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Jack Vinson

Jack Vinson

I am an expert in Theory of Constraints and Knowledge Management. These connect at the personal level in the general of Personal Effectiveness. 2 Boys, Boston.
very happy Japan fans right now. Newcastle hotel bar.
New post on KJolt: Power of Habit - can't just stop
New post on KJolt: Less Is More
I have a weekend in England (starting in Newcastle, and I am not a drinker). Suggestions? @clarkeching @snowded ??
Hanging out at Lego Discovery center. Kids are amazed.
New post on KJolt: A theme from #TOCICO14
New post on KJolt: Final #TOCICO14 brain dump
Wonder why we let people in business get away with not knowing why they are there. @SKHolt #TOCICO14
Good ol' Little's Law combined with TOC concepts of buffers in projects. #TOCICO14
Spider charts and CCPM maturity model (based on CMU maturity model) from Reedy and Holt. Nice stuff. #TOCICO14
Patrick Wilson idea that there are tangible and intangible aspects of the TOC thinking processes. #TOCICO14
Ever worked in a dept. store during High Season? Deep and Narrow strategy would have massive impact. #TOCICO14
Quote @hfcamp for business owners "When in doubt, choose the less efficient route." #TOCICO14
John Koehler on biz development (Nu-Business concept). First constraint? Investment - most new biz dump in too much cash. #TOCICO14
Godrej Security presenter is THRILLED with the impact of TOC on their ability to perform. #TOCICO14
Omron quote: Change management, then the Gemba will change. (Not the other way around). #TOCICO14
an obvious (but not so common) idea: only produce to actual demand. Congrats Omron for #TOCICO14 award
New post on KJolt: CCPM topics on Day 3 at #TOCICO14
New post on KJolt: Day 3 of the #TOCICO14 conference
to clarify an earlier tweet, @skholt suggested in the end that focus should be everyone's job - removes the attention constraint. #TOCICO14
Sanjeev Gupta of @realizationccpm talking about using Kanban with CCPM. #TOCICO14 nice stuff
Interesting number of talks that acknowledge CCPM (and TOC) is missing something. #TOCICO14
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