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Robert Scoble
My Microsoft Office trial is over. I am not spending $450 just to get Outlook. Gmail and Google Calendar win this game: big time.
Totally with you on that, I only have it because it was free (some research I did with Microsoft). I do like the new Word, thats it. - Leif Hansen from Alert Thingy
thunderbird and sunbird integrates(?) w/gmail and google calenders if you still want a desktop client... - Anthony Farrior
You can get just outlook MUCH cheaper. I believe this is another thing you will recant :-) - Robert Seidman
@anthony I have my wife's computer set up with thunderbird and the lightning add-on to integrate with her google calendar. then she only has one icon to click on and all is good in her world - acedanger from twhirl
@acedanger cool! I forgot about the plugin, better do that when i get home too... - Anthony Farrior
I don't understand why software has to be so expensive. This was one big reason that I moved to OSS. - Vaughn
Have you tried other options such as Thunderbird and the like? - Mike Lewis
I stopped using desktop based email clients a long time ago. All my accounts end up in Gmail (lots of trust in Google) but it's been easier to manage. - Andrés David Aparicio from twhirl
for all those who "stopped to use desktop apps" - what do you do when offline and have to lurk into old mail? :) - A. T.
I wish Gmail worked with Google Gears (offline email storage) - then I could ditch Outlook forever! wooo hooo! - Susan Beebe from Alert Thingy
I use Google DOCS for everything now except Visio; and I am using SlideRocket for my PPTs - Susan Beebe from Alert Thingy
@silpol: that's a concern but my rule of thumb is: if i'm online, i'm on vacation or resting... ;) - Andrés David Aparicio from twhirl
Does Fast Company not have access to the Microsoft Home Use Program? - brian junyor
I dib;t have MSFT on my Mac anymore. I do, however, have Pages, etc. - Francine Hardaway
Home Edition is only $119 on Amazon - you get Excel, Powerpoint, Word, OneNote...then just use Gmail or Windows Live Mail (free at if you need an offline email app - Sarah Perez
Robert Scoble
@veronica is going to Revision 3. Congrats!
I saw this coming a mile off. All those appearances on Tekzilla. - Chris Nixon
Yeah, the "second" job always becomes your next job... - Anthony Farrior
Robert Scoble
Damn, is so freaking fast to get going. Very nice signup process. Very well thought out. is an amazing site. They really got it right. It's a site I find myself looking for a reason to use all the time. Fax and conference call have come in handy. - Kevin Shannon
Neat idea. I hope they get enough premium subscribers to actually pay for it... - Garrett Fitzgerald
This site is so simple and so efficient ... This is the way to exchange big files ... and much more - Christian Farley
thanks for the tweet - just give us a few months, we are amazingly psyched about the pipeline of upgrades we have to release - sam
Robert Scoble
Google about to drop the other shoe on Microsoft? -
I dream of a day when our company's email will be organized by threads, and easily searchable. - Bill Bittner
It took forever for stodgy old companies to switch from Lotus to Exchange... will it be any different switching to Google? Maybe even slower since Google isn't thought of as a typical software developer... - iTad
Terry: it will take a very long time, but Google can totally limit the growth that Microsoft is hoping to see. Remember, there are six billion people and only one has been on a computer. The next five are what matters to these tech companies. What's the likelihood that they'll get onto a Microsoft Exchange server? - Robert Scoble
My bets are on a leotard-clad flying Google man that flies into your office window and does an Irish jig. - Dimitri Glazkov
Ummmm... Hello? Zimbra? - Stephen Foskett
But aren't many companies (or some already) working to get rid of email and replace it with collaboration sites/wikis/etc? - Bill Bittner
I doubt the other 5 billion will ever own what we think of as a PC. I guess they'll still probably use email on their iPhone v3 or whatever. ;) - iTad
I totally agree, This change is everything but easy. But it is what people is asking for since years ago. So, no matter how difficult it'd may be, companies, at least, will consider it, and that's what MS should be afraid of. - Hernan Garcia
Whatever it does, I'll be happy to see someone turn the heat on Microsoft. - Yuvi
As bleeding edge tech geeks I think we all presume that everyone likes Gmail. However, this is totally not true. I've been trying to get my wife off Yahoo Mail to Gmail (and she prefers the old vrs too), but she just doesn't like it. "It's OK," she says, but Yahoo mail just works the way she's used to. I think this will be the same for Exchange/Outlook. - Daniel Shaw
@Daniel, yeah that was the case with LotusNotes too. It finally started looking REALLY dated and started smelling... - iTad
I think it's not about likes or dislikes, it's about who will be the next real threat to MS exchange. And I do not see anyone else on the horizont but Gmail. - Hernan Garcia
I tend to agree with Bill Bittner. I think Email, as it exists today, will be replaced with collaboration ... thingies. - Richard
Many of my big clients are still using Notes... I don't think they will switch for a long time. For small business that already uses it, this would allow them to grow and keep using GMail. - Jean-Francois Noel
Any gossip on them hitting the VAR channels? Most my Exchange servers I manage for my clients are 3-5 years old and I'm trying to get them to hold out on upgrading a little longer. I see Email being a totally hosted service in the SMB. The hosted service model is becoming as sophisticated as local software. - Christopher Dickens
What, nobody's biting on the flying-Google-man gossip? - Dimitri Glazkov
Been hearing the same rumblings. - Mike Reynolds
Bill - check out Xobni...threads together Outlook and features even more inbox organization (I've got one more invite, if you're interested) - Martha Shaughnessy
Xobni does look cool. And I did get an invite a while back. But I haven't installed it yet. However, I question IT approving it for use for our whole company. But who knows. - Bill Bittner
Come on guys, it's not a shoe. It's just a babystep towards killing of old M$. Babysteps! It'll take a lot of those to take over from m$. - Peter
Leo Laporte
@DougH Everything I do promotes everything else I do. I don't worry about money; I just presume if I create good content I'll earn a living.
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