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EnoughNoLibsSpam on Threatening DM's from @n0th1ngt0s33 #n0th1ngt0s33 -
" "@n0th1ngt0s33 Im creative.. I will mail him a kilo of cocaine, tip the feds. They will show up at the same time.." "@n0th1ngt0s33 you as so fucked you don't even know it.. Poly too, but to be fair neither of you are very smart" "@n0th1ngt0s33 Tell your ISP that u were hacked over ports 80,443, port 666 was forwarded.These attacks came VPN located HK" "@n0th1ngt0s33 Tell poly2 b careful about opening pdf's on friend feed, at least use fucking sandbox. prepare anus bitches" "@n0th1ngt0s33 after I am done with Rebel's grandkids Ill send the Van for both you AND tough guy Poly " "@n0th1ngt0s33 Thanks 2 emails that she thought were coming from u Rebel now r00ted 2 grandkids will bringa pretty penny" "@n0th1ngt0s33 You think u r safe on your phone? You think changing a password helps?? You were r00ted cow, at a bios level" @cathunwin so @n0th1ngt0s33 breaks into opponent email finds pics of grandkids, thinks he can sell pics to pedos? #Anonymous..."
EnoughNoLibsSpam on DHS Is Employing Agent Provocateurs and Are Behind the Events In Ferguson -
"he probably has a hearing impediment. if you put forth some effort you can understand what he is trying to say. please do not make the mistake of assuming someone who can't enunciate clearly is of low intelligence."
EnoughNoLibsSpam on 1000+ People Take Streets of LA to Protest LAPD Murder of Ezell Ford -
"you are invited to subscribe to and #WWJD #OpWWJD"
EnoughNoLibsSpam on 1000+ People Take Streets of LA to Protest LAPD Murder of Ezell Ford -
"-19 good job. you only get flack when you are too close to the target"
EnoughNoLibsSpam on "Craft International" at Boston Marathon 2014? Why? -
"User name is same as one used by #BostonTrolls #RealAmerican8"
EnoughNoLibsSpam on 1000+ People Take Streets of LA to Protest LAPD Murder of Ezell Ford -
"Zionists need Christians to do their bidding. So, evangelize to them, and when *other* Christians see their reaction to you, they will be turned away. Learned this on accident."
Justice Seeker
Lee Ann Yanni story re injuries suffered at #BostonHoax a lie! The persona does have a physical therapist license in MA which validates the corrupt government changes public record to suit their agenda; Caron Claes lives in NJ & works for Merck as does MacIntyre who plays Abbott (via
Caren Claes & Marissa Congemi MacIntyre 7_2011 AKA Lee Ann Yanni & Heather Abbott 200 %.png
Video shot to compare features.png
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When theives and frauds present as the good guys we have a problem! Be sure to click the link to Uncle Scam for the full story. Calling all patriots! Spread the word because EXPOSURE is our best defense!! - Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
As an independent investigator who chooses to share these very significant findings with the general public, all researched photographs and any other item that could fall under intellectual property law and posted herein is posted as a matter of public interest. All items were obtained from sites available to the general public. There is no associated profit. IMO NO COPYRIGHT PROTECTION related to these material exist and the postings are covered under 17 U.S. CODE § 107 - LIMITATIONS ON EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS: FAIR USE Click the blue dot>> to bring up all available images. Hoover over the pictures for related text. - Justice Seeker
Clearly those are Marissa's natural legs in Argentina. They are using photoshop and camera trickery to give the illusion of amputated limbs just as they did in the movie Forest Gump; Gary Sinise has legs! Clearly, they are also using makeup and photoshop to make pretty people for their fraud scheme. If the robbing of the American people does not upset you, the fact that the US medical... more... - Justice Seeker
It also appears that the Jason Geremia persona was able to set himself up in a phony business; he then remarks on his phony Facebook page under work and education; "Geremia Builders L.L.C. i used to be an awesome home builder.. but obama put an end to that.." He does not live in Rhode Island yet managed to file the Articles of Organization for his phony business with more... - Justice Seeker
See the other stories of fraud & fabrication to pull off the #BostonHoax at including how MIT Officer Sean Collier never existed, the phony Norden, Brassard & Campbell families, the BS lies regarding injuries and amputation, how State of New York Government people assisted in the Hoax, how using children as propaganda proves any means to an end is the MO... more... - Justice Seeker
Dated 12/3/2013 "Heather" is interviewed and shows off her four new fancy prosthetic legs and reports she is now able to walk in four inch heels. Dr. David Crandell Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital appears to be promoting this fraud!! Now July 29, 2014, I find the following: "In an episode of The Real Housewives of... more... - Justice Seeker
See the picture above posted 7/10/2013 on Marissa's FB with the three girls behind bars; the woman in the middle is Erika Brannock. Her actual name is Sharon D'Angelo. She lives in NJ; as you can see, her and Marissa are friends. I just discovered Brannock while working on something else. She, too, has both her legs. The sister and the mother in the fraud are her actual sister and... more... - Justice Seeker
AMAZING dectective work Rebel! You really deserve a reward and huge recognition for your work - cath unwin from Android
Thanks Cath - just want my country back!! The real life parents played the phony parents. Who in the name of God do these people think they are that they can DEFRAUD an entire population and not face justice?? If people have not realized that ANY ONE still claiming real victims is a government or corporate shill there is not much... more... - Justice Seeker
When you create a crisis actor the goal is deception - if you are looking at people for an exact match you will find not one. The Corcoran find puts all these people connected including the hocky player for the NJ Devils who plays Adrianne's husband. He is in a picture with the Roth that played the Corcoran father and the Golf course... more... - Justice Seeker
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