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RT @kellabyte: IMO we value too much OSS devs as heroes who create repo after repo. True OSS heroes are the ones who cooperate as large productive groups.
Band in the street at 8th and Mass covering Purple Rain (woman on vocals too). Goddamn I’m gonna miss this town.
RT @shanley: What you mean by "... is a nice guy" is "... is someone I am allowing to abuse and harass women with no repercussions whatsoever."
RT @SecFails: Due to a security leak, your biometric data may have been compromised. We recommend that you change your fingerprints as soon as possible.
RT @ashedryden: I’ve been waiting to speak with someone at Twitter since Dec 12 about how they aren’t protecting their users.
RT @palendae: All aboard the software train!
Decrease Your Stress And Hatred Of Humanity With This One Weird Trick: echo >> /etc/hosts
RT @heroku: Help us make the Heroku platform more secure by participating in our new bug bounty -
OH: “disrupting the patriarchy one bottle of glittery varnish at a time”
RT @heroku: Want a first look at an improved PHP on Heroku experience? Visit to get started.
Very happy that @soyeahdjango is updating again :)
10 responses to the phrase “Man Up”: /via @leeflower
O’hare? More like lolhare amirite?
RT @nelhage: Akamai acknowledges that their "secure heap" protection is insufficient, will replace all certificates after all:
RT @wirehead2501: @jacobian "I googled twitter [and confirmed it's thundering outside]"
OH: “I googled twitter.”
RT @whoisaldeka: #PyCon Program Committee wants you to help us pick out next year's talks! :) Sign up for the pycon-pc mailing list:
RT @aurynn: We raised over $10k for #pyladies at #pycon2014
RT @ashedryden: The moral dilemma of bidding on a copy of Lean In, but knowing that the money goes to a good cause.
$200 for a talking dead parrot toy at the PyLadies auction. #pycon
RT @heroku: Congrats tgo @citruspi who won $500 for Technological Literacy @ #RIT. Win $500 for org of your choice. Stop by our booth tomorrow #PyCon
RT @hhoover: Heartbleed walks into a bar, and says "Hello!" The bartender says: “Hello! -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----GDSSHPAIBAAJB…” / @brintly
[2/2] Please note the content warning: the film contains scenes of graphic violence & isn’t appropriate for all.
[1/2] ICYMI: want to discuss masculinity, violence, our culture and tech? Join us for a movie/discussion tonight:
RT @tofumatt: Remember, PyCon friends:
If you plan to come to the film screening tonight, please note the content warning: the film contains graphic violence and partial nudity.
At #pycon? Want to discuss masculinity and violence in our culture and tech? Join us for a film screening tonight:
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