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Mark Trapp
Breaking: a plane just crashed into the Hudson river. Looks to be intact, USAir, they're tugging it out of the river.
Looks like an Embraier 145, regional class jet - Mark Trapp
Bunch of lifejackets in the water, no word on survivors, but likely a very high survivor count. Probably heading into LaGuardia, MSNBC says it's likely an A320. - Mark Trapp
No details, but crazy detailed and closeup video footage. Nobody knows what happened yet. - Mark Trapp
Based on the location, it probably was about 3,000 feet up, might've lost power. - Mark Trapp
USAir flight 1549, taking off from NYC en route to Charlotte, NC - Mark Trapp
Took off at 3:26pm EST, en route to Douglas Airport; it was a controlled descent most likely due to loss of power. - Mark Trapp
Video shows them tugging the plane around the Hudson Bay with like 6 ferries surrounding it. - Mark Trapp
Guys on the TV say that there are procedures for this, including a water landing - Mark Trapp
Pilot on the plane reported a possible bird strike on the plane, 164 passengers, 5 crew members on board - Mark Trapp
Plane is now sunk, before it was above the water - Mark Trapp
Eyewitness saw it touch down, swaying side to side, but looked like the pilot was in full control of the plane, government source says pilot reported hitting a flock of geese, difficulty managing the plane, had to land immediately - Mark Trapp
Likely both engines were lost, not something that's tested for usually - Mark Trapp
reportedly pilot hit a flock of geese. - Thomas Hawk
First time since 9/11 since a plane has crashed near New York - Mark Trapp
All the eyewitness accounts say it was a controlled landing, eyewitness says it landed around the 40s, within 30 seconds people were responding - Mark Trapp
Still no word on fatalities or survivors, probably likely everyone survived - Mark Trapp
Hoping for the best. - Robert Miller
LaGuardia is setting up a family information unit, relatives can get info on their loved ones by contacting them - Mark Trapp
Eyewitness who saw the touchdown saw a huge splash, and it was bobbing up and down: plane looked like it was supposed to be flying that low - Mark Trapp
This is different from hitting birds on take-off: if it were during take-off, it would've been catastrophic. (apparently that happened in Pakistan years ago, and half the people died) - Mark Trapp
All ferry service between Midtown and Weehawken has been suspended until further notice - Mark Trapp
It isn't really a crash, more like an emergency landing on water. - Nick Humphries
Nick: somewhere in my comment stream I mention that: Ive been covering updates since it broke - Mark Trapp
Note about the Hudson: it's a bitch to swim or boat in due to the currents. Amazed that they were able to respond so fast. - Mark Trapp
Water temperature in the Hudson is in the mid-30s, so not freezing but close to it. Supposedly 60 people from the Coast Guard in the water to save people - Mark Trapp
First call to the fire department, 3:31pm, 5 minutes after take-off. - Mark Trapp
Pilot is by all accounts a hero: did everything right in terms of the landing to ensure the best outcome given the circumstances - Mark Trapp
Sounds like it - good job by the pilot. Any deaths reported? - Hutch Carpenter
Passenger count down to 146, probably a typo before - Mark Trapp
Hutch: none reported, most likely everyone got out. "Scores of people" have been rescued and have been taken to NY and NJ. - Mark Trapp
@marktrapp: not exactly accurate re: 1st crash since 9-11. If memory serves correctly, a small plane crashed into a building a few years ago in midtown manhattan- i think the pilot was a baseball player? - Chris Hollander
Hospitals are saying they do expect to treat passengers for "exposure to the elements" - Mark Trapp
Government source is now reporting everyone is now safe, very orderly evacuation, not confirmed, but everyone believes everyone got off, but not official until a headcount is done - Mark Trapp
Hearing that all souls live -- Waiting for official confirmation. *Relieved* - Robert Miller
Chris: that's true, I remember that. That was a private plane, though: maybe they meant commercial. - Mark Trapp
Mark: The second most deadly (in terms of passenger loss of life) crash in US history was in New York just two months after 9/11 when a pilot over-reacted to turbulence and snapped off the tail of the plane shortly after taking off from JFK: - Kevin Fox
They're now showing footage of passengers with lifejackets safe and sound on the shore: they're all wet, so looks like they did evacuate the plane before they could get boats there - Mark Trapp
Kevin: I don't remember that, weird. The first plane crash since 9/11 was what was being reported at the time; live TV + no factchecking - Mark Trapp
Ah okay, they're saying they opened the doors, ferry was right there, passengers jumped to the ferry. Some passengers missed the jump, or got knocked off the wing into the water - Mark Trapp
Roosevelt Hospital is expecting 25-50 passengers for exposure to elements: St. Luke's and St. Vincent's are expecting trauma patients if needed - Mark Trapp
18-35 went into the water, most made the jump into the ferries - Mark Trapp
Eyewitness says it took 8 minutes for the first boat to get there, boats stayed away during the landing for safety - Mark Trapp
Family Response Center has been set up at the Crown Plaza Hotel at LaGuardia. NTSB is sending a go team to the scene within an hour - Mark Trapp
Bloomberg is set to hold a press conference in an hour, passenger interviewed: 3 or 4 minutes into the flight, left engine blew up (fire, flames,s melled like gasoline) - Mark Trapp
Pilot told everyone on the plane to brace for a hard impact, everyone started praying, plane hit hard, passenger said there were a lot of people bleeding, lady near him had her leg cut up - Mark Trapp
Plane started filling up with water "quick," orderly evacuation - Mark Trapp
LaGuardia is reporting 1 hour delays, Newark is 1.5 hours, JFK 30 minutes. Just started snowing hard here north of the City, not sure how much that'll affect the City - Mark Trapp
Passengers have just started to arrive at the hospitals, still 25-50ish. Some passengers are walking away from this - Mark Trapp
FAA says 148 passengers, 5 crewmembers (revised from 164 and 146) - Mark Trapp
I think the news networks are wrapping up: not much breaking news now, so this'll probably be the last update - Mark Trapp
Thanks Mark - Hutch Carpenter
No problem, and for the record: I totally broke this on FriendFeed 6 minutes before Kevin Fox and Thomas Hawk. :-P - Mark Trapp
Yeah, I totally re-posted but added a CNN screencap. - Kevin Fox
Way to own up Kevin - Hutch Carpenter
+1 Mark... Great Job Mark.. - Alex Sauceda
Hudson river plane crash nyc - sources, all collection up to date, now krunch'd at - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010