Do's of online sharing! -
Do's of online sharing!
RT @MrLeBrun: I know I was born and I know that I'll die. The in-between is mine. Pearl Jam Make the in-between amazing. #todayishere #seizeit #carpediem
.@chamada “I got nothin’ on my brain… least that’s what people say. Mmmmm Mmmmm.” In a Dylan meets Vedder angst ridden drawl.
.@chamada For what it’s worth, I’m working on a slow jam emo-indie version of Shake It Off for my next open mic. Thanks @taylorswift13
I was so excited about my trip, I forgot to mention that I will be hanging out all week with @jplaman too. Good times for sure.
Tomorrow I’m off for a week of rafting, trekking, caving & camping with my class. Love this part of teaching. #offthegrid see you next week.
6am- stepped in cat vomit. Awesome.
RT @COETAIL: Want to go beyond blogging? @ndbekah & @intrepidteacher have this workshop for u! Details here:
Note to self: When making a 15 min+ Screencast. Break it up into chunks & piece together in iMovie. DO NOT try in one take. Not even 5xs!
RT @PearlJamOnLine: Sad news. Iraq War veteran & critic Tomas Young dies at 34
Taking new medication that could considerably lower my blood pressure. I now have a monitoring machine....
Attention parents of young children throwing birthday parties- we do not want or need Goody Bags! Cheap plastic crap is good for no one.
RT @Skyelarsays: I can spell ogre-- ohhh-gggg-rrrrrr. Thanks #phonics
RT @HonestToddler: Brushed my teeth all by myself why is she screaming.
RT @bajacarr: @BarackObama HELP! PLS use G20 to urge JOKOWI's intervention in CORRUPT case against the innocent! #freeneilandferdi
RT @mairinraisdana: @jokowi_do2 You are hope for JUSTICE in INDO. Help stop lies that destroy lives of the INNOCENT. #freeneilandferdi
I'm fairly confident that 99% of the world's problems are due to men's insecurity.
So happy to hear that @BenHarper is reuniting with The Innocent Criminals next year- Looking fwd to new music.
RT @KenRoth: How does #Qatar limit complaints by migrants workers? Hire North Koreans who don't dare complain (& are barely paid).
Just read and loved The Lover’s Dictionary by @loversdiction
Maturity is the ability to clean up giant messes with patience, calm and joy.
.@amichetti It's a nice space of reflection and anticipation. An emptiness and fullness like the space between breaths.
There is plenty of time to be an adult, but childhood and adolescence is so brief and perfect.
Even when they are eager to grow up, we owe it to kids to help them appreciate every phase of their lives before they jump to the next
As a father, teacher & adult it's important to remind myself not to rush childhood. I need to let my kids & students grow up at their pace.
Sometimes it feels like my life is a novel and I'm living in the space between the chapters.
It's already Christmas in #singapore
Quiet afternoon reading on the couch while @kaiasays paints on the porch.
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