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Inside DCWG: The First Meeting | American Libraries Magazine
Waiting to talk about Drupal FAIL at #alamw12 As if we have ever failed at the awesomeness that is Drupal.
I'm for Barb Stripling at #alamw12 Are you for the future of libraries as well?
Ensure that every child in America has access to an effective school library program.
Hey @OverDriveLibs help clear up this mess. #ShowUsTheContract with #Penguin - did they back out? or did you not secure the rights you sold?
RT @oitp: Reading ALA Washing Ton Office post on #Penguin
RT @ala_wo: Guest Blog: Three Graduate Projects and a Dissertation
Realizing @jonathancoulton also means sudden hugs during pizza night when he sings "you ruined the nicest way." Poor shirt
At #SSLLEAD - Section of School Librarians of NYLA Leadership Retreat
Help me EBSCO ebooks. You're my only hope! #ALA11
3M says school support "not in the immediate future." swing and a miss #ALA11
Blio still sounds awful #ALA11
Huge thank you to everyone who made ALAPlay a huge success at #ALA11 including the great participants!
Picked up the badge for #ALA11 but not ready to brave the heat again
It wouldn't have been a wedding in western New York without the chicken dance.
unexpected questions in library administration: should we go with the term doodoo or poo in the description of the new game we got?
#EQUACC take on Seth Godin's take on the future of libraries -
Livonia (NY) librarians talking at #SLMS11 - primary works cited as thank you page
Author signing @SLMS11 in Buffalo.
Lies, Damn Lies, and Fail Scales; or, how we seem to have lost more than half of our libraries in recent years
Lies, Damn Lies, and Fail Scales; or, how we seem to have lost more than half of our libraries in recent years
Silly investors help "inventor" re-discover toy libraries with a $50/month charge.
The site for #EQUACC - the ALA electronic content task force - is up and running at Join the conversation!
Don't forget to vote in @ALA and @AASL elections! And I would certainly appreciate your vote for Christopher Harris as AASL Treasurer
American Library Association tackles new challenges in the e-environment
Forgive me $diety, for I have sinned. Today at work I micromanaged.
Finally got sick of GroupWise client on Mac and GW web mail so ditched them for POP access via gmail.
O'Reilly blog asks is libraries help publishing (or anything else really) - share your thoughts at - O'Reily asks if libraries help publishing (or anything else really) - shall we help with some answers?
The only message that resonates "what we do for you" - @deblogan on advocacy (really marketing I think) #wfllead11
hanging out at #wfllead11 about to hear @deblogan deliver keynote
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