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And look, I get that handling abuse is hard. You know what else is hard? BUILDING TWITTER. Y’all solve hard problems every day.
I’ve been told, repeatedly, by people ON TWITTER’S SAFETY TEAM that they want to do more but their hands are tied.
It’s still all about what’s good for Twitter’s bottom line, not what’s good for its user’s safety. @dickc.
Except for the fact that @dickc *still* refuses to actual engage the folks who are being abused, find out what *they* need.
It’s OK, folks, @dickc says he’s “working on it” (, so it’s all good!
. @dickc you had over two thousand questions about abuse yesterday. Are you ever going to answer any of them?
No surprise to anyone who’s lived in the Bay Area and then had to leave: SF’s burritos are, objectively, the best.
RT @Green_Footballs: Unreal. Costolo completely ignored thousands of questions about Twitter's failure to protect users from stalking and harassment. #askcostolo
RT @ashedryden: I’ve been trying to meet with your safety team since Dec about policies effecting marginalized people and have gotten nowhere. #askcostolo
RT @typodactyl: #askcostolo how are you this high up at twitter and think an AMA would be positive?
#askcostolo why have your support and safety teams refused for months to meet with tech diversity advocates and experts?
#askcostolo why is it that spammers get banned within minutes, but stalkers and people threatening violence don’t get banned at all?
#askcostolo why is reporting spam easy, but reporting death and rape threats hard?
Andrew Sorensen OSCON 2014 Keynote: "The Concert Programmer" -
Andrew Sorensen OSCON 2014 Keynote: "The Concert Programmer"
RT @AngryBlackLady: I hope everyone who has been harassed & found @Twitter's response to be unacceptable will #askcostolo about it tmrw.
lmao if you don’t have easter eggs in your sdl /cc @hypatiadotca
Tired of abuse in the Linux community? Not sure what to do? Come to the free Ally Skills Workshop at LinuxCon!
RT @scalzi: Seriously, WisCon's failures on this harassment report make me angry, and sad for the convention.
RT @jennschiffer: I just published “How to get a perfect 5.0 Uber rating”
RT @vectorpoem: @jacobian @eassumption Totally agree. It affirms the "toxic auteur" archetype eg Steve Jobs that FOSS should be embarrassed of its debt to.
Real leaders don’t insult, belittle, shame people who work for them. Shows of aggression and dominance are abusive behavior, not leadership.
What the heck am I supposed to do with this!? Go home California you’re drunk.
100% of the people in my mentions defending Linus are men. Surprise surprise.
RT @FioraAeterna: @0xabad1dea @jacobian @hypatiadotca BASICALLY THIS, reading LKML posts like that scared me away from even trying
RT @0xabad1dea: .@jacobian @hypatiadotca the hyperabusive tone of LKML was why I, at age 17, gave up my fantasy of being a Linux kernel developer.
Worse, Linus’s success normalizes abusive behavior in tech. Other dudes copying Linus become a pox on our field.
Linux has succeeded DESPITE Linus’s abusive behavior, not because of it.
Man all these dudes in my mentions defending Linus. Glad to see that hero worship is still in full effect.
RT @shanley: Linux community tolerates Torvald's abuse bc in tech we equate technical achievement with right to be abusive
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