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Jake Rocheleau

Jake Rocheleau

Easy-going dude. Tech and internet enthusiast, blogger, web developer, designer, musician, and just a pleasure to be around
close encounters of the turd kind
what is this 'shit eating grin'? do people typically smile after eating shit, proverbially or physically? should i try?
RT @mattdonaher: *sets up camping supplies in Olive Garden* Alright, let's really see how "unlimited" these breadsticks are.
it's never a good idea to build your house of cards on a table of lies because that foundation is anything but reliable
real-life krusty krab restaurant
real-life krusty krab restaurant
real-life krusty krab restaurant
the enemy is a very good teacher
the more you know
the bologna process sounds fuckin ridiculous but apparently it's super impt
happy birthday sponge
happy birthday sponge
you become the people you hang around
RT @carolineorlando: Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people
life's a tragedy for those who feel and a comedy for those who think
also more fuku problems but don't worry it's legit because trust us
another reason why i'm a supporter of small hands-off gov't. how many laws are needed to keep us snuggly-safe? 1MM? 5MM? infinity laws?
kids will get what they want. more & more laws haven't worked so far and i have a feeling this won't do much either
hudson is now 21 or older to buy tobacco products.. my town council sucks so hard
although some things may not be worth trying, like solving rubiks cubes or learning to read
'accepting failure is better than not trying' @drseanr
accepting failure is better than not trying @drseanr
RT @mattdonaher: Ok, well, I'm sorry. I'm not from around here and I didn't know Dunkin' Donuts wasn't an erotic bakery. Sorry I fucked your donuts.
RT @BootBuckaroo: That cynical bastard, he'll do anything for attention. @Sketch_Dailies #Sketch_Dailies #Happy4thofJuly #UNCLESAM
rip the british empire
good old American Freedom™
RT @TheRealSibsy: Happy America Day to all my American friends (which I seem to have a lot of nowadays) from me and these guys!
awesome interview from this month with mitch hurwitz on arrested development
i'm telling you it was berentsein bears i miss universe e
i thought istanbul was the capital of turkey what timeline is this
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