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RT @NYCityAlerts: Brooklyn: *3 Alarm Fire* Box #0070, 860 Humboldt Street U/D Another photo of the 3 alarm fire via @SeaNick_
Really smart: shazam integration with TV ads - listen in and keep a record.
At suzume Brooklyn with @lrz. Nothing like new restaurants :)
I just ousted @jcoop05 as the mayor of The Intertubes on @foursquare!
Girls, entirely shot in my back yard. :/
Photo: Soggy noodles are bad (at Cocoron)
I just unlocked the "Shutterbug" badge on @foursquare for adding photos to my check-ins. Say cheese!
I just unlocked the "Bento" badge on @foursquare for checking in at Japanese Restaurants! Irasshaimase!
Hey - interested to know if anyone following me uses the jawbone up?
Photo: A tasty amber. My latest incarnation of the Waldo lake amber.
Having filled a 5 bay drobo, i’d like to know if anyone has any recommendations for anything that has a larger capacity?
Riding through NJ on amtrak, it’s hard not to notice the number of power lines down, and other damage from #sandy. #climatechangeisreal
Super exhausted, and it’s only Wednesday. Still have a couple long crazy days to go.
Yet again, rackspace’s cloud app is a joke - it barely functions, timing out, etc. @rackspace: this your example? (cc: @Scobleizer)
True entrepreneurial advice from someone who’s clearly been there. Thanks @dhh!
My dog likes to sit by the balcony and watch the traffic as it goes by. It’s kinda cute because he’s so earnest about it. 🐺
Safety not Guaranteed with @evilhag is a great movie. It has that honest indie movie vibe. A little innocence which totally had me believing
Would really like to race the dakhar rally in a @bowleroffroad. Heck, I’d race it anywhere exciting!
Things i’d like: browsers to auto expand short URIs when i hover over them (cc: @googlechrome, @mozilla)
Things i’d like: browsers to auto expand URIs when i hover over them (cc: @googlechrome, @mozilla)
RT @shanselman: Programming isn't a good job for folks who aren't interested in constant learning.
RT @BradStone: Great @BW cover story on Sandy and global warming: And a damn powerful cover image as usual:
Excited to see my work on the front page of the @wsj! see - thx @lheron!
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