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Andrew Ledwith

Andrew Ledwith

Blogger, web developer, Navigator, university employee, writer, editor, musician, mentor, Florida State Seminole, Christ-follower -- but you can call me Andrew.
Wish I was at SDCC so I could get @ThinkGeek’s con prize pack! Boohoo! #ThinkGeekSDCC
“I am easily satisfied with the very best.” — Winston Churchill
Every now and then I search “Mario” in the @AppStore. You know, just in case. I’m disappointed every time.
Hopefully I'll need this advice in the future. "The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make With Executive Assistants"
How to Safely Install the OS X Yosemite Beta
The Best Lessons from Childhood Fables (That Still Matter as an Adult)
RT @bgardner: "Good designers copy; great designers steal.” // Pablo Picasso
Why didn’t @KathyLedwith and I register for this?? RT @_theinspiration IRON MAN BY MAI
I’m not saying the choices of Alabama, Auburn, Ohio State, and USC aren’t good ones. But, you know, defending national champions and all…
Current @SportsNation poll asks which school you’d attend if you were a top-ranked football prospect. FSU is not one of the options. #fail
Last night in our neighborhood there was a dog barking and howling at 2:30am. Sounded like the poor thing was being tortured.
A beautiful day in Denver -
A beautiful day in Denver
“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” — Steve Jobs
RT @SMoriak: @jaledwith Amazing movie. I need to watch it again because some guy was giggling the whole time. ...oh wait, that was me. #TacoTuesday
The LEGO Movie hits Redbox today. That might be how Kathy and I spend our evening.
Regarding these “Wade to the Bulls” rumors… I assume that would only happen if Carmelo decides to stay in NY.
RT @RWD: If I ever have to discuss “the fold” again—and it still happens!—I’m sharing this wonderful article by @sophshepherd:
I take that back. The eastern conference is so weak that there’s still hope. And by “hope” I mean the eight seed.
Of course, I’ll be rooting for a lottery team.
What I like best about LeBron’s move back to Cleveland: I can once again root for my team without being accused of jumping on the bandwagon.
Everyone saw the exodus of @KingJames coming, right?
Everyone saw this coming, right? MT @SInow EXCLUSIVE: I'm Coming HOME by @KingJames
Check out this killer WordPress giveaway by @wpbeginner. Over $26,000 worth of prizes.
We had a great day at the Denver Zoo celebrating Kathy's birthday! #latergram -
We had a great day at the Denver Zoo celebrating Kathy's birthday! #latergram
Tigers! Oh my! @ Denver Zoo
Tigers! Oh my! @ Denver Zoo
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