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Anyone know how to deal with the smell of old cat pee in heating ducts?
A new house. - Christian (Simply X)
Try vinegar or new ducts. - Gus
Yeah, please don't waste my time on this thread - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
Can you get into the heating ducts at all? Spraying vinegar will help if you can. If not, check your local listings for a ductwork cleaning service. - FFing Enigma
Not to be snarky, but that's my solution. But I completely detest the smell of cat elimination and won't tolerate it for very long at all. Thus the comment. Another option would be anything to counteract the ammonia which is the likely offender and cause of the smell. - Christian (Simply X)
You need to use an enzymatic cleaner to neutralize the chemicals in the urine. Everything else will just (temporarily) cover the odor. You can buy enzymatic cleaners for carpet, upholstery, fabric, etc. but not sure about in a heating duct. You might want to call one of those companies that comes out and cleans heating ducts. I'm sure they've ran into this before and have some ideas. - Rochelle
I'm with Tina. Vinegar works well, but only if you can get to the area and clean it off a bit. - Jennifer Dittrich
fart repeatedly down there :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
old cat pee doesn't smell, so it must be new cat pee. Old cat pee is dust (weird that I know this, I know) and you can usually just vacuum it up. It may be other critter pee- hmm. Vinegar and lavendar, or tea tree oil, may help. - anna sauce
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OK...thanks for the ideas...and old cat pea does smell if it's left to moulder - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
I concur that old cat pee can smell: I had a duffle bag get peed in and it smelled for weeks after it was dry. Only way I could get rid of the odor was to saturate it with white vinegar and let it in the sun for a week. Good as new afterward. - FFing Enigma
Oh, old cat pee can definitely smell! I moved into an apartment once that had old cat pee in the carpeting. It had gotten into the padding under the carpet and wood under that. The whole floor had to be ripped out and put in new to get rid of the smell. - Rochelle
It stinks bad for months. My tom peed in the kids room and for a month I couldn't locate the place where the smell came from. Went around sniffing and like Tina said used vinegar. It worked a bit but then used acid, which, I won't recommend for tiled or marbled floor. We have a regular chip floor which shines more once acid is used. - Deepti
Do the ducts smell because a cat actually peed in one of them or because cat peed somewhere in house and the ducts just picked up the scent? Rochelles treatment or replacing that one section of ducting if actual urine was present(if possible, we're lucky i can play with ducts at will in attic). If just in air then the professional duct cleaning might be needed. Good luck. - Steve C, Team Marina
I might be wrong - so you might want to research this first - but I think it shows up under a black light (or maybe it's dog urine I'm thinking of). You can use the black light to make sure you are taking care of all locations. And yes, you definitely need a cleaner that breaks down the enzymes. They are fairly easy to find at pet stores and even, sometimes, the supermarket (where they might be in the pet aisle or the cleaning supplies section) - Katy S
The ducts smell because a cat peed in a vent and we didn't notice it because it's upstairs and we mostly live downstairs - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
Wow cat pee is almost impossible to get out. If its a metal duct use some vinegar and alcohol. If its soaked into something cut it out and toss it. - Tony C (Unrated) from fftogo
When I think about it, cat pee will smell again if it's damp and hot - anna sauce
Is it in the duct or the subfloor surrounding the ducts? - Heather Solos
In the duct - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
We had this problem a couple of years ago. Several sprayings of the enzymatic cleaner and checking the surrounding area with the black light over several days did finally fix the problem. - Anne Bouey
I was just going to suggest the black light trick to make sure it was only in the vent. - Heather Solos