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🚊✈️✈️🚊, and now I’m in Amsterdam. It’s every bit as beautiful as I remember!
RT @olasitarska: I wrote a long thing about what we really do with @djangogirls. I just learned this last weekend:
RT @LJWpqhancock: Now waiting for word from Justice Sotomayor on whether she'll extend stay in KS same-sex marriage order. Some experts say not likely.
RT @LJWpqhancock: ACLU has filed its response brief in KS same-sex marriage case. Sez no need to stay order any longer. State has no chance of prevailing.
RT @defunkt: Huge day. So proud of @GitHub:
RT @jpadilla_: django-dotenv is no longer archived and will keep being maintained. Thanks @jacobian! #Django
Dear White People was great, highly recommended.
RT @fatneckbeardguy: Me in @TheAdvocateMag! Op-ed: Dear 'Anonymous' Wellesley Trans Man, Excluding Trans Women Isn't Really About 'Safety'
I found, so naturally I couldn’t resist:
Holy shit, the @tmbg fan club thing is a hell of a great deal.
The best use for AirDrop:
And then there’s the guy with his dog on leash around the 50+ off leash dogs.
The dog park would be perfect except for the other people. An owner here is yelling at her dog for: barking, playing w/ toys, running fast.
RT @SLAwrites: Twitter can afford an eight-story skybridge but they're relying on free labor from women to fix sexist harassment:
My subconscious’s soundtrack to today’s run: All About That Bass, Shake It Off, and Too Many Cooks, repeated for 3.5hrs. My brain hates me.
Unless SCOTUS intervenes (unlikely), same-sex marriages will start getting issued in KS (some counties) next week:
RT @monteiro: Cloud-to-butt deliver again!
RT @ryanbrainard: Heroku HTTP Git Beta!
Harp ( is pretty cool, really enjoying it.
RT @hypatiadotca: Still some spots in my Ally Skills Training at @kiwicon: if ur boss is payin' & if ur broke
RT @adainitiative: WOW!!! $175K goal reached in < 36 hours!!! New goal: $200K for "F-WORD: Feminism" t-shirts!
Python Programmers Support the Ada Initiative -
RT @TheQuinnspiracy: I can deal with the threats. I can deal with being called a whore for the rest of my life. But this kills me.
OH “Recusing myself from this thread on the grounds of overwhelming urge to make it work inappropriate”
RT @bitprophet: Dear everyone: please read this entire presentation. Don’t stop partway! Note: it’s *not* really Django related.
What the fuck does Siskiyou County, CA — way up north along the boarder — do with a grenade launcher?
Do I know anyone in Tahiti? Asking for a friend.
. @CaliforniaAggie any idea why Yolo County needs a helicopter? (via
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