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listening to "Nina Simone - Feeling Good" - http://blip.fm/profile...
Breeze drifting on by, you know how I feel… It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me… - jason keath from Blip.fm
jason keath
NYC's Food Trucks Jumping on the Social Networking Bandwagon - WPIX - http://www.wpix.com/news...
There are about 3,000 licensed food vending trucks in - jason keath
jason keath
Calculating Your Marketing ROI in 3 Easy Steps Webinar - http://www.blueskyfactory.com/webinar...
Further resources from Chris Penn's Social Fresh presentation - jason keath
jason keath
St. Louis Sunrise on Flickr - Photo Sharing! - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
Photo by Chris Penn the morning of Social Fresh St. Louis - jason keath
jason keath
Blue Sky Factory presents: The Ultimate Guide to Email - http://www.blueskyfactory.com/ultimat...
Greg Cangialosi and Chris Penn, both Social Fresh presenters, have touched on these topics at our events. Great resource - jason keath
jason keath
Seth's Blog: The Levy flight - http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_b...
Animal foraging pattern echoed in business and marketing - jason keath
jason keath
listening to "Ghostkeeper - By Morning" - http://blip.fm/profile...
I'm gonna leave by morning... - jason keath from Blip.fm
jason keath
listening to "The New Pornographers - Your Hands (Together)" - http://blip.fm/profile...
Put Your Hands Together - jason keath from Blip.fm
jason keath
listening to "Lightning Dust - I Knew" - http://blip.fm/profile...
I never ever ever thought I would meet someone like you - jason keath from Blip.fm
jason keath
listening to "Calexico - Crystal Frontier [Widescreen Version]" - http://blip.fm/profile...
Trumpets sound... - jason keath from Blip.fm
jason keath
listening to "Clash - Should I Stay Or Should I Go" - http://blip.fm/profile...
Darling you got to let me know… - jason keath from Blip.fm
jason keath
listening to "Bob Dylan - Shelter from the Storm" - http://blip.fm/profile...
Great song - jason keath from Blip.fm
jason keath
listening to "The Rolling Stones - Shes so cold LIVE" - http://blip.fm/profile...
A cold Carolina… so cold - jason keath from Blip.fm
jason keath
@vidcon so the event is free? Why is there no price on the site?
thanks Michael. Looks pretty affordable. Friendly suggestion: Feature your prices more prominently. Makes people think you are hiding something. - jason keath
Robert Scoble
Google Wave doesn't work on the iPhone. Lameness since I've been moving much of my work life over to iPhone lately.
It works. I've used it on the iPhone once you get past the browser warnings. Not the same but it functions - Jim Goldstein
so it doesn't work in safari? that seems pretty weak. I imagine some functionality MUST work in safari on iPhone. But in the end Google is a no APP company. so the web based wave will be the only option I imagine. Too bad too, I would love some Google Apps for the iPhone - jason keath
It worked for me this morning but then went pretty sluggish and unusable this afternoon, crashing Safari on my iPhone a couple of times. (They were huge waves though, so perhaps that didn't help.) - Tony Ruscoe
And I thought my post was long enough. I did think about it being inaccessible via iPhone. What's the plan? Add a Wave account there like GMail? I wonder how they could get this solved. - Louis Gray
It works ok for me too. It's not the best experience, I'll give you that, but ok considering how new it is. I also think you have to give the wave team some credit for creating a mobile interface from day one. - Keith Bennett from BuddyFeed
Louis, I think they will make an app (or a 3rd party will) that would seem the best way to go. - Keith Bennett from BuddyFeed
I haven't tried on the iPhone yet. Hey anyone out there on wave come say hello abraun@googlewave.com :) - Alan Braun
It does work; in fact, there's a public wave on the very subject. Search for with:public "Wave on the iPhone/iPod" to participate - Andrew Terry
jason keath
great picture :) - comix aka martha
thanks Martha. Trying to do the photo a day thing. we will see how long it lasts - jason keath
Wayne Sutton
iPhone video tip: @jakrose another option to upload long iPhone videos. Use FTPonTheGO app & upload to blip.tv to your blip account.
very cool. how does the Blip.tv side of it work? - jason keath
Blip can pay the file as a QuickTime or a flash video file. It's just like as if you were uploading via the web. Make sure you check your settings to have FTP enabled. The name of the uploaded file will be the video name when uploading. - Wayne Sutton from iPhone
$6.99 for the app, btw - Herb Hernandez
oh YEAH, the app is not free - Wayne Sutton
Keith Burtis
if you could take six months to write a book or to blog daily coupled with additional social media tools which do you think would be more valuable to you? Book or Blog+Social Media tools?
can you not do both? several folks have turned a daily blog into a book. Seth Godin pretty much does it every year. I think that is the best solution. It is a good, open editing process. you can always add more context/content in the book - jason keath
Jason, I think that writing a blog and a book are very tangential. However, most peole don't have the bandwidth to do both. Let's take an average Joe supporting a family and working full time. Let's say this person has extensive knowledge as a chef. For this person to come home each night, write a new blog post, maybe network on Twitter as well as write a book may just be a bit too much. So, which is more valuable...... Writing the book or producing a blog along with additionalsocial media tools. - Keith Burtis from iPhone
I just blogged a few weeks ago about never wanting to purchase an off the shelf book again. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. I read an article yesterday about the future of Amazon because of technology. The new demographic for tech tools that allow you to read ebooks are Gen X moms who purchase on average 5 to 7. So I'm thinking blog + social media tools. uhoh! the evolution just inched further ahead - non? - Shannon Boudjema
jason keath
Doing an event here soon for @ad2charlotte - A website so bad, it's good http://www.tbonesonthelake.com/
I love fixing those type though. :D That is pretty scary. Was expecting something with <blink> hehe - Andy Ciordia
lol, yeah. it is actually a very cool place. and while the website is bad, it does capture a little bit of their character. - jason keath
Richard MacManus
Video Interview with Founder of Vanilla, "A WordPress for Forums" http://www.readwriteweb.com/readwri...
Vanilla is a great product. Always glad to see some open source love. Quality interview Jolie. - jason keath from FriendFeed MT Plugin
jason keath
Comment on: Video Interview with Founder of Vanilla, "A WordPress for Forums" - http://www.readwriteweb.com/readwri...
Vanilla is a great product. Always glad to see some open source love. Quality interview Jolie. - jason keath from FriendFeed MT Plugin
@mbertoldi too hot for golf? brings us back to sound of beer bottle cap popping off
ice cubes hitting an empty glass bottom, rushed air with the lighting of a grill - jason keath
Paul Stamatiou
had slightly considered @mtnsocial event in Sept but not for ~$400. thats how much SXSW cost and SXSW is a HUGE event with HUGE names
and there are a few tiny parties to go to - jason keath
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
That's the LAST TIME I buy an iPhone from eBay...
Hahahhahahahahah!!!!!!!!! - Mona Nomura
at least it won't shatter when you drop it - jason keath
Amy Greenlaw
@schnittman I agree a #Lost Twitter ban might be in order for tonight!
per their @ mangling today or just to focus on lost? - jason keath
Jeremiah Owyang
@whatsnext has done a count that shows there are over 4000 social media gurus http://www.whatsnextblog.com/archive... link via @chrisbrogan
yes but how many social media ninjas are there? those are the really talented ones right? - jason keath
jason keath
Comment on: Forrester: Social Technology is Like Sex - http://www.readwriteweb.com/archive...
@adbroad got there first with the Social Media is like Sex, but both are good analogies. The sex/dating metaphor is always a great one for any marketing. Brings home the relationship aspects. http://adbroad.blogspot.com/2009... - jason keath from FriendFeed MT Plugin
Lyell E. Petersen
Good CLT events today: 1) #UCityBiz at Panera on JW CLay Blvd 12p http://www.socialmediacharlotte.com/events..., 2) #CLTJelly @AmeliesBakery in NoDa 1-5p #CLTweetup
i wish Jelly would move back toward uptown, @mcgstudio will try to make it by though - jason keath
Dave Munger
@carlzimmer PollDaddy.com -- very easy to use
owned by Wordpress - jason keath
jason keath
Some Amazingly Quality (and long) comments going down on my Newspaper's Charging for Content post http://jasonkeath.com/what-if...
I enjoy that so many people have thoughts on the future of Newspapers. I fear they are too bulky and slow moving to adopt most ideas before the money runs out and many of them are forced to close. - jason keath
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