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Indiana Jones 4

Indiana Jones 4

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Hornets Hats
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Booked the ticket for this weekend :-)
Laura Lee Dooley
Indiana Jones 4 -- a new decade for Indy, a weird mix of genres for moviegoers.
So He is for Real!!! - Giridhar
Mitch Wagner
Jeremiah Owyang
Did it seem like most of the movie was filmed at backlot sets? So much greenscreen, very 'artificial' sets, unlike the first three movies.
didn't really take much away from the movie for me.... - Michael Gartenberg
yeah, you could tell that there is some backlot shooting, but it didn't really take a lot out of the experience for me. I don't know if it was more or less than the original, but I think it was one aspect that helped it fit perfectly with the original trilogy. - Will
Puneet Thapliyal
watched it yesterday at AMC Mercado -- courtesy Google. For me, it is an A+. But that could be a biased opinion of an Indiana Jones fan.
I was there too, at the 10pm showing. Google bought 11,000 tickets, I got me one! - Jeremiah Owyang
Tim Beaver
absolutely brilliant - more 'oh yeah right' moments than you could shake a stick at. Harrison looks all of his 65 years but he's still very credible as an action hero.
He's certainly showing his age, but not as graceful as Sean Connory - Jeremiah Owyang
Going to see it tomorrow night - will I be disappointed?
No you wont be - Jeremiah Owyang
Michael Gartenberg
i'm sure you caught the guest appearance by the Ark of the Covenant... love stuff like that
Yup, it appeared on the glyphs on a wall in the 3rd movie as well. - Jeremiah Owyang
Jeremiah Owyang
Mariam, her smile was so evident, but the introduction of her was so riged and akward, like in a set "3 2 1 ACTION"
Michael Gartenberg
Anyone think Ox was the Jar Jar of this film?
Jeremiah Owyang
A fun, campy, comic style adventure. what did you think?
I have not seen it yet but I have liked the franchise. Go Indiana Jones! - Rodney Rumford
highly entertaining, classic indy, they stayed away from religious relics this time round. X-files meets Indy. - Tanya
I have to say I was a bit disappointed. The fun was still there, but I thought the whole premise was hokey. No basis in reality. This one was my least favorite of all of them. My overall ranking: 1) Raiders 2)Last Crusade 3) Temple of Doom and 4) the Crystal Skull - LionelatDell
I was going to say I disagree with tanya, because I was going to say Raiders and the Last Crusade at least have historical relevance, but she's right... it's really from a religious aspect. - LionelatDell
One other thing I was disappointed in was Shia Lebouf's character. Didn't buy the whole greaser thing.. thought that was kinda weak. - LionelatDell
I thought seeing Indy's upbringing in the last Crusade (River Phoenix as young Indy running into his house with Sean Connery studying up on the Holy Grail) seemed much more believable. Feels like they just picked the greaser thing out of the blue for Indy's son. - LionelatDell
the aliens were a little... odd... seems Spielberg did this already and did it better but great fun.... love the snake seen - Michael Gartenberg
Michael Gartenberg
worst Indy movie I ever saw was wonderful. So was the worst hotdog i ever ate and worst beer i ever drunk
Tim Street
Jeremiah Owyang
Was the CG an overwhelming departure from the previous three films?
I found the CG a radical departure from the first three films. Much akin to the new star wars trilogy (episodes 1-3) compared to the classics (episodes 4-6). - Jeremiah Owyang
I felt like they worked hard to keep most of the VG consistent with what's come before in Indy. Sure, the *spoiler*'s at the end were heavy CG'd but the way the villain dies was pulled straight from Ark of the Covenant, and I thought the rest of the effects were pretty well integrated as well - Michael Morisy
I thought the CG was a little overdone at times (the ants are an example), but overall, I thought it was pretty well integrated. - LionelatDell
I mean, it wasn't any more overdone than claymation in the infamous Holy Grail scene, right? ;) - Michael Morisy
The movie is not yet released in this part of the world. But looking forward to watch it @ premier show May 30
Jeremiah Owyang
This is the official unofficial Indiana Jones 4 room -
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