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(Curtis) Alan Jackson

(Curtis) Alan Jackson

I used to have some clever words here. ["iphwin" on the IMs.] Also see (gratuitous plug for wife's papercrafting website)
22 Reasons Why I Have Trust Issues | Diply -
22 Reasons Why I Have Trust Issues | Diply
What the?? BUNNEH, you got some explaining to do! - (Curtis) Alan Jackson from Bookmarklet
I just choked on a mouthful of sunflower seeds at #21. - Anika
I was coming to comment on #21 but Anika said it better. - bentley
Technically accurate. :) - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
They're all amusing, but some of them are a bit of a stretch. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Well, this could be fairly exciting. Out of the blue, I got an email from a company looking to hire a NOC Manager for their expanding business. And more interestingly, they're looking for someone more process-oriented than technically-oriented. Which is good as the company specializes in SIP Trunking services which I had not heard of before...cont.
...that first email. Basically, they saw my resume and my background of former military and ITIL and thought it'd be worth contacting me. After a decently long initial conversion with their VP of Network Engineering and Operations it appears they're just at the point where they want to grow and need some middle management to assist in keeping the smart guys in line so the VPs can focus on the business side. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
So...I'll be heading into their office on Friday to have a chat with them in person. A chat that may last up to two hours. I'm about to become extremely familiar with VoIP and SIP Trunking in the next two days. Because while I don't know exactly what the hell they're doing, I know I can help them do it better. :) - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
That sounds like a great opportunity for you. Good luck! - Anika from Android
It's yet again another path divergent from my previous IT Management life but I'm actually interested in what they're doing and where they're going. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
Sweet. You totally got this. Let me know if you need an assistant. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Good luck! - Jenny H. from Android
Kick ass, caj :) - Brent Schaus from iPhone
awesome. VOIP, SIP - fairly complicated protocols, but fairly easy (imo) to learn the basics, as the data headers are a variant on email-style headers. The signaling and gateway stuff can get ugly underneath (we are, in fact, converting an old telephony model to the internet, so some things are *huh?*). When I was doing more VOIP, I set up a Asterisk box in my house, played with the PBX functionality, and used it to see how SIP operates. - Kevin Johnson
Kevin, I'm reading up on it to at least recognize the acronyms that might get used in the meeting. While the position is more a people/process wrangler, knowing at least how to talk the talk will be a good thing. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
Well, that was my first ever three hour interview (four people plus a nickel tour of the place). I think we're all in agreement of what the position is and what I'd be doing if hired. Now to see if they're going to meet my salary requirements. (It's in their range per the COO but it's up to the VP of the section hiring me.) - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
*crosses fingers* - Laurie Boots from Android
*crosses other people's toes* - Julian
ow, quit it, J. - Marie
Fingers crossed! - Anne Bouey
24 Simple Life Hacks That Will Forever Change Your Life | Diply -
24 Simple Life Hacks That Will Forever Change Your Life | Diply
I think I learned about that from Heloise. :) - Laurie Boots from Android
Justin Kan’s The Drop Is Product Hunt For Music | TechCrunch -
Justin Kan’s The Drop Is Product Hunt For Music | TechCrunch
"Music, music everywhere, but what song should I pick? Dance music fans have it particularly tough when it comes to discovery. Spotify’s 100% legal catalogue lacks tons of cool, unofficial remixes and mixsets, while SoundCloud’s limited curation make sorting through the jumble of sporadically released tracks a chore. If only someone would build a Digg/Reddit/Hacker News/Product Hunt for electronic dance music. Well someone did. Twitch/Exec co-founder and Y Combinator partner Justin Kan tells me “I wanted something to create a constant stream of new electronic music tracks every day.” It’s called The Drop." - (Curtis) Alan Jackson from Bookmarklet
I will never ever understand how if you're late to work exactly the same amount every day you do not adjust your schedule so that you arrive ON FREAKING TIME. Especially after its pointed out to you. Several times.
We had perpetual late staff. Same excuse Every.Single.Day. Our hospital was consumed by a larger organization. Guess who now has to punch the Kronos time clock? Magically, after 10 years, these people are now on time. I suppose true documented fear of losing their job changed their ways. - Janet
Well, fortunately(?) is aware of these folks and some straightening up will need to happen before they don't have a job to come to. In my mind, if you can't do the simple things how can we trust you with the big ones. :) - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
My husband's like that and he has to punch a clock. I don't get it. I would've been fired 1.5 years ago if I came in 20 - 60 min. late everyday. - Anika
I used to be 30 mins late every Sunday morning, when I worked at the airport. It was unavoidable. I was getting up at 4am, walking 2 miles to catch the first bus leaving my town, changing buses twice, to end up getting there at 7:30am (was supposed to be there at 7 to unlock the office). Every other day of the week had an earlier bus that could get me there on time. - April Russo
with my job it really doesn't matter as long as you're there (or on the phone) for meetings and you work more than 40 hours a week. if you're a knowledge worker and your job is getting done... - Christina Pikas
The chronic late abusers would be the most militant in canceling a patient if the patient was 10 minutes late. Yes, glass houses and stones. - Janet from FFHound!
Random discussion at work about lineage and family background resulted in me poking around about my maternal grandfather. I knew that "Curtis" came from him and that's what he went by. What I didn't know is that it was actually his middle name! So maybe that's why my parents always called me by my middle name? Best reason so far anyway.
I'm not entirely sure what's wrong with me. I may be bored out of my mind at work. Regardless, I actually turned my Facebook chat on for the first time in months. The cool thing is that I found out I can hide my active chat availability from folks I don't really want to talk to. (So if you see me online, you're not one of them. :P)
I liked a @YouTube video 10 Reasons The Star Trek Universe Was The First Matrix
I liked a @YouTube video 10 Reasons The Star Trek Universe Was The First Matrix
Impossible Black Flash 600 Camera Kit | ThinkGeek -
Impossible Black Flash 600 Camera Kit | ThinkGeek
"What world the world have been without Polaroids? How would the local grocery store have recognized their Employees of the Month? Outkast's "Hey Ya!" would make absolutely no sense. And the guy in Memento would be totally lost. It would be madness! Lucky for us the members of The Impossible Project, launched in 2008, bought the world's last Polaroid production plant and began the work of producing new film products for the thousands of Polaroid cameras out there in the world." - (Curtis) Alan Jackson from Bookmarklet
Haynes Guide to the Atari 2600 | ThinkGeek -
Haynes Guide to the Atari 2600 | ThinkGeek
"Ready to build your own Atari 2600? If there really was a Haynes Manual for it, you would be able to do it in your own living room. The awesome thing about this Haynes Manual concept is: you could actually build an emulating hardware version with plans on the Internet. But this shirt reflects a simpler time. A time when Space Invaders was the pinnacle of gaming awesomeness. A time when E.T. got buried in the desert." - (Curtis) Alan Jackson from Bookmarklet
Deadpool Hawaiian Shirt | ThinkGeek -
Deadpool Hawaiian Shirt | ThinkGeek
"Even Deadpool needs a vacation sometimes. His favorite place to go to relax is the birthplace of the Hawaiian Shirt. That's right: Earth! Really, Deadpool is always relaxed... especially when the pineapples are really just grenades in disguise. And the flowers are really... um... ok, they're just flowers. But the Deadpools are totally Deadpools in Deadpool disguises. So tricky." - (Curtis) Alan Jackson from Bookmarklet
Shockwave 8" Transformers Vinyl Figure | ThinkGeek -
Shockwave 8" Transformers Vinyl Figure | ThinkGeek
"Shockwave is cool for two reasons. First, he was Megatron's right hand bot, who stayed on Cybertron to rule over it as Megatron popped out for (what turned out to be) a four million year intercept mission. Second, he was one of the coolest Transformers toys ever, because he actually lit up and made noise when he was in gun mode and you pulled the trigger. Such memories. So, how does one celebrate everything Shockwave? By creating this Shockwave 8" Transformers Vinyl Figure!" - (Curtis) Alan Jackson from Bookmarklet
I liked a @YouTube video Lars Andersen: a new level of archery
I liked a @YouTube video Lars Andersen: a new level of archery
Holy crap, this is awesome. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
I liked a @YouTube video from @veritasium The Original Double Slit Experiment
I liked a @YouTube video from @veritasium The Original Double Slit Experiment
What Your Favorite Curse Word Says About You -
What Your Favorite Curse Word Says About You
I've found some new ones I want to try out now. :) - (Curtis) Alan Jackson from Bookmarklet
Lord, this is somewhat true: "You got: SHITHEAD You have a bit of a temper. You also sort of just hate people. Which is understandable because most people are shitheads. I’m sure you’d agree." - Jennifer Dittrich
My results: "You got: FUCK You are logical. You probably excel in board games and always know the right move to make in Jenga. And if you don’t, you knock ‘em all over shouting, “FUCK THIS STUPID GAME!”" - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
"You got: DUMBFUCK You are fiery. You have a bit of a hot temper and you’re often a little more intense than you need to be. You’re kind of like Scar from “The Lion King,” only you’re not that mean and you’d never kill a lion." - Big Joe Silence
Ahahahahahahahahaha "You got: FUCKWIT You are hardcore. You have very little patience for stupidity and people don’t really get your sense of humor. That’s mostly because it’s usually mean-spirited, but also because you come across like you’re not actually joking. You could probably use a good massage, but you won’t get one because you think that’s stupid and you don’t need one. But you do. Massages are nice, ya fuckwit." - Heather
I wonder if there's a name for the intentional delay in replying to a work email during your time off? While I do keep up during the week reading emails, I don't want them to KNOW I'm doing it since it's my time off. :)
Balance? - Stephen Mack
Sanity comes mind as well. :) - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
What's time off? - Kristin
Kristin, that's a good question! If I'm not working the full time job, I'm helping the missus with her business (technically our business but I don't get paid yet) or some schoolwork. Technology sure helps us keep up with things but perhaps too well. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
"Not time for work yet"? - April Russo
My last manager thought I was crazy answering his emails on my off time, in the middle of the night, which was work time for him (company is located in AU). Crazy, but he appreciated the quick responses to questions, which meant he wouldn't have to wait to reply back to me again, if it was necessary. If I had only answered his emails during my working hours, what was a quick email conversation in almost real-time, would have been dragged out for days, since neither of us worked the same hours. - April Russo
Good chance of accumulating snow Sunday night into Monday - The Washington Post -
Good chance of accumulating snow Sunday night into Monday - The Washington Post
"Even if we manage to dodge the snowy bullet tonight – some of us probably will while some of us may not – odds are decent we’ll awaken to a blanket of white Monday morning. However, measurable snow is not yet a certainty." - (Curtis) Alan Jackson from Bookmarklet
Looks like the perfect start for my "weekend". :) - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
I liked a @YouTube video from @comicsexplained Marvel 2015 Announcement Explained
Project HoloLens: Our Exclusive Hands-On With Microsoft's Holographic Goggles | WIRED -
Project HoloLens: Our Exclusive Hands-On With Microsoft's Holographic Goggles | WIRED
"It’s the end of October, when the days have already grown short in Redmond, Washington, and gray sheets of rain are just beginning to let up. In several months, Microsoft will unveil its most ambitious undertaking in years, a head-mounted holographic computer called Project HoloLens. But at this point, even most people at Microsoft have never heard of it. I walk through the large atrium of Microsoft’s Studio C to meet its chief inventor, Alex Kipman. Alex Kipman. Andrew Hetherington The headset is still a prototype being developed under the codename Project Baraboo, or sometimes just “B.”" - (Curtis) Alan Jackson from Bookmarklet
From back in the archives. Posted just so I could link it in a comment.
To complete the circle, it's this post: - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
Microsoft HoloLens | Official Site -
Microsoft HoloLens | Official Site
Microsoft HoloLens | Official Site
"Holograms are the next evolution in computing. With this vision in mind, hardware, software, and user design engineers came together to create a new canvas for creators and developers. Microsoft HoloLens, together with Windows 10, introduces a powerful new holographic platform. The era of holographic computing is here." - (Curtis) Alan Jackson from Bookmarklet
If they can deliver on the concept, I'll be happy to give them a stack of cash. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
<grumble> To eek a little more life of an older TV, I'm trying track down an inexpensive way to convert HDMI to DVI plus RCA (L/R). I might be able to go HDMI to Component +Audio assuming I can find the cables for the device plugged in there. It might just be my bad searching but my usual go-to Monoprice didn't seem to have what I was looking for.
Anyone have any site suggestions/links/etc? Thanks! - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
I'm not sure you can do a straight conversion. What are you trying to plug into the television? Does it have a separate audio-out, or is HDMI your only option? Generally, you have to do HDMI to DVI (which can be done with a cable for <$10), but you have to do the audio as a separate feed, as far as I know. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Yeah, the source is HDMI out only. I'm looking to hook a Roku to an older TV that I'll use to watch Classic Doctor Who while my wife is gaming on another TV. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
Thought I had a solution and realized that it had HDMI as the output. <sigh> - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
you people are weird - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Your comment exemplifies your title. ;-) - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
Looks like it'll strip the HDCP copy protection. Should work. - Rodfather
Ended up going with a HDMI to DVI option via an adapter that pulls out the audio to RCA and then an HDMI to DVI cable. Now to wait and see if it all works. :) - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
.@capitalweather It's looking lovely in South Riding.
.@capitalweather It's looking lovely in South Riding.
For those who tip pizza delivery people, do you give a flat rate or percentage of the bill? Because I just ordered pizza and it occurred to me that delivering one or three pizzas is pretty much the same work.
I usually go flat amount - always at least $5, since I know that none of the places in town cover gas, and most make them pay for their own insurance. If it is a super darn busy day, or a holiday, I'll usually throw in a bit more. (Also, if it is an unusually large order.) - Jennifer Dittrich
Percentage, same as a restaurant. - Soup in a TARDIS
A waiter at a high-end restaurant doesn't do more work than a waiter at a low-end restaurant (and maybe does less), but gets paid a lot more in tips regardless. The system isn't necessarily fair but it is what it is. - Stephen Mack
I briefly considered making a daily....err, fairly regular...vlog about being the husband of a scrapbooker/paper crafter/online instructor. Alas, I fear it would only degenerate into whining and bitching which would solve nothing. But man...I have so many things to say about glitter and how it's the herpes of crafting. Oh, yeah...bitchy. :)
I feel your pain. I have even found glitter on a plate of food. In the vents of my laptop. In my briefcase. On my clothes. On my face. On the carpet. On the coffee table. In the sink. - Stephan from iPhone
Hire People Smarter Than You - Dilbert Comic Strip on 2015-01-19 | Dilbert by Scott Adams -
Hire People Smarter Than You - Dilbert Comic Strip on 2015-01-19 | Dilbert by Scott Adams
This is a correct assessment. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson from Bookmarklet
This was going to be a #SaturdayFF but seemed more like a Confession. (Plus it's now Sunday.) I'm terrible at relationships. And I don't only mean the romantic kind. I've never felt like I was able to be a good friend. I feel I'm overly self-centered as I sometimes have a "sucks to be you" instead of "how can I help" response...cont. people who want or may need my support. I'm terribly non-empathic and realize I just don't know how to respond to folks going through bad times. "Hugs" and "Thinking of you" just seem like words and I don't know how that could be supportive. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
I mean, I'm not a complete jerk. (At least I hope not.) I just don't know how to connect, or better yet, convey to people that I do have concern and caring for them. At least without feeling like I'm only spouting off platitudes instead of more substantial support. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
Having met you in person, I would say that you are not a complete jerk. In fact, you have approximately zero percent jerkiness going on. So there. - Jim #teamFFrank
at 41 I know I'm still learning at how to be good - or even ok - at all kinds of relationships. I have used very similar words to what yours about myself, especially the feeling of spouting off platitudes. And yet, I'm getting better at it and it's coming more easily, even if it doesn't feel natural yet. And yet, after the last year, I'm realizing that sometimes just knowing someone is there helps tremendously, even if there's nothing they can do. - ellbeecee
Thanks, Jim. People outside your head tend to have a better viewpoint. :) - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
ellbeecee, I guess all we can do is try and perhaps the effort is thing that matters. I don't think we need to know for sure it helps, we just need to know for sure we're trying. :D - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
This is belated, but Jim writes truth. There was no jerkiness in sight! - Laurie Boots from Android
I totally understand the reluctance to offer, "hugs" or other words on social media, for fear they have such little meaning when not delivered in person. I often choose no response over one that I fear is empty. And then in person, it's not easy to say words of support either (although I'm capable of giving a real hug). - Laura Norvig
I liked a @YouTube video Wheel of Impressions with Kevin Spacey
I liked a @YouTube video Wheel of Impressions with Kevin Spacey
Kevin Spacey is fantastic, but your new profile pic & screen name just made my morning :-D - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Awww, shucks. :D - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
I liked a @YouTube video 209 Seconds That Will Make You Question Your Entire Existence
I liked a @YouTube video 209 Seconds That Will Make You Question Your Entire Existence
I liked a @YouTube video from @veritasium Your Mass is NOT From the Higgs Boson
I liked a @YouTube video from @veritasium Your Mass is NOT From the Higgs Boson
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