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RT @adainitiative: WOW!!! $175K goal reached in < 36 hours!!! New goal: $200K for "F-WORD: Feminism" t-shirts!
Python Programmers Support the Ada Initiative -
RT @TheQuinnspiracy: I can deal with the threats. I can deal with being called a whore for the rest of my life. But this kills me.
OH “Recusing myself from this thread on the grounds of overwhelming urge to make it work inappropriate”
RT @bitprophet: Dear everyone: please read this entire presentation. Don’t stop partway! Note: it’s *not* really Django related.
What the fuck does Siskiyou County, CA — way up north along the boarder — do with a grenade launcher?
Do I know anyone in Tahiti? Asking for a friend.
. @CaliforniaAggie any idea why Yolo County needs a helicopter? (via
. @ljworld source on that last is
.@ljworld have you done any reporting on the militarization of police in Lawrence/Douglas county? They got some toys:
An account of last night in Ferguson: Don’t miss the part where cops shoot journalists in the back w/rubber bullets.
We don’t track how many Americans are killed by cops every year. We care so little that we don’t even track it.
RT @craigkerstiens: What feedback do you have on how we can make @heroku add-ons better?
RT @Boilerplate1893: #Ferguson store owners did not claim he stole from them. UNCUT video shows Brown paying for the cigars found on him.
RT @amnesty: US can't tell other countries to improve their records on policing and peaceful assembly if it won't clean up its own human rights record
RT @RaisedByCulture: #Ferguson isn't protecting one cop - they are protecting a legacy of bad behavior. Mike Brown's murder is telling on all of them.
RT @MoreAndAgain: Meanwhile, in NYC the cop who killed Eric Garner (whose death ruled a homicide, two weeks ago) still hasn't been charged.
All this, to avoid making a cop face consequences for murder.
RT @blove402: 1 every 28 hours. Smh RT @marcussimmonscc: Michelle Cusseaux shot by police in Arizona today. RIP.
RT @jayzombie: "From 2006 to 2012 a white police officer killed a black person at least twice a week in this country" -@MHarrisPerry
RT @cmclymer: 90 year-old Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein was arrested in #Ferguson for speaking out against police brutality.
RT @ejacqui: "People continue to say, 'let's wait for the facts' but plenty of facts exist. In fact, a lot of facts exist."
OH: “[this release includes] architectural improvements like not including a big shell script with no test coverage as a key component”
RT @Hoont: Allegations that the #Ferguson McDonald's was looted are inaccurate, McDonald's corporate spokesperson tells me.
RT @ShaunKing: In other words, by releasing the video of Mike Brown stealing cigars, the police chief said, "White people. It's OK. You don't have to care"
RT @ShaunKing: Literally, and I mean instantaneously, after the Police Chief sounded his dog whistle, we went from 1,000 an hour to 150 an hour.
RT @ShaunKing: Minutes before the Ferguson Police Chief sounded his dog whistle, our petition was getting 1,000 signatures an hour for 48 hours straight.
LazyWeb: is there a tool to ingest CloudTrail ( logs into a db (preferably PGsql)? Don’t want to NIH if possible.
I completely ♥️ @mitsuhiko’s One of those things I always wanted but never quite got around to building. Thanks!
Just realized that long email I sent could have been summarized most easily as “unfortunately, as you probably already know, software."
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