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iPhone App Ideas

iPhone App Ideas

Post your ideas for iPhone applications. Comment, critique, love what you like or hate!
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Gideros Mobile
You can download the beta version from our Download section. Even though this version is beta, it’s much more comprehensive than the previous version, and definitely has less bugs. Therefore instead of 2011.6, try downloading this version and give it a go. You are, as usual, encouraged to send your comments, bug reports and suggestions to our forum. We’ll be reading each and every post you send, and respond immediately. - Gideros Mobile from Bookmarklet
Gideros Mobile
Gideros Studio for Mac OS X is out ! Gideros is a multi-platform development environment with its own IDE and SDK to build games on iPhone, iPad and (soon) Android easily, with a Flash-like programing interface. Go grab your copy from
iCartel s r. o.
iCartel s r. o.
Office Holiday app will take you to paradise. Get ready for it! New version comming up next week. Give it a try.
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iCartel s r. o.
Let’s have a little trip to paradise. Enjoy your time with Office Holiday app from Icartel. New version 1.1 comming up next week! Check this out.
We want to invite you to visit our site We are giving FREE iPod touch and iPad.
Buy real 3D letters and create words to display around your home. Send real letter messages not just a greeting card. There are times in life when sending that special someone a greetings card is not enough. Times when you want to be different, stand out and be remembered. viaLetter is a messaging service with a...
Susan Beebe
Mophie iPhone credit card reader coming to a CES near you -- Engadget -
Mophie iPhone credit card reader coming to a CES near you -- Engadget
"Mophie iPhone credit card reader coming to a CES near you By Vladislav Savov posted Dec 31st 2009 4:19AM iPhone accessory maker and recession antidote regular Mophie is about to make the most buzzworthy move of its short history by offering a credit card reader and accompanying transaction app for the Apple handset. Positioned as a direct competitor to Jack Dorsey's Square iPhone Payment System, Mophie's solution looks to be integrated into an iPhone case -- making it possible to keep the reader on permanently, albeit at a slight cost to your device's aesthetics. The decidedly cube-shaped Square system has a less ergonomic design, but we suspect that the winner (if either of these two succeeds) will be primarily determined by the usability of the app and affordability of the service. Look out for more info to emerge at some point during the maelstrom that will be CES 2010." - Susan Beebe from Bookmarklet
Great, but I think that is more useful the iPhone as mobile payments system, not as a card reader - Roberto from iPhone
Susan Beebe
"Is the long-awaited Apple tablet just weeks away? Apple is preparing to show off a new, larger mobile device with a higher resolution display in January -- probably a version of the Apple tablet we've been hearing about for months -- according to a plugged-in source in the mobile industry. Apple has been telling some app makers to prepare apps for a demo next month, according to this source. "They've told select developers that as long as they build their apps to support full screen resolution -- rather than a fixed 320x480 -- their apps should run just fine," our source says. The device won't go on sale in January, according to this source -- just the demo. This is presumably so Apple can give other app makers time to prepare their apps for larger-screen devices, a project that will range in complexity depending on the app. Previous reports suggest a tablet will be available in March. One possibility -- increasingly likely, we think -- is that this is the first of several tablets... more... - Susan Beebe from Bookmarklet
THAT'S A REALLY BIG i..... Oh wait, I get it. - tehKenny
ROFL Kenny - Roberto Bonini
or we'll get an iPod touch with a Camera :( - Eric
I love that pic! :) - Susan Beebe
Hello! my first post here :-) this is an idea i would like to see in the market: a e-ink dock for the iPhone, hope you like it :-)
Susan Beebe
Self-portrait - iPhone Photoshop application is awesome! (applied "soften" affect to my photo)
Susan Beebe_photo2.jpg
Now I just wish I was wearing makeup when I took this photo LOL - Susan Beebe
Good Job - Kevin J Hatton
Kevin - thanks! - Susan Beebe
Makeup is overrated - Rahsheen
Hahah yes it is - so now you know why I stopped wearing it a year ago! (only wear it for special events) - Susan Beebe
Just got it today - orionstarr from iPhone
Got it a few hours ago. I might like Photogene better. - MiniMage
Photogene looks awesome, just downloaded it, thanks! - Susan Beebe
Thanks John, I'll check it out :) ... this is one of the reasons I love FF - cool buddies share neat stuff ! - Susan Beebe
how sweet :) - Susan Beebe
Susan Beebe
Official Google Mobile Blog: The Iterative Web App: 'Move' and 'Enhanced Refresh' -
Official Google Mobile Blog: The Iterative Web App: 'Move' and 'Enhanced Refresh'
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"Last week we released two new features which can save you clicks when using web-based Gmail on an iPhone or Android-powered device. The first one is 'Move', which you can find under 'More' in the Floaty Bar. The 'Move' function lets you label and archive a message in a single step. So as soon as you 'move' a conversation to a certain label, that email will disappear from your Inbox and show up under that label. We introduced this feature to Gmail for your PC earlier this year, and now we're making it available for your mobile phone as well. Another improvement we made is 'Enhanced Refresh.' With this feature, your Gmail inbox auto-refreshes when you switch back to Gmail from another tab or application. And if your phone goes to sleep while Gmail is open, it will refresh when you wake it up. To try out Gmail for mobile, visit in your mobile browser. This version of Gmail for mobile supports iPhone/iPod touch OS 2.2.1 or above, as well as all Android-powered devices, and is available in US English only. To make it easy to access your Gmail account, try creating a home screen link." - Susan Beebe from Bookmarklet
20 beta testers needed - - new iPhone app translates printed text snapped with iPhone camera into a different language.
is a nice idea :) - Gioxx
Sadly I only speak English (unless Klingon counts) but still, I think this is a great idea. - Noah Belson
would be a nice app ! - Wao || 大号真皮人偶
cooooool !!! - Maxime
any more takers for beta test? Please RT - there are still few slots available! - Babelshot
Me. Thx :) - Kiro
here i am! :) - Eta
up for it. speak several languages - Ouriel Ohayon
Here I am :) - Giovy
cool!! @eta @ourielohayon @giovy send me your device IDs via DM to @babelshot - this is needed to install the app. Thanks! - Babelshot
That is a great idea. - RAPatton
Susan Beebe
Susan Beebe
Ok raise your hand if you got the new Facebook iPhone app and are fumbling around trying to figure it out!!
You didn't read the facebook page for the app showing where all the new things got moved to beforehand. :P - John Wang
haha no! should of though, busy week... - Susan Beebe
Digging the telephone icon on the contact list - call people directly from Facebook! - Daniel J. Pritchett
oh that is cool! - Susan Beebe
its awesome great job @joehewitt - Isaac Zahavi
very snappy, too - very fast YAY!! - Susan Beebe
Getting used to it! Great update - orionstarr from iPhone
Where is the new app? My iPhone says that all of my apps are up to date, but I don't see that UI. - xero
I just did the same thing. Still says 2.5, but completely new UI. Liking it much better, it's finally useful. - xero
Landscape mode! - orionstarr from iPhone
I agree, diggin' the L.S. mode... - Ron Thompson
I'm barely on Facebook. I only started out there when they purchased our beloved Friendfeed. - JR Holmes
the new FB app is really hot! - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
Now that I know it's out, I can start fumbling with it. Missed it completely! - Michael Fidler
I thinks it's actually pretty intuitive ... I'm also not one to "read the directions" :-) - Don Bonaddio
I love it, very intuitive. - Kate
it's pretty simple... i didn't find that any fumbling was needed - Chris Heath
I've installed it but can't get it "load my friends." Any ideas on how to solve? - Jim Turner
I love the new design. It's a lot faster and smoother than the old one... - Michel
Jim did you get it to load your friends? it was crashing on me right after i tried to load my friends the first time and i deleted it and re-synched and everything was cool - Chris Heath
Maybe I'll finally move to i3.0 tonight. - MiniMage
I can't figure out how to access my Group & Fan Pages - pretty important when you're an Admin of a bunch of 'em! - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
::raises hand:: so if a person has their phone number in FB and then it shows up in 3.0 then you can call them eh. Seems like it. Interesting - cheapsuits from iPhone
I'm pretty sure I could call people's numbers from the Android browser's mobile FB web page... - Andrew C (✔)
I'm still trying to figure out the regular interface and now you want me to work this crazy thingy? - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
The iPhone app is vastly easier than the browser version (which I hate). - Drew
This is a typical iPhone app. Though it's a third party app for the iPhone.. It inherits lots of feature of iPhone.. - Mohammad Abdurraafay
that's a VERY big "if" - MiniMage
Agreed Clark. It seems that way with most of the cool apps. - TheHenry
Yeah I know. It's like we know now, but we'll have to wait 15 days. - TheHenry
very cool stuff - Sheri Kelly
man, you guys are killing me! I keep thinking it's out every time I see the Dropbox logo :) - metalerik
Very Interesting. - Interwebz 91
Oh please please please Apple. Drop the punk-ass routine and approve this app. - Uche Ogbuji
There was a comment on this post, saying that Apple would deny it, because it is Similar to iDisk. Do you agree? - TheHenry
There are more apps like this,, zumo drive and files lite to name a view. - Willem (@wim66) ☠ from iPhone
UPDATED: Quick App: GPush iPhone Push Notifications for Gmail- ACCEPTED -
UPDATED: Quick App: GPush iPhone Push Notifications for Gmail- ACCEPTED
I like that it doesn't auto open the default mail app. I use the web interface. - Fox
about time - Edgar Rodríguez
oh i see they are having issues, and it was pulled. too bad i wanted to try it. love the gmail web interface - Edgar Rodríguez
I'd use it, but not as much as some people. - Bwana ☠
I would probably only use it once or twice a week. - TheHenry
I email pictures probably 6-8 times a month. I'd use MMS 2-3 times a month - Bwana ☠
I'd much rather have tethering than MMS - TheHenry
I think I've met one (1) person that actually uses MMS regularly. No, I don't miss it - but I believe T-Mobile over here offers it... - Holger Eilhard
I used MMS once. The recipient yelled at me, because he was on AT&T. - Marty
Just today someone sent an MMS with picture to my iPhone. You can get the picture, but believe me, it's no fun entering the codes to get it. I'll use it, but probably not much. - Tom Landini
I use it on Rogers but we get dinged .50c per MMS which sucks - Simon Tracey from BuddyFeed
yes, I was on Verizon and thought all carriers had MMS...I find it kind of weird that AT - James
I would use MMS on my iPhone. As other phone users send me MMS messages I have to jump through hoops - username:password on a site that errors out more than not - to get the content. Very annoying, especially when it's pics/vids of my kids on vacation in Cali without me. Give me MMS! - Robert J Taylor from iPhone
Always Getting Beat Down In iPhone Racing Games? Try Using A Steering Wheel -
Always Getting Beat Down In iPhone Racing Games? Try Using A Steering Wheel
The Competition: Microsoft Gives Devs Guide to iCloning iPhone Apps for Windows Mobile -
The Competition: Microsoft Gives Devs Guide to iCloning iPhone Apps for Windows Mobile
Smart move! - Michael Fidler
This just an extension of Microsoft's most profitable business model: feed off other platforms' creativity; do plenty of me-too stuff but in a fashion that'll require later handholding and support (thus creating a third-party service aftermarket); sit by the cash register and listen to endle$$ ka-ching! - ianf ⌘
can they do that? - dondepresor
'Course they can. Devs own the core code, Microsoft just provides tools to remake the apps into OSX Cocoa Touch-looky likes except with WIndows Mobile graphic primitives etc. Depending on how much time the developer wants to put into it, the remade app, provided it doesn't use any hardware-dependent functions that are not in iPhone, will look and behave almost the same, though not... more... - ianf ⌘
I liked this bit especially: "5% (142 votes) thought that it didn’t matter, since they were outside the US and their carriers handled the iPhone with no problem." - ianf ⌘
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