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As hypertext goes toward HTML 6 the difference between core dev PHP and Firefox dev approaches 1.
The Firefox devs will always be less crotchety. - Mark Trapp
I only inject blog comments into my bloodstream as routine inoculation. It's a public health duty. #vaxPopuli
The hantavirus seems like it'd be less risky. - Mark Trapp
Can you name an app that actually got better after it was bought out by a big player?
I never got a chance to try Grand Central. Was it made better as Google Voice? - Spidra Webster
I don't know if Skype has gotten better, but I don't think it's gotten any worse. I'd say the Macromedia suite has gotten a lot better since Adobe bought it - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE from YouFeed
FileMaker got way better after Claris acquired Nashoba, but that's digging deep. YouTube arguably got better for a couple of years after its Google acquisition, but it's gotten much, much worse in the past couple of years. Grand Central was better than Google Voice, or rather it had a lot more promise: Google Voice has kinda just died on the vine. I'd argue Flash and Fireworks were... more... - Mark Trapp
Youtube is an interesting case. The Google infrastructure and deep pockets protected it from going down in a storm of lawsuits and/or scaling issues. Partnership monetizing was another hedge. So in a way, features / UX are secondary to the existential question. Rinse and repeat Wikipedia. - Micah
Atlassian does a good job at making their acquisitions better. Bitbucket and HipChat. - Not Me
Instagram? - Not Me
Reddit - Not Me
Android? - Not Me
Micah said "app" though. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
AK Notepad, temporarily. Was bought by and gained Catch's cloud-syncing powers. Then Catch shut down their whole consumer note-taking app side a few years later. Too bad. AK Notepad is cleaner and smaller than Evernote _and the cloud syncing was far more reliable_. - Andrew C (✔)
So this is about to go down.
I saw the trailer, and I thought "Ooh, Robot Chicken are doing a spoof of all the LEGO(TM) movies?" and I was pleased. But then I discovered that was not the case, and I became ensaddened. - Steel Penguin Slippy
Looks like a shameless merchandising cash-in and sounds like a shameless merchandising cash-in, but it has a NINETY-FREAKING-SEVEN Rotten Tomatoes score! That's better than WALL-E! - Mark Trapp
I just listened to a review of this movie and they thought it was pretty good, although a bit long. - Victor Ganata
First third I was skeptical. Second third I settled in for the ride. Last third I was like, ok I see what you did there; and it felt good. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Might try and see this this weekend. Maybe. - Derrick
This will be Wade's second movie theater experience. First was Winnie the Pooh. - Laura Norvig from iPod
It got a surprisingly good review from our paper, and I generally trust their critics. Not one we would have added to our queue otherwise, but we've done so. - Walt Crawford
Springing for 3D! W00t! - Laura Norvig
Wow, that was better than I thought it would be. Quite enjoyable. - Laura Norvig from iPod
I want to watch it. - Rodfather from Android
I think I'm more excited for the video game based on the movie. - Rodfather
holly #ravingfangirl
it is getting cuh-razy out there, and yet it is barely snowing where i am. to compensate, our ILL system just went BOOM. THANKS.
It's coming down really windy and heavy here in SE. - Mark Trapp
this storm is pretty nutty. it's just barely starting to accumulate here in downtown vancouver, but the roads are still clear around where my house is. go a few miles north and west, and it's totally fubar. - holly #ravingfangirl
It's weird, here it's sticking to the roads but not the sidewalks: I can't imagine they'd salt them. Too damn cold and windy to check either way. - Mark Trapp
Mark Trapp
YouTube ain't gonna break my stride, Downfall — FriendFeed's back, on Vimeo: -
YouTube ain't gonna break my stride, Downfall — FriendFeed's back, on Vimeo:
Hitler's not happy about being blocked on YouTube, so he's moved to Vimeo. And he's *still* mad about the FriendFeed acquisition by Facebook! - Mark Trapp from Bookmarklet
Looks like Vimeo took it down, too. - Spidra Webster
They took it down, but I have it in writing that they know it's a parodic work I created (they initially took it down because someone reported it as something I found on the internet) and that it should not be taken down in the future. I guess they never reinstated it? I suppose I could just reupload it: probably should just self host it at this point. - Mark Trapp
Mark Trapp
No longer content with enabling ContentID trolling, YouTube has completely removed Downfall — FriendFeed and given me a copyright strike.
noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo - Meg VMeg
I had to complete one of the most patronizing "quizzes" about copyright ever, too. The next step is to potentially file a formal counter notice, which would open the door for ConstantinMediakraft formally suing me for copyright infringement. - Mark Trapp
Good grief. - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
WTF Why are they doing that? I thought the director said he was totally okay with people using it that way? - Spidra Webster
Movies have multiple rights holders; the publisher (ConstantinMediakraft) was the one who originally attempted to Striesand Effect the Downfall parodies in 2010, even against the wishes of the director and the studio. They came back a couple of months ago and issued a third ContentID claim on my video, and rejected my ContentID dispute (they released their claims the first two times). I appealed that rejection yesterday, leading to YouTube issuing me a copyright strike and removing the video entirely. - Mark Trapp
Man, that sucks. I hope you're able to best them. I actually went and saw "Downfall" simply because I'd seen so many parodies of it. - Spidra Webster
Me too, but at this point, I think I have to secure legal counsel. I think a lot of people in the North American market are the same as you: the movie was completely unknown until the parodies started to hit and people saw it explicitly because of them. I mentioned that in my dispute appeal under the part where they asked me to confirm that my video had no negative effect on their ability to sell or market the film, but no dice :( - Mark Trapp
I mean damn. This is not only why we can't have nice things, it's we can't even make nice things. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
:( - Amit Patel
Shit, it's still down. :((( Bastards! - Spidra Webster
Insane. They can't really believe the parodies aren't fair use parodies, can they? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I guess it doesn't matter. YouTube does almost all the work initially: they just have to press the "reject" button when notified of my appeals. And since fair use is considered an affirmative defense, there's virtually no consequence to them suing me if it comes to that. - Mark Trapp
holly #ravingfangirl
Record cold could lead to 6 inches of snow Saturday | Portland -
Record cold could lead to 6 inches of snow Saturday | Portland
"Snow flurries hit the Portland area again Tuesday and continuing cold temperatures were expected to usher in as much as 6 inches of snow on the valley floor Saturday, according to KGW meteorologists." - holly #ravingfangirl from Bookmarklet
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - holly #ravingfangirl
Wait, we already had snow yesterday. AND TODAY. For 20 minutes! And it almost stuck, too! This is a harbinger of a new ice age. - Mark Trapp
I KNOW RIGHT. - holly #ravingfangirl
part of me is hoping that it's yet another "swing and a miss" forecast like so often happens, but we are due for a real one. - holly #ravingfangirl
True: past 48 hours the Portland-area weather teams all seem to rely on augurs. Seems awfully late in the year for the big one: would've thought if we were going to get that, it'd be in December or early January. - Mark Trapp
i just figure nature wants to screw with us a little. :) at least whatever happens it shouldn't last long. - holly #ravingfangirl
Which locale would win The Snarkiest City prize?
Portland. Bunch of smug wankers down there. - Akiva
Hey, at least we don't run over homeless people with buses or whatever it is that's going on in Ivory Tower Valley. Okay maybe we're in the running. - Mark Trapp
And you don't regularly hear about Portland police just up and shooting people, kicking them in their heads, uttering racial slurs... wait, whose side am I on?!@%~ - Akiva
Hull can be pretty sarcastic. - Eivind
I'm not yet convinced. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Wait, you guys say "wanker" now? That was our word for confusing Americanians. Who blabbed? - Steel Penguin Slippy from Android
The Blabberfish. THANKS OBAMA ADAMS! - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
To-Ron-To - Brent Schaus
Confession: It took me waaay too long to decipher Brent's comment. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Mark Trapp
Say what you want, I still think the Texans have this in the bag.
An independent TX is a proud TX. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Texas has exercised its right to secede from the NFL and form its own, bigger one. - Mark Trapp
You joke, but by law, Texas is the only state in the US that is allowed to split into 5 distinct football teams. - Meg VMeg
If they do that, the southern teams would be vulnerable to annexation by the Mexican American Football Federation. - Mark Trapp
Or, better, be required by international law to play actual football--not passball, the thing the NFL plays. - Walt Crawford
Bruce Willis was not in 12 Monkeys. Also, was not in The Twelve Monkeys. EDIT: Correction: A precious version of this post said 'not in 12 Monkeys' and should have stated 'in 12 Monkeys.'
He was in Twelve Monkeys. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
The posters seem to alternate between "12" and "Twelve" Monkeys. - Brent Schaus
So you could say, "Bruce Willis is my favorite actor NOT in The 12 Monkeys" and you'd mean either he's your favorite actor period. #conversationTipsForPedants - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
But IMDB is never wrong (I think I read that on Wikipedia somewhere). - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
We have surely evolved past nomenclature fascism? We all knew what was what. - Steel Penguin Slippy
I became curious what the canonical rendering was, and then I parlayed that into a shallowly provocative posting. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
He wasn't in La Jetée either. - Meg VMeg
Micah: Eloquently eructated, even exquisitely so :-) - Steel Penguin Slippy
I think "12 Monkeys" has the better claim to canonicity. Amazon and Wikipedia use "12", Rotten Tomatoes uses both. The smoking gun for me however is the lawsuit surrounding the movie, wherein "12 Monkeys" is used exclusively: - Mark Trapp
IMDB, YOU'RE FIRED! - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Meg, true true. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Ink in this felt marker has finally run dry. Used to make weekly grocery lists. For the past 14 years.
I don't usually believe in miracles, but... - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Try sticking the tip in some rubbing alcohol (just the tip, though). - Mark Trapp
Sounds risky. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
If the Volkswagen Beetle had been designed by a disgraced, probably criminal filmmaker, would it be immoral to purchase one?
I'm not stating a clear for or against culpability regarding art vs artist, but I am trying to understand both sides of the argument. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Well, I don't think Volkswagen still uses any of the designs that Hitler helped create…. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
he came up with the name Volkswagen, tho, right? - Big Joe Silence
I think Hitler naming the Volkswagen is apocryphal, but the company was definitely founded by Nazis. - Mark Trapp
An idea that came from Hitler would become the best-selling car of all time - BBC - 30 Aug 2013 - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Is there a difference in the 'supporting' works by an individual auteur vs. a company? If so, how does the transference of sin differ? - Micah
Sin requires intent, but companies don't have sentience so they lack moral desert. However, if supporting a company would necessarily facilitate, condone, or license the evil deeds of an individual that difference becomes largely academic. - Mark Trapp
I have discovered a truly marvelous proof of how to parse HTML using regex, which this comment is too narrow to contain. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Mandatory reference: ;-) - Angelo
THE PONY HE COMES - Victor Ganata
I parsed HTML with regexp once, and I would've gotten away with it too if it wasn't for you meddling kids! - Mark Trapp
Look, I never experimented with drugs, so if I want to use regex with abandon until I end up on the street turning biz card website tricks to eek out the rest of my days, THEN I. WILL. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
But then what do you say to your kid when they tell you they learned it by watching you? - Mark Trapp
^ Ha. I remember that one. - Micah
Mark Trapp
Shut down email account, transferred all credentials: I think I’m now officially unemployed.
Grats? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Possibly, and thanks either way. I've been working at the same place for so long I kinda don't know what to do with myself just yet. - Mark Trapp
I had a lot of "external memory" tied up in my previous job. Definitely felt a sense of loss when I couldn't access any of it anymore. - Amit Patel
It didn't hit me until the 3 or 4 minutes it took for iOS to remove the account from my iPhone. That waiting had an air of finality to it. - Mark Trapp
Oh I plan to pivot, crush it, bop it, twist it, *and* spin it. - Mark Trapp
Ooooooh, time to dig the Bop It out of the closet. - Meg VMeg
Meg VMeg
What are my Sherlock options at this point?
dropbox? - jambina
ooooh - Meg VMeg
email - jambina
I feel like you might not be referring to the show, but if you are has the first two episodes, and the third episode should be available on Sunday. You just need to create a free account. - Mark Trapp
If you have Amazon Prime, you can see the old S1 and S2 eps there for free. Otherwise, it's on PBS. - Spidra Webster
Thanks guys! - Meg VMeg
Mark Trapp
Not being able to delete an S3 bucket that has hundreds of thousands of objects at all, even with a confirmation process, is insanity.
Does S3 require you to individually delete all the objects before you can delete the bucket? - Glen Campbell
Sorta: there is a multi-object delete operation, but it requires you to list every object individually in the request, which makes it useless past a few hundred files. - Mark Trapp
Do you really really really really really really really really really really really really really want to delete this? - Micah
You can do an object listing of up to 1000 items at a time (fetch and list keys), and delete 1000 items at a time (pass list to the MO-Delete), using the API. 2 reqs/per 1000 items. Shouldn't take much more than 10-20 lines of code, and patience for the requests to be made and performed. /List Keys(Java) /Delete Keys(Java) - Not Me
That's what I'm doing right now and it's working okay I guess, but man I would kill for a single command so I don't have to babysit this. Now that it's been running for a bit, I definitely understated how many objects there are: it's probably well into the tens of millions. It's like 7 years of full backups for a number of workstations. - Mark Trapp
Let's face it, whoever foisted the term 'mathlete' onto the world was probably a humanities major.
And/or definitely a nerd. - Friar Will
I don't know where it originated, but I remember when I first encountered the term. It was an episode of Sliders. The "sport" was like a mashup of Netball (a kind of stationary basketball, played exclusively by young women) and Spock's "How Vulcan ARE you?" test in Trek Ep. IV. - Steel Penguin Slippy
"Major" to denote a concentration of study whilst getting a degree is an American term that was borrowed by Canadians. "Mathlete" has its origins in the 1930s, but the American apparatus for defining "humanities" wasn't in place until the 1960s. The Canadian institution, however, was founded in 1931. I'm not suggesting that the first act of Canadians humanities majors was to coin the term "mathlete", but I'm suggesting it. - Mark Trapp
A humanities major who always got picked last for the pick-up teams. - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
^ that would be me, nevermind that I was an actual athlete. And not at all terrible at math. I never understood why those all had to be mutually exclusive. - Jennifer Dittrich
Actually, despite my comment earlier, I never took the term to suggest that athletes can't be good at math. In my h.s. the best athletes also tended to be the best students, with notable exceptions. I think it came down to a discipline thing. - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
I keep hearing that aerobic exercise improves the brain … - Amit Patel
I was a mathlete and loved it. :) My specialties were differential calculus and analytic geometry. - Hookuh Tinypants
Mark Trapp
The amount of last-day hijinks one can pull working from home is severely lacking.
Also a dearth of capers, tomfoolery, mischief, and shenanigans. - Mark Trapp
You could overnight some of these: - Stephen Mack
Mmm, delicious capers. - Mark Trapp
RT @hemantmehta: That viral video about how the sum of all positive integers = - 1/12? It's a lie. Here's a good explanation of why:
RT @hemantmehta: That viral video about how the sum of all positive integers = - 1/12? It's a lie. Here's a good explanation of why:
uh-oh - Aldo Oldo
Plait's response: and Padilla's response: (Padilla is the one who created the video on which Plait's article was based). It's technically correct (the best kind of correct), but the proofs for why it is correct were oversimplified to reach a wider, non math pedant audience. - Mark Trapp
Stephen Mack
PowerPoint: “I heard you liked hidden things, so I hid the hide menu afforandance” -
[Image of the right-click menu in PowerPoint, with a very subtle indicator that a slide is hidden
(Alternate theory not presented in my blog post: It's possible that it's not subtle at all, and that my eyes are just getting worse.) - Stephen Mack
It might only be because you've pointed out the hidden slide in your post, but it does look substantially desaturated (particularly the blue footer) when compared to the other, non-hidden slide. Given no other cues, I think I might mistake that for being selected, though. - Mark Trapp
Mark, good point. But the gray text was noticeable to me -- and I even thought it might mean it was hidden. I just was thrown off because the right click menu affordance wasn't what I expected. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Yeah, that is pretty wacky, especially considering none of the other icons in the menu act as a toggle indicator. - Mark Trapp
I call the right-click menu a contextual menu. I've never heard the phrase "menu accordance" before. I learned something today! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Zu: well, it is a context menu. Affordance is more the way how you know something operates: - Stephen Mack from iPhone
There was an ancient Robert Scoble post here on FF attacking Kevin Fox because of (Robert's claim of) broken affordances. He used the word affordance 20 times. Someone's comment (maybe Akiva?) was "Guess who just learned a new word!" Ironically, though, that WAS where I learned this word. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
That post went beyond attacking, I thought. Very nasty. I unfollowed Scoble wherever I was following him because of that. - Jim is digging out.
Thread's still here, but not the comment I was thinking of: - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Jim, you're right, it was nasty and still is. I don't miss the R.Scoble-type acolyes in that thread who did little other than complain about FF. - Stephen Mack
Oh! Zu, I forgot to tell you something! I typed "Zy" by accident on my phone when I was making an earlier comment, and it got auto-corrected to Zu! MY PHONE KNOWS YOU. - Stephen Mack
Every phone should know my name! I don't remember that thread but I promise I won't say affordance 20 times. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Damn that thread is long! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Zu, yeah, FF was a bit exhausting sometimes back in the day. - Stephen Mack
One of my co-workers pointed out another affordance: The slide number has a diagonal line through it to show the slide is hidden. Who knew? - Stephen Mack
Stephen, you're not going crazy. If I remember correctly, back in previous versions if you right clicked on a hidden slide, it would say "Unhide Slide". Which makes sense. This? Not so much. - Jonathan Disher
Tybalt's not a bad name choice. To a point.
Hahahaha - Friar Will
You slay me sometimes, Micah. - Mark Trapp
Is there a term for hacker news variety dude bros. HnDB? It has a simple SQL-like interface -- query anything and get a over-confident answer glued together with googleable factoids.
Brogrammers? - Not Me
I don't know anything about Python, and I stopped reading after the second sentence, but I talked to a guy once 6 years ago about this very issue and it's clear to me that the author has no clue about what he's talking about and this post is worse than cancer. - Mark Trapp
But it's Canadian cancer so it's okay. - Akiva
^--- This. That. Those. Here's a link to a completely irrelevant blog post (er, I mean "essay") by Paul Graham that proves its unfailing correctness: - Mark Trapp
In all seriousness, I think "shitposter" comes close: - Mark Trapp
I think the key here is that Micah's not being serious. Or at least he's only being Canadian serious. - Akiva
I'm biserious. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Seriousness for some values of serious. - Mark Trapp
S vs. NS. - Akiva
It's a NonPlussed Hard problem. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
The Traveling Snarkman? - Mark Trapp
So how many honorary degrees and commas is Oxford going to hand out anyway?
They can hand out as many commas as they want, they're all still invalid. - Jim is digging out.
Oxford, comma, or death! - Mark Trapp
Fast, Good and Cheap—pick one! - Micah
The one I pick is Good and Cheap. - Betsy
Mark Trapp
A few weeks ago you were asking about sensors; this just popped up on Hacker News: General-purpose motion sensor/thermometer/proximity sensor system.
Thanks, I'll check it out when I have more internet! - Meg VMeg
This is neat. - Meg VMeg
Yeah, if not a bit creepy. Why'd they have to give the base station eyes and a smile? - Mark Trapp
Honestly, it reminded me of this: "When force is gone, there's always mom." But I post about that song way too much, so I didn't mention it. - Meg VMeg
Mark Trapp
HTML 5 JavaScript API Index -
HTML 5 API documentation generated directly from the specification - Mark Trapp
Mark Trapp
This bus smells like weed.
I'm all for scent-free zones. - Micah
Hermetically-sealed chambers for all! - Mark Trapp from iPhone
Does the realtime moaning/groaning against sports tweets etc go back to the jocks vs geeks cliche framing? Get over it. It's not high school any more.
Or if it IS still HS for you—go do your homework. - Micah
People moan/groan about trending topics, whatever the topic, all the time. I don't know why sports fans feel singled out. - Spidra Webster
So what is it when people whine about Apple events and TV shows?. Framing it as jocks vs geeks is flawed. - Johnny from iPhone
Also, up until about 4 years ago, Twitter was the domain of the "geek". Now the "jocks" have come in, threw a party and then complain that a "geeks" asked them to shush ;) - Johnny from iPhone
"Stop liking things I don't like!" The world would be a less acrimonious place if all these social networks stopped making their billions of dollars and just listened to me when I said we needed all the filter controls, dammit. - Mark Trapp
Being demonstratively uninterested in sports has been a cheap way for people to flex their intellect for a long time. - Eivind
Cheap? *looks at self* Why did I buy all these 'Don't go Patriots' foam hands?!!!!? - Pete
Oh, I think athletic event fans dripping with exceptionalism are a fine lot to skewer, don't get me wrong. There are degrees. But look, lay out your invective against sporting culture without the sniper tactic of going off while a popular event is in progress. It's unbecoming. - Micah
I don't mind the occasional cheap intellectual booster. Go sportsball! :) - Eivind
Oh, we know your m-o. - Micah
Mark Trapp
Setting up a Common Lisp environment on OS X with Sublime Text 3 -
Some basic instructions for setting up a basic, but functional Common Lisp environment without resorting to Emacs. - Mark Trapp
Mark Trapp
A few hours of relearning and rehating Lisp later, the first iteration of my weekend project is complete @kfury
A few hours of relearning and rehating Lisp later, the first iteration of my weekend project is complete @kfury
Original size, since Twitter is lame: - Mark Trapp
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