Corey Harris
I have invites to brightkite, 12seconds, and
I think Everybody has invites to brightkite lol - Tyler (Chacha)
Do you still have a 12seconds? - Sam Allan
I have all three as well. Sam - what's your email address, I'll invite you to 12seconds - Nathan Rein
Boogie, and Colide81 I sent you lifestream invites. I still have a 12second invie Sam - Corey Harris
boogie I am sending you an invite code to - Nick Cowie
If you still have a Lifestream invite, I would like to try it :) alb0306 [at] googlemail . com Many thanks, AlanLB. - AlanLB
@boogie Thanks for the invite, which I have now used. Atb, AlanLB. - AlanLB
Any more invites floating around...?! Please...?! :) - Stevan Milesevic
Please send me a brightkite invitation/ mohammadkeshvary in Gmail - Mohammad Keshvary from fftogo
@Stevan Milesevic email addy to send invite to? I was on before they went from open to invite beta and seem to have endless (so far) invites - Nick Cowie
@Nick Thanks, I got one now...! Kinda disappointed actually but it was worth giving it a try... - Stevan Milesevic