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This teaching thing can be exhausting. When you pour everything you got into a lesson, a class, a kid, you are left pretty drained.#tgif
RT @UWC_IO: Online UWC is a global, online and interactive sustainability class, starting 29th September.
I need a new avatar but can’t seem to find the right face.
One of my favourite things about Teaching the #TCRWP workshop model is that it forces me to be a writer. Just did my writing for tomorrow.
I can’t believe it is 2014 and you still can’t merge cells on Google Doc tables. What the hell? @googledrive
The birth of the avacado plant. Day 1
First day of school. So excited to have the whole family @skyelarsays included at @uwcsea_east
RT @mattgallowaycbc: John Oliver on #Ferguson and the militarization of police. Very good.
Took my mentor group to a home for people w/ Alzheimer's & dementia on the 1st day of school to intro service. How we roll #uwcsea_east
My new mentor class planting seeds to symbolize their growth for the year. #uwcsea_east Will keep you posted.
.@megangraff @guentheralex I think we can all do with being a little weirder.
"Be more supportive and less critical." Is the mantra I want to follow this year, with my students, my own kids and myself.
Sometimes people post pictures of meat, saying how good it looks and it literally makes me want to vomit.
Even after 12 years of being a student- another 6 as a college student--now starting 15th year of teaching. I still love 1st day of school
Make a funnel and drink some water. #wreckthisjournal @paulaguinto
Find a way to freeze this page day two. #wreckthisjournal @paulaguinto
Standing in line, telling myself: "This is water. This is water. This is water."
I can't prove it scientifically, but I'm certain that fluorescent lighting is bad for my mojo.
Down at sports hub, getting a sneak peak at the new stadium. #singapore
“The @beastieboys are like the flip Jackie Robison of hip hop.” @MrChuckD
Stage one of Freeze This Page of #wreckthisjournal day 7 ? 8 ? @paulaguinto
RT @TheTweetOfGod: I really don't make it easy to believe in Me.
Got an email from a parent of a kid I taught 2 years ago, telling me how excited she is that I'll teach the brother this year. #feelsgood
RT @DaveSFoley: Americans have the right to assemble, even if it is dark, even if they are black, even if they are angry. #Ferguson
RT @The_Blackness48: Powerful picture we took today at Howard University #Ferguson #MikeBrown #MyaWhite #DONTSHOOT
RT @royanlee: Questions @edrethink Asks You to Consider When Setting Up Your Classroom #edchat
RT @jelani9: There were people out last night with signs comparing #Ferguson to Gaza.
RT @DonteStallworth: Times like this is when I really miss Tupac Shakur.
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