
@md where are you? ) - vitalnrg
i can continue this chain - ARLOROCK
I suggest you people who join the chain sort your comment as : [your inviter ID/email (encrypted) ] -> [your ID/email] -> [next person]. :D - JohnDu™
I'd like to join in too. rahuldas87 at gmail - Rahul Das
If someone has any invites left my e-mail adress is Thank you :-) - Илья Новиков
Majento (at) gmail (dot) com - Majento
me2plz.... - 10up , please.. - 4shir
mykolan (at) gmail (dot) com , please, please - cyberpunk soul, please - rulix
lukinyh (at) , please, please, please ) - Звери-контрибури
sean at ua dot fm, please - sseeaann
Sorry Ryan for messing up the queue...I ended up giving my invite to arnet in a different ffffound thread - cecilia - Начинающий аутист. Thanks. - DeleteOne
Popping in here again. It appears my offer to fix any chain that broke is no longer valid. My original invite was accepted and unfortunately did not come back to this chain. :-( - Ryan Gallagher
ainokaze @ ya .ru Thanks! - У меня все было…
@vitalnrg any word from md yet? - melissa
@melissa no :( - vitalnrg
sorry vital, i just sent it. work & school caught up w/ me. - md.
@md that's great! I got it! ) @all the next one is 4shir =) - vitalnrg
thanks, vitalnrg! next one is Fall in love with you (ainokaze @ ya .ru) - 4shir
I am sorry, Melissa, but I meaningly two times have joined turn to have more chances of invitation reception. And I have transferred the following invitation "Fall in love with you" because it is my friend. - 4shir
@4shir thanks! next з 23. - У меня все было…
nazarovsky at - nazer1 (hopefully) - Pavel
Can I have one? :) (thank you!) - ~ornata~
Will be grateful for: - Denis Blinov
Would you please favor me w/1. Thank you. dave dot martin [at] gmail - Dave Martin
Super ! mr.petruccio[at] THX - mr.petruccio
maxime are you still around? I need your email address - melissa
ben.buzzworkers[at], thanks :) - Ben Borges
I'd love to have an invitation as well. I'll be able to contribute to ffffound with a stack of lovely visuals. Please send an invitation to flottenheimer *at* - Thanks a million in advance! - flottenheimer
just on the off chance that there are any unclaimed invites on the planet ... nathan rein at googlemail - Nathan Rein
stalyn8 @ yahoo dot com thanks! - Stalyn☂
just wanted let say i still wanna be in the chain and will be more than happy to keep it going..arlorock - ARLOROCK
khawro at gmail. thanks :]. - Konrad
So it's been over a month, and I still haven't gotten new ffffound invites. what's up with that? I'm going to email them - Mona Nomura
If someone does have an invite, I too would very much like one :) alb0306 [@] Thanks, AlanLB. - AlanLB
Maxime! Where are you? I need your email address so I can send you an invite to pass on! - melissa
yeah I think that might be the way to go but I'll give her a few more days it only seems fair :) - melissa
I would like to jump my name in here for life or death purposes lol. My e-mail is - Ryan Selvy
Thanks again! - Zu from AOD
invite sent to maxime (you're such a champ for setting up that spreadsheet too) - melissa
Thanks for invite, Maxime. Who's next? )) Vyazovoi Pavel? - Elvin
OK. Invite sent to Vyazovoi Pavel. - Elvin
lora2ho{@} Do you still have an invite? - Laura Dantonio
hello, i need an invite, plz send to uku(at) i will post the next one to here - taik123
hi, i'm looking for an invite too! sam.4682 (at) gmail dot com. i'll continue the chain here. - Sam
what's happened to Vyazovoi? He was the last to get an invite, did he pass it on to Michele? - Sam
hi, if you still have invites, could you send me one, please? kilesa(at)gmail(dot)com . thanks! - minus-one
looks like the chain is still movin...i think im somewhere near pavel, michelle, more than happy to keep this going. - ARLOROCK
I'll continue the chain and send invite next if got one. vanav ]at[ - Vanav
I've sent invitation to Vyazovoi 1 week ago. He did not respond. So,... who's next? Dreikanter, Michele Campeotto, ... ??? - Elvin
phil is at - remove the 'is'.. not holding out too much hope, but might as well ask. - Phil Glockner
Me, please: invites at leia dot otherinbox dot com - Leia
I would like an invite. "". regards - ivanandersson
and me please! :) lithii {(at)} gmail com, Thanks. - Lithium
invite please. :) martcj {at} gmail dot com - cjmart
invite please me too! - Vitaliy
If possible, could I please have an invite?: kolint at gmail - Kol Tregaskes
Oh god, please! - Tom Marques
please, please, please.... thanks in advance! toitoy (at) - toitoy
I'd like one as well! invites a t maed d o t otherinbox d o t com - maed
ahhh. please and thank you? ceciliaw1223 [[at]] g m a i l [[dot]] c o m - cecilia
can I have one pretty please? - Flamenco
Please send me an invitation :) - Alex
can i have one,please? - jdenton
I'd really appreciate a ffffound invite : ivirzivirlover [at] - maddogproject
-Hello everybody- I'd like to get one invitation to my emailadress: reply (at) Thanx for the support, Keep up the good works :) - Reply
If somebody got an invite on fffound - please send me on badsmiley at gmail com Thanx alot! - Застрял в 70-х
invite me, please :]. thanks in advance! (khawro on gmail) - Konrad
Could you give it to me, please? - r3s3t
hello, not sure if this list is still going, i did comment here a while ago but not sure if i was skipped past. my email address is irenegeorgiou (at) thanks - Irene Georgiou
Hello, I would like an invite please and thank you. vrsone (at) - VRSoner
hey everyone! I would like to have invite to ffffound too. I'm doing graphic designing and ffffound is great help and inspiration for me! send invite to - Rustyburt
Please send me an invite if you can, thank you!! - полуамория
send me invite please. thanks in advance! - Кофе без сахара
can I join in? - Dimon
Helloo. I would be very gratfull if someone would send me a fffound invite. Please, please, please send me an invite to (can I put an @sign?LOL) just in case it's: wolf[at] or my gmail is: I'll keep the chain going if I get in. Cool idea. ^_^ wolf. - bob wolf
Hey everyone, I've been working as a digital artist for the last 4 years and feel like I've got alot to offer Fffound. Dying for someone to give me an invite, I would repay whoever does anyway I can. Please, please help! My e-mail address is . . . . Respect! ;-) - Dougie
hi there! if someone is thinking in fixing this chain, I'd like to be part of it! please send it to atenti [at] thanks in advance! - Chelo Zanni
Hmm.. Who can share :) - IvKom
I work three years in design and would like to receive the invitation on ffffound, who can please send the invitation on thankful in advance. - Sandrik
may i have one, please? thanx a lot! - konspirator
hello, i would like an invite too: rrock(at) - jenny
Hi! Could you send me invite? - roman s
they still have? could be me one? please, - bad_coffee
please..please...please.. xalaiti [at] gmail [dot] com - phogph
oh please, let there be a kind soul with an invite out there :) mail [[at]] elundmark [[dot]] se - elundmark
hope i'll get an invite please - ra41n419
i'd like to have one too.. thanx - avido
thank you =) - CkyBe
Hi. It would be very nice if you have one more invite.=) - 2_k
Hi. Could you give me invite, please :) - ttyd0
And me, and me! - Valentin Shergin
and me too!!!! - Tyler Dixon - 2_k
If someone has any invites left, please, - Cardonizer
Please sent me an invite. Thanks. - Paul Glek
Hello, i'd love to get invite - - Бердников Егор
I'd love to get an invite too !! Thank U!^^ - Giacomo Giallombardo
I want one :'( pleeeeeeeeease !!! - Jules Johannes de Haas
oups - Jules Johannes de Haas
An invite would be very appreciated and well used. I will return the favor: - V.J. Kanano - izz
Hi. I'd love to get an invite :) - InspireMe
Please send me an invite if you can, thx! [at] - mikolka
Hi, I would like one invite – - Pol Rozon
Please, please, please.. invite me! - stefan
Hi, me too - - bogomolov
Hi! I really want invite to ffffound - Thanks! - spirid0n
Please, I really need ffffound invitation. Please send me one - mikolka
Invite me and I’ll kiss you for a long time. :) Please please please!!!!! :* my e-mail: - Mariya
ffffound invitation needed - THANK YOU :) - Jenni Juntunen
Hello! I need one invite to FFFFOUND! Just one =) - Кирилл Почивалов thanks1 - Mike Svetlov
I want it so much :) please send it to me - plander
May I have one, please? Thanks a lot. - vnln
Hi! Please send me an invite if you can, thank you! - Temique
Hi , please send me invite too - art-sof
oh, i'm sorry, i'm sooo slooow... just in case ... please - Nina Bayazitova
Is this still active? Please i'm dying to get one! - Anton Chewie
(promise to pass this on!) - Anton Chewie
please please. - Di
Please fffound me at - Ilya Semchenko
send me invite please - Аленка Арсентьева
Please send me invite - Vasil Chernyshov
hi! invite me, please :) thanks in advance! - Sonia Goma from iPhone
yo :) invite me - Aleksey Tsyrenov
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