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RT @State_Formation: Will you be attending AAR/SBL in San Diego? Join us for the State of Formation workshop on 11/22 from 2-4pm!
RT @ThenjiweTM: The UN just asked the US Gov 'Why do black people not enjoy the same rights as everyone else' @USHRN
RT @RayannaRahim: #IAmMuslimARC Because superiority of each individual is not based on our colour but on our righteous actions.
good day when you get to the 2nd @MTA bus stop during rush hour, you’re the 3rd person in line, & a bus pulls up. Alhamdulillah #wonderment
I've uploaded a whole bunch of new photos from the last couple of days at my #Wonderment album @flickr
RT @splate1: Finding Neo - Dori joins Morpheus in this underwater cyber quest. #FilmsWithOneLetterMissing
RT @michele_norris: On Veterans Day also impt to remember veterans who could wear the uniform but could not vote
RT @sree: NYT correction of the year (so far). ht @hildyjohns #SariNotSorry
The #wonderment if seeing time as a capitalist construct.
RT @_harukimurakami: If you do anything out of the ordinary, you can be sure someone, somewhere will get upset.
RT @TrumanProject: "The best way to thank those who served is to be good citizens ourselves." - Exec Dir @M_Breen #VeteransDay
Quote For The Day on MIdterm Elections via @sullydish
RT @JihadiJew: The answer to sexual violence against women is not to be found in the dress code of woman but in the moral code of men.
RT @splate1: We have collectively come to believe that religion is a personal thing. #spirituality #irony #belief
RT @splate1: WTF kind of country am I living in? Security guard at suburban cineplex wears an 8mm n Kevlar vest.
RT @SarahAWildman: Rt @kaysteiger: Read this great/heartbreaking excerpt from @SarahAWildman’s amazing new book Paper Love @TPM:”
Blind Marathoner Runs for Afghanis (via @Pocket) - cc: @fatemehf @ayesha_mattu
Congrats to @GWillowWilson and @MiniB622 for having their Ms. Marvel on the New York Times Bestseller list.
RT @bibifatemeh: .@GWillowWilson Congratulations on becoming a NYT bestselling author! Your work is amazing and America knows it.
RT @cdc29: Next @THATCampAAR Workshop Preview: Using @VoyantTools for Religious Studies. #THATCamp #aarsbl2014
RT @theroarbots: A little Ms. Marvel discusses Kamala Khan with the nicest person in comics: @GWillowWilson! cc: @MiniB622
The Universe, in all its Wisdom (via @dearconnie) -
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