irCuBiC on We all have our very inappropriate times to play Ingress... -
"One of the local chapel's resonators was literally directly on top of my recently deceased grandmother's grave. I still captured that portal." - Daniel Bruce
Nintendo customer support fixed my "restart error" issues on my eshop download of mh4u -
irCuBiC on Konchu; One saved me last night. The untold story!! -
"Dung bombs, that shit'll save your life" - Daniel Bruce
irCuBiC on Carbalite Ore, Where does one find? MH4U -
" Good site for other items too" - Daniel Bruce
irCuBiC on I could really use some advice. -
"Key questions: 1. Is he using gunner armor with melee weapons or vice versa? Does he have appropriate skills active? 2. Is he eating beforehand? 3. Is he beating the infection, or does he get infected (and thus taking double damage)? 4. You can't be TOO aggressive either, and the safe place is not under him but more like behind/next to the back legs. Personally I've found that trying to stay under him makes me die more often than trying to stay at a reasonable distance and taking potshots." - Daniel Bruce
irCuBiC on You can get items from streetpassing! -
"I occasionally get vouchers and potions from the guy with only single streetpasses, no tickets though, it's probably random." - Daniel Bruce
irCuBiC on [PSA] You can be saved if you are healed while lying on the ground with 0hp. -
"I've had attacks that sent me flying with a short amount of red health, and I always feel like I'll somehow magically survive because there's a little delay as you settle on the ground before the faint message shows up. I don't know if that is a healing window, though, or just an animation issue. :P" - Daniel Bruce
irCuBiC on Did...did I just enter down a bottomless rabbit hole of awesome when I bought this game on a whim? -
"After about 8 hunts trying to get a damn Rathian Plate, I did this every time I cut the tail. She always looks right at you, and I looked right back at her: "Yes, that's right, I'm carving your tail and there's nothing you can do about it!" It seemed like I had just the right amount of time to carve and dodge out of the way as she came barreling towards me. It was satisfying, made the next 20 hunts less painful (ugh, so many)." - Daniel Bruce
irCuBiC on Any 3DS grips to recommend? -
"Didn't actually touch it, but seemed like similar material to what they make the WiiU Pro controllers out of, just less glossy." - Daniel Bruce
irCuBiC on Greatsword Skills -
"A question, any early high rank armor sets I should head for to get some of those skills? I just broke high rank in caravan and online, and have been looking for an armor set to replace my tetsucabra S (being tanky is useful, but boring)." - Daniel Bruce
irCuBiC on Any 3DS grips to recommend? -
"I was iffy about it until I saw someone using it and realized it made the 3DS shaped like a console controller with bumper rests, I always assumed it was just flat :P It seemed pretty comfortable (I splurged on an N3DSXL, so I have the little nub instead)" - Daniel Bruce
irCuBiC on Is it wrong for me to help out hunter rank 1s? -
"Having a person with G-rank strength and skills carry you does take away from the burden of needing to learn the monsters, and can take away some of the fun for us who play the game for the challenge. People in HR1 (newbies, maybe even new to the series) might not understand that this game is different from other games and being carried through the levels does not mean you'll suddenly be able to handle things at that higher level. That being said, it's not necessarily wrong, just that when you're doing 90% of the work, you might not be helping them as much as you'd like. Maybe show up in Low Rank / High Rank gear to even it out a little to force them to learn, if that's your goal? EDIT: Also, don't worry about that guy, he's just a douche." - Daniel Bruce
irCuBiC on This Gypceros Head will kill me -
"Not really the case, a few maps don't have them, and the others have ridiculous chances (one spot with a 3% chance, no thanks). Just mine in frozen seaway." - Daniel Bruce
irCuBiC on My first reaction to seeing the Cephadrome in MH4U -
"The Iodromes even make little robot sounds as they stand in the same spot doing little rotation hops so they can finally face you." - Daniel Bruce
irCuBiC on The localization team! You're awesome. -
"They were named in English in the Japanese version, but intentionally weird English, which the localization team decided that they would "carry over the feel of" by using German and French names based on the five stages of grief. There's a blog post about it here:" - Daniel Bruce
irCuBiC on 103rd Weekly Stupid Question Thread -
"How do gathering points (mining spots, bug spots, herbs, etc) respawn? Also, does this differ between harvest tours and regular quests? It seems whenever I go on harvest tours to gather materials there are a huge selection of spots the first time around, then very rarely they will reappear later, and usually they won't be the ones that have the rare materials even in the spots they appeared before (blue butterflies, gold ore chunks, etc). This makes it seem that the most efficient way to farm is to quickly loop through the areas that contain the materials you want, finish up the quest, then redo it, rather than staying in the same quest for a longer period of time. Is this an accurate assumption?" - Daniel Bruce
irCuBiC on The most vile luck ever -
"I have been farming rathian for two days now for a plate. I hate you. >:(" - Daniel Bruce
irCuBiC on 103rd Weekly Stupid Question Thread -
"Ok, thank you, good to know. I also assume that means that status on great swords is more or less useless?" - Daniel Bruce
irCuBiC on 103rd Weekly Stupid Question Thread -
"I'm trying to figure out raw vs elemental damage values in terms of what's most going to do the most damage over time. A concrete example is if I have two great swords, one with (say) 800 raw damage only, and another with 500 raw and 200 elemental (making the total damage value 700, if that's how it works). Would the elemental weapon still do more damage if the monster is weak to that element and I can semi-consistently hit the weakest spots, or should I just stick with the pure raw? Assuming affinities are the same and sharpness is kept under control." - Daniel Bruce
irCuBiC on Help with transferring MH4U save to new 3DS -
"Just a minor notice: there is "extra data" on the SD card that may not be transferred. I'm not entirely sure what it consists of, but I suspect DLC quests and other downloads, as well as any stored streetpass cards, palicoes and quests (that you haven't claimed, probably). Just a heads up if something's missing.." - Daniel Bruce
irCuBiC on Questions about Palicoes -
"> c) i know you can trade palicoes, does this apply to palicoes other than your primary so you can trade for skills and whatnot? You can give any palico you have hired (so, not your primary) to any hunter in your gathering hall online (similar to guild cards), I did so yesterday. I'm assuming this is what you mean?" - Daniel Bruce
irCuBiC on So how long did it take YOU to find the Worn X that you were looking for? -
"That's the run mentioned by gaijinhunter in this video, I think: ?" - Daniel Bruce
Guide on guard pointing your way to victory - getting the most out of your charge blade -
irCuBiC on Hire a Hunter had a HR1 fight a Deviljho -
"Similar story: Sent my wife's hunter out with three others (the base odds was B+, so *shrug*) to "deliver 5 sushifish". They failed..." - Daniel Bruce
irCuBiC on Guide on guard pointing your way to victory - getting the most out of your charge blade -
"How does this interact with the Auto-Guard skill that you get with your noob amulet? I'm assuming that the auto-guard does not trigger blasts, but does it interfere with them? I'm asking primarily because I've just started out in MH4U and it's the only one I have, and I'm wondering if I'm doing myself a disservice wearing it. I've juuust picked up the CB, but I have yet to see any explosions even though I know I have executed succesfull guard points a few times. I'm either just not seeing it, or the auto-guard is eating my guard points. :p" - Daniel Bruce
irCuBiC on The cheapest way to kill Phogoth -
"Well, that's misleading." - Daniel Bruce
irCuBiC on The cheapest way to kill Phogoth -
"Some hand cannons have it too, for extra shooty shooty." - Daniel Bruce
irCuBiC on I really think that the "Kill the Target" events need some kind of fix. -
"Even if you manage to keep the shielded ones supressed with fire it's not doable. I got the engineer on Mars down to about 10%-15% health solo. Then I ran out of ammo. All the ammo. Not even a throwing knife left." - Daniel Bruce
What's all the hubbub? -
Patching Loot Cave and Hive Farm was a good thing -
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