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iPhone 3.0 Preview Event

iPhone 3.0 Preview Event

VentureBeat's coverage of the iPhone 3.0 developer preview event.
MG Siegler
100 more things: The new iPhone 3.0 features -
100 more things: The new iPhone 3.0 features
Anthony Ha
Scott Forestall, now talking about 100 new features for customers. Starting with: copy and paste.
NO WAY - Josh Haley
"We think we've nailed it." - Anthony Ha
And you haters thought this was a lame announcement. - Mark Trapp
IT'S OVER - Mike Nayyar
niiiiiccceee - MG Siegler
Double tap on text, then a "cut, copy, paste" menu bubble above the text. - Anthony Ha
yay!!!, copy paste - Kiran Patchigolla
One word selected automatically, but then you can drag the right marker to cover whatever text you want. - Anthony Ha
Argh, if only they had improved the iPhone camera so you could actually see cut and paste in my photos, rather than a white smear. - Anthony Ha
Cut, copy, and paste also works across applications. - Anthony Ha
We've won people, we've won. 2009: The year we triumphed - Mike Nayyar
finally.. something..!! i woke up :P - Praveen Vasudev
I think I'm gonna cry.... *sniffle* - Neil Bernhart
Showing copy and paste on a website, can detect whole blocks of text. - Anthony Ha
"All you have to do is shake to undo." - Anthony Ha
awesome. - MG Siegler
You can shake again to redo. - Anthony Ha
the dots, moving the start and end points! I want that on my fricken PC! - Josh Haley
I hope one of those 100 is a stable browser :) - Bwana ☠
In text messages, just hold finger down over a message and it brings up the copy menu. - Anthony Ha
"Of course, this works for third-party apps as well." - Anthony Ha
Typing while riding in a car on a bumpy road = undo, redo, undo, redo, undo, redo... - Derek van Vliet
Copy and paste within Wikimobile, a Wikipedia application. - Anthony Ha
One more thing: photos. - Anthony Ha
MMS! - Mike Nayyar
Now you can copy multiple photos in the photo app, then paste into an emails. - Anthony Ha
Works across all applications. - Anthony Ha
yeeehhhhhhaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *kisses Steve's feet* - Roberto Bonini
Includes developer APIs - Anthony Ha
Kisses the feet of all Apple devs who made it possible - Francine Hardaway
Hhow about being able to set the resolution/.shrinkage settings of emailing photos? That would be nice. - Josh Haley
May I just point out how sad it is that y'all are getting so excited about this? Copy/paste? Seriously? - Ken Sheppardson
Ken, like I said..gimme a stable Safari :) - Bwana ☠
It's the little things that add to one's quality of life, Kshep - Francine Hardaway
And the Ass of the Thread award goes to Ken Sheppardson. Everyone give up a round of applause for Ken. - Akiva
Akiva FTW - Mike Nayyar
Kshep: I have learned to just live without it. Cool that we are getting it now. - Christian Burns
Wait a second... what did I do? ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
For the record, I didn't mean y'all are sad, I meant it's sad we, collectively, had to wait so long that we're this excited. - Ken Sheppardson
Anthony Ha
Next customer feature: messages
Includes ability to forward and delete messages: individual messages or multiple messages. - Anthony Ha
Adding support for MMS - Anthony Ha
Can now send and receive photos, contacts (v-card), audio, location - Anthony Ha
and there was much rejoicing. "yaaayyyy" - Josh Haley
All of this added directly into existing application - Anthony Ha
No video? :( - Bwana ☠
MMS is a win for me - do you KNOW how many people send me pictures? - Mike Nayyar
Many have links that make you click through to a Sprint or whatever service website, then go find the picture. It's clumsy as hell. - Josh Haley
Oh, and Hi, Kaia. - Josh Haley
Anthony Ha
They're kicking us out of Apple HQ now. Thanks again to everyone for reading.
once again..thanks a tonne..!! great job =) - Praveen Vasudev
Anthony Ha
And that's more-or-less a wrap. Short Q&A coming up once the developers file out.
Thanks Anthony - Josh Haley
Great Job Anthony :) - vijay
Wow, thanks Anthony. Your fingers must be bleeding. Rejoice! - Mike Nayyar
Thanks, Anthony! Great coverage - Andrei M. Marinescu
Well done. Really good!!! - Roberto Bonini
If you have any questions, you can post them here and I may try to ask them ... though no promises. - Anthony Ha
"Why did it take so long to get cut and paste? It seems so obvious." Apple: Well, uh, actually, no, not that simple. Great question, Time Magazine. - Anthony Ha
Flash?? - Roberto Bonini
Question on Flash news. No announcements. - Anthony Ha
When will the video be up for download?? - Roberto Bonini
Streaming video recording? Anything about video recording? - Mike Nayyar
Ask about Jobs: how's he doing? - Mark Trapp
Why has video not been included? - Stepan Mazurov
Access other people itunes libraries through p2p feature? Not included in built-in itunes application, there may or may not be ways to make that happen. - Anthony Ha
Question about more transparency about what apps are acceptable in the app store. Apple: "the numbers speak for themselves." Bringing up item that I don't think I got a chance to mention earlier: 98 percent of apps that get approved are aprpoved in seven days. - Anthony Ha
More on transparency: majority of our communication is about technical issues, also about language, pronography, privacy, which they say is stuff all mentioned in developer agreement. - Anthony Ha
"We have a great solution that's working, and we're constantly amking it better." - Anthony Ha
And that's the end of the Q&A. They didn't call on me, alas. Many people still had their hands up. - Anthony Ha
Anthony Ha
Push notification service, any guarantees about uptime? No. "We want it to be as reliable as possible."
SLAs are so old school :-) - Todd Hoff
Anthony Ha
Engadget asking question about performance issues, like lagginess, stutteriness. "We absolutely take performance very seriously." Demo units were more laggy than standard units. "addressing it in a number of ways."
Whoops, that should have been in the Q&A thread. - Anthony Ha
Whoops realize that I stopped posting to the Q&A thread. Stupid switching between real-time and standard view. - Anthony Ha
Dean Takahashi
hey how about that physical keyboard that i asked for?
keep dreaming dean - MG Siegler
You could build an app that works with a physical keyboard now. - Christian Burns
yes, thats it, Christian - Roberto Bonini
Oh me, oh my. - Mike Nayyar
Anthony Ha
Question on tethering. building support into iphone, but nothing to announce.
Dean Takahashi
great job anthony
Anthony Ha
Roberto: USA Today beat you to it, Roberto.
Come again?? Sorry forgot what I said. - Roberto Bonini
Ah, that was about Flash. - Anthony Ha
Oh, yeah, but thanks. - Roberto Bonini
Anthony Ha
Netbooks? Nothing to announce.
Anthony Ha
Stepan: Ah, MG asked me to ask about that too. I'll do my best.
Anthony Ha
Stepan: What are you asking?
Support for video recording, a la qik, ustream, etc - Stepan Mazurov
Anthony Ha
Anthony Ha
Incoherent question being asked about other applications.
Anthony Ha
ESPN app uses the HTTP video streaming protocol
MG Siegler
awesome job anthony.
Thanks Anthony, great job - Bwana ☠
great job Anthony =) thanks a tonne..!! - Praveen Vasudev
How about thanks a Newtonne?? - Roberto Bonini
Thanks for reading anyone. - Anthony Ha
Fantastic job. - Francine Hardaway
Anthony Ha
Whirlwind tour of other new features
Note sync - Anthony Ha
Shake to shuffle. - Anthony Ha
awesome..!! go on, go on.. - Praveen Vasudev
WiFi auto login. For example logging into your Starbucks account. - Anthony Ha
Stereo bluetooth. - Anthony Ha
Apple is keeping the excitement up even without Steve! Way to go Apple! - Kiran Patchigolla
Anti-Phishing in Safari. - Anthony Ha
Auto-fill in Safari - Anthony Ha
Extending parental controls to include TV shows, movies, and applications form the App Store - Anthony Ha
Adds support for more languages, and improving keyboards - Anthony Ha
Login to YouTube account - Anthony Ha
Ho, YouTube accounts. Always wondered why that wasn't there from the beginning. - Mark Trapp
Hope they make it easier to delete multiple photos on the iPhone. Or to just wipe them all out at once. - Akiva
No mention of tethering yet though... - Nate True
I see "Live Streaming" on the tour of features photo - Bwana ☠
I expect it's streaming *in* not out... - Nate True
@Bwana me too! WOW. No reason to jailbreak... - Mike Nayyar
I think I see "call log:" I wonder if I'll finally be able to find out how long I was on a call for. What a silly thing not to have. - Mark Trapp
Bwana, could that be the streaming-via-HTTP feature? - Akiva
Good eye, @Bwana! - Josh Haley
@Akiva, that would be called "Life Streaming" no? - Josh Haley
i thought the shake to shuffle feature was already available? - Jai Choi
Jai: on iPod Nanos, not iPhone. - Mark Trapp
Anthony Ha
More info about iPhone 3.0 availability
Developer beta available today. - Anthony Ha
Available to all developers in iPhone developer program. - Anthony Ha
"With the beta being available today, you should start your testing now." - Anthony Ha
Adding 15 countries to list of App Store availability, for total of 77 countries. - Anthony Ha
Shipping this summer - Anthony Ha
Ship as free software update to iPhone 3G - Anthony Ha
"This summer" is a bit imprecise. Any dates mentioned? - Roberto Bonini
Not all features will be available to first-generation iPhones, such as MMS. - Anthony Ha
1st Gen iPhoners about to get left in the dust? - Bwana ☠
$9.95 update for iPod Touch. - Anthony Ha
free updates to iPhone 3G? What about iPhone 1G owners? edit: aside of AD2P and MMS everything is same for iPhone 1G owners so YAY! - vijay
Looks like it does work with the iPhone 1G according to Engadget - Bwana ☠
I meant 1st gen iPhone - Bwana ☠
Gizmodo says free for all iphones, 1g doesn't get mms or stereo bluetooth - Mark Trapp
Anthony Ha
Next customer feature: Search
Whoa! - Mike Nayyar
Search within mail - Anthony Ha
If message you're looking for isn't on your iPhone, you can continue your search on the server. - Anthony Ha
Search in Calendar - Anthony Ha
Search in iPod - Anthony Ha
if it will search my entire 7GB of gmail from the iphone, then = WIN - Josh Haley
<3 Search within mail...<3...thank you...thank you Apple - Bwana ☠
Search in Notes - Anthony Ha
"Wouldn't it be nice if there was a single location you could go if you could search across all these applications?" - Anthony Ha
New homescreen on the left of all your other homescreens called spotlight, which is a page for search across all those applications. - Anthony Ha
awesome, spotlight for iphone! - Kiran Patchigolla
called this back in november - MG Siegler
MG Wins again - Bwana ☠
Also lets you search for specific applications. This is for people who have tons of apps on their phones. - Anthony Ha
I wish they had gotten rid of the demos and jumped to all this. - Mike Nayyar
Josh - it will. search will continue onthe server is the mail item isin't on the phone. - Roberto Bonini
<---this guy - MG Siegler
Don't hurt yourself patting yourself on the back Sieg - Adam Valentine
Let's all pitch in to get MG a medal :) - Mike Nayyar
Spotlight just KILLED the best reason to Jailbreak - QuickGold. Wow! - vijay
SOunds like Apple has been paying attention to the jailbreaking crowd and seeing what works/doesn't and are making 'must have" JB apps now a part of the legit OS. - Josh Haley
@Josh does this mean we can expect a legit Qik app soon? ;) - Mike Nayyar
@Mike supposedly a legit SlingPlayer is in the works...streaming video is streaming video, no? I hope so. - Josh Haley
this feature would be great! - Jai Choi
Anthony Ha
Next customer feature: stocks
Adding support for headlines at the bottom fo the applications. - Anthony Ha
Let you see details within the app - Anthony Ha
Landscape view of graphs. - Anthony Ha
At a time when we need to not pay attention to a market ruled by fear. Nice. - Christian Burns
Anthony Ha
Next customer feature: calendar
Ading support for two additional calendar types - Anthony Ha
CalDAV: great for shared calendars - Anthony Ha
Subscriptions: subscribe to your favorite calendars. - Anthony Ha
CalDAV? Sweet: been waiting for that for a while; pain to not be able to push stuff from the phone back to the caldav server. - Mark Trapp
Anthony Ha
Next customer feature: landscapes
like bob ross style? - MG Siegler
in iPhone 3.0 taking landscape and landscape keyboard to all key applications. - Anthony Ha
For example you can use landscape keyboard to write emails. - Anthony Ha
Also: landscape in notes. - Anthony Ha
Thank goodness. - Derek van Vliet
Awesome. Awesome. And another awesome for good measure. - Bwana ☠
Not huge, but it should help the fat fingered out there - Mike Nayyar
Sounds like the entire phone should have been in landscape from the beginning - Francine Hardaway
I rarely, ever use the iPhone in landscape mode. Sometimes I will when viewing some websites but otherwise, it's upright constantly. - Akiva
Anthony Ha
Next customer feature: Voice memos
Looks like Evernote's gotten them thinking. - Akiva
Can record using built-in microphone, or with external microphone - Anthony Ha
Can edit within the apps. - Anthony Ha
Time to throw in another "awesome"! - Andrei M. Marinescu
To be clear, this is a new app from Apple - Anthony Ha
yeah this just killed a few apps - MG Siegler
I wonder how long can they be? Can you say mobile podcasting? - Bwana ☠
Dean Takahashi
now how about some mac gaming?
Anthony Ha
iPhone demo apps: Smule
Ge Wang takes the stage - Anthony Ha
Creating a brand-new musical instrument in iPhone 3.0 - Anthony Ha
Yay, CCRMA shoutout (if you're not a stanford alum, please disregard this comment) - Anthony Ha
In case you've forgotten, Smule created the Ocarina app. - Anthony Ha
More than 700,000 Ocarina users around the world. - Anthony Ha
More than 1200 unique musical scores. - Anthony Ha
"It is possible to create new types of communities on this platform virtually, overnight." - Anthony Ha
Leaf Trombone: World Stage - Anthony Ha
Um, what? - Anthony Ha
"Whimsical, wacky musical instrument." - Anthony Ha
basically you slide different do-hickeys around, then blow into the microphone. - Anthony Ha
This is a super yawn fest so far. I could've napped through this - Mike Nayyar
That's what she said! - Adam Valentine
iPhone 3.0 features (connection API) allows you to do in-person duets on Leaf Trombone. - Anthony Ha
They're doing a duet of Phantom of the Opera. What is it with Smule and Phantom of the Opera??? - Anthony Ha
Like Ocarina, the actual music is, um, not necessarily the most inspiring thing ever. - Anthony Ha
Loudest applause yet, though. - Anthony Ha
how is leaf trombone taking advantage of new apis? - Josh Haley
People are easily impressed? - Mike Nayyar
whatever anthony, people love phantom - MG Siegler
Leaf Trombone? Pre has no chance. - Ken Sheppardson
Smule rocks! Although, I don't get this app, but don't hate on Ocarina! :) - Bwana ☠
the applause is to finally END this snooze-fest. - vijay
Dr, Wang just launched an app called the Leaf Trombone! - Jayen
Dean Takahashi
LiveFire -- now there's a real game
Anthony Ha
iPhone demo apps: LifeScan (owned by Johnson & Johnson)
Anita Mathew on stage - Anthony Ha
Tools to simplify diabetes management. - Anthony Ha
This would be one I'd like to see. - Francine Hardaway
Pretending to "walk in the shoes" of Maddy, a 15-year-old girl with diabetes. - Anthony Ha
This would be excellent for my father. - Mike Nayyar
At lunchtime, Maddy has to decide how much insulin to take to cover her meal. She has to prick her finger to make this test. - Anthony Ha
Here it is: LifeScan remote patient monitoring of glucose levels. THis is a potential killer app for iPhone as health care gets automated - Francine Hardaway
Meter can now transmit the insulin reading to her iPhone - Anthony Ha
Diabeetus - Josh Haley
Now that her reading is in the phone, she can customize info about the meal, then entering the information about her food. - Anthony Ha
Wilford Brimley would be so proud! - Nate True
App then calculates her insulin dose. - Anthony Ha
That's cool. - Tony Ruscoe
"Most of this math has always been done in Maddy's head. Now it's done for her within this application." - Anthony Ha
iPrick accessory in 3,2,1 - Josh Haley
The diabetes app is really useful, not just cool for geeks - Francine Hardaway
Maddy can then email her parents with her glucose numbers and how she's feeling to her parents. - Anthony Ha
so... wouldn't it make more sense for the pricky instrument to do the calculation? - Nate True
carb counter is a cool thing to have anyway. - Josh Haley
Nate has a point. But it is geeky - so there Nate. - Roberto Bonini
Nate: Good point. Embed all this in the monitor. - Ken Sheppardson
App also allows her graph her readings over time, then drill in on specific readings. - Anthony Ha
Blood glucose monitor could run Andoir/webOS - Ken Sheppardson
Don't get me wrong, some of the stuff this app does is *cool* but probably doesn't justify the price tag of a bluetooth-enabled glucose monitor - Nate True
If it automated pushing data to your digital health records, for authorized family to check on, for sure - Christian Burns
Automated online data pushing will require opt in, I think - Francine Hardaway
Anthony Ha
Next topic: Push Notification
"You know, we're a bit late on this." - Anthony Ha
Say you're gonna do it I'm beggin' you PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Roberto Bonini
"We had to completely re-architect the server infrastructure for push notifications." (after success of app store) - Anthony Ha
"So now, we're good to go." - Anthony Ha
Why not background processes? "It's not good for the customer." - Anthony Ha
Big issue is battery life. - Anthony Ha
This is huge. - Mike Nayyar
That's unsurprising. Battery life is bad enough now - Francine Hardaway
Re: Background processes. How about let the customer decide what's good for them? - Tony Ruscoe
Damn it! Let the customer decide that! - Mark Philpot
Test of IM app that runs in background: standby time of phone dropped by 80 percent or more. - Anthony Ha
Tried using similar app with push notification, standby time of phone only dropped by 23 percent. - Anthony Ha
So they've decided on push rather than background processes on the basis of battery life tradeoffs? - Francine Hardaway
Continuing with instant messaging example to illustrate how push notification works. - Anthony Ha
The apple push notification service has a persistent connection through the phone. - Anthony Ha
Three types of notifications: badge, audio alerts, text alerts. Text alerts can include button to go straight to apps. - Anthony Ha
LOL I called this. I knew they had to scrap the previous arch. - Bwana ☠
well, i like the idea of push IM - it really will be handy. right now it's nearly useless. - Karoli
The reason they're doing this is because "it scales" - Anthony Ha
Oh yeah, he also said it maintains performance of phone. - Anthony Ha
"We're doing all the hard work for you." - Anthony Ha
Push vs background also gives them a way to deny jailbreakers, no? - Ken Sheppardson
I really hope it doesn't let apps hijack your phone: imagine being in an app, and another app pushes a notification, quitting you out of your other app, to advertise something. - Mark Trapp
From the Gizmodo liveblog: This means no background apps YET. This means something is in the future when battery problem can be solved? - Mike Nayyar
Making SMS obsolete? - Christian Burns
It won't. Current SMS alerts don't do that, and that's what they're modeled after. - Nate True
Nope. i still have many freinds who arn't on any Social Netwroking service. - Roberto Bonini
How long is the battery life on the iPhone nowadays anyway? - Brian Chang
Ranges from half a day of heavy use to 2 days of light use for me and the folks I know. - Nate True
Yeah, nate is about right. More if you turn off 3G, BlueTooth and Wi-Fi when they are not needed - Roberto Bonini
Ouch, yeah, I can see why they're concerned about background apps draining battery life. I have 2 BlackBerries, and they run at minimum 4 background apps full time. With light use even with background apps, I can swing at least 2 days out of the battery. If the iPhone is only getting that without background apps, it's probably wiser to hold off until they can improve the battery. - Brian Chang
Unfortunately Apple has an obsession with things being 0.001 inches thinner than the last model every time, so bigger battery not likely :( - Nate True
Push notification with location apps like foursquare will be killer - Mike Nayyar
@mike - true - MG Siegler
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