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Todd Hoff
Irony: believing in market economy efficiency without balancing rights in favor of a representative democracy.
I had to read this twice. From now on please make any definitions of irony less dense and more accessible to my reading level :) - Jak Sprats
I'll try, but that may be really hard :-) - Todd Hoff
Brian Johns
This is beautiful and cool, but will haunt my dreams: http://www.youtube.com/watch...
This is beautiful and cool, but will haunt my dreams:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuC6q9kbryw
Whoa! - SAM
WHOA! - AJ Batac
WANT! - AJ Batac
Wahoa! - Todd Hoff
New mars probe? All you need is a way for them to connect to build in swarm behaviours. - Todd Hoff
Whoa! - Amit Patel
anyone else not see a drone weapon in this thing. or at least a remote controllable killing machine. how about an explosives delivery mechanism, just coat thing in teflon, have it roll/walk to its target and then spit out a big old explosive. this stuff scares me. - Jak Sprats
Todd Hoff
Experiment: Living Without A Home Internet Connection - http://www.graemeblake.ca/2012...
"Why The Internet Is Such A Time-Sink The real reason that this works is that the internet allows you to fill little gaps in your day. Have five minutes? Look at your phone. Passing by your desk? Why not see if anyone emailed you, or check what’s new on Hacker News/Reddit/newspaper website etc. Those small bits of web surfing add up to a surprising amount of time each day. If you don’t think this is true, try installing Rescuetime and let it count how often you’re in a browser window. You might be surprised. Remember to include time spent on your phone." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
so i have a phone that just calls, no internet. but no internet at home, you cant do the sunday evening research ... I dont see it - Jak Sprats
Todd Hoff
It was a high surf watch day at the beach. It was fantastic. No surfers today :-) Unfortunately, again, with the glare, most of my pictures sucked, but some turned out.
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makes me miss California :) - Jak Sprats
So far, this year has been unusually warm and we've had very little rain. The upside is serendipitously beautiful days like yesterday :-) - Todd Hoff
Todd Hoff
How do you send email explaining how to increase the font size in gmail if they can't read email because the font is too small?
do a screenshot :) - Jak Sprats
Good idea! - Todd Hoff
Todd Hoff
The Shadow Superpower - Foreign Policy. Forget China: the $10 trillion global black market is the world's fastest growing economy -- and its future. - http://www.foreignpolicy.com/article...
The Shadow Superpower - Foreign Policy. Forget China: the $10 trillion global black market is the world's fastest growing economy -- and its future.
With only a mobile phone and a promise of money from his uncle, David Obi did something the Nigerian government has been trying to do for decades: He figured out how to bring electricity to the masses in Africa's most populous country. FOR MORE Welcome to Bazaaristan Photos from the trillion shadow economy It wasn't a matter of technology. David is not an inventor or an engineer, and his insights into his country's electrical problems had nothing to do with fancy photovoltaics or turbines to harness the harmattan or any other alternative sources of energy. Instead, 7,000 miles from home, using a language he could hardly speak, he did what traders have always done: made a deal. He contracted with a Chinese firm near Guangzhou to produce small diesel-powered generators under his uncle's brand name, Aakoo, and shipped them home to Nigeria, where power is often scarce. David's deal, struck four years ago, was not massive -- but it made a solid profit and put him on a strong footing for... more... - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Once any débrouillard makes enough money, he comes into the area where it is cost effective for the tax man to hustle him for money. If he stays below that line, the taxman doesnt waste his time. Maybe this system D does make sense to let the poor get by on their scraps without taxing the scraps though. This article seems to miss some larger issues, like how does this play into socialised healthcare, etc... - Jak Sprats
This is a hollow state vision. Socialized anything will be accomplished via other means. - Todd Hoff
Some interesting comments: "Don't bet on China just yet. When a one-party state hosts an Olympics, ten years later that state circles the drain if it isn't already down it. To wit: 1936: Berlin Olympics / Garmisch-Partenkirchen Winter Olympics 1946: Allied Occupation 1980: Moscow Olympics 1990: Collapse of Communism 1984: Sarajevo Winter Olympics 1994: Yugoslav Civil War 2008: Beijing Olympics 2018: ? Remember, you heard it here first." - Todd Hoff
"What could be more capitalist than the black market? And does the black market have any concern for the poor or for economic equality? " - Todd Hoff
"The way I see it the black market aka "System D" is comprised primarily by the poor or disenfranchised who see a way of readily making an income that may not have been available to them in the regulated market. " - Todd Hoff
"Governments do not create markets. Markets are the natural development of the exchange of value and will always exist in some form or another." - Todd Hoff
"More capitalist? In the corporate world, capital makes the laws for the benefit of capital, and labor has relatively little power. That is what the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement protests. In the black market, labor has a much greater share of the power. What the black market resembles, far more than existing capitalist economies, is a market that is free in many respects. Where it... more... - Todd Hoff
"he only growth industries left on Earth: slums, black markets, falsified elections; massive corruption in the leadership of nations great and small; gun-running rampant and totally laissez-faire; fisheries and forests sterilized; oil, coal and nuke pollution run amok… Why don’t we just turn the U.N. over to the Mafia and/or whoever is orchestrating the Democratic Republic of the Congo,... more... - Todd Hoff
"He points out that massive growth is enabled when governments simply recognize the "informal" property market and remove the cost barriers to participation in the legitimate property market." - Todd Hoff
"This is nothing new, but now it is growing as the cost of producing these counterfeit goods is literally nothing...you can get anything from ipods to the best workout music at a fraction of the cost of the real thing, so it makes no sense why someone would go and pay full price unless there were some consequences that motivated the person to do the right thing. Ever since Napster broke... more... - Todd Hoff
You need taxes to make socialised things work. Europe has nice social systems and they have NOT a lot of System D, which means they tax most commerce. The US has shite social systems, although the US taxes most commerce, because a huge chunk of our tax money goes to defense. No country has high System D activity and good social benefits, it is impossible as the funding for social... more... - Jak Sprats
Todd Hoff
What's the meaning of the expression, "That's the exception that proves the rule?" (http://www.straightdope.com/columns...)
My go at it: Perhaps it means that it is impossible to create a rule that applies to a category without exception, real life is much more nuanced than that. So if you think you have such a rule, that is always valid, as people often do, we know it's a bad rule. A rule only becomes a good rule once the exception is found because that means it is a rule that has a hope of succeeding in an ever evolving real life. - Todd Hoff
Oh, and the Hacker News thread http://news.ycombinator.com/item... - Todd Hoff
Here is my go, since nobody knows what it means, don't use it. What good is an expression that everyone understands differently. There is a good deal of irony in what I am saying, but I lack the sophistication in written word to bring it out :) - Jak Sprats
I think you've just proved it Jak :-) - Todd Hoff
Good discussion of this expression on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki... - Sean McBride
Todd Hoff
Swift Transportation » The Future of Ground-Based Transportation Systems - http://swiftprt.com/blog...
Swift Transportation » The Future of Ground-Based Transportation Systems
"Swift PRT Inc. (“Swift”) proposes a new transportation system designed to replace or radically augment the use of cars in urban and dense suburban areas.  An ideal transportation system is a combination of speed (200+ km/hr), ubiquitous coverage (stations within a 3-5 minute walk max), on-demand departure (minimize waiting for a vehicle or train), near-noiseless operation, safety, privacy, and cost." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
I love these ideal transportation system solutions. So much is wrong in the states because we are car based and public transportation sucks. In reality, I think most of the hurdles are political, which means western europe and eastern asia are the spots where these innovations will be implemented first (ever ride the trains in Japan ... wow!). I also think the science and practical... more... - Jak Sprats
Todd Hoff
Jack Vogel - 40 years ago 92% of stocks owned by investors, 8% by others. Individuals now down to 30%, mutual funds, pension funds, and other institutions own the rest. We have an agency problem. Individuals are now served by agents that server their own interests which drives short term speculation.
Buying Cisco at 5 different price points is not diversification. - Todd Hoff
Innovation should be differentiated from gambling. Hedge fund managers are just gamblers and shouldn't be rewarded. We should favor entrepreneurship and innovation. - Todd Hoff
The documentary "Inside Job" does a decent job explaining this phenomenon. The part I find fascinating in all of these gross global economic misconducts is that everyone knows they are going on and nothing changes, even after global economic meltdown. Its like the horror movie voluptuous blond going downstairs to examine the noise, not much point telling her not to go, best to just sit back and enjoy the gore :) - Jak Sprats
A very depressing movie. An appropriate variant of Upton Sinclair's "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!" might be "It is difficult for a system to fix something, when massive speculative wealth depends upon it existing." - Todd Hoff
Todd Hoff
One thing the FitBit has shown me, exercising for 40 minutes doesn't make up for sitting on your ass all day. Must move more.
can you explain what that means w/ numbers. Like what are the deltas of sitting on your ass all day and doing 40 minutes of exercise as compared to just sitting on your ass. Also what is the amount of movement that is the minimum to be kinda healthy and still be able to code all day :) also do you think the Fitbits numbers are legit? - Jak Sprats
I just pay attention to steps. If I am out and about I can get 10,000 steps. That looks something like: going to the stream to throw a stick for the dogs; shop at costco; shop at a grocery store; do a little work in the garden; normal kind of stuff around the house. If I just sit down all day and then do 40 minutes on the exercycle, or take the dogs for a 40 minute walk, then the total number of steps will be about 6,000 a day. A major difference between ambient activity vs directed activity. - Todd Hoff
So I'm right. Wasting time looking for a close parking space rather than just walking is bad for your health :) - Rahsheen from Android
Ah, well I do park far away on purpose, so that's built-in. - Todd Hoff
10,000 steps a day is the recommended minimum, that's about 5 miles, which is approximately what our hunter-gatherer ancestors walked each day. More here: http://yourdesignerdiet.com/strateg.... Cross checking the fitbit with the iphone and the exercycle, it seems close enough to be a good indicator. You must also of course doing some muscle work. - Todd Hoff
That's excellent Sally. Isn't the hard part is doing it? :-) And agree with you on food. You can almost never out exercise the amount of food you eat. My thinking though is steps are a positive thing you can strive to get more of. Food is a negative and is a bit depressing. Plus, if you are stepping you aren't eating. And double plus a great number of physiological processes depend on getting exercise. So I do have a feedback system for what I eat, it's just not as fun. - Todd Hoff
I think that rule works better with vices sally :-) - Todd Hoff
Todd Hoff
Disturbing: Your brain remains active for about eight seconds after a guillotine cuts off your head. There are accounts of disembodied heads trying to scream, but not being able to since they don't have lungs to push air through their vocal chords.
Never thought about that. - Micah
A French scientist had his assistant count how long he kept blinking when he was guillotined. - Alex Scrivener
It's just to freaky to simulate. Man, just think what that would be like... - Todd Hoff
Yikes! - comix aka martha
logically also the same time (7 secs) it takes to choke someone into unconsciousness if you can cut off the blood to the brain - Jak Sprats
Is that through experience Jak? :-) - Todd Hoff
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