PT04: Stefan Schulz - Alignment of the UMLS Semantic Network with BioTop Methodology and Assessment
ontology alignment - link two ontologies together semantically - Allyson Lister
Why decide to create BioTop and not use BFO or DOLCE lite directly, I wonder? It's not that I would necessarily suggest that these be used, I am just curious... - Allyson Lister
The methodology is first to provide DL semantics to the UMLS SN, and second build the bridge between BioTop and UML SN. - Allyson Lister
Interestingly, semantic relations were reified as classes, NOT represented as OWL object properties. - Allyson Lister
subsumption hierarchies are assumed to be is_a hierarchies, but is that a safe assumption in UMLS SN? I don't know, as I am not familiar with UMLS SN. For instance, in older versions of GO this would have been a problem (some things marked as subsumption were not in fact is_a, though I am pretty sure GO has fixed all of this now). - Allyson Lister
There were inconsistent categorizations of UMLS SN objects which exposed hidden ambiguities (e.g. that Hospital was both a building and an organisation). - Allyson Lister