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Great day at this summer swim spot.
RT @Mogaza: bombing in gaza is very heavy now!!!!!!!
Sometimes I feel like I am cheating on my blogs when I'm reading a good book. I miss writing. Look toward to getting back to it soon.
RT @KenRoth: My criticizing #Israel or #Hamas conduct in #Gaza doesn't mean I support the other. I support adherence of all sides to Geneva Conventions.
Okay, faves as bookmarks, aka IFTT. Gotcha. Okay . Makes sense. Thanks:
What do you do with favorited tweets? Is it like "liking" a tweet? I rarely fave, so curious.
Curious why people favorite tweets, but not RT them. If you find a tweet interesting why not share it with others?
RT @monaelnaggar: the images out of #Gaza are horrifying.. and the notion that any of this can lead to a more secure #Israel is fictitious.
Wisdom is the ability to find pleasure in boredom, slow down and call the slow parts of life happiness.
Walking through the mall yesterday and look who we ran into. Hung out today, had some lunch and a quick swim on...
RT @joshua_mohr: Interviewing Sean Michaels (@stgramophone) at the @Booksmith tonight. Come out and say hi!
Barns bathed in light.
Walls of corn in rural Wisconsin.
Capturing some sunset shots in Wisconsin corn country. Beautiful out here.
RT @liamstack: Repeal Prohibition, Again: The New York Times Calls for Marijuana Legalization
Another great #vegan meal. This time and Roman Candle Pizzeria. #whatdoyoueat
Reading Half A Yellow Sun by Adichie and it is gripping.
One of the best articles I've yet to read on Gaza by @HamidDabashi
People are exhausting. As a person think I should know.
RT @TheTweetOfGod: There is no question that the way you choose to worship and conceive of Me is the correct one, whereas every other belief system is wrong.
That moment when you tell yourself, "I'm not gonna feel guilty about this." And you do it.
Peaches. Cherries. July. That is all.
Sometimes there is only so much parenting you can do, before you need to get the hell away from your kids.
RT @radicalbytes: "All lies and jest. Still, a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest" - Paul Simon, The Boxer
Simple food. Simple thoughts. #vegan #whatdoyoueat
Summers spoil kids.
Sometimes it feels like there can be no peace without justice. Hard to support both sides, when one is a criminal and an aggressor.
Israel, not Hamas, orchestrated the latest conflict in Gaza
Here's What Happens When an NFL Player Beats His Fiancée Unconscious
RT @brainpicker: Vincent van Gogh on art and the power of love, in letters to his brother
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