@ComcastBill After 3 hours, the issue was resolved by itself. Hope it doesn't come back. Thanks.
At home, Comcast Internet is down again - for the fourth time this month. Urge to switch to FiOS is getting strong everyday.
.@jskit I just reserved my spot to be amongst the first to get #ECHO! http://www.js-kit.com/echo/
@cookins T-mo has such a small 3g coverage, the result doesn't mean much. So, it's basically V and S are better than A, which I gotta agree.
Mixero takes lots of resource and sometimes unstable, but is the best Twitter client for Windows. For OS X, Tweetie rules.
@cookins Push works fine on my jailbroken phone.
RT @jasonjoo: And Gmail has a Labs feature to slap the Beta back on the logo LOL
Eagerly waiting for QuadCamera 1.95 update to show up on app store.
Emoticons works?
@trishussey Agree with location. Height makes big difference. Better Antenna helps, and firmware absolutely matters. Use less used channel.
I love my Macbook, but honestly Asus Netbook is a better solution when I need portability. I plan to replace Macbook with iMac.
iPhone @evernote app needs password screen. I can logout and login everytime, but it's pain. How about 4 digit passcode like iPhone's?
In Japan..
Toodledo down. Fortunately I have a back up, but now I wonder I will keep using it. Maybe it's time to give Google task a try.
일본에서 사 갈 게 정말 없군요. 전자 제품도 눈에 들어오는게 없고 그나마 옷이 미제보단 몸에 맞고 한국보다는 싸 보입니다. 20년 전 처음 왔을 때는 꿈같은 나라였는데 말이죠.
확실히 일본에서는 아이폰 보기가 어렵군요. 전자제품 매장에 가도 악세사리가 상대적으로 적은 걸 보면 (2년 전보다 오히려 더 줄어든 것 같더군요) 판매량이나 인기가 높지 않음을 추측할 수 있구요.... http://cookins.tumblr.com/post...
I’m so happy Picasa is availalbe for OS X. iPhoto is not bad, but I’m so used to Picasa and also I prefer... http://cookins.tumblr.com/post...
Photo: The 2nd floor of a small coffee shop nearby the hotel I stay in Tokyo. Love the place. http://cookins.tumblr.com/post...
Palm Pre의 아이튠 호환모드의 비밀 (how Palm Pre can sync with iTunes) http://techblog.tistory.com/91
@Ihnatko ha ha, I sometimes intentionally put myself in such condition. Works everytime.
I really like to like Evernote, but it just doesn't work for me. I wish it had a better clipping feature as in Scrapbook, firefox addon.
@totalpackers It's sad that I must check the opinion on Favre before I decide to follow someone. Good news is you passed. :)
@KevinCTofel same thing happened to me. It helps Kindle has more books availble and prices are mostly cheaper.
@KevinCTofel Congrats. Ironically in my area Comcast is cheaper and faster than FiOS.
Installed Quickgold on my iPhone and love it!
RT @tompelissero: Sign of the times:Redskins owner @DanielMSnyder is taking sugg... Read More: http://www.twitlonger.com/show...
Really like Tweetie for Mac.
@Codefox Congrats. It looks like an awesome car. Hope you enjoy it!
@KevinCTofel Arrrggh that glossy screen...
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