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What's the scariest thing in the world? Ask your teenage daughter
Anyone else miss the original iSight camera? Mostly the industrial design and elegance it had.
Reminded why I like stable services such as @pinboard, and that I should renew my archive service. Thanks @baconmeteor!
““Speaking up every. F*cking. Time”” by @espiers
Doesn’t anyone actually release #ruby #gems anymore?
Provide meaning with motion
The Pitchforks Are Coming… For Us Plutocrats
How mistakes can save lives: one man’s mission to revolutionise the NHS
Diary of a Corporate Sellout
My thoughts on When shit's broken
setting up my Quibb, to share links about work
RT @house: Last year, @shanley wrote this exceptional piece about what men can do to address sexism in the community.
RT @JonathanLack: Reminder: Amy Poehler has not yet won an Emmy for Parks. This invalidates all award shows everywhere forever, as tonight's finale proved.
RT @NYCityAlerts: Brooklyn: *3 Alarm Fire* Box #0070, 860 Humboldt Street U/D Another photo of the 3 alarm fire via @SeaNick_
Really smart: shazam integration with TV ads - listen in and keep a record.
At suzume Brooklyn with @lrz. Nothing like new restaurants :)
I just ousted @jcoop05 as the mayor of The Intertubes on @foursquare!
Girls, entirely shot in my back yard. :/
Photo: Soggy noodles are bad (at Cocoron)
I just unlocked the "Shutterbug" badge on @foursquare for adding photos to my check-ins. Say cheese!
I just unlocked the "Bento" badge on @foursquare for checking in at Japanese Restaurants! Irasshaimase!
Hey - interested to know if anyone following me uses the jawbone up?
Photo: A tasty amber. My latest incarnation of the Waldo lake amber.
Having filled a 5 bay drobo, i’d like to know if anyone has any recommendations for anything that has a larger capacity?
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