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Be a horseman of the infocalypse with your host, Eric Rice.
Eric Rice
How I explain Twitter to the normal people of the world.
I describe Twitter as a web-based app that's somewhere between a blog and a public instant messenger client. (Blog can also be anything contextually relevant to the person I'm talking to, myspacer, etc). It's public with some private messaging abilities. We converse to our buddy list in the public view. In response to those that don't use it like that (and use it as designed: a status poster) I simply compare it to the status or mood message that's part of many IM programs. - Eric Rice
I tend to steer clear of 'chat room' only cuz of old-school 'seedy' implications. IMs are much more normal and acceptable. Anyway, I've had a higher level of success wrt: comprehension of it. People who might not 'get' it are generally not interested in interacting with the world, one of the most annoying assumptions in social media, that everyone *wants* to be social. Hence my year long prediction on the rise of anti-social media. - Eric Rice
When I explain it I try to make it relevant to the listener in their terms. So for example, like CB radio, you can ask for information from many listening and many may answer. Or like a mailing list, many people choosing to participate in multithreaded conversations. - Shamir Katsu
Not having time for this kinda thing is the same as not having time for a social life. "I'm too busy to talk" scales between lots of people and one-on-one. In fact, the more people, the more work. Just like at parties. Ever blow off a party cuz you just aren't in the mood to deal with it? Kinda like that. Besides, sometimes we want to meet someone and talk offline. Share wisdom in private w/o the peanut gallery. - Eric Rice
How I describe Twitter depends a lot on who I'm talking to. However, when talking to GenX/Yers, I'll often describe watching Twitter as similar to watching your minifeed in Facebook, but with conversation/interaction. Generally young(ish) people get that. - Dan Patterson
SMS on the internet! - Dimitar Vesselinov
Goldie Katsu
Was at a security talk the other day and had to smile when he talked about how the hackers are after your data because that's what is valuable, root is nice but not necessary. -
Eric Rice
Emergent behavior: In GTA 4 today, a bunch of us inventing a new game helped a dude who rolled his car, turn it right-side UP. Isn't this where we should be killing people, not towing 'em out of the mud? Discuss. :)
I think it's fascinating because of the context. When I brought up about having access to the mini games and more 'spaces' (a la virtual worlds), it seemed to be kinda well received. Look how close Rockstar Games can be to making an amazing virtual world. It's not that hard. The issue is (and always will be) how MUCH user freedom do you allow wrt: user made content? - Eric Rice
Eric Rice
hai2u! heh it's like wordpress innit? - Eric Rice
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