2010-07-11 19.59.11.jpg
Goddamn you are obsessed. - Squall
*Catch-22* Offend him or mock my family. :( - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Not related to him by my knowledge, but I only know half my family. So there is a miniscule possibility. - Squall
I don't know him, and find it extremely doubtful. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
I miss Squall. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Hey FF, happen to know a good place to download textbook pdfs? I am going to buy them once my financial aid comes in, but before that I'm broke as all hell :/
No clue and are you okay? - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Hope you're just really busy with school. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Dear FF: Scott Pilgrim midnight premiere was awesome. That's all there really is to say on the matter.
I have yet to see Scott Pilgrim, I was drinking. Thus myself and Squall are not the same individuals. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Celebritology 2.0 - 'Lost' epilogue leaked online. And it explains everything! Sort of. -
American's Geography sucks @ Imgzzz | Share Images, Earn Money -
American's Geography sucks @ Imgzzz | Share Images, Earn Money
Does Americans know Geography? - Squall from Bookmarklet
Anyone know a simple, up to date guide for making Firefox themes?
American City of Future (1925) #2 -
American City of Future (1925) #2
It's a really nice set up, actually. I was expecting a "World of Tomorrow" Jet pack-y type thing, but was pleasantly surprised. - Squall
YouTube - Christopher Walken - The Angel of Death sketch -
YouTube - Christopher Walken - The Angel of Death sketch
Soccer players are capable of being anything.
The true purpose of Soccer is a contest to strike the most ridiculous pose - Squall
FF Poll: Plot vs. Characters, which is more important to you?
Characters. - Alix May
Characters, but this is a hard question .Dayum. - Rahsheen
My favorite classic book is Catcher In The Rye, so my answer should be obvious from that :P - Squall
I have to at least vaguely be interested in characters to appreciate plot, so I guess characters. - Heather
I've seen good movies without a lot of plot but good characters...can't think of the opposite. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Well, that was fun, back to lurking, I guess
byeeee - chaz2b
I'm not leaving, just back to lurking, posting on things of interest, statistically likely to involve Jimminy, Cristo, or Momo. - Squall
Should I grow a goatee as well?
Groucho glasses? - Alix May
I can't be Jimminy, I have a mustache!
Hey, I have a mustache, right now. I haven't shaved, yet. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
The G1 needs flash :/
2010-07-11 19.48.33.jpg
Yeah this isn't me, for sure, I'm still running Vista. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Also, he spelt my name properly, only if I'm a goddamned cricket. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Yeah that text totally looks like your face. - Outsanity
My face is on the right, but it's really dark, thus my comment about flash - Squall
Also, WTF? A phone, I despise those damn things. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
It's the only camera I have. - Squall
Better pic. - Squall
Pic of me from about a year and a half ago, but my favorite picture of me.
Old me.jpg
Wow... You're like a mix of a Juggalo and an emo. So, that makes you a queer x2 - Outsanity
It's more Goth than emo. - Squall
You're still a Nancy boy. - Outsanity
Nancy boy, really? xD - Squall
Yeah. Go put on a dress and skip around with your "I'm depressed about everything" butt buddies and sing Justin Beiber into your boyfriend's dick. And post a normal picture like they said. - Outsanity
xD I'm the least depressed person I know. This is my default pic of me. Most pics of me suck,and there's not a lot to begin with. - Squall
Been a while since I did any digital art, this ended up taking a good bit longer then I expected. Also, very little is original, it's an alteration of an already existing sprite. - Squall
YouTube - 4th of July PSA -
YouTube - 4th of July PSA
Happy Fireworks Day, everybody! - Squall from Bookmarklet
So...I'm going to play a game of GURPS on Google Wave. This makes me feel as though my geek level increases slightly xD
Used to be a huge, huge fan of GURPS. Well, I guess you could say I still am although I wouldn't run it now. - Akiva
It's based on a webcomic where the inventory system is based on data structures - Squall
This is going to be my first game of GURPS, but I really like the system. My only complaint is that it doesn't use all the awesome dice D20 does xD - Squall
Classic Pop Icons Seen In A Different Light (PICS) | I Can Has Internets -
Classic Pop Icons Seen In A Different Light (PICS) | I Can Has Internets
Those are very creative. - Skyler Call
There were no screams. There was no time. The mountain called Monkey had spoken. There was only fire. And then, nothing.
What Pumpkin Musicians -
What Pumpkin Musicians
Show all
Gotta love epic 8-Bit music :D From the amazing webcomic MS Paint Adventures - Squall from Bookmarklet
California considers digital ads on car license plates | Community -
California considers digital ads on car license plates | Community
Unreality - A Gallery of Sad Keanu | -
Unreality - A Gallery of Sad Keanu |
FF Poll: Has Nicolas Cage ever ruined a movie for you? (IE: Did you ever dislike a movie with Nic Cage when you would have liked it otherwise?)
I will not deny that he gets in a LOT of sucky movies. But I still think he's a good actor when the movie is good. Lord of War. 8MM. Family Man. Kick-Ass even though that was a smaller role. And imo, Sorcerer's Apprentice looks like it might be pretty good. - Squall
I don't think I've seen a movie with Nicholas Cage, that I didn't at least enjoy watching. Doesn't mean the movies were good, but to paraphrase Jandy, "Sometimes you just want to watch something that is awesome and fun, not necessarily good." His films generally fit into one of those categories for me. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Leaving Las Vegas was awesome because of Nic Cage. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
I know full well the difference between Good and Enjoyable, Crank is one of my favorite movies xD I haven't seen Leaving Las Vegas :/ to imdb! - Squall
Pretty sure National Treasure would've been at least slightly better with someone else. - Jandy
And I didn't like Raising Arizona, which I find odd since the Coen brothers are my favorite currently-working directors, but it's been too long since I've seen it to know whether I can blame Cage for that one or not. - Jandy
Ugh. Con Air. Worst Southern accent anyone has ever attempted in the history of ever. "Put. the Bunnayh. Dayown." "You're mah humminburd." *shoots self in face* - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Just searched for #FFVIII and found a few links to, and thought I'd add this to the results:
To understand, watch this epic video:
To understand, watch this epic video:
I want this to happen. Mortal Kombat is redoing itself for games, an awesome movie would be unbelievably epic. - Squall
I love everything MK, but the older games are definitely my faves. - Heather
4 and DA were OK-ish. 3 and Ultimate 3 were ruined by one stupid thing that has persisted straight up to MK vs. DC, that had BETTER be gone in the new one. - Squall
Amazing Violinist Plays His Way Through Music and Effects of Mario -
Amazing Violinist Plays His Way Through Music and Effects of Mario
Violin made even more epic. - Squall from Bookmarklet
That's pretty friggin' cool. - Jandy
I wish I was friends with Bobby Drake right now x_x
$7 at Borders. Such an amazing book. The author and I could have long discussions that would scare the general populace. :D - Squall from Bookmarklet
What the military section lacked in quantity, it made up for with quality in this book. Then there were a few in the Martial Arts section, specifically the Ninja/Samurai subsection - Squall
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