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"Dear Friends, We are, no doubt, shocked by yesterday’s events at the Boston marathon. Many of..." -
The response to the terror in Boston: Channeling for good -
Reflections on IA Ventures, 3.5 years in -
Re: VC funding vs. Crowdfunding - let’s get real -
"I think in the scenario you painted you are right. My only comment is on the likelihood of that scenario playing out. Look, plenty of people build awesome bootstrapped companies and then are begged by growth equity firms to take their money, so it is certainly possible that a founder could take in crowdsourced capital and build a great business that is sought after by VCs. I'm merely saying in my experience that this (with the "this" being a first-time founder taking angel or crowdsourced money) is a very unusual occurrence as it requires a level of maturity, instincts and knowledge that most first-time founders lack." - Roger
Re: VC funding vs. Crowdfunding - let’s get real -
"Makes sense." - Roger
Re: VC funding vs. Crowdfunding - let’s get real -
"I agree." - Roger
Re: VC funding vs. Crowdfunding - let’s get real -
"I would rather take crowdfunding than take money from a bad partner, every day of the week. Risks are high, but working with someone whom you don't like, trust or respect introduces even higher risks. As from my perspective, people is the most important decision criterion." - Roger
VC funding vs. Crowdfunding - let's get real -
Focus, focus, focus: Understanding your value stack -
Re: You Can't Just Hack Your Way to Social Change -
"Jake, this is fantastic. The article is a service to everyone who is deeply committed to data science and, more importantly, problem solving. Thanks for de-bunking the mythology of the data scientist and highlighting them for what they are - talented practitioners, not miracle workers." - Roger
Taking the long view (when building the business) -
Re: Information Arbitrage - Knowing when it's time to go -
"Great thoughts. I will definitely share my perspective as you've suggested." - Roger
Re: Information Arbitrage - Knowing when it's time to go -
"Jim, totally valid point. I simply can't speak to those people because I'm not that way and can't even put myself into that mind-set. Work has always been an essential part of my identity, and I've always sought to optimize in the context of bettering my life, not simply more rapidly achieving a means to an end." - Roger
"We are small on purpose. We don’t want to be the market. We want to invest in a tiny slice of..." -
Re: The great unbundling -
"No doubt, Hunter. Disintermediation is a trend that simply cannot be stopped. And this is good for customers everywhere." - Roger
Re: The great unbundling -
"Paul, I believe the data should do the talking. I was merely putting forth a hypothesis. And in essence what I am saying is that clearly money appears to be the objective function, and that structure will eventually morph into that which maximizes money. Whether today's conferences = TV networks is the right atomic unit I don't know (but the Big 10 Network certainly makes a shit-ton of money), but I am confident that the lanscape will look far more fragmented and pieced together a la carte (and driven by the teams themselves) than it is today." - Roger
Mis-labeled bubble: it's the structure, not the valuation -
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