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Stephen Mack
The plural of anecdotes is not data, it's anecdoteses.
Anecdota, the next big game from Valve. - Mark Trapp from iPhone
I don't know if I'll remember that in my anecdotage. - Spidra Webster
My anectatertots are delicious. Or so someone told me. - Akiva
Mairzy doats and anec doats and liddle lamzy divey. - Stephen Mack
Anecdotatas? Wait…. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Anecgoatse. >_> - Jenny H. from Android
the plural of anecdotes is old folks' home - Pete : Team Marina
Mairzydotes and anecdotes and little lambs eat ivy.... - Spidra Webster
Mark Trapp
If alive today, I’m sure Sartre’d agree that hell is other people commenting on a video before finishing it asking questions answered in it.
Hell is having to watch a ten minute video for something that could've been explained with one paragraph of text, for everything, forever. - Victor Ganata
Sure, but that's a different kind of hell than I'm thinking of. I'm mostly referencing videos (and podcasts, for that matter) that exist for entertainment and comments on those to the effect of "I'm not done watching, but I hope X happens" or "Why didn't X happen?" when, if they finished watching the video instead of racing to the comment section, they'd clearly see X did, in fact, happen. I dunno, it reminds me of people who talk loudly in the theater asking what's going on instead of just watching. - Mark Trapp
Stephen Mack
Avoiding the computer terms "Master" and "Slave" -
Avoiding the computer terms "Master" and "Slave"
At work on Friday, during a morning meeting discussing outages, one of the newer members of the team made the request that we stop using the words "master" and "slave" for server configurations. I thought this request was perfectly reasonable. - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
The link is to Jason Baldridge's essay on the topic, "When words are racially insensitive." I think his concluding paragraph is insightful: "Some people seem to get quite offended by statements like “word X is racist in such-and-such context, so don’t use it that way.” Why? My guess is that quite often the offended person thinks “I’m not racist, but I’ve used that word in that way, so... more... - Stephen Mack
In 2003, L.A. County made headlines after their purchasing department sent a memo to vendors requesting different words: "Faced with an avalanche of complaints from vendors and the general public, Sandoval told Reuters in an interview that his memo was intended as 'nothing more than a request' and not an ultimatum or policy... more... - Stephen Mack
An attempt to discuss on Stack Exchange went nowhere: - Stephen Mack
This forum post on the Blacks in Technology site had some interesting discussion: - Stephen Mack
Most sites posting about the L.A. County request from 2003 thought it was ridiculous, as exemplified by the comments on this post from Joel on Software: - Stephen Mack
I just discussed master/slave configurations with PLC networks. Changing the terminology would lead to confusion unless the entire industry would agree. And even then, there would still be legacy equipment for many decades. - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
Every now and then I found bugs posted for specific software saying the code should be updated to remove that terminology, but those bugs generally were rejected. - Stephen Mack
And then there's Reddit: - Stephen Mack
Oh man, my name is on that Programmers Stack Exchange question! If I recall (it was three years ago), I voted to close it because people were just guessing and arguing about whether it was PC in the comments instead of providing any expert opinion. Stack Overflow has the same question with what I believe is the correct term pair these days, parent/child, with other generally acceptable alternatives: - Mark Trapp
I have to admit, my brain immediately went with "dom" and "sub" (it's still hierarchical, but in theory, it's a completely consensual relationship) but I don't know if BDSM practitioners would appreciate the appropriation. But in general, I really don't know why people have such an incredible problem with someone requesting "Could you please not use those words around me?" You certainly don't have to comply, but you also don't get to dictate how people will feel about you not acceding to such a request. - Victor Ganata
I wonder why motherboard/daughterboard stuck but that relationship concept didn't transfer to other similar hierarchies in IT. - Victor Ganata
Stephan, he proposed "primary" and "secondary" for our own internal use, which I think would be accurate terminology and not very confusing. Granted, the legacy equipment would be there, but it would be phased out over time possibly. Remember when SATA drives always were making you set them as master or slave? I'm glad we don't have to deal with that technology any more -- and that the terminology also has expired is just a bonus. - Stephen Mack
I like Primary/Secondary, better than parent/child, considering parent/child is more prominently hierarchical. - NOT THE CRICKET
Mark, that's funny you're on that question! I think about how there are all these leaves on the tree, some with our names painted on it (a metaphor from an old Roger Zelazny book). Whenever I run across some old site with some old comment from me, I think about that. - Stephen Mack
Victor: Good question with motherboard/daughterboard. - Stephen Mack
Victor: Generally, if someone asks me to not use particularly terminology because they find it offensive, I will comply regardless of whether or not I think it's offensive to me, because I prefer not to offend others. So what you write makes sense and resonates with me. - Stephen Mack
Jimminy, yeah, plus then you get into "killing children" or whatever... :) - Stephen Mack
Of course I don't care when intent is clearly in a different context. I've just had way too many stupid requests to about stuff of questionable insensitivity; I was once asked to stop referring to black mana in MtG as black because that was apparently offensive. - NOT THE CRICKET
I agree Stephen that it would eventually phase out. Except industrial equipment tends to lasts many decades. But primary/secondary would not adequately describe the relationship where a master rules the bus and a slave responds to a request from a master. But I guess it could be a matter of having large companies push any new terminology. - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
it's alot like life, this bus that we're on... - Big Joe Silence
Some pushback at work at the proposal to change the terminology. These will be some interesting discussions. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Male/female connectors are on their way, it's a matter of months - Craiv
Amit Patel
The drive up to Grotto Falls was unexpectedly annoying. I didn't realize the last six miles would be gravel. On the side of a mountain. With no guard rails. And the trail to the falls was unmarked, so I ended up going past it. And then the road became overgrown, narrow, and covered in rocks.
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I couldn't turn around so I had to drive in reverse down a gravel road on the side of a mountain. Ugh. - Amit Patel
But the falls themselves were quite pretty so I'm glad I went. - Amit Patel
Oh man, thinking about what would happen if a vehicle was coming from the other direction gives me the heebie jeebies. - Mark Trapp
Mark: panic panic :) - Amit Patel
Those are the fun roads! - Todd Hoff
Haha! I would've had more fun if it wasn't in a low-riding sports car ;) - Amit Patel
Kevin Fox
So Snowden has a deck of secrets that he plays one-by-one when each fits in best with current news cycles. Wonder what big cards remain...
I thought I saw somewhere that he had turned everything over to the journalists and had no say in what got released when. - Brian Johns
Brian: that's correct. He released all the data to either Glenn Greenwald (who then disseminated it to other news outlets) or to a number of news outlets directly sometime before being granted Russian asylum. In fact, the terms for his asylum from Putin were that he stop leaking secrets. Paul Fahri at the Washington Post reported that it's taking forever to release all the secrets... more... - Mark Trapp
Speaking of which, isn't his year almost over? Then what? - Brian Johns
He can renew his asylum application every year indefinitely/until he's eligible to become a Russian citizen, and Russian lawmakers have said they have no intention of expelling him. - Mark Trapp
Stephen Mack
On Christopher Evan Welch’s Last "Silicon Valley" Episode [Vulture] -
On Christopher Evan Welch’s Last "Silicon Valley" Episode [Vulture]
From the article: "Last night's Silicon Valley was Christopher Evan Welch's last. Because after shooting five episodes playing the show's best and most interesting character, Welch couldn't go on, as a result of complications stemming from the cancer that would eventually kill him." - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
Very sad. RIP. His portrayal of this character really was brilliant. - Stephen Mack
Wow, had no idea. Easily the best character on the show. - Mark Trapp
Such a flexible actor -- he had such a wide range: - Stephen Mack
He was amazing. - Laura Norvig from iPhone
I actually didn't like his character until the Burger King scene and then suddenly it all made sense. - Akiva
holly #ravingfangirl
Current mental status: out of your damn mind. - Kristin
GIDDY, I SAY. - holly #ravingfangirl
Oh, I see ... you wanted us to look at Saturday and Sunday. NOW I see why you're giddy!!! - Kristin
cuckoopants. - holly #ravingfangirl
:(-ing as hard as I possibly can. May have to move to the Yukon at this rate. - Mark Trapp
:( forecast for me is 89°F 95°F 98°F 95°F 86°F - Amit Patel
Mark Trapp
RT @e_dythe: Larry Wilmore to take 'Colbert Report' slot
RT @e_dythe: Larry Wilmore to take 'Colbert Report' slot
I think it will be really good. I can't wait! - Chris Topher
The New York Times is reporting that it'll be a scripted panel show: Seems interesting: wonder if that format's been used before. - Mark Trapp
John Lilly
Wow, Bret promoted to CTO at Facebook - smart, great guy. Congrats!
Thanks, John :) - Bret Taylor
@Bret. Congratz Bret.. - Ozgur Demir
Bret, well deserved! You're perfect for the position. - Jesse Stay
Super happy for you - incredibly well deserved. But I still want to get you working on another startup! Want to find something to do together. Looking for board stuff for you, too. - John Lilly from email
Congrats, Bret! - Mark Trapp
Now to see if Bret can take that confusing Facebook interface and make it into something nice like, for example, friendfeed. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
The Facebook "Lite" version helped simplify the interface, hopefully some of those concepts will make it into the standard design. - Mike Chelen
TechCrunch called it the Friendfeedification of Facebook. That can only be a good thing. Congrats! - Eric
Congratulations Bret! - Atul Arora
BT and FF did 'open' in the healthy, right, & honest way. Here's to bringing that positive force to a pretty unhealthy & confused company. Serious congratulations! Now... what would you do if you were CEO, Bret? That's what you need to do, starting today. - Christopher Galtenberg
Congrats, Bret! - Kol Tregaskes
Good on ya, Bret!! :) - Skye Miller
Congrats Bret! - Bojan Babic
holly #ravingfangirl
WELP, looks like i am digging into some PHP tonight. #pleaseletitbeaneasyfix
What are you trying to do? - Mark Trapp
i have a form mailer on the website that makes the email address of the submitter the "from" address of the email, and since Yahoo/AOL no longer allow their addresses to be spoofed, I need to change the mailer so it uses our email as the from address. I think I've found what I need to change - just need to try it and see if I break everything :) - holly #ravingfangirl
A menagerie of collective nouns.
A parliament of pronouns. - Mark Trapp
Stephen Mack
storey (UK): A floor or level of a building or ship. (Example: "For superstitious reasons, many buildings number their 13th storey as 14, bypassing 13 entirely.") - [Wiktionary] -
Alternative forms: "story" (US) - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
There are some things that I never can get straight. Thirty-five years after leaving England, I've got the colour/color thing sorted, and no longer misspell defence/defense nearly as often. But I just got freaked out that we don't say "storey" in America when referring to floors of a building, we say "story." Why? The extra e is useful to distinguish the two words, right? - Stephen Mack
What's the plural of 'storey'? - Neal Krummell
It gets worse. In most of the U.S., the first story of a building is the ground floor. I don't believe that's true in a lot of other places, where it's the first story *above* the ground floor. - Walt Crawford
Why on earth would you confuddle yourselves like that? - 'H'institches #TeamMarina
We are a confusing people, we English-speaking USicans. - Stephen Mack
Walt, that seems weird to me. First story is ground floor, second story is first floor. Maybe it's my arch background, but story for me is used for a physical count of floors, while a floor is figure for what level you're on, starting zero-indexed with the ground floor or lobby. - NOT THE CRICKET
I'm surprised there isn't any mention about pants and trousers. >_> - Arlan K.
and purses! ;-) - 'H'institches #TeamMarina
He pants when he misses the lift and runs up the escalator because pantalones are on the third storey. Unfortunately, he rips his trousers. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I have to say that, while I increasingly suspect The Economist has its own Ministry of Silly Wordings, it keeps reminding me that it isn't just the American version of English that's peculiar. - Walt Crawford
Most streets here don't have a number 13. Is that the same in the US? - 'H'institches #TeamMarina
Tyre. TYRE. WHY THE Y - Mark Trapp
Because it makes "pyres of tyres" look better. - NOT THE CRICKET
because you tire of your tyres going flat! - 'H'institches #TeamMarina
Helen: though I can't for the life of me think of building with the number 13, I've never heard of that being a thing here in the US. Omitting the 13th story in a building sure, but not the 13th lot on a street. - Mark Trapp
I haven't either (that is, avoiding 13 as the seventh odd-numbered lot on a street)--and I have to say that a fair number of hotels and office buildings ***do*** have a 13th floor, marked as 13 on the elevator. It's not a majority, but it's not unheard of. - Walt Crawford
For many modern U.S. cities, the street numbers are 3-digit (or 4-digit for major thoroughfares) that start at 100, so skipping 13 is a non-issue. - Stephen Mack
But do they skip 213, 2013, etc? I honestly don't know; I'll have to start paying attention. (I still see the occasional two-digit-numbers first-block street, but you're right, it's fairly rare.) - Walt Crawford
I used to live on a 13th street. That might explain some things about me. - Joe
I was about to ask if it wasn't confusing, spelling it "story", but then I remembered what language it is we all speak :-) - Slippy
Google maps confirms many 1313 Mockingbird Lanes. This makes me happy. Now I need to look at all the houses in Street View. :) - Ken Morley
There are so many problems with Hobbit 2 that I don't know where to begin. Too exhausting to think about.
I think the root of the problems stems from less than 30 minutes of the 2 hour 47 minute runtime actually occurred in the book. - Mark Trapp from iPhone
I'm a big Tolkien fan, and I really like the LotR movies, but I have found it impossible to bring myself to care about The Hobbit movies at all. I haven't seen any of it and I'm coo' wit' dat. - Akiva
Mark, it's assailable even without considering how it fails as an adaptation—the wheels come off as a narrative film, period. From the two steps forward, one step back pacing to flat out amateur moments of editing—EYELINE, LEGOLAS, EYELINE! The barrel escape was like a video game sequence, rocketing full throttle into parody of the genre. I need to stop now. - Micah
Oh. One point of redemption: Count the dramatic-stare-into-the-middle-distance-Thorin with locks of hair flowing in the wind like Fabio on a Harlequin book cover—that's the making of a rock solid drinking game. - Micah
Oh I agree (both about Thorin and the wheels falling off), Cinema Sins had a nice rundown of mostly everything wrong there: I guess what I was pointing to was that while Jackson can do a serviceable-to-great job when he's sticking to Tolkien's source material, he is pretty awful when it comes to anything else. To me, the weakest parts of LotR and the Hobbit 1 were when he was straying from the path and trying to leave his creative writing mark. - Mark Trapp
Yep, good point. I understand the temptation for Jackson, it's human. Too bad it's so often a losing proposition. - Micah
I don't understand why it needs to be three (2.5 hour+ long) movies. - Derrick
Don't worry. The next movie is only a couple of chapters long: 15 minutes tops. - lris
Derrick: Because that's the kind of movie Jackson makes, and he's getting away with it. I imagine the Superduper Blu-ray Extended Versions will be >3 hours each. (As for a couple of chapters: "Meanwhile, in Slightly Upper Middle Earth...") - Walt Crawford
D, because 3 billion dollar movies is better than 1 or 2. - NOT THE CRICKET
Not if you don't go see them. - Derrick
Sad Keanu + Fabio = Thorin in Hobbit II.
I was getting more of a more angsty version of John Travolta from Battlefield Earth vibe. - Mark Trapp
holly #ravingfangirl
if you have to drop so many letters from the words in your tweet that it's like doing a puzzle to decipher it, YOUR MESSAGE IS TOO LONG FOR A TWEET.
Crz tk. - Zamms
I just slide all those vowel-absent words into each other until they add up to 2048. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
I agree (cont. 1/49) - Mark Trapp
Hll lvs btch. - Kristin from iPhone
Mark Trapp
The option for a single vodcast in iTunes is "Mark as Watched", but the option for a whole vodcast channel is "Mark All as Played." *twitch*
It's represented as a playlist, and iTunes doesn't do a content check on all items. There's a lot of horrible normalization on lists. There could be an audio file in the playlist, so it would be incorrect to mark all as watched. I guess they could go with the informal played for all individual content files. - NOT THE CRICKET
Yes, Played for both. There should be consistency. <insert appeal to Steve Jobs's ghost here> - Mark Trapp
Players only love you when they're playin'. --fleetwood.mac - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
You watch a vodcast but if you're through with an entire channel, it's "played out". ;-) - Spidra Webster
"A man facing deportation from Sweden has been granted a temporary reprieve after fellow passengers aboard his flight to Iran prevented it from taking off by refusing to fasten their seat belts."
Bedlam! - Mark Trapp
"May the Source be with you." --Master Stallman
"If you can find a parrot to go with the Source, I will be very glad. DON'T buy a parrot figuring that it will be a fun surprise for me. If you buy a captured wild parrot, you will promote a cruel and devastating practice, and the parrot will be emotionally scarred before you get it. Meeting that sad animal is not an agreeable surprise." - Mark Trapp
Do you know where your boss lives?
I have no boss. Mwahahahaaaa! - Jenny H. from Android
Yes. When we started the company, I worked out of their home office for 18 months. - Johnny
I do. Mwahahahaaaa! - Angelo
Level 10. - Mark Trapp
Yes ... He's my dad. - Shannon - GlassMistress
Yes, yes, yes, and yes. I have 4 bosses/jobs. - NOT THE CRICKET
Yes. - L to tha B from Android
Yes (boss), yes (dean), yes (pres). - Julie Kane from iPhone
Yes - Janet
Pretty close? I know the neighborhood, not the actual house. - Jennifer Dittrich
I only know he lives two provinces over. All I need to know. :) - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
I know the bar he lives near. - Eric from iPhone
One in St. Louis, and the others in Australia. That's as close as I know. And one of the ones in Australia is originally from Chicago. - April Russo
Of course I do. She lives with me, after all. - Uli
Yes, and that's mainly because he lives a few doors down from another coworker whose house I've been to. I also knew where my bosses from Iowa (first one), FT Illinois library job, first grad school assistantship, and second State Farm posting lived as I was invited to their houses at some point. I knew where my high school boss lived because it was my dad :) - Katie
Yes, although it's been about a year since I was there so I doubt I could find the place. I know which street (it's like 3 blocks from my street). - Marianne
Yes. He's sleeping next to me. - Anika
in a vague "he lives in that area" kind of way, but other than that, no. - ellbeecee
I know what stop she lives off of, and I know things about her building, but not the actual address. - Meg VMeg
Yes. I've slept at her house and pooped in her toilet and worn her clothes. - Melly - #TeamMarina
Yep. - Steven Perez
Yep. I am him. - SAM
x__x melly - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Yup. I take her with me everywhere. She even sleeps with my husband. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
It was either wear her clothes or sit in her paddling pool with her husband and kids in just my underwear! - Melly - #TeamMarina
Yes. - Anne Bouey
No but it's very easy for me to find out. I just don't care to know. :P - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Not anymore. He's moved since the last time I've been to his house. - rönin
Mark Trapp
Oh man, after a slow start, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has officially gone full Whedon. Took them long enough.
I admit that's one part of their strategy that is working - the show got good, right as the film is coming out. I didn't really care if I saw Thor prior to the next episode (I ended up going, but it wasn't related) and it felt like people didn't really need to. This? I'm waiting on watching the next ep. until I can catch the movie this week/weekend. - Jennifer Dittrich
I went into it blind, not realizing this was the Winter Soldier crossover episode. Kinda kicking myself now, but man it was still really good. I hope they were just treading water so as to not spoil Winter Soldier and now it's going to be full-on crazy from here on out, but I fear it's going to be "awesome episodes when a movie comes out, dull procedural the rest of the time." - Mark Trapp
I think they still managed to up their game in Sif's wake, so have hopes they'll do the same here. It feels like they know they need to do a bit more to keep more than the die hard fans watching. - Jennifer Dittrich
CBC newsreader referred to Heartbleed as a huge internet virus. VIRAL MARKETING.
Made news because CRA website has suspended accepting tax return filing. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
What? Noooo! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Wow, this is serious stuff. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
You know it's something when the recommendation is "Change your passwords. All of them." - Mark Trapp
well its also about fear mongering. - Peter Dawson
Meg VMeg
I was scared to check until now. - Meg VMeg
Our long, national nightmare is over. - Mark Trapp
Stephen Mack
Circumcision Benefits Outweigh Risks, Study Reports [] -
Circumcision Benefits Outweigh Risks, Study Reports []
Show all
From the article: "A review of studies has found that the health benefits of infant male circumcision vastly outweigh the risks involved in the procedure. But the study, published online in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, also found that while rates of circumcision among American men ages 14 to 59 increased to 81 percent from 79 percent over the past decade, the rate of newborn circumcision has declined by 6 percentage points, to 77 percent, since the 1960s." - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
More: "One cost-benefit analysis that considered infant urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases found that if circumcision rates were decreased to the 10 percent typical in European countries, the additional direct medical costs over 10 years of births would be more than $4.4 billion." - Stephen Mack
Last paragraph: "'Male circumcision is in principle equivalent to childhood vaccination,' said the lead author, Brian J. Morris, emeritus professor of medical sciences at the University of Sydney. 'Just as there are opponents of vaccination, there are opponents of circumcision. But their arguments are emotional and unscientific, and should be disregarded.'" - Stephen Mack
The full text is not long. The stat that was most surprising to me: "These data show that the risk to an uncircumcised male of developing a condition requiring medical attention during their lifetime is approximately 1 in 2. " - Stephen Mack
^ I have a hard time believing that. - Stephen Mack
Yeah that doesn't seem right to me either, and I'm not anti-snip. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
"Male circumcision is in principle equivalent to childhood vaccination"...oof, there are certain circles of the internet (coughredditcough) where that'd be some dangerous heresy. Hm, and actually, I just checked and every posting of the study was downvoted to oblivion there: - Mark Trapp
I'm generally anti-circumcision but only because I generally believed it to be unnecessary. But I certainly don't feel anti-circ is equivalent to anti-vax. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Wife ultimatum: "Have your top 5 netflix picks ready by the time I get home."
THE PRESSURE, IT BURNS. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Is it to decide what to watch? If so, sounds like a perfect chance to execute an inverse duck strategy. List 4 movies that are so terrible they would be guaranteed vetoes, then list one movie you want to watch but would normally get pooh-poohed. It can't fail, for some definitions of can't! - Mark Trapp
And ALL definitions of Kant's. - Micah
I convinced her we should watch Scott Pilgrim. It was a win all around. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Excellent! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
When Roxy appeared I'm like, "Her?" - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Hearing a radio interview today reminded me that the guard-god merger is a thing.
New Englander? - Mark Trapp
Yup. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Funny how one person's 'bloodthirsty mob' is another's 'wisdom of the crowds'.
It's the tyranny of the majority! Oh, they agree with me? Democracy in action! - Mark Trapp
I am the very model of a modern Major- Tyranny! - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Kevin Fox
Hello Kevin! - Georgia
Hello, World? - Tinfoil 2.0
welcome back - Claudio Cicali
HI - Me
nǐ hǎo. chīfàn le ma? - Mark Trapp
Is it me you're looking for? - Neal Krummell
Hello. - Louis Gray
Acknowledge. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Hello! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Hey. - Joe
is this a test of the emergency broadcast system? - Laura Norvig
\o, - Zu from AOD
Hey! - Anne Bouey
Hello. - Betsy
Kevin Fox is a troll. - Akiva
I thought he was a Fox. - Joe
hello world! - imabonehead
Red 4 standing by. - David Lounsbury
Mark Trapp
Reminder, when you call women "females", you sound like this guy:
Reminder, when you call women "females", you sound like this guy:
I prefer "females" to "ladies", that's for sure. - Spidra Webster
Oof, ladies is pretty bad too. I can't help but think of that Tim Meadows sketch. - Mark Trapp
A lot of women I know use it and actually feel completely fine with it. However, it makes my skin crawl. - Spidra Webster
Mark Trapp
Itafroma Enterprises is a dummy company and I’m its only employee, but this email I just got seems totally legit:
Itafroma Enterprises is a dummy company and I’m its only employee, but this email I just got seems totally legit:
So you like yourself? - NOT THE CRICKET
Sure, but not *like* like. - Mark Trapp
Mark Trapp
No FMV ending for Reaper of Souls, just the interlude-style motion graphics. Hmm.
NO! I'm saddened, but please shut up, I'm not going to have time to finish A5 until Sunday. - NOT THE CRICKET
:( But I gotta talk about ███████! And how ██████████████. (But seriously the lack of FMV is all I'm intending to spoil in mixed company.) - Mark Trapp
I see why they did the interlude-style thing now, the ending is gender/class specific, and that's how they've handled that type of content all along. Still would have been nice to see a FMV for it. - NOT THE CRICKET
Yeah, IIRC the end of Act IV was an FMV followed by the gender/class specific interlude. - Mark Trapp
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