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Simon Willison
How to find un-indexed queries in MySQL, without using the log - http://simonwillison.net/2009...
Louis Gray
Before There Was Twitter, There Was Dave Winer’s Instant Outliner - http://bhc3.wordpress.com/2009...
Very happy to see this get uncovered. I have a new version sitting here not quite sure what to do with it. It uses FriendFeed for notification, and I recently updated it to use the real-time API in FF, so the polling is not only super-efficient, but disappeared entirely and changes percolate instantaneously now. It's a perfect fit. (This is why I was so excited about the realtime feature in FF.) - Dave Winer
I'm head-down on another project right now, but when that's done, if there's enough interest, I'll get a new I/O tool out for release. - Dave Winer
There's a lot of other stuff we did that hasn't seen much light lately. Lots. - Dave Winer
I have a paid copy of Thinktank around here somewhere. In the binder and everything. - Oldengrey (Jay)
Mohomed -- http://scripting.com/ -- not being snippy, but it's all there, going back to 1994. - Dave Winer
But as Olden points out, outlining goes back earlier than that, to the late 70s actually, and before I worked on that -- Doug Engelbart did. - Dave Winer
Winer has an amazing brain -- he's operating on an entirely different plane. - Sean McBride
+1 Sean - Hutch Carpenter
We implemented the OPML spec in Grazr to be a full online OPML browser too (full inclusion, etc). A tribute to Dave, it's a really powerful concept "The world outline". Requires "live OPML's" which never seemed to take off (walled garden around people's sub lists and such). Definitely check out his OPML editor. http://www.opml.org/ http://editor.opml.org/ (Dave scripting has a *lot* of other stuff other than opml and the editor :) ) - mikepk
I seem to be pimping Grazr a lot lately... not intentional :) We've actually paused active development on it for the past 6 months or so to work on other stuff. - mikepk
I'm a fan of Dave and what he's done. But, anyone remember before this IRC. From like 1995 and even previous to that. The channels worked better way back then, than Twitter does now for setting up groups. - iSteeve
The one thing that's still out there that's great but probably won't be around much longer if they don't get used by the community are the ap/afp feeds in flickrfan. Flowing the pics thru a screen saver is wonderful but for some reason it never got enough word of mouth to get viral. real shame. - Dave Winer
I installed the OPML editor and then the FlickrFan tool about a month ago and I love it :) Thanks Dave. Really is a shame, as you said, that it's not more popular. - mj
I think it could be as big as podcasting and that both news organizations are really doing something great by taking a chance on this service. But the big tech bloggers weren't impressed. They took one very quick look and said "screen saver" -- we know what a screen saver is. But of course Flickrfan isn't even a screen saver. It's a photo aggregator. - Dave Winer
Dirk Ginader
David Dorward
Robert Scoble
@scrabbler99 you probably don't know this but Palm hired much of the iPhone team. Thisis NOT the Palm of old.
Watching the CES Presentation now. I can't wait to get my hands on one. - Leo Laporte
Wasn't Palm founded by the ex-Newton guys? Hey Robert, check my response to your Pre review on my blog. - Prolific Programmer
I love the Pre. It's gorgeous and the OS engineers have really hit it out of the park in terms of UX and UI. What I don't understand is all the love for Pre Apps. The iPhone had the same developer package at it's release. You aren't developing for the Pre you are developing for webkit. Therefore any app that runs on the Pre should run on any other platform.. ie the iPhone. Web applications are web applications.. no matter what the stylesheet looks like. - Dave Senior
I haven't even considered Palm in years but now.. Its a different ball game. Sad that its on Sprint though. They want to make it for the masses release an unlocked version for GSM networks. - Sloan Bowman
Yeah, being on Sprint is going to kill it. Sad, but true. - MarkCarras
Alif: it's very true. The head of software for Palm showed me his iPhone that had pictures of me and my son buying the first iPhone inside the Apple store. He wrote key pieces of the iPhone and now runs the Palm Pre's software team. This is a totally new piece of software. Totally new team. - Robert Scoble
Dvorak has been wrong about everything for 10 years. He still owes me $100 (bet me that McCain would win). - Robert Scoble
@Dave it sounds like the platform provides APIs into the phone's native functions so those apps wouldn't be portable. - Alan Cheslow
Spidra: pizza and diet coke. Don't you know how programmers work? :-) Seriously, people at this level like a challenge. Imagine someone came to them and said "here's your one shot to do something better than the iPhone." Apple wasn't doing it. Why would Apple do something newer and better thought out than the iPhone? It already is the best. Companies don't destroy things when they are on top. So, they needed to go to Palm to see if they could do it there. - Robert Scoble
Not every webkit implementation is the same: compare building websites for a Nokia S60 phone and iPhone. Similarly, we have lots of variation in the web-tech widget platforms out there. This is starting to resemble the browser variation of '95-'98 and will slow market development down. - Ian Fogg
i hate that i have to sign a 2 year contract with Sprint to get one. is there an unlocked version coming out? maybe i need to buy it in HK if it gets released there. - Christine Lu
Palm isn't an airline. It is an investment is something you think is of value. - W. Kirk Crawford
ScottBourne: my son and I will be first in line at the Palm store in Palo Alto. Just like we were for the iPhone. - Robert Scoble
Speaking as a non-US person, this product is nowhere unless they get a HSDPA/GSM version out in the same timeframe - Ian D. Nock
How does the Pre compare to, say, the N97 or even the Storm in terms of features for the dollar? Thx - Rui Pereira
Christine: It's worth making the distinction that as opposed to the iPhone/AT&T relationship, Sprint is simply the exlusive "launch" partner for the Pre. The Centro rolled out on Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T within six months of launch. - Ken Sheppardson
"The Pre will indeed be available in H2 [2nd half] within the UK and selected European markets" -- Paul Ghent, VP Sales, Palm Europe http://is.gd/fodI - Ken Sheppardson
RE Hiring Apple engineers at Palm, they've been working on it for a while, e.g. "Paul Mercer joined Palm with two employees from Iventor, the independent design firm that he headed in Palo Alto, Calif." -- http://is.gd/fofG - Ken Sheppardson
Chris: the new CEO of Sprint says he is, but that one is a hard one to prove and will take years to see if they raised the bar. Palm hired the best supply chain in the business to make the Palm Pre. These guys know how to work with the Chinese to make great products. They already know the ropes over there. I wish I could say more, but the guy who runs the supply chain over there asked me not to. - Robert Scoble
Leo Laporte
Hackintosh Tutorial: Install a Mac Leopard OS X Retail DVD on a PC | menooB - http://menoob.com/2008...
While we can now use a retail Mac OS X DVD to turn our PC into a hackintosh, we still need a bootloader to get it to recognize and install OS X the first time. The good news is, after a successful installation, we can now install any updates from Apple without breaking our system or reinstall the operating system without having to add the same kexts (drivers) that we already have that makes our non-Mac standard hardware peripherals work. - Leo Laporte
Chris Messina
Foreign Friends: from a service-centric to an object-centric social web (zengestrom.com) - http://www.zengestrom.com/blog...
Foreign Friends: from a service-centric to an object-centric social web (zengestrom.com)
Chris Messina
Using Your Own URL as Your OpenID - (Stack Overflow) - http://blog.stackoverflow.com/2009...
It's easy enough to do, and I'm happy with my current OpenID provider. This is a better alternative than setting up my own URL as a provider. - Bill Sodeman from twhirl
When establishing your own OpenID hosting/implementation (using http://siege.org/project... for instance) be mindful of possible issues regarding your chosen canonical URL with ... 1) a bare vs www domain, 2) trailing slash / no trailing slash if using a directory terminated path and 3) https vs http and redirects that may occur because of 1) or 2) and apache or other webserver configuration. I specifically got bitten by this and have two profiles/reputations on stackoverflow.com because of it :) - Micah
Chris Messina
Appcelerator Titanium™ makes building desktop rich applications easy - http://titaniumapp.com/
Appcelerator Titanium™ makes building desktop rich applications easy
"Titanium is the first open platform for building rich desktop applications." - Chris Messina from Mento
Open open open! Love this - thanks Chris! - Renee Hendricks
Saw this the other day, it's using GTK, right? wouldn't be easier, IMO, if it was built using xwidgets. easier to deploy? - directeur
Chris Messina
Glashammer Web Application Framework - http://glashammer.org/
Glashammer Web Application Framework
"Glashammer is a Python web framework with an emphasis on simplicity, flexibility, and extensibility. It is built atop excellent components and reinvents zero wheels." - Chris Messina from Mento
"reinvents zero wheels" is a ridiculous statement - scott anderson
It quite clearly re-invents the "web framework written in Python" wheel. - Martin Atkins
It reminds me of one of Andy Smith's posts: http://term.ie/devdev... - Chris Messina
I'm not really sure why this exists. Mixing Werkzeug, Jinja2, and WTForms isn't really enough to make a framework out of, IMHO. Oh well, if even one person finds life easier because of this, I guess it's worth it. - Eric Florenzano
Leo Laporte
@chrisbrogan Yes, but MacSpeech uses the same engine as Dragon Naturally Speaking with much the same result. http://www.macspeech.com/
Dirk Ginader
David Dorward
The Spam King has escaped prison. This is fantastic news (because he is going to find his sentence extended when recaptured).
Jason Calacanis
Jon Miller to Yahoo board with Yang+Icahn support--makes total sense since Jon built ad display biz @ AOL, and negotiated search deal - http://www.portfolio.com/views...
thoughts? Jon Miller next CEO maybe? - Jason Calacanis from Bookmarklet
Si Jobling
The Batmobile on the red carpet - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
The Batmobile on the red carpet
Dirk Ginader
praises @isofarro for his Regex Foo
Si Jobling
can't use the N95 while its charging as it electrocutes your ear!
Dirk Ginader
Aug 2, 2008: Red Bull Air Race at The O2 - http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event...
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