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RT @reverendanthony: Holy shit, they fixed Jenga in the simplest way imaginable. We are all idiots for not thinking of this sooner.
RT @reverendanthony: Holy shit, they fixed Jenga in the simplest way imaginable. We are all idiots for not thinking of this sooner.
RT @katelosse: In tech your payment happens in options that vest after a year. Why hire on if you can't make it to a year bc some guy is being a creep?
RT @katelosse: I don't think men in the industry understand how real that threat is across the board, and how scary it is for women trying to have careers.
RT @katelosse: The reason why is that working in tech is a bad career investment for women if they can be fired at any time for triggering sexual interest.
RT @katelosse: All the lip-service recently paid in tech to 'getting women in tech' doesn't mean anything without a real commitment to anti-harassment.
RT @NightValeRadio: That which does not kill you only wants to watch you suffer a while longer.
RT @femfreq: Must read post by #TropesvsWomen producer @radicalbytes on the invisible benefits & privileges of gaming while male:
RT @coda: “Fuck you if you’re not using SSDs.” *wild applause* “Fuck you if you’re oppressing women.” *shocked silence, then furious booing*
RT @adainitiative: Ada Initiative no longer partnering with GitHub
Re-reading Letter From a Birmingham Jail (esp. the parts about the “white moderate”) today.
RT @freakboy3742: Just 2 days left to get your limited edition Django 1.7 release tee (or hoodie) - Don't miss out!
RT @kissane: .@aworkinglibrary speaks my heart on this GitHub mess. Dead on.
“It’s the CEO’s actual behavior, not their speeches or the list of values… that defines what the culture is.” —
RT @heroku: Want an early preview of what the new PHP support on Heroku will look like, give us a look at
If you read just one thing about the Github clusterfuck, please make it this, by @ellenchisa:
RT @ellenchisa: @pmarca @a16z hello! I wrote a bit about why your earlier tweets scared me: (& would love more clarity).
Disappointed because I guess I hoped that GitHub would take this as the wakeup call they so desperately need. Guess I’m still that naive.
Angry, because I’m good at tech and want to keep doing it, but by working in this industry I’m complicit in the harm it causes.
Sad, because I know abusers will understand this as the signal that it is that they can continue to abuse with no consequences.
Went for a run to clear my head. Total fail. Still really sad, angry, disappointed.
On second thoughts, Github, bring back the rug. Turns out it you’re not ready to be rid of it yet.
Apparently GitLab offers free unlimited private repos: (and it’s FLOSS to boot).
Can someone order us a new tech industry, please? This one’s broken.
Silicon Valley: where you can harass an employee, resign, and immediately get funded by a premier VC firm.
RT @r343l: Shorter version: one guy did some bad stuff & he's out but our corporate culture is fine. Also not sexism!
It breaks my heart to think about the women still at GitHub who now KNOW for a certainty that their coworkers can abuse them with impunity.
RT @shanley: Observe the machine in action. Woman speaks out about abuse. Fake "investigation" launched, finds nothing wrong. Threats rolled out.
Really intensely disappointed by @github. Instead of showing that abuse isn’t acceptable, you chose to CYA and protect the status quo.
RT @hypatiadotca: Reminder that GH's "investigator" couldn't figure out how to email Julie til a few days before the end of their "investigation." #competence
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