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RT @moxie: A nice looking project from @joshualund for easily setting up and sharing VPN gateways on cloud services:
RT @adamshostack: New blog: "CERT, Tor, and Disclosure Coordination"
RT @sara_ann_marie: "It is not weather, but climate." Don't miss @eyemadequiet's post on the "slow, steady drumbeat of sexism" today.
RT @adainitiative: Handling harassment incidents swiftly and safely: avoid heavyweight processes!
RT @freakboy3742: Do I know anyone who works at the WSJ? I've got some questions…
RT @kantrn: Looking to use Cryptography or other CFFI-based libraries on @Heroku? has you covered!
Us: “your device has been compromised” Vendor: “we have never had a [REDACTED] device compromised” Um. There’s a first time for everything?
Me: “this device is owned” Vendor: “no, it’s fine. we won’t tell you how we know or help you prove it but trust us it’s fine” (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
OH: “compliance unicorn"
Made it!
Sunrise, Western Nevada. Almost to Reno, just over 200 miles to go.
Driving across the Utah/Nevada border at night really is a trip. Holy crap, Nevada, you’re garish.
GPS sez “continue on I-80 for 680 miles” and we obey.
Sal Tlay Ka Siti! 660 miles to go.
Stopped for livestock inspection at the Utah border. Exciting!
Rock Springs, WY - just over halfway!
Laramie. Just over a thousand miles left.
Wiggins from half court... -
I'm building a garage workshop next to my house -
RT @erynofwales: Google is announcing Project Zero, a team dedicated to transparently finding and reporting zero-day vulnerabilities.
. @arirubinstein writes the best chat bots.
LMAO if you don’t use Trello as a real-time chat tool.
Cool trick: push to both @github and @heroku in a single command, using git remote groups:
Wow, add @GlobDesign to the “sexist assholes never to do business with” list. LOLZ indeed, dudebros, LOLZ.
That paper: (haven’t actually finished yet so not sure what I think, but it’s interesting)
Security paper that cites Marshall McLuhan. I’m in my happy place.
Strongly tempted to use an Upworthy-esque title for this conference talk I’m proposing.
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