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Museums/Libraries/Special Libraries graduate student and literature teacher.
@eggchan Oh! How exciting. Well, I <3 that Sho can be a newscaster and performer at the same time and be taken seriously. #perfectbody
@eggchan Have these birthday posts ever made it to TT before? #perfectbody
@eggchan It's probably bad timing with the football stuff though. <3 #Arashi #sho #perfectbody
@eggchan No problem. There, I helped some. #perfectbody #arashi
@eggchan Is #perfectbody for Sho? (I haven't been checking LJ, but I can guess...)
#danahjsb Tweeting publicly is embarrassing. And in trying to set it up, I forgot to listen to the speaker. Analyze that however you like
awkward, to have to change my privacy setting to join the talk #danajsb "Adults" and "teens" but what about the 30 yr old digital native?
Coffee at Ambrosia was free! Somebody did #payitforward and paid enough for the next few people.
Happy 10th anniversary #Arashi! おめでとう!
Library is really busy!
@racheleanore Chat reference is my favorite!!
@moto1986 Me too. 7 books for external cognate.
@glitterandtwang *fingers crossed*
@glitterandtwang The morning one will stay. They need people to move to the afternoon, or they'll cancel the afternoon, and I'll be out
Bonus, in finding a fabulous sandwich at Amer's. Smoked Salmon Sandwich!!
Had a fun time meeting new students. LOTS of HCI
@foxfirepro it appears so.
Papercuts hurt.
Tomorrow's tour has had a wonderful response! It's going to be great!
So nervous I can't sleep. This sucks. I can't wait to get home so I can do something about all my work. 10 RSVPs for the Map tour Tues!
Hope all those who were at the Arashi concert in the pouring pouring rain will be all right...
Oh...bad mouldy carpet smell.
New shop vac got water problem under control. Then late night trip to walmart b/c forgot Mom's "bridal shower" means "bring present"
Waterlogged basement + shopvac= August in Cedar Rapids. Sigh.
Written directions my mother left me: All landmarks, no street names at all.
Ah, the comfortable headache that is home.
Crickets? Come to think of it, I don't hear them in Ann Arbor.
@madstuart I'll certainly be very happy when they get back to AA Hurry back everyone, I need us all to work!!!
Oh dear, the knot in my stomach gets tighter and tighter as October 10th approaches...
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