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working in the future
Proud of our Change Agents
Re: Change Starts One Step Forward -
"Change Agents are doers. :-)" - Susan Scrupski
Deck the halls!
Re: LeWeb Paris is almost here and we’ve got 2 tickets to give away -
"#lesigh Well, I will throw my chapeau in the ring. I built an international network this year of Change Agents who are united in purpose to change the world of work. A large percentage of our team is based on France – which is odd, but understandably awesome. I think Loic should give a woman a free pass to Le Web. We are connectors, collaborators, and effective communicators. Additionally, we speak to large enterprise vs. the niche startup community. Large enterprise needs to know as much as possible about the innovation going on in Europe. Voici un de nos Change Agents en train de parler à TEDx Nice." - Susan Scrupski
Re: Conserve Momentum -
"Please cross-post?" - Susan Scrupski
Re: In the Flow — Garden rebels -
"Rebels working within the system with pragmatic and sensible approaches are a formidable force for change. What's interesting about our approach is we blend existing Enterprise professionals working within the system with solo practitioners outside the system to unite around ideas and practices. We're all comfortable working within the limitless boundaries of a social network, so the benefits of what we see, learn, and do compound with each node in our network. Fascinating stuff, actually. We're all eager to see where it takes us. Thanks for the shout-out." - Susan Scrupski
Re: The Rise of the Enterprise Social Consultant -
"Great post. Framed up the characteristics and behaviors needed to do this work nicely. Yet, not really new. Enterprises have employed people in this position for years. One of which is @thebryceswrite who has had this exact position for 4 years. Nonetheless, great to spread the word how these internal change agents make the difference in social transformation." - Susan Scrupski
Tuesday! Don't forget to vote.
Re: How hard was it to find your social media tool? -
"A fantastic idea. I recently conducted an evaluation for an SMMS platform with a client. Reviews definitely helped us not only understand strengths and weaknesses, but provided a read on how the vendors behaved in the network. An eye-opener." - Susan Scrupski
Why the hostile reactions to my Telegraph article highlight France's deep divisions - Telegraph -
Stop ‘Yer Sobbin’ – Texas Remix -
Inertia rides and riddles me; The which is called Philosophy.
Oh, life is a glorious cycle of song, A medley of extemporanea.
Managing Your Impostor Syndrome | Psychology Today -
Oh, life is a glorious cycle of song, A medley of extemporanea.
5 Things Mentally Tough People Don’t Do -
The world is a vampire.
Jak se mas?
How Do Enterprise Buyers Research New Software? -
The Steve Jobs Nobody Knew | Culture News | Rolling Stone -
Re: Social Business is Dead! Long Live What’s Next! -
"Great piece. As you know Chris, we agree here and have been working on this for a year. I'm very much looking forward to how your software can help address what's needed to fully deliver on the promise of what's possible in a new era based on premise of social. BTW, I have completely backed off from "social business." I was against it in the beginning, felt I'd lost that battle so pushed forward with it, but now am happy and eager to give it back to the deserving Nobel Peace Prize winner who coined it. Also, readers of Brian's blog may conflate internal social with external social. Two.different.elephants that happen to have the same ancestry." - Susan Scrupski
Re: The Culture versus Technology Argument Isn't Helping -
"I'm going to have to agree with Rich here. We work exclusively with social software. (I find myself apologizing to our team if I email someone or use the phone.) I'm sure some social software sucks, but let's get real here. Enterprise software sucks a whole heck of a lot more than great social software like Jive and others. The behaviors in your network reflect the company culture. Getting everyone in the organization to think differently about how they work, why they work, and what they're working for is still the issue of the day." - Susan Scrupski
Re: Do your friends see your posts? -
"Maybe a fluke, but I saw this on LinkedIn." - Susan Scrupski
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