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RT @Ayesha_Mattu: A precise illustration of what ‘free speech’ is (and isn’t)" v @roqchams
Adjuncting Tales: Just received a reminder that my employment ends the day of my class exam. Does that mean I don't have to grade?
NYPD Disbands Unit That Spied on Muslims - I'm quoted
Oh boy. @FuneralGuruLiz of @Everplans talking about strippers at funerals. @HUReligion #reli80 paying attention.
Here’s @FuneralGuruLiz if @Everplans talking about funeral guides @HUReligion event.
“How do you treat people at the end if their lives?” Asks @FuneralGuruLiz during @HUReligion talk
RT @hayneschaynes: If a Student Says Homosexuality Is a Sin in School, Is It Bullying? - Emma Green - The Atlantic
RT @WajahatAli: New York Police Unit That Spied on Muslims Is Disbanded
#BostonStrong ‘nuff said
RT @DebbiAlmontaser: An attack on one is an attack on all.~ Lord Robertson Kansas #JewishCommunityCenter, #PrayforKC
Spice of Life by @kbremer lovely piece. If the book is like this, may use it in class.
Lurker @Riz_Manji has been a rock star with the help he’s given me over the years.
Never get enough time with sisters @Ayesha_Mattu and @zebakhan but at least they will soon be in same city.
Glad to have finally met @MiniB622 and @pejvahdat thanks for being generous with your time and stories.
RT @Al_Rawiya: If they can't label you they can't control you .
RT @muneerpanjwani: It's been said before but can we stop calling it same-sex marriage. It's marriage.
Anytime @neiltyson wants to talk about how religion, belief, and science coexist, happy to work on creating a program @AMNH
I understand why @neiltyson needs to offer a challenge to creationist thought, but I think it is also possible to talk about wonder in rel
I think @neiltyson Cosmos is going the same way. Glad it's recognizing the contributions of non-European cultures.
30 years ago Carl Sagan's Cosmos had me think about the nature of existence. I moved from bio to religion, but same questions. @neiltyson
Drew Houston: Drop Condoleezza Rice or I will #DropDropbox!
I can't believe @Dropbox put an advocate for torture and an advocate for violating privacy rights on their board. Back to sneaker net?
RT @hsmoghul: Parents, give your children izzat. Dignity. A belief that they don't just deserve rights, but will have them. Period.
RT @WajahatAli: I prefer #stephencolbert the "character." That's why he works. Don't know if you dilute that for late night he'll be as edgy.
The Wise Fool of Baghdad by @suficomics is free today on Amazon. Go get it. via @amazon
I'm getting a free pack of @overheardatmoo Business Cards because I've got Klout! Thanks for my #MOOPerk
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