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Ixchel Spanish School
The Volcanoes of Guatemala « And In Paradise I Am -
Story by a traveler who climbed them both, Pacaya w/ photos - Ixchel Spanish School
Ixchel Spanish School
Han llegado al país 1.59 millones de visitantes - Prensa Libre -
El mayor ingreso de visitantes durante el segundo semestre de este año ayudó a que el crecimiento del sector turístico reportara a noviembre un crecimiento acumulado del 2 por ciento, en relación con el mismo período del 2008. - Ixchel Spanish School
Ixchel Spanish School
Archaeology Magazine's Top 10 Discoveries of 2009 -
ARCHAEOLOGY's annual list of the year's most exciting discoveries--from North America's earliest canals to evidence for chemical warfare at a Roman outpost in Syria--highlights sites, artifacts, and scientific studies we feel most enrich our knowledge of the past. - Ixchel Spanish School
Ixchel Spanish School
Fascinating video of an overnight tour to the Pacaya - Ixchel Spanish School
Ixchel Spanish School
Ancient Maya King Shows His Foreign Roots - Science News -
New evidence that the first ruler of Copan was installed by a distant Maya kingdom, most likely Caracol or Tikal. - Ixchel Spanish School
Ixchel Spanish School
Burning the Devil in Antigua Guatemala -
At 6 p.m. on December 7, Guatemalans burn the devil. Supposedly, the custom began in 1776 in Antigua, when people set fires outside their homes to light the way for a procession in honor of the Immaculate Conception, the feast of the Virgin Mary that is celebrated December 8. - Ixchel Spanish School
Ixchel Spanish School
Smart phones can be a costly travel companion -- -
Legions of travelers have discovered how costly international text messages and e-mails can be. Here's how to protect yourself. - Ixchel Spanish School
Ixchel Spanish School
Are you using a "socially conscious" world map? | -
Different kinds of map projections and their pros and cons - Ixchel Spanish School
Ixchel Spanish School
In the Heart of Central America: Cowboys and coffee in Copan, Honduras | -
Located in the northwest of Honduras, just a few miles from the Guatemalan border, the area known as Copan has a landscape of lush green rolling hills, coffee plantations and cattle ranches. This is pure cowboy country. - Ixchel Spanish School
Ixchel Spanish School
Central America on Chicken Buses | Two Backpackers -
Old American school buses, affectionately referred to as “Chicken Buses,” are the primary mode of transportation throughout all of Central America. Depending on what kind of traveler you are, you either avoid them or take advantage of them whenever possible. - Ixchel Spanish School
Ixchel Spanish School
Maya Site Q Found « Archaeology Excavations - http://archaeologyexcavations....
A newly discovered stone panel at the Classic Period Maya (AD 250-900) center of La Corona in Guatemala has confirmed the identification of that site as the long-sought Maya center once only known as “Site Q”. - Ixchel Spanish School
Ixchel Spanish School
Guatemala News | Guatemalas Lake Atitlan disaster, the explanation -
The recent "algae bloom" in Lake Atitlan has triggered an enormous alarm in the population and the media. Many people are panicking and basically believe that something drastic has happened to Lake Atitlan in just a few days, but this assumption is wrong. The problem has been steadily increasing for many years. - Ixchel Spanish School
Ixchel Spanish School
Harmful Bloom in Lake Atitlán, Guatemala : Image of the Day -
NASA satellite image showing the bloom of blue-green algae in Lake Atitlan - Ixchel Spanish School
Ixchel Spanish School
How Guatemala's Most Beautiful Lake Turned Ugly - TIME -
Atitlan is indeed breathtaking, but nowadays it is leaving many visitors gasping for breath. A thick brown sludge is tarnishing its once blue waters. It is the result of decades of ecological imbalance, brought on by economic and demographic pressures. The unsightly and smelly layer, more than 100 feet deep in some areas, is chasing tourists away from Mayan towns in the area and posing huge cleanup expenses to a government already strapped for cash. - Ixchel Spanish School
Ixchel Spanish School
Guatemala: SOS from Lake Atitlan - IPS -
A thick, chocolate-coloured scum floats on the normally clear blue waters of Lake Atitlán, in the southwestern Guatemalan province of Sololá, caused by agricultural fertilisers and untreated sewage from surrounding villages and farms. - Ixchel Spanish School
Ixchel Spanish School
Photo Essay: Ground Zero for 2012 in Copan, Honduras -
According to Hollywood, the world is doomed for destruction in 2012. Not so, say the people living near the Mayan ruins in Copan Ruinas, Honduras. “It’s a rebirth,” they say. “It’s a time for celebration.” - Ixchel Spanish School
Ixchel Spanish School
Artifacts shed light on the common Maya | Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/23/2009 -
Newly discovered murals and new insights into ancient artifacts in Penn’s collection reveal much about the everyday people, not just the elites. - Ixchel Spanish School
Ixchel Spanish School
A Canuck in Cancun: Lionfish (Pez Leon) in Quintana Roo -
The pez leon is not native to the Mexican Caribbean and is fairly new to this region. There is speculation that the species was released into the Gulf of Mexico after a hurricane hit in Florida in 1992, destroying an aquarium with a few of these creatures and emptying them into the ocean. - Ixchel Spanish School
Ixchel Spanish School
New Street Sweepers in Antigua | AntiguaDailyPhoto.Com -
The classic image of the old man with his “chiribisco” broom sweeping parks and streets of La Antigua Guatemala is vanishing. The Municipalidad of La Antigua Guatemala has created these new make-shift street sweepers designed for cobblestone streets. - Ixchel Spanish School
Ixchel Spanish School
Mosquito Bites: The Real Reason Some People Are Immune - -
Insects have very keen powers of smell that direct them to their targets. But for researchers trying to figure out what attracts or repels the pests, sorting through the 300 to 400 distinct chemical odors that the human body produces has proved daunting. - Ixchel Spanish School
abandonedplaces: Highgate cemetery -
Quite an amazing place, and great photos - Ixchel Spanish School
Ixchel Spanish School
@KW2P I'll do both from now on, but I guess way more people will connect on Twitter than on FriendFeed.
sadly. I think commenting (and sharing and hiding) are awesome on FF. - Maria Figueroa
Yes, definitely. FriendFeed has so many features that Twitter is missing, it should have more users. I still hope that will change, but so far Twitter seems to be growing much faster than FF. - Ixchel Spanish School
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