Them she said B&T has no control over the voices in Blio. Ummm...Kurzweil anyone?
At a conference. Baker & Taylor rep says "publishing is 1 book 1 reader" glad they aren't running the show!
ALA Goes to New York, Things Don't Get Violent - American Libraries Magazine
ALA Goes to New York%2C Things Don%27t Get Violent %7C American Libraries Magazine
550 signatures to go. Thanks for signing, now tell one more person to help out!
Going from #alamw12 to DFW? Take the TRE from Union Station (and then free shuttle to airport) for only $3.50!
Inside DCWG: The First Meeting | American Libraries Magazine
Waiting to talk about Drupal FAIL at #alamw12 As if we have ever failed at the awesomeness that is Drupal.
I'm for Barb Stripling at #alamw12 Are you for the future of libraries as well?
Ensure that every child in America has access to an effective school library program.
Hey @OverDriveLibs help clear up this mess. #ShowUsTheContract with #Penguin - did they back out? or did you not secure the rights you sold?
RT @oitp: Reading ALA Washing Ton Office post on #Penguin
RT @ala_wo: Guest Blog: Three Graduate Projects and a Dissertation
Realizing @jonathancoulton also means sudden hugs during pizza night when he sings "you ruined the nicest way." Poor shirt
At #SSLLEAD - Section of School Librarians of NYLA Leadership Retreat
Help me EBSCO ebooks. You're my only hope! #ALA11
3M says school support "not in the immediate future." swing and a miss #ALA11
Blio still sounds awful #ALA11
Huge thank you to everyone who made ALAPlay a huge success at #ALA11 including the great participants!
Picked up the badge for #ALA11 but not ready to brave the heat again
It wouldn't have been a wedding in western New York without the chicken dance.
unexpected questions in library administration: should we go with the term doodoo or poo in the description of the new game we got?
#EQUACC take on Seth Godin's take on the future of libraries -
Livonia (NY) librarians talking at #SLMS11 - primary works cited as thank you page
Author signing @SLMS11 in Buffalo.
Lies, Damn Lies, and Fail Scales; or, how we seem to have lost more than half of our libraries in recent years
Lies, Damn Lies, and Fail Scales; or, how we seem to have lost more than half of our libraries in recent years
Silly investors help "inventor" re-discover toy libraries with a $50/month charge.
The site for #EQUACC - the ALA electronic content task force - is up and running at Join the conversation!
Don't forget to vote in @ALA and @AASL elections! And I would certainly appreciate your vote for Christopher Harris as AASL Treasurer
American Library Association tackles new challenges in the e-environment
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