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The option for a single vodcast in iTunes is "Mark as Watched", but the option for a whole vodcast channel is "Mark All as Played." *twitch*
It's represented as a playlist, and iTunes doesn't do a content check on all items. There's a lot of horrible normalization on lists. There could be an audio file in the playlist, so it would be incorrect to mark all as watched. I guess they could go with the informal played for all individual content files. - Not Me
Yes, Played for both. There should be consistency. <insert appeal to Steve Jobs's ghost here> - Mark Trapp
Players only love you when they're playin'. --fleetwood.mac - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
You watch a vodcast but if you're through with an entire channel, it's "played out". ;-) - Spidra Webster
@kfury And oftentimes woefully inaccurate. The LoC digital archive is quite large and expanding rapidly: 74 TB in ’09, 3 PB in ’12.
@dewitt Don’t even get me started on q : p :: Q : P
Oh dear god yes, an actual sequel to Alpha Centauri:
So can we all just acknowledge that out of Desolation of Smaug’s 2 hour 47 minute runtime, only 20 minutes actually happened in the book?
After giving up multiple times in season 1, I finally powered through to Breaking Bad season 3. Okay internet, I get it now.
Oh man, after a slow start, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has officially gone full Whedon. Took them long enough.
I admit that's one part of their strategy that is working - the show got good, right as the film is coming out. I didn't really care if I saw Thor prior to the next episode (I ended up going, but it wasn't related) and it felt like people didn't really need to. This? I'm waiting on watching the next ep. until I can catch the movie this week/weekend. - Jennifer Dittrich
I went into it blind, not realizing this was the Winter Soldier crossover episode. Kinda kicking myself now, but man it was still really good. I hope they were just treading water so as to not spoil Winter Soldier and now it's going to be full-on crazy from here on out, but I fear it's going to be "awesome episodes when a movie comes out, dull procedural the rest of the time." - Mark Trapp
I think they still managed to up their game in Sif's wake, so have hopes they'll do the same here. It feels like they know they need to do a bit more to keep more than the die hard fans watching. - Jennifer Dittrich
Saw Silicon Valley last night: way funnier than I expected. Worth a watch if you have any SV ties. Ep. 1 is on YT:
@Daniel15 Totally understand. Thanks again for looking into it either way.
@Daniel15 Whoa, that’d be awesome. I appreciate your looking into it!
Reminder, when you call women "females", you sound like this guy:
Reminder, when you call women "females", you sound like this guy:
I prefer "females" to "ladies", that's for sure. - Spidra Webster
Oof, ladies is pretty bad too. I can't help but think of that Tim Meadows sketch. - Mark Trapp
A lot of women I know use it and actually feel completely fine with it. However, it makes my skin crawl. - Spidra Webster
Itafroma Enterprises is a dummy company and I’m its only employee, but this email I just got seems totally legit:
Itafroma Enterprises is a dummy company and I’m its only employee, but this email I just got seems totally legit:
So you like yourself? - Not Me
Sure, but not *like* like. - Mark Trapp
No FMV ending for Reaper of Souls, just the interlude-style motion graphics. Hmm.
NO! I'm saddened, but please shut up, I'm not going to have time to finish A5 until Sunday. - Not Me
:( But I gotta talk about ███████! And how ██████████████. (But seriously the lack of FMV is all I'm intending to spoil in mixed company.) - Mark Trapp
I see why they did the interlude-style thing now, the ending is gender/class specific, and that's how they've handled that type of content all along. Still would have been nice to see a FMV for it. - Not Me
Yeah, IIRC the end of Act IV was an FMV followed by the gender/class specific interlude. - Mark Trapp
Damn, this is reminding me of that Frienfeed chore game but I can't remember the name of the site... - Spidra Webster
Chore game? - Mark Trapp
Had to look it up. Friendfeed has a party on Chore Wars. - Spidra Webster
Wait, they've got one for Dataminer, I wonder if their is a possibility of Kill Jay Wilson, then. - Not Me
It seems likely that any unique monster can be the target of a bounty. Kill Bashiok! - Mark Trapp
But Bashiok's cool. Jay Wilson, fuck that loser. Also think of all the karma, if you got that screenshot.. - Not Me
Mis-clicked a single checkbox, 3 years of Facebook posts and comments irreversibly gone. Nice.
I tend to clean up my Facebook timeline periodically by deleting dead posts that didn't get any activity. When you delete a post that was imported via Twitter, there's a confirmation dialog and a checkbox that, if checked, deletes everything ever imported via Twitter: If you click anywhere outside of the "Cancel" or "Delete" buttons, the checkbox gets checked. I quickly misclicked then clicked Delete, and thus the vast majority of stuff posted to Facebook is now gone. :( - Mark Trapp
Bummer (and bad design). - Spidra Webster
:( - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Oh wow, sorry. - Marie
Years down the drain: Facebook’s broken UI -
Facebook’s workflow for deleting posts makes it easy to delete far more than you’d ever want. - Mark Trapp
Questioning whether any piece of unexpected news heard is an early April Fools’ joke seems like a really big thing this year. Also: ugh.
Amazon plans to lower S3 & EC2 prices on April 1st. FAKE - Not Me
Both Chevelle and Lacuna Coil are releasing albums on April 1st. FAKE - Not Me
April 1st is gonna be the best day ever. TRUE - Not Me
It's overcast today in Portland. Let me check my calendar to make sure it's not April 1st! - Mark Trapp
@kfury Now all someone has to do is create a robot that looks like Haley Joel Osment and we’d be halfway to a Steven Spielberg movie.
I’d like to think OculusVR is the last piece in a gigantic puzzle to explain why Facebook bought and subsequently keeps FriendFeed around.
@kfury Ugh. Did it also include “ability to multi-task in a fast-paced, flexible environment” aka “we only put out fires”?
Guys, seriously, we’re totally not in a tech bubble:
Better hope this isn't like Uber and the kitten party. - Meg VMeg
I had to look that one up: If GetBreadBox follows in Uber's footsteps and donates their proceeds to the local bread shelter, I'll have to rethink a lot of things. - Mark Trapp
My bone to pick is that, as far as I can tell, only offices of internet media outlets successfully achieved kittens: - Meg VMeg
Aw. Disappointing, though not surprising. - Mark Trapp
RT @patrickklepek: hello I am awake and ready to monetize
"Ev-ery-thing is awe-some...." - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Legitimacy of the claim notwithstanding, stuff like this is how world wars get started:
Legitimacy of the claim notwithstanding, stuff like this is how world wars get started:
Interesting. - Eric Logan
How to handle an HR crisis:
I am sorry she gave her story to TechCrunch, given their record. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Yeah, it's a bit odd, but she trusted Alex Wilhelm and/or Alexia Tsotsis to do right by it: - Mark Trapp
Thanks for that link, Mark. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Started to write a blog post about everything wrong in the first episode of Cosmos. Only 9 minutes in, I’m already up to 1,600 words.
Well? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
:-( - Amit Patel
Yeah I don't know what to think about Cosmos they had to dumb it down I guess and squeeze in a lot and make it palatable for mass audiences. I'll give it another chance. - Steve C
I thought it'd be a fairly pithy list of quick hits—like the fact that they make Rookie Mistake #1 and have things in space make sounds or the fact that neither the asteroid belt nor the Kuiper Belt is anywhere near as dense as they portrayed—but then I wrote 300 words on what was wrong with the 4 second Pluto sequence and thought "wow, this is a hell of a time sink" and then I thought... more... - Mark Trapp
Decided to make a few revisions and publish it: Let me know what you think. - Mark Trapp
Happy Pi Day! Stand strong against the Tauist heathens!
So this is what it’s come to: $50 expansion sets?
Wow. - Not Me
Blew right past their self-imposed faster release schedule talked about prior to and at BlizzCon, too. Even if they get it out in September MoP will be the second-longest expansion cycle. - Mark Trapp
I wonder why the extra $10 was added. In my opinion the game has been going down since the end of WotLK, that was peak fun for me at least. And things have definitely gotten simpler, and that's cool, but I really haven't been able to engage with the game for a long time, except at the end/beginning of the Xpac's. And I know things are a lot better, and there's no way for them to go back to WotLK, but I'd totally play that game. - Not Me
I think it would be cool if they just released a chrono-server, 3-6 months before the server unlocks the Dark Portal, Northrend, Cataclysm, the Pandaren Isles, and Historic Draenor. That's one thing you can't get back. That would personally be something I'd enjoy. I quit WoW pretty early on and didn't come back until ICC was released. I played from ICC to the Cataclysm, and then quit 2... more... - Not Me
They've gone on record saying they'd never do that, and I take that at face value: they seem to view everything in the past as mistakes they've learned from, so I doubt they even have the knowledge or ability to create a vintage 2004 experience. The alternative would be to "remake" those experiences using current systems, which they do from time to time on a much smaller scale (two... more... - Mark Trapp
Mark, yeah, their main gripe is due to the infrastructure changes, and all the "non-fun" things that they've fixed. What I was thinking of is much simpler and relies on whatever the current system is. So in my mind, it would be more like a laddering system, where they just lock down everything, and having a rolling unlock, once every week or two. vs every month or two. As they would in... more... - Not Me
They did something similar for EverQuest: they had special "progression" servers that unlocked each expansion after the community completed a set of challenges (so, something like the AQ gate opening event). I wonder how well it was received. - Mark Trapp
Of course, I guess it doesn't matter that much to me. I'll buy the game; I'll have fun playing the game; I'll quit the game; and then I'll complain about the game being fun. Dear god, I'm a D3 troll; "I've played hundreds of hours and I can say that this game sucks." - Not Me
I just rely on specific private servers that are set up at specific points in the game's history. My favorite is still the classic server, though the BC server is fun as hell. You forget how cool Outland was in its day. - Hookuh Tinypants
Amanda, do you have any recommended private server hosts? I've looked at a few in the past but they always looked kind of shady. - Not Me
A lot of people think its to offset the "free" character boost. Although I must admit I am not sure what there is to "offset" - Chris Topher
(So please stop using the genetic fallacy to justify your preference for tabs over spaces when indenting your code.)
I prefer tabs. Mind you, I always display whitespace chars, and have them converted to spaces. - Not Me
Heathen! Burn him! But seriously, there are pros and cons for both preferences and everyone should be able to exercise their own preference (as long as it's consistent within a project); I just find the "the 'tab' key was specifically designed to indent!" pro-tab argument a bit grating. - Mark Trapp
Heh. My tabs are 4 spaces, sometimes just 2. We can stand together. I dislike solid-tab marks. I use them just for indenting. ;) - Not Me
So what was the tab key for? - Mark H
Essentially, it was a shortcut for n strokes of the space key. It existed on some typewriters to help make typing tabulated data easier by moving the cursor to preset tab stops on the page. Without it, you'd have to use the space and backspace keys to move along the page. - Mark Trapp
Indented 'em? Damn near reck'em. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Heh, is there a line editor that lets you use tabs exactly like a typewriter? Where you can set totally arbitrary tab stops, and the tab key isn't just a macro for n spaces? Or are there people who write code in Word? :D - Victor Ganata
The closest I can think of is Nick Gravgaard's elastic tabstops: Formatting tabulated data isn't really a thing in writing code, except for maybe formatting matrices, so there's rarely ever a need for arbitrary tabstops. - Mark Trapp
I am Spartacus Nakamoto.
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