A good samaritan, @missrogue? What's so surprising about that?! http://www.youtube.com/watch...
A good samaritan, @missrogue? What's so surprising about that?! http://t.co/5ti4ANF
On the train for a weekend at Mohonk with Katy's family.
LivingSocial deal: Get a $20 Amazon gift card for $10 - http://livingsocial.com/deals...
I changed caps lock to control, and does my computer listen? No! Every time I switch keyboards, it switches back. Cock.
RT @lloydi: Aw, Pete Postlethwaite. RIP, Mr Kobayashi :( #fb
had a great, relaxing NYE last night w/Katy at the Spinks'. Brunch this morning at the Carlyle makes for an easy New Year's day.
Back home in dc and dog tired.
about to check out the Turkish souk. Dam... ascus!
Momento are *giving away* a top of the range MacBook Air to celebrate the launch of v2.0! RT & Follow http://momentoapp.com via @MomentoApp
Just arrived at my lovely hotel in Damascus. Looks neat, but I'm dead tired. Tomorrow: adventures before breakfast & work on the terrace.
Headed to Damascus, Syria for a month and piastre. Just got to my gate at IAD. Next stop: LHR
Waiting in line for the Jonsí concert at the 9:30 club. We're number 2, we're number 2...!
Watching @questlove and the roots warm up for the restoring sanity rally http://twitpic.com/327hpd
Watching @questlove and the roots warm up for the restoring sanity rally http://twitpic.com/327hpd
RT @tcarmody: This may be the greatest story I have ever read. RT @lauraolin: The mother of all pizza-delivery pranks: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki... (h/t @viceuk)
And now neighbor kid has an air-horn! Nice!
[✓] talk shit about porridge [✓] eat it any way
Fancy schmamcy steel-cut oats explode in the microwave once, shame on them.... Twice? Fuck steel-cut oats.
RT @Ihnatko: RIP Benoit Mandelbrot. Thank God he wasn't murdered. It would have taken the cops forever to draw the chalk outline.
RT @lushbucket: Love how Canadian TV reports the Chilean miner rescue as feat of engineering and American TV calls it a "miracle".
RT @tcarmody: I saw it at a drive-in. MT @Weegee: Back to the Future to return to theaters Oct. 23-25th to celebrate 25th anniversary http://www.amctheatres.com/Script_...
RT @kk: when asked 'What Do You Want To Do With Your LIfe' most youth say something like 'I Wanna Do Something Creative For Something I Care About'.
RT @DaveHolmes: Happy Coming Out Day. Let's celebrate it by committing to fight bigotry with dignity, honesty and courage, today and everyday.
RT @leahsandals: Wow: Arts Grants Administrator to get "I regret to inform you" tattooed on his arm. That's wearing yr job on yr sleeve! http://www.thedrakehotel.ca/events...
Steve Jobs went to see a guru in India and said, "I want that job!!" He's had a sado-masochistic desire for that power ever since. #tnyfest
Being creative involves intense refinement of thinking in a confined system. #tnyfest
"Trust in your ecstacy" -- Werner Herzog. #tnyfest
Okay, I got this pocketsquare, too https://www.kentwang.com/white-w..., but that decision was all my own. I think @putthison would approve.
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