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Hey- anyone know a way to disable the nag nanny in chrome? I think i should be able to decide if i want to view a page with an expired SSL.
How to Make the Best Pourover Coffee at Home
CNN reports that the US government is talking about repatriating americans who have ebola. Sorry, but all good science says that’s bad?
What's the scariest thing in the world? Ask your teenage daughter
Anyone else miss the original iSight camera? Mostly the industrial design and elegance it had.
Reminded why I like stable services such as @pinboard, and that I should renew my archive service. Thanks @baconmeteor!
““Speaking up every. F*cking. Time”” by @espiers
Doesn’t anyone actually release #ruby #gems anymore?
Provide meaning with motion
The Pitchforks Are Coming… For Us Plutocrats
How mistakes can save lives: one man’s mission to revolutionise the NHS
Diary of a Corporate Sellout
My thoughts on When shit's broken
setting up my Quibb, to share links about work
RT @house: Last year, @shanley wrote this exceptional piece about what men can do to address sexism in the community.
RT @JonathanLack: Reminder: Amy Poehler has not yet won an Emmy for Parks. This invalidates all award shows everywhere forever, as tonight's finale proved.
RT @NYCityAlerts: Brooklyn: *3 Alarm Fire* Box #0070, 860 Humboldt Street U/D Another photo of the 3 alarm fire via @SeaNick_
Really smart: shazam integration with TV ads - listen in and keep a record.
At suzume Brooklyn with @lrz. Nothing like new restaurants :)
I just ousted @jcoop05 as the mayor of The Intertubes on @foursquare!
Girls, entirely shot in my back yard. :/
Photo: Soggy noodles are bad (at Cocoron)
I just unlocked the "Shutterbug" badge on @foursquare for adding photos to my check-ins. Say cheese!
I just unlocked the "Bento" badge on @foursquare for checking in at Japanese Restaurants! Irasshaimase!
Hey - interested to know if anyone following me uses the jawbone up?
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