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Keeping Company by jasontheaker on Flickr.Via Flickr: - http://ivanzero.soup.io/post...
Keeping Company by jasontheaker on Flickr.Via Flickr:
Keeping Company by jasontheaker on Flickr. Via Flickr: On our way to Newby Hall this weekend I became very twitchy at passing these oil seed rape fields in such dramatic conditions. We had set off too late to justify the hour journey and it was already 2pm and the Mrs was not impressed! So as most landscape photographers who journey with non-landscape photographers, be it partners, family or children will testify, stopping to capture the moment can sometimes be controversial! Anyway, we passed this scene by and pressed on to the destination, but I decided to head back! Well then began the problem. The one way system wasn’t happy about me getting back, but I decided that if I went slow and pulled over politely then what’s the problem! I then couldn’t find a parking space on the little roads, but the hazards would have to do, as I journey up and down this little road looking for angles. Anyway after 15 minutes of solitary tree cliché pursuit I decided to group a few friends together in... - Iván Abrego