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irCuBiC on Guide on guard pointing your way to victory - getting the most out of your charge blade -
"How does this interact with the Auto-Guard skill that you get with your noob amulet? I'm assuming that the auto-guard does not trigger blasts, but does it interfere with them? I'm asking primarily because I've just started out in MH4U and it's the only one I have, and I'm wondering if I'm doing myself a disservice wearing it. I've juuust picked up the CB, but I have yet to see any explosions even though I know I have executed succesfull guard points a few times. I'm either just not seeing it, or the auto-guard is eating my guard points. :p" - Daniel Bruce
irCuBiC on The cheapest way to kill Phogoth -
"Well, that's misleading." - Daniel Bruce
irCuBiC on The cheapest way to kill Phogoth -
"Some hand cannons have it too, for extra shooty shooty." - Daniel Bruce
irCuBiC on I really think that the "Kill the Target" events need some kind of fix. -
"Even if you manage to keep the shielded ones supressed with fire it's not doable. I got the engineer on Mars down to about 10%-15% health solo. Then I ran out of ammo. All the ammo. Not even a throwing knife left." - Daniel Bruce
The patch has already improved my game -
Thanks bungie for landing me a job!!! -
[360] Looking to join people doing raid, 27 hunter, details inside -
Despite the hate the new patch is getting, and the hate this game is getting overall, I still enjoy it. -
What's all the hubbub? -
The problem with Destiny is not a lack of content, it's a lack of dynamic content -
Anyone else hope Bungie will expand the tower? -
To sit where no man hath sat before. -
Why "Going to Orbit" is necessary in Destiny: An engineering point of view -
Why the Queen's Wrath was terribly broken and needed to be fixed. -
This is why they're nerfing the Auto Rifle -
You don't need to go into a strike to find a walker. -
Can you tell the difference between the Hive and Fallen? -
irCuBiC on Hotfix 14th October (Vex, AR nerf, Scout Rifle buff among others) -
"The New Treasure Cave (tm) being fixed." - Daniel Bruce
Patching Loot Cave and Hive Farm was a good thing -
FYI: ability damage increases with light, not just level -
In response to that guy who rolled a Titan -
[360] 26 Hunter looking to join team for weekly heroic #mic -
Am I the only person who plays because it's a fun game and not because I need all the best gear and if I don't get it all after playing for a week, there's just no point, so I may as well spend my time shooting at a cave for hours. -
A compassionate solution to AFK strike players -
[COMMUNITY] I thought we were getting rid of zero-effort posts, mods. Can we please ban these worthless DAE posts? -
Level Advantage and Damage Output Calculation Info -
PSA: Crouch & Zoom -
irCuBiC on Every Time I See a Blade Dancer in the Crucible (NSFW Language) -
"I generally sprint, slide and immediately super these days, if they don't see me coming and the angle is favourable. You get a crazy slide going during the activation animation, making you a harder target to track, and you get real close and comfortable when you're ready." - Daniel Bruce
irCuBiC on Every Time I See a Blade Dancer in the Crucible (NSFW Language) -
"Today, my reaction to one such situation apparently was to engage in a melee fight with them, their blade dancing vs my regular melee, both full health. I won. Yeah, I wasn't expecting it either." - Daniel Bruce
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