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I was at Harris Teeter yesterday to make a quick purpose. Even though I do not have a "club card" there, I still managed to get the discount. Guess how...?
How? - Marie
Cashier used hers? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
That was my guess, too. - Meg VMeg
Don't know what Harris Teeter is but the name makes me smile. Can you imagine being a kid with a name like Teeter? - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I loved Teeter! After so many times of shopping there you would get treats. We got our first grill as one of the treats. A whole grill! For free! - Marie
I just put in a famous phone number at the self-checkout... - Julian
867-5309? - Melly
It really does work every time. - Julian
Ha! I had no idea. Only at Harris Teeters? Or is it like a bugmenot across stores? - Meg VMeg
Pretty much any grocery store. - Julian
That is so cool. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Oooh! I'll have to remember that! - Kirsten
awesome grocery store hack!!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
re the name - we also have Harris Teeter, which sometimes gets abbreviated to "Harry Teet" or something similar. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Amit Patel
Woot, I was published in Hacker Monthly
Nice! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
The comment from gggg was—interesting. - Professor A.I.
Also you've got one of the most popular posts of the past week still sitting on the front page, for you're updated interactive page. - NOT THE CRICKET
Comment from gggg? I missed that. NOT THE CRICKET: yep, fun!! :) Also on reddit/r/gamedev and reddit/r/programming - Amit Patel
congrats! - imabonehead
Amit, the comment from gggg - - NOT THE CRICKET
I thought Amit handled gggg in a very gentlemanly manner, and the red starfish-like avatar reminded me of the FriendFeed of old. - Professor A.I.
Ah, that gggg! Those kinds of comments are rare but they do happen. I try to be polite to everyone. - Amit Patel
You ever make such a mess in the kitchen that it might be easier to just move than clean it?
Yep. Everyday :P - imabonehead from Android
My husband does that...while I am sleeping. - April Russo
Martha and Sarah today at the party celebrating their wedding.
That's a good picture! thanks, Iris! - maʀtha
You two are very cute. :) - Laura
Iris, would you be willing to share this pic with me? - maʀtha
that is a very happy picture, made my day. :) - Benedicta
As Aunt Ann says, "That is cute a while" - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
you look so happy!! congratulations!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
A big ol' grin spreads across my face every time this scrolls by. - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
happy day! - barbara fister
bana balık verme
bana balık verme
Niye balik sevmiyormusun .. - Betül Aydın from Android
lafın gelişi yahu. gif anlam kazansın diye yazdım. yoksa severim yemesini - cgds
Sazan :)) ehuhe - Betül Aydın from Android
yalnız o balığı Anadolu kavağında yiyeceksin... misss - hasanrs
Herkes anadolu kavağını övüyor diye askerdeyken bi kere gidip yemiştim ve sonuç: büyük hayal kırıklığı. Siz bir de egeye gelip herhangi bir yerde balık yiyin ondan sonra konuşalım. - Aquacultural from Android
Ege ile istanbulun karadeniz kıyısında olan bir yeri karşılaştırmak mantıklı değil... - hasanrs
tatlı su balığı ile deniz balığını karşılaştırmak tamamen yanlış zaten. tatlı su balığı ne lan tatsız tuzsuz öyle - cgds
Kavakta da deniz balığı var ama format farklı... Bizim kışın yediğimiz hamsi ile sizin yazın yediğiniz çupra nın yeri ayrı... - hasanrs
ocak yada şubat ayında hamsi ve kalkan yemiştim de beğenmemiştim. bir de alkolsüz balık restaurantları çok komiğime gitmişti. mundar ediyorlar güzelim balıkları. - Aquacultural
Kavakta alkollü rest var ama... - hasanrs
Var da "restaurantımız alkolsüzdür" diye yazı yazan da var baya. - Aquacultural from Android
Doğru toplasan alkollü 4-5 yer çıkar. - hasanrs
İzmirde alkolsüz balık restaurantı açsan sinek avlar ama orada doluydu baya. - Aquacultural from Android
şimdi küçük balık küçük balığımı yedi ne oldu gif de? - Paca
Gif: balığın zokayı yutması - Aquacultural from Android
gidişi muhteşem oldu, o son havası çok iyiydi, arkasından çok konuşulacak - Garga Bruno
Airbus files patent for saddle seats on planes - -
Airbus files patent for saddle seats on planes -
Show all
This can't be a good sign... - rönin from Bookmarklet
Mop? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Add in some padded straps, and this turns into a theme park ride. - Joe
That pairs really well with this video of a 787 doing some demonstrations at an airshow last week: - Brian Johns
try sitting on that for 14 hours over the Pacific ocean. they should install these in First Class. - Big Joe Silence
might as well make you pedal, too! - Big Joe Silence
Oh hell no. - Jenny H. from Android
"It says the saddle format will accommodate four seats into a space previously occupied by three." - but unless they did some magic with the already over capacity overhead compartments... - Andrew C (✔)
ask me again if i think the airlines actually give a damn about overhead compartment capacity or even passenger safety. they only care about liability and profit. - Big Joe Silence
Stephen Mack
I cook pretty much the exact same thing every Sunday after the Mountain View farmer's market trip: Soy-sauce-marinated baked chicken, steamed broccoli, stir-fried oyster mushrooms, and corn if it's in season. We often pick up a pie as well.
*grabs keys and heads for garage* - Professor A.I.
We'd love to have you and your wife over, Prof. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Why thank you Mr. Mack. That's very kind of you. - Professor A.I.
Oh and tonight I made an heirloom tomato and basil salad, too. But the kids don't touch that, so it was just for my brother-in-law and me. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Sounds like a meal worthy of repetition. :) - Jenny H. from Android
RT @RexHuppke: God, grant me the serenity to yell at immigrant children, the courage to still say I'm a Christian, and the ignorance to not get the irony.
این عالیه. تو بازار ایران یکی دو نوع هست که رو میزی هستش و به درد نمیخوره.
این عالیه. تو بازار ایران یکی دو نوع هست که رو میزی هستش و به درد نمیخوره.
من من ...باید بگیرم ... - هانا
منم میخوام - اردویسور from iPhone
من نمی‌خوام. شرمنده. :دی - بافومه
OK, that's my favorite. - Jennifer Dittrich
They're all pretty brilliant. What a great hash tag. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE from WinForFeed
I wonder which movie scenes would be improved by this. - John (bird whisperer)
The Matthew Broderick version of Godzilla might've been more palatable. - Jennifer Dittrich
تو آمستردام نشسته بودم داشتم از آبجوم لذت میبردم که یهو کلی پلیس ریختن و بعدش هم سر و کله این وحشی ها پیدا شد
داعش شاخه هلند - sashti from Android
آینده فرستادشون به سمت تو - pirzad javani
ساشتی :)))) - پیروز
پی نوشت: میل پرچم عربستان توی کس ننه ی حاملش. - دودوزه
باید بگی حمالش - Foska
نمیخوام به این شغل شریف توهین کنم. - دودوزه
کلونی میکروب در قلب اروپا - Siavash
جالبه هنوز تو ایران تظاهرات نشده. هنوز منتظر روز قدس هستن فکر کنم. تو عربستان هم شده؟ - Foska
حالا برسم خونه فیلم وحشی بازیشون رو براتون میزارم - sashti from Android
باید همون جا دورشون رو می بستن و همه شون رو سوار اتوبوس می کردن و می بردن فرودگاه. اولین پرواز به مقصد قعر اقیانوس - بــ↑لا - پــ↓یین
چی شده ,عربستان تو چیز ننه کی پرچم زده؟ - Pun1shm3nt
من توایران دهنم سرویس میشه یه ناهار بخورم و روزه خواری کنم اونوقت این کوشتکوبا چجوری رفتن هلند؟؟من بایدم برم هلند.... اما نه دائمی دلم تنگ میشه واسه روزه خواری و این چیزا :) - ابو داروین
هر چی دزد و قاچاقچی و مجرم سابقه دار بود, تو صف اول این تظاهرات بود. ردیف های آخر رو چپول های هلندی تشکیل میدادن که متمدنانه شعار میدادند اما جلویی ها دزد و دغل های سابقه دار بودن - sashti
:))) - Judi Abot
دنیا رو گرفتن . حکومت مستضعفین بر جهان - Judi Abot
الان فیلمش رو میذارم ببینید که چطور پلیس هلند پوز یکیشون رو که پررو بازی درمیآورد رو اول با اسپری فلفل سوزوند و بعد به خاک مالید - sashti
ابوداروین باور کن دلم میسوزه وقتی که میبینم که بچه های با لیاقت و با شعور ایرانی باید تو جهنم اسلامی ایران بمونن و به جاش این انگل های بی خاصیت دسته دسته به اروپا صادر میشن تا اینجا رو هم به همون طویله ای تبدیل کنن که ازش فرار کردن - sashti
جایی تو دنیا مونده که اینها به گند نکشیده باشن؟ :| - آریــوبرزن
دفه بعد که میخوای آبجو بخوری فک کنم خود داعش میریزه تو خیابون‌های آمستردام :)) - سام.کیا from FFHound(roid)!
James Garner dead at 86: Legendary TV and film actor passes away in California - NY Daily News -
James Garner dead at 86: Legendary TV and film actor passes away in California - NY Daily News
"Actor James Garner, whose whimsical style in the 1950s TV Western "Maverick" led to a stellar career in TV and films such as "The Rockford Files" and his Oscar-nominated "Murphy's Romance," has died, police said. He was 86." - Me from Bookmarklet
:( - Me
:( - Steven Perez from Android
Sucker DJ LB
RT @whirringblender: A fun game to play in the shower is to add "Harry Potter and the" to all your bath products. "Harry Potter and the Revitalizing Shower Gel"
Harry Potter and the case of original Irish Spring bar soap. ;) - CarlC from Android
Harry Potter and the Mach 3 Razor. Hm. Somewhat less... innocent. - RepoRat
Harry Potter and the Leaping Luffa - Steve C
Harry Potter and the Tube of Toothpaste. - John (bird whisperer)
In the old Doctor Who days, people made fun of The [whatever] of Rassilon that kept cropping up in the show. The fan winner was The Pink and Purple Polka Dot Pajamas of Rassilon. - Betsy
lol-ing at Leaping Luffa. That might become my new expression. Leaping Luffa! - Betsy
*bump* - Sucker DJ LB
Harry Potter and Yes! to carrots. - ellbeecee
Harry Potter and the Pumice Stone. - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
Ha! - Sucker DJ LB
(I didn't realize this was a bumped post and I was thinking, Hey, I should post about Rassilon's pajamas and then I saw someone did and then I saw it was me from two years ago.) - Betsy
Harry Potter and the Scrubbing Bubbles! - Sucker DJ LB from Android
Harry Potter and the Lush Bohemian ( It's soap. yah yah, I'm like my artisinal soaps... bring me your goat's milk soap, your lemon scented small batch stuff...) - Hedgehog
Harry Potter and the Shower Comb. - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
Harry Potter and the Squeegee of Despair - CAJ hates pants
Harry Potter and the Blue Shampoo for Silver Hair. - Jim: with more caffeine!
Harry Potter and the Argan Oil of Morocco. - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
Harry Potter and the Odor Neutralizing Hand Soap with Citrus Extracts - Sucker DJ LB from Android
Harry Potter and the Disposable Vinyl Gloves - Greg GuitarBuster
Harry Potter and the Sensual Massage Oil: Who the Hell Left This in the Shower? - Lola Bean (Penguin) from iPhone
Harry Potter and the Bath Spider - Slippy: Potato Croquette
Harry Potter and The Purology Pair. - Janet from FFHound!
Harry Potter and The Strawberry Smoother. - Melly
Todd Hoff
Has anyone here experimented with Transcranial direct-current stimulation?
Glad you asked. A drinkin buddy of mine brought this up the other night and we're very tempted to. We need a skull map though. Or a neuroscientist consultant. - t-ra: taking the piss from Android
No, but I'm interested. Over 10 years ago, Melinda was seeing a psychologist involved with neuro-bio-feedback, who was mapping her brainwaves. Unfortunately, she moved away from the area. - Greg GuitarBuster
I have some friends who have experimented with it -- with interesting and good results, according to them. - Sean McBride
My brain seems quite interested in its own continued survival, so I'm, or should I say my brain, is hesitant to do these kind of things on the off chance it my turn its little grey cells to goo. - Todd Hoff
On Wittgenstein and Rorty - Shunya's Notes -
On Wittgenstein and Rorty - Shunya's Notes
On Wittgenstein and Rorty - Shunya's Notes
"Here are two wonderful essays I found in the archives of Prospect Magazine. The first essay, from 1999, is by Ray Monk, British philosopher and biographer of Wittgenstein, who Monk calls "the greatest philosopher of [the 20th] century". In it, Monk explores why "At a time like this, when the humanities are institutionally obliged to pretend to be sciences, we need more than ever the lessons about understanding that Wittgenstein—and the arts—have to teach us." (Also check out Wittgenstein, a quirky-brilliant film by Derek Jarman.)" - Maitani from Bookmarklet
"The second essay, from 2003, is by British philosopher Simon Blackburn, and is an extraordinary exposition of the life and mind of Richard Rorty, a pragmatist philosopher who Blackburn calls "arguably the most influential philosopher of our time."" - Maitani
Ken Morley
The yeast is bubbling away nicely! #plumwineproject
I added sultana raisins to help with the body and also some strong tea to increase the tannins. I hope I didn't overdo it. - Ken Morley
If I end up with crappy wine, I figure I can always turn it into brandy. In fact part of me is hoping it fails, because I'd really like to build one of these :) - Ken Morley
Some friends have said they're having an open house over Christmas this year but that everyone's got to bring something homemade. This is partly because they've bought a cider press and want to make some. We've just started some strawberry wine to take around. It's the first time we've done this in maybe five years and we've decided to play around with the sugars, mixing dark and light muscovado with some golden sugar. We think it should be approaching a sweet sherry by Christmas. - Mark H
I can see how a hobbyist can really get into wine making, as there seems to be an infinite number of parameters you can adjust to produce the perfect vintage. :) But the feedback loop can be a little on the long side. Most of my plum wine sources are recommending 6 months - 2 years before consuming! I may need to sample sooner. :) - Ken Morley
In the past we've always used the "can you see your hand through the other side of the demijohn?" method to tell when the wine was done. But because we're impatient it's not been unheard of for us to have a "glass of cloudy" every now and then too. - Mark H
That's a good method! I've put on enough for 50 bottles, so if I end up sampling frequently I should still have a few left to age for a year or two. :) - Ken Morley
Steve C
If you hypothetically don't know too many nursery rhymes 80's songs work in a pinch. Just replace a few words with baby terms. This mornings example: Safety Dance - replace "dance" with "poop" or "toot" and it instantly helps soothe the baby.
And yes we have a gassy baby :) - Steve C
"Gassy Baby" could be an '80s hit today. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Kevin Fox
Sometimes while playing Candy Crush I imagine a commentator quietly discussing my strategy like they do in billiards tournaments.
I used to do the same thing when I played Tetris. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Sad about James Garner passing. He was my mom's most enduring celebrity crush, & we watched Rockford Files & Maverick reruns together all the time. He really seemed like one of the Good Guys, too. RIP
Anne Bouey
What Happens When Pieces Of Street Art Cleverly Interact With Nature - The Meta Picture -
What Happens When Pieces Of Street Art Cleverly Interact With Nature - The Meta Picture
What Happens When Pieces Of Street Art Cleverly Interact With Nature - The Meta Picture
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"Urbanism and nature do not always get along well, but when they do, the collaboration may create something really special and unique." - Anne Bouey from Bookmarklet
Todd Hoff
Do Parkinson's drugs make people more CREATIVE? Pills that increase dopamine levels may improve artistic abilities | Mail Online -
Do Parkinson's drugs make people more CREATIVE? Pills that increase dopamine levels may improve artistic abilities | Mail Online
"Parkinson's experts have been noticing a remarkable phenomenon – some of their patients have developed impressive creative talents. The link between Parkinson’s and artistic abilities was brought to the attention of the world two years ago by Professor Rivka Inzelberg of Tel Aviv University in Israel. Now she has completed the first empirical study to verify a link between Parkinson’s disease and creativity, which the study suggests may be down to drugs used to treat the disease." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Melinda takes Carbidopa-Levodopa for her cerebral palsy. - Greg GuitarBuster
I recall dopamine being a highly recommended smart drug. Does Melinda notice any increased creativity? - Todd Hoff
I haven't noticed it, but I'll ask her if she thinks it's affected her creativity. It's made a huge difference in her motor reflexes. - Greg GuitarBuster
That's great. - Todd Hoff
Bluesun 2600
"Roger Ebert loved movies. Except for those he hated. For a film with a daring director, a talented cast, a captivating plot or, ideally, all three, there could be no better advocate than Roger Ebert, who passionately celebrated and promoted excellence in film while deflating the awful, the derivative, or the merely mediocre with an observant eye, a sharp wit and a depth of knowledge that delighted his millions of readers and viewers. “No good film is too long,” he once wrote, a sentiment he felt strongly enough about to have engraved on pens. “No bad movie is short enough.”" - Bluesun 2600 from Bookmarklet
damn. - Big Joe Silence
What I appreciated about him was that he not only wasn't afraid to have a strong opinion, he also had the willingness to admit that his opinions could change over time and that his initial impressions of something might evolve. His view of GroundHog day was one example. He hated it at first but then came to regard it as a great movie. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
میرزا وروره‌گیس جولی‌پولی
طلوعِ نگاه، شروعِ شراب، از مختصاتِ نامِ توست؛ ایمانِ من، در حلقۀ هندسۀ اندامِ توست | ترانۀ هندسه از گروهِ #چارتار #رادیوروره
the mother of the earth.jpg
عذر بابت کمی مورد دار بودنِ عکس - میرزا وروره‌گیس جولی‌پولی
عذرت پذیرفته شد:دی - دادفر
چه عکسش خوبه - Set∂reh
هندسه هست نه حادثه - Hadi.YaLın
عه من همش هندسه می‌شنیدم هادی :)) مرسی :دی - میرزا وروره‌گیس جولی‌پولی
موگچپ : این عکس رو امسال زیاد میبینم . - موسوی چپ دست
مرجان میگی موگجب از خنده میترکم :)) چطور من این همه مدت نمیدونستم منظورتون رو :)) ؛ عکسش خوبه ;) - میرزا وروره‌گیس جولی‌پولی
خب یادت نیست گفتم اسمت جای شش نفر لایک میزنه / عیب نداره پیری هزار درد :دی - موسوی چپ دست
بسوز اندیشه را از بیخ و بن دیوانه ام کن..... - دادفر
بکن تن را زمن من را زجان جانانه ام کن.... - دادفر
کاش این ماجرا به سر نیاید.............................................. - دادفر
موزیکش هم عالیه ، یه حالیه کلا ، لایک - میرزا وروره‌گیس جولی‌پولی
عوضی دل کردم - موسوی چپ دست
ستاره ببخشید جا افتادی ؛ آره خوبه ^_^ - میرزا وروره‌گیس جولی‌پولی
هیچی دی ال نمیکنه ارور میده ... بعد یه اهنگ لری دی ال شد :((( - موسوی چپ دست
میدونم :)) - موسوی چپ دست
اخرش دی ال نشد :))):((( - موسوی چپ دست
ای بابا :D چرا ؟!‏ - میرزا وروره‌گیس جولی‌پولی
هادی من با دقت تر تر گوش دادم این میگه هندسه ، نمیگه حادثه ! - میرزا وروره‌گیس جولی‌پولی
براى اينكه فهميد من فيكم :دى .الان با كلى دردسر دانلود شد - موسوی چپ دست
خب میگم که هندسه هست دیگه . تو اسمش رو نوشتی حادثه :))‌ به فیدت نگاه کن - Hadi.YaLın
اُه ! من اسم ترانه رو حادثه خونده بودم ! بعد فک کردم تو منظورت این هست که توی متن ترانه کلمۀ حادثه اومده ، کلا قاطی شد ، مرسی :P - میرزا وروره‌گیس جولی‌پولی
عکس عالیه - عموشاد
......+ - دادفر
هم عکس قشنگه هم آهنگ لایک - پریســــــا
خیلی بهم میان پریسا :دی - میرزا وروره‌گیس جولی‌پولی
حتی به پای هم پیر بشن و اینا :)) - پریســــــا
Sepi ⌘ سپی
FIFA World Cup 2014 stadiums photographed by Leonardo Finotti -
FIFA World Cup 2014 stadiums photographed by Leonardo Finotti
FIFA World Cup 2014 stadiums photographed by Leonardo Finotti
Arena das Dunas, Natal –-- Beira Rio Stedium, Porto Alegre –-- Minerão Stadium, Belo Horizonte --- Arena Pantanal, Ciuabá --- Castelão Stadium, Fortaleza - Sepi ⌘ سپی from Bookmarklet
like - Prometheus
I say good day, sir.
O HAI! - CAJ hates pants
Derrick :) - Pete
Well, hello, good-looking! - Kisha
OMG CUTE! *hugs the D* - Soup in a TARDIS
lookitchoo. :) - holly #ravingfangirl
With a bow tie. You fancy. - Kristin
Good day. - John (bird whisperer)
*waves* - Kirsten
Nicely played, sir. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Cheerio! - tab from BuddyFeed
eww, a well dressed man - chaz2b
Pip pip and all that, what? ~Bertie Wooster (I think. I mean, I'm sure he said this at some point.) - Dan: Bibrarian
D-Love! #twirl - Sucker DJ LB
ohWell good day to you too Sir ! - Peter Dawson
win! - maʀtha
Well, damn. - Alix May
Oh hay! - Fossil Huntress
supa)) - cat
*bump* - Sucker DJ LB from Android
No Extroverts on Mars, Please -
No Extroverts on Mars, Please
"A NASA-funded study has found that there might be serious drawbacks to having a bunch of extroverts on a long space missions. Finally, a win for the introverts. DePaul University professor Suzanne Bell and her researchers reviewed the research on teams in situations that are close to what an astronaut team might find on a mission to Mars, including the over-100-day simulated missions and isolated teams in Antarctica. Bell said that usually extroverts are good on teams because their tendency to speak up and engage with others makes planning easier. She added that because extroverts are outgoing, they know more about their teammates — their strengths and weaknesses. That helps team coordination." - Me from Bookmarklet
The title of the i09 article is (typically for them) rather misleading. The source article also points out that a team composed entirely of introverts would be problematic as well. - Soup in a TARDIS
It makes sense that you'd need a mix of personalities - and ways to resolve the conflicts between them. It isn't like you can easily be totally alone, or with lots or new people, so both groups are going to be out of their comfort zone socially for large portions of the trip. - Jennifer Dittrich
Fwd: 24 Stunning Photos Of China's College Entrance Exams - Business Insider - (via
Fwd: 24 Stunning Photos Of China's College Entrance Exams - Business Insider - (via
رونوشت به آقای کیمیاگر ، آقای گیلداد ، آقای مایری و اردویسور جان - Primavera
چقدر عالی بود.عالی/ تقلّب هاشون رو بگو :)) - Primavera
مرسی پریم اورا :) - اردویسور from iPhone
اینجا رو :) - امیر
Victor Ganata
I realize most steampunk is really fantasy, but has anyone ever written a story set in a millieu with a backstory where Babbage *did* build his difference engine and the information revolution started a century early, but the plot is actually set in the 21st century of this alternate history?
Yeah, isn't that pretty much this? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Oh, you want one like that but set 200 years later. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Yup. One of the foundational texts of steampunk is exactly as you described it. - DJF from Android
Yeah, has anyone ever looked at how would a steampunk world evolve over a century and a half? - Victor Ganata
To be fair, the only two books I've read where the steampunk label might actually apply is *The Difference Engine* and Neal Stephenson's *The Diamond Age*. Although China Miéville's Bas-Lag millieu is pretty steampunkish, but he also makes it clear that it's weird fantasy. - Victor Ganata
According to video games, a century and a half later, we get wizards, orcs and magic swords somehow. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
That makes sense, I guess. With steam-valve driven computers, a lot of other scientific discoveries would've probably been accelerated (imagine if Einstein had access to a home Difference Engine) and the nuclear age would've come earlier as well, and from there it's just a hop, skip, and a jump to a radioactive post-apocalyptic setting that creates mutants and unlocks magical powers. - Victor Ganata
I think the very first depiction of steampunk I was ever exposed to was Final Fantasy, which was pretty much a post-apocalyptic setting with goblins and magic and lost technology like airships and mecha, although I guess Final Fantasy VI was the more fully realized epitome of this, and even included trains and mechanized castles. - Victor Ganata
There's a steampunk "Canon" of sorts? What text should I start with? - Brian Johns
Andrew C (✔)
The superfluous 'u' in British spelling looks awfully expensive on a 140 char budget.
Irony: Using the word "Superfluous" when bemoaning perceived excessive use of the letter "u" - Slippy: Potato Croquette
... d'oh? Wait, no, I meant to do that! (no, I didn't.) - Andrew C (✔)
Dude, a simple tip of the hat and you'd have been free and clear under the rules of "seeing what you did there". Oh....wait....oh, you tricky blighter. - Slippy: Potato Croquette
Can I buy a vowel? Where is the ebay of buying and selling letters of note? - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Arbitrage between Hawaii and Eastern Europe for vowels and consonants! - Andrew C (✔)
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