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2 weeks
Yeah :( - Stephen Mack from iPhone
*continues in the denial phase* - ellbeecee
Couldn't FB release FF to the world as open source? Or couldn't someone purchase it for a pittance? - Sean McBride
I am pretty sure part of the rationale for FB's purchase of FF (beyond acquiring the engineering talent and the technology) was to make sure that none of their competitors (Twitter, Apple, Google) bought FF to use to compete against FB. It's not in their interest to release the source or let it be acquired by someone else. - Stephen Mack
Good God -- no matter how hard I try to hypnotize myself into liking Facebook, I find it to be slow, turgid, unwieldy, clogged up, heavy, cluttered and messy. - Sean McBride
:'( - Anne Bouey
Finalized, printed HUNDREDS of pages, and made them into neat little packets for our ACRL workshop participants today.
Everything is so colorful and pretty... :) - lris
how did it go? or has it not gone yet? - maʀtha
linky link to the online version? - Aaron the Librarian
I will be doing that after the workshop. :) - lris
بالاخره بعد از ۴روز از کنج عزلت بیرون اومدیم و رفتیم بیرون و چارتا عکس انداختیم. #گیلدادگرافی
چهار عدد مقدسی‌ست - فریام - $in@ ســــــــــــینا
احسنت - گیلداد
گیلداد الان عیر از ۱۸-۵۵ لنز چی داری ؟ - Mehrzad Ansari
یه ۱۰۵ماکرو هم دارم که از دوستم قرض گرفتم - گیلداد from fftogo
50 mm نداشتی؟ - Mehrzad Ansari
داشتم. فروختم - گیلداد from fftogo
سری جی بود؟ راضی نبودی ازش فروختی یا ...؟ - Mehrzad Ansari
آره سری جی بود. نه مشکلی نداشت راضی بودم ولی با دوربین یکجا فروختم - گیلداد
عه چی خریدی الان؟ - Mehrzad Ansari
نیکون D5300 خریدم - گیلداد from fftogo
بسیار مبارک باشه میدونستم لنزت رو میخریدم - Mehrzad Ansari
مخلصم - گیلداد from fftogo
به به چه عکس خوبی. عاشق این بوکه هات هستم - saeed from Flucso
ممنون سعید ^_^ - گیلداد
Sarah G.
If could spare the brain power, please think happy thoughts/positive vibes for me today. thx.
Done! - LB needs a break. from Android
You got it - lris
Done. - Kirsten
[_] <-- open box containing good thoughts, given to Sarah G. - Stephen Mack
You bet. - RepoRat
Stephen Mack
Ad of the Day: Taco Bell Launches Cold War Against McDonald's With Propaganda Imagery [Adweek] - http://www.adweek.com/news...
Ad of the Day: Taco Bell Launches Cold War Against McDonald's With Propaganda Imagery [Adweek]
Ad of the Day: Taco Bell Launches Cold War Against McDonald's With Propaganda Imagery [Adweek]
Ad of the Day: Taco Bell Launches Cold War Against McDonald's With Propaganda Imagery [Adweek]
From the article: "Egg McMuffins aren't just mediocre pastries stuffed with microwaved eggs, bright yellow cheese and ham product. They are a form of tyranny. That, at least, is the upshot of 'Routine Republic,' a riveting and surreal new Taco Bell campaign from Deutsch. A year after the agency cheekily hired a bunch of guys named Ronald McDonald to celebrate the Mexican-themed fast-food chain's first foray into breakfast, the shots at the Golden Arches are barely masked. In the three-minute centerpiece ad below, McDonald's affable but intrinsically creepy mascot is reimagined as a sunken-eyed Stalinist clown (though perhaps bearing closer resemblance to Mao). He rules over a small army of look-alikes and an oppressed proletariat in a decrepit, cloistered city with a beefy security apparatus. Run-of-the-mill breakfast sandwiches are his preferred method of subjugation." - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
Via Kevin Fox (https://twitter.com/kfury...): "Ignore nutritional value of both sides and revel in the awesomeness of this Taco Bell Divergent/1984 McD attack ad: http://www.adweek.com/news..." - Stephen Mack
This ad is amazingly well done, and I'd watch a feature-length movie like this. But, as the article says, "the frivolous McDespot comparison is also perhaps a touch insensitive, given, you know, the mass killings and other atrocities that marked the Stalinist and Maoist regimes." - Stephen Mack
I agree that the commercial is well done! The only point it lost me was when the punk song started playing. It's such a canonical rebellious song that it felt like it didn't fit. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
But in light of the darkness of the "Stalinist and Maoist" themes, the ending was fun & light enough to bring the viewer back to reality. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
I dunno, I think it's in the same vein as all dystopian fiction, though. I don't think anyone would ever accuse, say, Orwell or Aldous Huxley or Suzanne Collins as being "insensitive" to victims of real totalitarian regimes. The other thing is that I think it's more of a parody of corporatocratic crony capitalist regimes more than of totalitarian communist police states—more like "Idiocracy" and less like the U.S.S.R. - Victor Ganata
That's certainly one way to completely reinterpret "run for the border", though :D - Victor Ganata
Hahaha! - Stephen Mack
Steven Perez
Only 13 more bunnehs until Ragnarok, so it's time to start stacking them three deep. :) - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
Steven Perez
Physical is done. Doc is not happy about my weight. Or my teeth. Or my blood pressure. Or that old pain in my ribs. At least I'm upright.
:-/ cuídate - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Old bunneh is old. - Steven Perez from Android
Stephen Mack
It's been one week since The News.
:( - Pea Bukowski from Flucso
I'm a lot more hopeful today than I was a week ago thanks to the Italians. It's not FF, but it's pretty damn close. We can all stay together ... And we have lots of new friends! I hope Senape doesn't sell it to FB in a couple of years. ;) - Kristin from iPhone
We all hope so :D <3 - Pea Bukowski from Flucso
<la la la la I can't hear you...> - Brian Johns
Lets hope not - bic aka nanomelmoso
And, like they say, in these fee days, pictures of all your (FF) life has been flashing before tour eyes, because of people bumping up epic threads - L'Andre from iPhone
I agree with Kristin. Whether it's frenf.it, the replication of groups on FB, or the community rallying for export tools, it's very heartening to see everyone's commitment to keeping FF going. I'm feeling very optimistic. :) - Jenny H. from Android
And now Two Weeks. Our limbo is half over. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
what if I refuse to leave? /Chains himself to Friendfeed - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
They'll forcefully terminate the connection. :) - Stephan Planken from iPhone
will they redirect to facebook? will they put a tombstone as a placeholder ... will we receive a simple 404 ... - bic aka nanomelmoso
"404: Get off my lawn." - Stephan Planken
This time next week we'll be biting our nails as we count down to... :'( - Halil
Sarah G.
So I signed up for this http://www.frenf.it/earlyad... where are you on it?
t-ra needs this place
Event is done and successful. Beers have been consumed. So tired. Don't think I will be able to lift my arms tomorrow. Now for end of month course dev deadline. Tomorrow we record all the narration.
UPDATE: I can actually lift my arms, but they are NOT at ALL happy about it. I am too old to move furniture up 2 flights of stairs. Next time mf-er can hire some day labor. Ouch. - t-ra needs this place
I'm coming!
hi!........^_^ - keiko-san
Cuteeee! - keiko-san
cute - MiniMage
hello, MiniMage, Miranda of FF!.......^_^ - keiko-san
hi again, keiko-san! - MiniMage
........^_^...... - keiko-san
hayaku ikanakya!......hurry up! - keiko-san
hi,Nima!......wow....thanks!.......^_^ - keiko-san
ne~, asobo~yo~!..... - keiko-san
isoge~!....hayaku ikanakucha~!...... - keiko-san
hello, Berhan [Dederuhi] !........^_^ - keiko-san
hurry up! - keiko-san
hello!......^_^ - keiko-san
Let's go! - keiko-san
Run Fido & Fifi RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - the king of the interweb
hello the king of the interweb!..........:) - keiko-san
hi :) keiko-san - the king of the interweb
kawaii ne! - keiko-san
:)) - Ömer
hello!.......:))) - keiko-san
kawaii ne! - keiko-san
oha bu bi zamanlar benim avatarimdi! ozlemisim. - yuvarlakkafa
Mike Nencetti
My fitbit #Fitstats_en_US for 3/24/2015: 19,641 steps and 9 miles traveled. http://www.fitbit.com/user...
My fitbit #Fitstats_en_US for 3/24/2015: 19,641 steps and 9 miles traveled. http://www.fitbit.com/user/394WYT
Wow, Mike! I was thinking my 11800+ was good! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I think I am done with my high numbers. There is a competition at work. it is fun competing, but my feet are a bit sore. - Mike Nencetti
Just spent 5 minutes on FB and holy crap I hate it. Why does my home feed change so drastically every time it reloads?
Yeah, I hate that it doesn't "save your place" when you click on something someone has posted and want to go back to comment/read what others have said. - Jennifer Dittrich
It's an algorithm so each interaction changes the calculation. Set your News Feed to Most Recent (from Top Stories) and it should fix it. - Johnny
Unfortunately, unless you use an add-on, you have to reset your news feed to most recent every. damn. day. (Not every session, but every. damn. day.) - walt crawford
Even when I have it set to most recent (without an add-on) it will still move stuff around. I find it incredibly shoddy and frustrating. - Jennifer Dittrich
Walt, FB hasn't reset my feed back to Most Recent since the last UI refresh. Maybe it's a bug with FB cookies on your browser. - Johnny
What Jenn said. I hate their algorithm so much. I see the same crap posts 30 times a day, but will miss good posts from my friends. So irritating. I've been unfollowing people and post types (as in 'never show posts from x', where x=Buzzfeed, Gawker, etc), but my FB feed still blows. The more FB tries to improve, the worse it gets. :( - Jenny H. from Android
I marked some folks as "Close Friends" even though we're not simply so I get a notification when they post. - Spidra Webster
Amit Patel
IOC demands: Oslo drops bid after over-the-top list of requirements. - http://www.slate.com/blogs...
IOC demands: Oslo drops bid after over-the-top list of requirements.
"Oslo is dropping out of bidding for the 2022 Winter Olympics, leaving Almaty, Kazakhstan and Beijing as the only remaining cities seeking to host the event. Why?" - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
WTF "Separate lanes should be created on all roads where IOC members will travel, which are not to be used by regular people or public transportation." - Amit Patel
"The IOC members should have separate entrances and exits to and from the airport." - Amit Patel
"They demand to meet the king prior to the opening ceremony. Afterwards, there shall be a cocktail reception. Drinks shall be paid for by the Royal Palace or the local organizing committee." - Amit Patel
IOC response: "For this reason senior politicians in Norway appear not to have been properly briefed on the process and were left to take their decisions on the basis of half-truths and factual inaccuracies." - Amit Patel
I'm assuming that "properly briefed" in this context is "told to shut up and give over." - Jennifer Dittrich
If the US bid on the 2022 games, how would the IOC EVER meet the King of the USA? - Joe
I thought they'd announced this months ago? - Jenny H. from Android
Hey, haven't been around lately. What's new?
I showered. - Just another Bubba
Robert Scoble announced Social Media is dead. - Me
Did he do that on Twitter or Google+? - Just another Bubba
semaphore.. - Me
I've seen things. - Micah from FFHound!
The sword of Damocles. That's new. - Stephen Mack
Nothing's new. LA LA LA - Amit Patel
Hi, Cristo. :) - Anne Bouey
Hey, I was wondering if you'd drop by! - Spidra Webster
He's back! Hi, Cristo! - Tamara J. B.
Hi. - bentley
Shutting down is the new trend. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I'm back. Sometimes. - chrisofspades
Exporting your feed should be a breeze. :) - Stephan Planken from iPhone
Is FF dying? If so, when? - Melissa Davis from iPhone
Steven Perez
RT @bipartisanism: Grumpy Cat takes on #TedCruz and wins: #TedCruzCampaignSlogans http://t.co/t3Clhkldg5
RT @bipartisanism: Grumpy Cat takes on #TedCruz  and wins: #TedCruzCampaignSlogans http://t.co/t3Clhkldg5
Thank you. I needed a laugh - Elena
Well the campaign will be interesting if nothing else with Cruz in it. I'd almost wager money he drops out by May of next year. Dude is way too far to the right to be taken seriously by the mainstream. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Steve and 4 other people
Norway man glued own beard to victim's scalp - The Local - http://www.thelocal.no/2015032...
Norway man glued own beard to victim's scalp - The Local
"A man in Norway faces jail after cutting off his own hair and beard and then gluing it to another man’s head in an apparent attempt to create a toupée. According to prosecutor Harald Bilberg, the man, who is in his 40s, is claiming that the recipient of the home-made hairpiece had consented to the treatment. “He was bald, so the accused claims that they had agreed to create a toupée for the aggrieved party,” Bilberg told the Bergens Tidende newspaper. “I must admit that I have never encountered such a case in my career.”" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"He was arrested once again on Friday after breaking the restraining order imposed to protect the recipient of the home-made toupée." - rønin
LOL - Jenny H. from Android
Someone need to get to the root of the problem here. - Micah from FFHound!
They'll have to comb through all of the evidence. - Jennifer Dittrich
Or they might sweep it under the rug. - LB needs a break. from Android
Three times I tried to type "Code of Conduct" and it came out as "Code of Donut".
Meant to be. - Jim #teamFFrank
Yum. - Meg VMeg
What's wrong with that? - Friar Will
raspberry-filled behaviour - Big Joe Silenced
Just make sure there are no holes. - Michael W. May
At least it's not Cod of Donut, which just doesn't sound great. - walt crawford
Go forth and codify all ye pastries. - Micah from FFHound!
t-ra needs this place
I just got a package delivery from Hong Kong. It's a beautiful chain necklace with pewter needle and button pendants. I LOVE it! BUT WHO SENT IT?
I have been working my brain today on where this could have come from. All the way from Hong Kong? Even if it was from etsy, that's a long way to go. I really don't know. - t-ra needs this place from Android
secret admirer? - Big Joe Silenced
There are a lot of Etsy shops overseas. A lot. :P Hope you find out who sent it! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Steven Perez
Despite the current media-induced confusion, liberals are not leftists. This misconception is not only embarrassing to those of us who are genuinely leftist in our politics, it is also discrediting the Left. From the New York Times to FOX News, the portrayal of the US Democratic party and Barack Obama as leftist is creating a perception in the US... - http://silas216.tumblr.com/post...
Another way of putting it is that Democrats aren't necessarily liberals. - John (bird whisperer)
Or that neoliberalism encompasses both Democratic and the Republican party platforms (except for the most social/religious conservative planks, I suppose.) - Victor Ganata
some Democrats are leftists doesn't mean all Democrats are leftists. - Big Joe Silenced
^^:D - Victor Ganata
that hashtag just went right over my head. someone rub a clue on my scalp? - Big Joe Silenced
I combined #notallmen with the Mensheviks, the relatively 'liberal' wing of the Russian socialists- you'll have heard of their more radical opponents, the Bolsheviks :) - Pete's Got To Go
*GROAN* - Big Joe Silenced
I laughed. - John (bird whisperer)
Victor Ganata
The only reason why I can't completely write off Ted Cruz as a joke is because historically we seem to have a penchant for electing buffoons who claim Texas as their home state.
So my odds are good? :) - Greg GuitarBuster from Android
:D You're gonna need a hell of a lot more buffoonery first ;) - Victor Ganata
Mango Sorbet Dreamsicle Dessert Recipe and a Give Away - http://www.everydaysouthwest.com/recipes...
Mango Sorbet Dreamsicle Dessert Recipe and a Give Away
Mango Sorbet Dreamsicle Dessert Recipe and a Give Away
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چه خوبه. رنگش شادی بخشه - فائزه
اوهوم خیلی‌ خوبه مخصوصا انبه :)) - Mahdi
من عاشق ترکیب منگو و خامه با بستنی وانیلی ام - ترانه لایف
منگو رو با ماست مخلوط کن یک کم خامه و بستنی هم بزن یک ترکیب رویایی و فراموش نشدنی خواهد شد :) - Mahdi
اتفاقا دارم تو خونه . میرم ماست و خامه و بستنی شم میگیرم درست می کنم حتما - ترانه لایف
اگر منگو رو بذاری فریز بشه که بهتر هم هست. البته لازم بگم که من از ماست گیاهی استفاده می‌کنم تو این مورد :دی - Mahdi
ماست گیاهی چیه دیگه؟ - ترانه لایف
همون ماست هست اما به جای شیر گاو از شیر سویا استفاده می‌کنم! - Mahdi
جدی؟ نخوردم تاحالا - ترانه لایف
خوشمزه س؟ - ترانه لایف
اوهوم راحته. خیلی‌ هم خوشمزه است. اگر بلدی ماست درست کنی‌ به جای شیر گاو از شیر سویا استفاده کن. خیلی‌ خوب میشه کلسترول هم نداره. خیلی‌ بهتر از ماست معمولی میشه. - Mahdi
بلد که نیس ام حالشم ندارم. آماده ش نیس؟ :پی - ترانه لایف
اگر این مغازه‌هایی‌ که محصولات وگان میفروشن رو پیدا کنی ممکنه داشته باشند. تهران چند تا مغازه هست که کلا محصولات وگان میفروشند. :) - Mahdi
هوم مرسی فکر نمی کنم باشه ندیدم ینی. حالا می پرسم بازم - ترانه لایف
آره مالک جان. ما کلا از این چیز‌ها اینجا زیاد می‌خوریم :دی - Mahdi
نرگس الان برات چک می‌کنم از دایرکتوری وگان. ببینم کجا داره. - Mahdi
مالزی هستم فعلا اما اروپا و آمریکا هم زیاد میرم :) - Mahdi
نرگس این دو جا رو پیدا کردم: اسنک گیاهی ساج اصفهان، خیابان نشاط، جنب بانک صادرات تلفن: 09133257194 فروشگاه محصولات گیاهی طبیعت اصفهان، خیابان استانداری، حدفاصل استانداری و نشاط، خیابان فرشادی، نبش بازارچه حسن آباد تلفن: 2230263 - Mahdi
واااای دستت درد نکنه مهدی جان. میرم حتما میگیرم - ترانه لایف
خواهش می‌کنم نرگس جان. نوش جانت. رفتی‌ اونجا میتونی‌ انواع محصولات گیاهی رو هم پیدا کنی‌ ماند سوسیس و محصولات فراوری شده گیاهی. برای یک بار خوبه که امتحان کنی‌. - Mahdi
سوسیس گیاهی؟؟ چه جالب . اتفاقا همیشه دمبال چنین محصولاتی بودم. اخیرا هم متمایل به گیاهخواری شدم - ترانه لایف
تمام محصولات که فکرش رو کنی‌ به صورت گیاهی وجود داره. ماهی‌ گیاهی مرغ گیاهی، گوشت بره گیاهی و ... :دی خیلی‌ خوبه که به فکر گیاه خوار شدن هستی‌. این گیاه خواری به سلامتیت خیلی‌ کمک میکنه. اگر شروع کردی به من خبر بده که چند تا از کتاب های مربوط رو برات بفرستم. خیلی‌ می‌تونه کمکت کنه. - Mahdi
همینطوری از اینجا رد میشدم این عزیزان صدام کردن گفتم بیام یه سلام احوال پرسی :-" هوم؟ - وارَش
سلام دوست عزیز. میخواهی منو بخوری؟ از طرف ژله :دی - Mahdi
وای چه ژله مهربونی :)) - وارَش
به به میخامممم - ترانه لایف
ﻭﻳﺎﺭ اﻣﺮﻭﺯ ﻧﺮﮔﺲ :)) - Mahdi from Flucso
دقیقا :)) - ترانه لایف
:)))) - Mahdi from Flucso
هی وای عمه جان :)) - مـــمـد ☮
ﺳﺮ ﻋﻤﻪ ﺟﺎﻥ ﺳﻼﻣﺖ ﺑﺎﺩ... :)) - Mahdi from Flucso
Kol Tregaskes
How weird, the Best of day page only has a few posts on it today! : https://friendfeed.com/summary.... Just me?
everyone's in same boat :( - Halil
Is there a certain criteria a best of post needs to meet? I just thought it should the best posts and was not limit. - Kol Tregaskes
It feels like there's something hinky going on in the background. - Jennifer Dittrich
or it's deliberate and they are slowing killing the feed, not bothering to tally posts anymore? - Halil
It's definitely weird. - Stephen Mack
Weird indeed. - Kol Tregaskes
it's back to normal now - Halil
Yippee. - Kol Tregaskes
Ironically, this post is on best of day today, hehe. - Kol Tregaskes
Oggi se ne è andato Haroldino, gatto buono e scemo, nume tutelare della casa, micio adorato.
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oh nooooo :((((( - cristinabi
O( - *Chiara*
no! ;__; - guido
:* - Craiv
:((( - Meandthebay
:( - garibaldi
Rip haroldino, gatto buono e affettuoso 🌹 - Laura Vanderbeat from iPhone
:( - mary.kate
Nuuuu :( - braciola
:(( - Lisute
:( - Hiraedd
:( - Gianni
mi spiace rata :( baci a Haroldino, gatto piccyno ♡ - Sabrina Briganti from Flucso
:( - strega ❄
O( a te e :* a haroldino - astry
Mi spiace.. un bacio grande - mastrangelina from iPhone
Ma noooo :( O( - Valentina Quepasa
picci haroldino :* - Deianira
:-( - Brixie from Android
:(((((((( - Pryntyl from FFHound!
ma no :( O(((((( - Pea Bukowski
:'-( - Ubikindred
oh! mi spiace. abbracci. - naltro
:( - dario
:( - Haukr
Noooo :( ciao Haroldino, ciao picci - Tricia McMillan from Android
:(( - did
:-( - Appleseed
ciao piccy - MisterQ
oh, Picci : ( - LilaLaMarea from Android
mi spiace tanto :( - milla
Spiace moltissimo - djangol judas from iPhone
:(( - eddie from Flucso
uff:-( - Roux
povero picci, non camminava neanche più. - ratavolòira
:( - .mau. from Flucso
ciao dolcissimo Haroldino. ora stai benissimo e corri e giochi con tutti i nostri ffpicci che in questi anni si sono spostati in un altro socialino tutto loro, pieno di giochini, cuscini morbidissimi e cose belle da scoprire e annusare :-* - Mitì Vigliero
oggi ci immaginavamo haroldino che arriva in un ipotetico paradiso dei picci, chiede un po' in giro, fa amicizia con altri picci che gli raccontano le loro vite e a un certo punto esclama MA QUINDI IO AVEVO I COGLIONI? NOOOAOAOAOAO! Povero picci morto vergine :* - ratavolòira
Ciao Haroldino :* - Superlu
:***** - SpiKkiA
io mi diletto a immaginare che nel paradiso dei picci, ci siano Haroldino, Spiccetti, Nonno Bubbo, Filippo, Matisse e tutti gli altri e che abbiano un loro social network in cui si scambiano foto di umanetti e fanno le voci di umanetti mettenfo le eFFe al posto delle eSSe. - bezdomnyj82
:( - Batchiara
:( - reloj
(me lo immagnavo nero, chissà perché) - reloj
Piccolo... - robivi
:( un abbraccio forte - giuliadev from BuddyFeed
Era bellissimo - Alez☭
ma no :( un abbraccio rata - giuniro from Flucso
Povero :( - frasens
:( - Duiglio
È bellissimo :* - SignoraLiú from FFHound(roid)!
:((( - Cristina chi? from FFHound!
Leggo soltanto adesso :( Un abbraccio grande, Rata O( - olivia
mi dispiace tantissimo, ti abbraccio. Haroldino per sempre. - Slow
:( - rangerb from FFHound!
:'( e abbracci - Lulù uìsemuà
:(( - Barbottina from Flucso
:( - Violette from Flucso
:( - Edal
:( :* - miic from fftogo
mi dispiace tanto, :( - In Do
:'( - GePs from Flucso
Starà sdraiato al sole nel mondo verde e azzurro dei gatti con i miei Tigro e Gri Gri. Lo rivedrai nei luoghi a lui più cari. - skip
:( - lapitzi from FFHound!
:-( - tokyoblues from iPhone
:-( Ciao Haroldino, saluta il mio piccolo amico Arturino - Stefano.HungBaoShi
Ciao gattone rosso :-( saluta i nostri altri picci quando li incontri - 1la from iPhone
Ciao Haroldino :'( - Raffa from Flucso
:( - Silent
mi spiace. ciao haroldino - taz from Android
:* - kumquat from iPhone
:( :* - Chiara from iPhone
:* - rosy
:( - tepepa
ma uffi :( - mumucs brittany from Flucso
:-( - AndreaR from FFHound!
:( - apelle
Ma povero :( cosa gli è successo? - FairyVisions
Ciao Haroldino! - RagaraMik
mi spiace molto :( - emme
Ken Morley
Visiting Oregon in 1982 #mebackthen
Oregon 1982.jpg
The camera position is unfortunate. - Ken Morley
LOL - Brent Schaus from iPhone
"visiting" - Big Joe Silenced
The sand dunes near Florence are a great place to "pitch a tent". - Ken Morley
it looks like it's turned black and ready to fall off, tho. :P - Big Joe Silenced
"unfortunate", lol - ratavolòira
I was going to guess Florence. :) - Jenny H. from Android
WoH: Professor MOTHRA
All the Secret Ways You're Being Tracked That You Don't Even Realize http://mic.com/article...
All the Secret Ways You're Being Tracked That You Don't Even Realize http://mic.com/articles/113078/all-the-secret-ways-you-re-being-tracked-that-you-don-t-even-realize?utm_source=policymicTBLR&utm_medium=main&utm_campaign=social
Stephan Planken
Sophie's dentist appointment went well. This was the third trial, and finally she is old enough to see that there is nothing scary about it. What a relief.
Not a relief for the credit card. One hundred and seventy seven dollars out of pocket. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
No insurance? Josiah uses the school dental van but we're about to take Emily for the first time soon (I know, should have done it years ago!) Josh has holidays in a few weeks and we're both overdue for checkups so hopefully between the two of us we can convince Emily it's all good! - Melly
This was only partially covered by the insurance. This first visit was quite late (she's 5 years old now) but the last thing we wanted to do is force her. The dentist (and everybody there) was really cool about it and now that she has lost some of her teeth they had something to talk about. Now she has seen that it's nothing to fear so hopefully next time will be easier. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
Yay! - Melly
Poor Louis. He's making great fodder for comedy. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
The places you have gone. - Mike Nayyar
[throws in the towel] - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
VICTORY!!!... but at what cost... - Johnny
Not for nothing but I went to the trouble of 'shopping out they guy's head and left shoulder for authenticity... I guess I should go do some work now :) - Johnny from iPhone
It was bound to happen. Keep in mind, Alex, that the image was ripe for the misuse. :) - Louis Gray
Louis in #Glenmode. The new Flat Stanley. - Mary B: #TeamMonique from iPhone
I'm going to have Tweet this pic with a salaciously tawdry headline, and yes people will fall for it and RT it along hehehheeee - sofarsoShawn from iPhone
Oh the insanity. - Louis Gray
This briefly flashed on the screen and my wife said WHAT IS THAT? I immediately diverted to the netflix window and hit play on the next episode of our show. - Micah
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