Scoble, Alex Scoble
Anyone who thinks that the World Trade Center buildings collapsed as a result of anything other than the fact they were hit by an aircraft each is a complete and utter idiot. If you believe that, you should have your voting rights revoked. There's no excuse for such dumbassedness.
This cannot be overstated. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Wow, that's some pretty angry talk there... - Rahsheen
+1 for dumdassedness - Kyle Lacy
"dumbassedness" - like the creativity in that word - Hutch Carpenter
Setting aside the extraconstitutional comment, I think there's no excuse for name-calling but I'm getting tired of preaching about that on FriendFeed. If anything kills constructive political engagement on FriendFeed, it'll be shit like this. - Anthony Citrano
Nothing gets me angry like the idiocy of some people. If you want to be a complete bonehead, please feel free to leave the country. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
If you are an idiot, you deserve to be called as such and anyone who believes that the 911 plane attacks was a government conspiracy or anything other than what actually happened as documented by thousands of people, then yes, you are an idiot. I say this unreservedly, unabashedly and completely without remorse. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
As much as I'd like to agree with you, Alex, I can't: the bell curve dictates that what we consider as bonehead is pretty much normal intelligence. - ETA: this comment was about boneheads leaving the country... - FFing Enigma
people will always be both dumber and smarter than you Alex, name-calling doesn't get you anywhere. - mjc
And this isn't a piece of american history up for debate. Any more than the holocaust is up for debate. These things happened. And anyone who says that they didn't is a complete frickin' moron or worse. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I'm right there with Alex on this one (and glad someone finally said it) - Charlie Anzman
you'll be accused of name calling and invective by people like Sean McBride and Bill Giltner - Jeff Quinton
I just don't understand where all the anger is coming from. - Rahsheen
so anger aside Rahsheen, what do you think caused the World Trade Center buildings to fall? - Jeff Quinton
It's a hot button issue with me. And I pull no punches whenever someone says stuff like "there's evidence that it couldn't have happened" and other crap. Or that steel doesn't deform at 1600 degrees F, which it does. Whatever, some stuff just doesn't have a right to be said or discussed or given even one shred of attention to other than to squash it and call those, who raised these incredibly vile thoughts, out on it. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I'd get just as angry and nasty with anyone who says the holocaust didn't happen. That person no longer has the right to be breathing the same air as me. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I think it doesn't matter WTF caused it at this point. People died, NY will never be the same, America will never be the same. - Rahsheen
And this isn't me being elitist or thinking I'm better than someone. This is me taking out the trash.. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I sympathize with your frustration, I share your opinion, I admire your passion. I used to be more confrontational when I was younger. These days I try to say much the same as you with humor and satire. You start to worry about your blood pressure after a certain age. - Jack&Cleo
Alex keep up the good fight, buildings do not fall at free fall speed in its own footprint due to fire. - Nick Rae
don't agree with the voting rights revocation, but not sure anything else Alex said was that angry or incorrect, and I'm not one to usually agree with him on much - Jeff Quinton
Jack- Yeah, I don't normally let stuff get to me, but some stuff is beyond the pale. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
+1 to Alex for the pushing of modern lingustic boundaries yet again - Shey
Hehe. If Rumsfeld and Cheney can do it, so can I. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Rahsheen- Yes, but these people are attacking America when they spout their nonsense. Because they are saying that it wasn't caused by 19 terrorists, it was perpetrated by our own government. To even entertain such a notion when the facts are obvious, is unpatriotic at best. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Alex: Be honest, you just wanted over 20 comments... :-) - Kyle Lacy
Rahsheen - Alex got it right. It does matter how it happened. If this idea spreads that our own government did it..that's just messed up. - Hutch Carpenter
Hehe Kyle. In all actuality, I wish it didn't need to be said, but unfortunately people actually have this opinion (25% of Americans according to South Park...I know great reference) and it really just needs to be squashed whenever heard. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
So, basically, what you're saying is that anyone who disagrees with what the government says happened about something is attacking America? Our government is known for not telling us things, so you can't be that surprised if people harbor mistrust. - Rahsheen
Maybe it's "messed up," but I really don't think it changes anything. There will always be people that think we never went to the moon and blah blah blah. What affect do they have on anything? - Rahsheen
rahsheen, so it's what the "government said" as opposed to what people saw happen with their own eyes? - Jeff Quinton
Alex said: "I'd get just as angry and nasty with anyone who says the holocaust didn't happen. That person no longer has the right to be breathing the same air as me." Hrm, Alex, sounds sorta like the very fascism Hitler espoused. But you know, a lot of people believe it was a false flag attack, executed exactly as it *was* executed. That's a little bit easier to consider, at least. - Anthony Citrano
Rahsheen - there's truth there. The fringe usually doesn't get too far in changing things. - Hutch Carpenter
Did YOU see it with YOUR eyes? Did you speak directly with the persons who say the saw whatever was seen? I think that's called "heresay" or something in a court of law and I believe it's not admissible. At some point, I guess faith is involved here. Some people just don't have the faith to believe what they did not witness with their own eyes. I still do not understand why it matters to our country as a whole. - Rahsheen
Hmm. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but my main problem with the original comment is that the World Trade Center building that everyone's been talking about all day (and for the past few) actually WASN'T hit by an aircraft, as stated by the OP. Tower 7 was untouched, fell seven hours later, and is the first and only modern skyscraper EVER to fall from fire. Is that a nitpick? - Kevin Hessel
The main two towers essentially collapsed from fire as well. A fire so intense that it caused the steel supports to sag and buckle, which led to the observed chain reaction pancaking of the building as each floor tried to hold the extra weight of the floors above and failed. Buildings plus thousands of pounds of burning jet fuel don't mix. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
And yes, I did see it with my own eyes. They showed the videos of the planes hitting the buildings, again, and again, and again, and again on all the news channels. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Alex, I agree with your view point, but your delivery could use some toning town! - Jeff P. Henderson
Alex, I agree with you wholeheartedly on this. But it won;t help - most of the same people ARE holocaust deniers and JFK conspiracy nuts and "the CIA is watching me from my fillings" types. Hell, a decent chunk of them think there are reptilian aliens hiding in human form among us. That's even before they start denying we went to the moon. I have a bunch of posts about the common threads here... - Soulhuntre
@Kevin Hessel - WTC7 was not "untouched". A huge hole was blasted in it's side from debris and multiple fires burned for a long time with zero firefighter intervention and no sprinkler system that was running. And that's before you factor in any foundational damage from the massive kinetic impact of WTC 1&2 hitting the ground nearby. - Soulhuntre
I'm going to have to chime in to Kevin's defense here, WTC 1+2 aside, WTC looks dodgy. - Duncan Riley
Alex Scoble nicely demonstrates that most militant defenders of the 9/11 official conspiracy theory rely heavily on verbal abuse and personal attacks to try to muddle through, and are poorly informed about the facts of 9/11. He's especially barking up the wrong tree when he questions the patriotism of many hundreds of high-level American government, military, intelligence, engineering and academic leaders who find the official story on 9/11 to be not credible (including high-level Reagan administration members): - Sean McBride
I wonder how long Alex Scoble and Soulhuntre believed the official line that Muslims and Arabs were behind the 9/11 anthrax attacks. I knew the story was bunk from the moment I read the ridiculous letters that accompanied the attacks: "Death to America. Death to Israel. Allah is Great." And I was right. Even the FBI has now admitted that the 9/11 anthrax attacks were a false flag op and inside job. The FBI doesn't even regard Osama bin Laden to be a suspect for 9/11 -- perhaps Alex and Soulhuntre would like to question the patriotism of the FBI. - Sean McBride
Soulhuntre -- not even the latest NIST report claims that WTC7 was brought down by collateral structural damage from WTC1 and WTC2 -- isn't that right? NIST claims that fire was responsible for the collapse. Good luck with that thesis -- it's going to run into a buzzsaw of ridicule from architects and engineers who know better. - Sean McBride
Alex's message at the head of this thread seems to imply that he believes that WTC7 was hit by a plane. And he's demanding that anyone who questions his beliefs about 9/11 should have his or her voting rights revoked! :) More hilarious than scary. - Sean McBride
From Milt Bearden (Former CIA Station Chief in Pakistan, Germany, Nigeria, and Sudan): "This was a tremendously sophisticated operation against the United States; more sophisticated than anybody would ever have ascribed to Osama bin Laden. I think we need to do a little homework. We need to appoint a Team B that looks for somebody else. I'm just not convinced it was bin Laden." (One of many hundreds of similar quotes from high-level American government, military and intelligence officials.) - Sean McBride
I'm not sure how to respond. - Jeremiah Owyang
#innocant until proven #guilty *tsk tsk* - Rafiq Phillips from feedalizr
reality is shared perception, TV is an illusion. Skeptical minds are history's heroes. - ishak from twhirl
Slippy Lane: hundreds of high-level military, intelligence, government, academic, engineering and scientific leaders have raised hundreds of important challenges to the 9/11 official conspiracy theory here: Not one of them has mentioned "lizard people." I think Alex Scoble, Soulhuntre and a few others here are overwhelmed by all the superior intellectual firepower in the 9/11 debates -- thus the infantile responses. These are very angry people who can't defend their emotional beliefs. - Sean McBride
@Alex I agree that 911 truthers are idiots, but we can't get the government into the business of deciding who is an idiot and taking away their suffrage. Otherwise my fellow atheists (or any other minority group) and I could very well lose their voting rights to well meaning Christianists who think that anyone that doesn't believe in ID (or any other well meaning drivel) is an idiot. - Sam Levine
Sam Levine: on what grounds do you describe as "idiots" the hundreds of high-level government, military, intelligence, academic, engineering and scientific leaders who think the 9/11 official conspiracy theory is a crock? Do you possess superior academic and professional credentials than, say, Robert Bowman, who was head of the Star Wars program under Ronald Reagan? I am really curious about this. Also: for how long were you taken in by the official story that the 9/11 anthrax attacks were committed by Muslims and/or Arabs? Just how good is your bullsh*t detector? Mine is first-rate. - Sean McBride
this excellent onion clip deals with this "dilemma"... - Niv
Niv - very funny clip! But back to reality: can you explain why the FBI hasn't fingered Osama bin Laden for the 9/11 attacks? Or why OBL initially denied any responsibility for 9/11? Or why Bush 43 and the neocons displayed little interest in OBL after 9/11 but instead focused on Iraq? Or why Bush hasn't yet captured OBL? Or why the Bush 43 administration has still failed to convict a single high-level 9/11 conspirator in a fair and open trial? So many open questions, all of which have caught the attention of very smart high-level American government, military, intelligence, academic, engineering and scientific leaders. Think about it. - Sean McBride
Some positions deserve a reasonable response, and some do not. Every twoofer, without exception, is an unreasonable person and will never listen to a measured argument. This is not a generalization, this is a fact. For years I tried to engage these people in an attempt to understand their motivations, but no piece of hard evidence or compelling logic is enough - it always comes down to screaming, name calling, and "get a brain, moran." Always. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
In this day and age, seeing something happen on TV does not equate to an eye-witness account. Unless you were physically there, you saw nothing. You have to have faith in the broadcaster in believing what you see. (I'm not saying whether this is a conspiracy or not, only pointing out that only those who physically witnessed the events can truly trust what they saw) - Rahsheen
Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins: do your academic and professional credentials exceed or match those of the many hundreds of high-level American government, military, intelligence, academic, engineering and scientific leaders who, in the exercise of their considerable independent intelligence, find the 9/11 official conspiracy theory to be perfectly ridiculous? What accounts for your swaggering self-confidence on this issue? How long would you last in a debate on 9/11 with David Ray Griffin? Were you taken in by the first official stories on the 9/11 anthrax attacks? - Sean McBride
Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins: the number of high-quality books on questioning the 9/11 official story far exceed the number of books defending the official story. Try doing a bit of honest research before opinionating on this subject. In the real world, the official story has been thoroughly demolished. - Sean McBride
Slippy Lane: "Oh dear"? You know, none of the few defenders of the 9/11 official conspiracy theory here (and certainly not Alex Scoble) have made the slightest effort to respond to some of the key questions that have been posed by 9/11 skeptics. This has been a consistent pattern over the years since 9/11, and the main reason why 9/11 skeptics have acquired so much traction and influence. They have been consistently winning all the debates about 9/11. - Sean McBride