PT32: Timothy O'Connor - Genotype-Phenotype Associations: Substitution Models to Detect Evolutionary Associations Between Phenotypic Variables and Genotypic Evolutionary Rate
Can we detect a change of rate in evolution. Model is sperm competition in apes. - Roland Krause
Phylogeny is important to look at the independent signal, also use the past nodes for inference. - Roland Krause
Problems arise from the use of extant taxa and neglecting internal states. Trying to map the rate of evolution using Markov Models, including the error of the internal state reconstruction. - Roland Krause
Independent and dependent Q-matrices are introduced. - Roland Krause
Several szenarios for primate sperm competition, split into low and high cases, looked at 13 candidate genes and 2 controls, more than in the submitted paper. Model slightly modified by setting W1> W0. - Roland Krause
The known gene SEMG2 stands out after multiple testing corrections, other genes not that dramatically. - Roland Krause
Current work on the electron transport chain to look into max lifespans and body size, referring to the metabolic and the longevity hypotheses. - Roland Krause
Metabolic hypothesis slightly supported, ongoing work. - Roland Krause
It's a first model that incorporates rate changes in genotype-phenotype associations. - Roland Krause
Q: For this method, what is the statistical power (sensitivity)? A: Typically, its fairly sensitive. - Roland Krause
Q: Do more data improve the quality? A: Yes. - Roland Krause