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German subtitles always enhance.
Deutsche Untertitel immer verbessern. - Eivind
Meg VMeg
Seems like they could have chosen an older surgeon general. You know, out of...respect.
What do you mean? (I don't know much about the position or the politics behind it other than the procedural maneuver they did to get him confirmed over the weekend.) - Mark Trapp
Oh, that it makes me feel unaccomplished for being older than he is and still not appointed to any federal office :( - Meg VMeg
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I see: haha, I was Googling to see if there was some secret Surgeon General's code or something. But I get you: I feel the same way about various CEOs. - Mark Trapp
Never watch gymnastics or figure skating. >.< - Heather
Technically I was appointed by congress when my commission was confirmed at 22 :) - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I learned 3 things from this post. 1) there's a new surgeon general, 2) he's also younger than me and 3) somehow Koop is always the SG in my mind. isn't Koop dead? - ellbeecee
Koop is my Surgeon General like Bartlet is my President. - Kirsten
I <3 Kirsten. :) (I also think I <3 this new Junior Agent Surgeon General guy. Who might actually be old enough to drink in some states.) (Get off my lawn.) - Catherine Pellegrino
+1 Kirsten. - bentley
Stephen Mack
TiVo Santa Run Silicon Valley 2014 photos! (December 14, 2014, Downtown SJ,
TiVo Cares Team 1.jpg
TiVo Santa Run 2014.jpg
Show all
(1) A bunch of TiVo employees and The TiVo Guy at the start line. (Not sure who took this photo.) (2) Crowd during the warm-up (photo by Steve Wymer, TiVo VP of Marketing, who was on stage). (3) At the finish line! (Photo by Angel B., a co-worker.) (4) Some celebrities who ran the race! (5) Kids playing in the "snow" at the finish line after the race was done. (6) The TiVo Guy crossing the finish line. (Photos 4-6 by me.) - Stephen Mack
You make a pretty fly Santa, Mr. Mack. :D - Hookuh Tinypants
Thanks! My beard was not on straight, though. - Stephen Mack
I would expect nothing less from you. :P - Hookuh Tinypants
Timeline of costume removal: Mile 0.1, beard is scratchy and gets in my mouth. Lowered to my chin. Mile 0.5: Santa shirt is warm and sleeves are slipping off my shoulders. Mile 0.7: Pants are flimsy felt and have split fully. Mile 1.4: Hat too warm. Holding it instead of wearing it. Mile 2: Santa shirt removed and tied around waist. (Would have ditched it but it has my bib and tracking chip.) - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Hahaha. - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
And this is why I don't do full-body costumes for races. LOL I will wear my base layer of my race pants and shirt, and I'll throw on accoutrements (wings, skirts, arm warmers, head decorations, funky socks, etc) but never will I put on an actual costume. The people planning to run the Star Wars 10K dressed like Stormtroopers are flippin' insane. And so are you, Santa! :P - Hookuh Tinypants
Hookuh, but that's what brings it a bit of the whole appeal! - Stephen Mack
Cristo, he automatically climbs down the chimney when you've been on the same menu for 23 minutes. - Stephen Mack
holly #ravingfangirl
doing some christmas shopping, now have the urge to re-read Beverly Cleary books.
I read the Henry Huggins and Beezus ones when I was a kid, and I remember thinking Beverly Cleary was the first adult I found that really understood how kids think and feel, and I hoped I would be like that when I grew up. When my Kid discovered the Ramona books I read them as well, and they were just as great. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
I luh her. - Jenny H. from Android
Saw a woman with Ramona tattooed on her leg once. When I complimented her tat, she was all, you know who she is! Nobody ever knows who she is! And that blew me away, didn't even occur to me that there were people who'd never read the books! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Meg VMeg
Tequila will help.
I might try that too. mixing it or straight up? - jambina from iPhone
With tamarind soda! - Meg VMeg
ooooh. I wonder if we have any flavoures San Pell. (no Jaritos unfortunately.) - jambina from iPhone
I HAVE POMPELMO - jambina from iPhone
omg so yum - jambina
Have strong desire to ask Container Store manager if they've considered Dockerizing their POS system.
Then count how many seconds till getting kicked out. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Piece of shit? Point of Sale? - Joe
No mutual exclusivity. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
They're still using Ansible: those rubes! - Mark Trapp
holly #ravingfangirl
So this is my new-ish neighbor's *backyard*. Yes, that's a moving light show. You can probably guess what sort of scene their front yard looks like.
Is there music to accompany this light show? - Corinne L
Not that I have heard. Thank God. - holly #ravingfangirl
Some of those, have to tune in on your car radio to hear the music. - bentley
Wow. One of the people on my street has done exactly half of their front yard is what seems like every Christmas light ever made. The other half? Utterly blank and pitch black. - Soup in a TARDIS
:( - Katy S from iPhone
I think tonight is when Deacon Dave opens his annual lightshow in his house/yard in Livermore (apparently the most gaudy in the area). It's on the way to my brother's house, and we've learned never to take that route in December. It is...well, I shudder to think what the electricity bill is, even with LED lights. No picture: we won't get close to the house. - Walt Crawford
Come to think of it, his house--Casa del Pombo--has a webcam, so the interested could look in some evening. Here's the site (the YouTube song--haven't actually listened--shows lights from years past: he's up to some 400,000 lights at this point!): - Walt Crawford
I have a friend who does a big light/character display at his house and he makes the "opening ceremony" into a community event: collects toys & donations for a local shelter, has cocoa and treats, Santa comes to visit, there's a food truck. I'm sure he's got a few neighbors who hate it but he certainly fosters a lot of goodwill around town. - Corinne L
the backyard isn't *too* bad, but the front yard looks like someone just barfed up a bunch of lights and blow-up things. no design or anything. - holly #ravingfangirl
Meg VMeg
Never underestimate the shot-in-the-dark email.
"Million-to-one chances...crop up nine times out of ten." - Terry Pratchett - Andrew C (✔)
The long shot horse wins... is said at the track at least once a day - WarLord
Sarah G.
The pope invited Patti Smith to perform at the Vatican. BEST. POPE. EVER.
Can I romance Leliana in Dragon Age? I’m totally intrigued by her, but haven’t gotten any options to flirt yet.
You could in Dragon Age: Origins, but you can't in Dragon Age Inquisition. - Mark Trapp
" its a normal blanket."
But it's organic heat! That makes it ... normal, yeah. - bentley
holly #ravingfangirl
come on, rain! you can do it! i don't want to have to invest in saline spray.
Mark H
Karl Stefanovic's sexism experiment: Today presenter wears same suit for a year -
Karl Stefanovic's sexism experiment: Today presenter wears same suit for a year
"Angered by the sexism he saw being heaped upon his female colleagues – and attempts to downplay it – Karl Stefanovic decided to conduct an experiment. He wore the same blue suit on air, two days in a row. Then three. A month ticked by without a ripple. Now, a full year has passed – and he is still wearing the same cheap Burberry knock-off, every morning, on Channel Nine's Today program." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"Not a single audience member has asked about it, he says. Fashion commentators and other media also seem oblivious. Yet co-host Lisa Wilkinson still receives regular and unsolicited fashion appraisals, as she revealed in her well-received Andrew Olle lecture last year. ("Who the heck is Lisa's stylist?" one emailer demanded to know. "Today's outfit is particularly jarring and awful.... more... - Mark H
Well, to be fair, the suit looks pretty good on him. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
gosh! i love this man! - رامین
Have you re-watched the opening sequence of Minority Report recently. Still wow.
I loved the first half of that movie. - Meg VMeg
"Actually, it's about butting in." - Mark Trapp
holly #ravingfangirl
Meg VMeg
Not a fan of the water enthusiasts.
where? i tend to hang with them. - kendrak
I drink water all day. It does not make me more energetic. - laura x from iPhone
When I drink water all day, I have lots of energy that I use to go to the bathroom. - Zamms
*tinkles energetically* - Big Joe Silence
I just drink it cause I'm thirsty. - laura x from iPhone
Oof: not only is it a myth, drinking too much can lead to hyponatremia. I used to be an involuntary water enthusiast: I didn't care about health effects, I just drank a lot of water out of habit or routine like some people snack on chips and accidentally eat the whole bag. Never understood why I felt like I was getting dehydration headaches all the time regardless until I spoke with a... more... - Mark Trapp
Stephen Mack
My conclusion after using Inbox for several days: After using e-mail for 28 years, I do not wish to completely transform my e-mail workflow.
I think I'd feel the same way. - Tamara J. B.
I find it interesting that Google is still trying to reinvent something which has become in so many ways a footnote in Internet history. I don’t know many people who rely primarily on e-mail to communicate outside of their jobs, really. - Akiva
Lucky! How did you get it, Stephen? - Louis Gray
^ hehe, very funny. - Stephen Mack
If I was on mobile a lot I think I could really get used to it and appreciate it. I heard Leo Laporte say it was the first time he got to Inbox Zero ever and he loves it. But it's not really Inbox Zero, it just looks like it. I think that's the appeal. On laptop/desktop it doesn't make much sense at all. - Laura Norvig
+1 Laura. It seems like sweep is just a more polite word for delete. - Todd Hoff
The bundling is pretty good, though. Today I have: 25+ Updates, 25+ Promos, 25+ Social, 25+ Forums, 25+ Finance. NO REAL MAIL. Thanks for pointing out I have no real friends, Gmail. - Laura Norvig
Hasn't social conversation largely moved to social networks and away from email? - Todd Hoff
OK phew. I'm glad I'm not the only one who really isn't all that taken with Inbox. I want to like it more. I just...don't. Hoping that changes over time. - Hookuh Tinypants
For fine-grain control, manually setting up filters is best via the regular gmail web interface. However, for rapid consumption (and reduction to zero inbox), it seems Inbox is like a hack saw, suitable as mobile app. Thinking of a pin as another sort of star with snooze function appear useful. As for reminders: there are those generated by Gmail tasks, Keep, Google Now ("remind me to... more... - Adriano
Not me, Cristo. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I would love to try Slack but I work with a bunch of dinosaur luddites. Well, about 75-80% of my team. - Laura Norvig
We use Slack where I work. It's pretty cool. Got a friend of mine that's working on a dedicated Slack client for Windows, that can be minimized to the tray, so you don't have to keep it open in a browser tab. - April Russo
We just adopted Slack. We like it. Integrates nicely with Jira. - Brent Schaus from iPhone
Since 2004, I use a lot of filters (rules) and labels (folders), so my Gmail is almost self-sufficient :-) - Red Label
Meg VMeg
My parents received a robocall encouraging them to vote early, but it's Halloween-themed, so it's Dracula and then he wants them to vote a straight Republican ticket. And I can't tell if it's a joke? A surreptitious Democratic Party ad? Or if the Republicans are truly owning up to being inhuman and draining the lifeblood of the working class.
weird.mp3 249 KB
considering how tone-deaf the GOP is, especially here in TX, this might actually be from them. - Big Joe Silence
I have to say that I actually like this compared to most political robocalls I've gotten. - Spidra Webster
consider who the messenger is, tho. and i don't mean Dracula. - Big Joe Silence
I'm with Meg. It may well be a Dem message given that they have Dracula (a bloodsucker) voting the "straight Republican ticket". - Spidra Webster
holly #ravingfangirl
OHAI low pressure system. i feel you.
Oh, boo. - Marie
Ooof :((( - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
Lost power :( - Mark Trapp
bah! we did early this afternoon for about half an hour or so, but it's back already. hope yours isn't out too long! - holly #ravingfangirl
They're saying by 7:30 here, but they usually overestimate, so here's hoping. Always find it weird it's possible to lose power via moderate winds in a city: would think all the power would be buried or there'd be enough redundancy. Though at least here they try to fix it immediately; remember back when I lived in upstate NY they'd just wait until the storm was over to even attempt it. - Mark Trapp
Meg VMeg
"Officials Seek People Exposed to Him" Sounds...dirty.
Bill de Blasio's in for a rough few weeks, I'm guessing. - Meg VMeg
Huh, it was a bowling alley in Williamsburg. I was curious because there's one near my house, and there are only 4 in Brooklyn. - Meg VMeg
Ebola tv is very similar to hurricane tv. - Meg VMeg
de Blasio is probably wishing for the halcyon days when people just made fun of him for using a fork to eat pizza. - Mark Trapp
*organizing bathroom drawer* And THIS toothbrush is the Keep My Upper Bicuspids Clean Czar.
OMC is my Howbi czar. - Mark Trapp
Meg VMeg
Iain - locked out of ff
Welcome to Friendfeed. Stay a while. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Hey guys, you hear about this thing called "Twitter"? It'll die off in a few months: nowhere near the features of FriendFeed. - Mark Trapp
Why, ello there. - Joe
You look familiar. I think I know you from somewhere. :D - April Russo
Facebook, it's what the kids are using. - Eric - Let Me Know
The service is still in beta, though. - Andrew C (✔)
Double-beta. Treble-beta? - Meg VMeg
It will be shut off any day now. The end is nigh! - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
holly #ravingfangirl
minecraft villagers are the ultimate judgers. #hrm #hrm
Meg VMeg
Did anyone here ever try that terrifying recipe where you make dulce de leche by boiling a can of sweetened condensed milk? And maybe it explodes?
When I was little, my friend Gina's grandma used to make it that way. No cans ever exploded. - Jennifer Dittrich
that sounds like a fun experiment to do in a friend's kitchen. - kendrak
I think these days you can just buy precooked cans of dulce de leche, or at least in Latin markets or big supermarkets with a decent Latin items aisle. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
Yes. We use it for caramel tart. - Johnny from iPhone
My friend makes caramel for dipping that way, but she uses a slow cooker. I haven't tried it myself, but the results are so good. - Corinne L
Ah, slow cooker is smart. - Meg VMeg
have you read Sweet Potato Queens? mentioned there prominently as "danger sauce" I still want to try it. - Christina Pikas
I learned that trick in Zimbabwe. We made all sorts of desserts but by far my favorite is to just dip the spoon in the can. "Danger sauce" is a great name I think I'll adopt it. - Lnorigb from FFHound!
I make that all the time, for banoffi pie (banana toffee). - Iain - locked out of ff
And it never explodes? - Meg VMeg
No, not so long as you keep an eye on the pan, and never let it boil dry. You don't have it on a rolling boil, but it's still a bit of a leap of faith. You have to trust that it'll be OK, and it will. - Iain - locked out of ff
Just keep a kettle with boiling water in it, ready to go. That way, you can keep topping up the level of water in the pan with the condensed milk cans - Iain - locked out of ff
My parent's made it a few times. No explosions. - Holly's favorite Anna from Android
I've done it. I also emptied a can of condensed milk into a pan. Bake it for 60-90 minutes, stirring every 30. It was delicious! - Gabrielle from FFHound(roid)!
my cousin exploded a can, but that's because she wasn't keeping an eye on it and let it boil dry. she's the only person i've ever heard of who had a can explode. - ~Courtney F
Curiously, a full half hour before supper, 9yo asks to say grace at the meal. [30 minutes later] 9yo: "..... Two mice fall into a bucket of cream..."
Did you concur? - Mark Trapp
No, too distracted - I couldn't keep my eyes off his pinstripes. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
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