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Jack Vinson

Jack Vinson

I am an expert in Theory of Constraints and Knowledge Management. These connect at the personal level in the general of Personal Effectiveness. 2 Boys, Boston.
Omron quote: Change management, then the Gemba will change. (Not the other way around). #TOCICO14
an obvious (but not so common) idea: only produce to actual demand. Congrats Omron for #TOCICO14 award
New post on KJolt: CCPM topics on Day 3 at #TOCICO14
New post on KJolt: Day 3 of the #TOCICO14 conference
to clarify an earlier tweet, @skholt suggested in the end that focus should be everyone's job - removes the attention constraint. #TOCICO14
Sanjeev Gupta of @realizationccpm talking about using Kanban with CCPM. #TOCICO14 nice stuff
Interesting number of talks that acknowledge CCPM (and TOC) is missing something. #TOCICO14
Most PM tools are used to manage the financial reporting of projects, NOT to manage project execution. #TOCICO14
CCPM embedded into NTTD Data "engines for growth" and publicly committed by top management #TOCICO14
"Preventing bad multitasking and multi bad tasking." from Riachuelo presentation. #TOCICO14
Heh @SKHolt suggests TOC says ever-flourishing companies must constantly hire new managers. #TOCICO14
Batista at #TOCICO14 "yell at the Erlenmeyer flask, not the person doing the experiment."
"Welcome to death march" - #TOCICO14
New post on KJolt: Values instead of injections #TOCICO14
Deadlines are homeostatic. Self-reinforcing. @PrjctManifesto #TOCICO14
Intresting claim from Rob Newbold. Paradigm shifts create conflict. TOC is a big shift. And it can create large conflicts. #TOCICO14
CCPM + Agile as presented by Being. Big difference is what buffer is most interesting: Time vs Scope. #TOCICO14
Doesn't matter how much you have, if you don't know how to use it, you never have enough. @KristenCoxUtah #TOCICO14
from @KristenCoxUtah R&D = Rob and Duplicate. Turn "not invented here" on its head. #kmers #TOCICO14
Great presentation from @KristenCoxUtah on their use of TOC in Utah State Govt. #TOCICO14
Eli Schragenheim gets the TOC Lifetime Achievement award. Fun examples of closing "bio's" - Thinks 11 hours a day. #TOCICO14
Curious: why are people auto-tweeting new posts I make?
New post on KJolt: A logical way to talk through conflicts #TOCICO14
New post on KJolt: How mature are you? #TOCICO14
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