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Justice Seeker
@CNN @ABC @AP Nataliya Vasilyeva where is your camera data? McCaul in Russia Rep on shopped trip to promote terror? NOTE: 17 U.S. CODE § 107 - LIMITATIONS ON EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS: FAIR USE
camera detail missing bogus AP pic McCaul.png
Chairman McCaul on ABC " World News" on Sochi Security for a whole second. Was this green screen? NOTE: 17 U.S. CODE § 107 - LIMITATIONS ON EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS: FAIR USE - Justice Seeker
Are these videos showing McCaul by green screen? NOTE: 17 U.S. CODE § 107 - LIMITATIONS ON EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS: FAIR USE - Justice Seeker
Rep Keating from MA claims he was in Russia at the same time as McCaul. They were never shown together. McCaul never mentioned Keating. Keatings pic w article appears to be on Cape Cod. He called home to a media outlet from Russia and Boston media was at the airport to greet him when he arrived home. Globe has the article open to non-paying readers. - Justice Seeker
Here is Keating's call from Russia. NOTE: 17 U.S. CODE § 107 - LIMITATIONS ON EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS: FAIR USE - Justice Seeker
Here is Keating upon return from Russia. Note his defensive tone "Well, I went..." when the host poses a question about the safety issues associated with attending the Olympics. - Justice Seeker
Rep Keating was also greeted by the media at the airport in Boston when he returned from Russia June 1, 2013. Note he claims the Russians showed him the letter they sent the FBI in 2011 but he did not get a copy and claims the FBI has yet to show this communication from the Russians. NOTE: 17 U.S. CODE § 107 LIMITATIONS ON EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS: FAIR USE - Justice Seeker
Here is Rep Keating on August 1, 2013 in an interview with wgbhnews boasting about his letter that he sent to FBI Director Comey; he posted the text of the letter on his MA web site but the letterhead letter has not been posted on the House HLS site. NOTE: 17 U.S. CODE § 107 - LIMITATIONS ON EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS: FAIR USE the letter - Justice Seeker
May 31, 2013 Six congressmen met with senior Federal Security Service (FSB) and counterintelligence officials Thursday, Rep. William R. Keating (D-Mass.) said Friday, and saw a copy of a letter Russian officials said they sent to the FBI in March 2011... - Justice Seeker
More peculiar findings that point to shenanigans & possible fraud by Congressional Delegation that CLAIMS traveled to Russia - Justice Seeker
No evidence of connection between Tsarnayev brothers and Doku Umarov - source [updated] North Caucasus rebel leader Umarov dead, replaced: website - Justice Seeker
All of the above regarding allegations that the communication to the FBI by Russia is BOGUS was validated in the House Home Land Security report regarding the bombings. It is so bogus they scanned the document to make search of the content more difficult. They use previous prestitute news articles to support their position. No concrete evidence has been shown that the FBI received communications from the Russians regarding Tamerlan. All we have is the word of taxpayer supported criminals who are actively in collusion to defraud the American people. The initial report claimed that all the communications to the executive branch were in appendix A. There was no appendix A in the report. After tweeting this fact, an additional link has been provided with the communications. It is a scanned document that ensured the dates and that actual communication took place through PDF property search can not be validated. Keating's letter to Director Comey is NOT included. See links above regarding Rep Keating and the Congressional Delegation that purportedly traveled to Russia at the end of May 2013. Here are all the letters by the House HLS to the Executive Branch during this investigation posted on the House HLS site, You will note it is a BLANK page. Here is the BOGUS report regarding the Boston Bombings. From the start any open mouth regarding the bombing spewed words of assumed guilt. They needed a guilty party because in collusion the three branches of the federal government are terrorizing and defrauding the American people. - Justice Seeker
These two reports have the more believable assessment regarding Tamerlan and his trip to Russia/ Dagestan during 2012. - Justice Seeker
Turns out that there is no actual Defendant. US District Court of Massachusetts is colluding with the DOJ and running simulated criminal proceedings. There is no valid arrest warrant. There is no valid death penalty defense appointment, there is no Defendant; these are all ACTORS! - Justice Seeker
Phony Judge and Phony Defense and the US Congress is aware. In Fact they make these crimes against the people and subsequent theft from the US Treasury with appropriations passed on the basis of fraud happen. They own the judges and that is why you RARELY see a Federal Judge face consequence for wrongdoing. If you report corruption in the US Courts, you in effect just handed the Congress someone to own but there will be no relief for you! - Justice Seeker