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Andrew Ledwith

Andrew Ledwith

Blogger, web developer, Navigator, university employee, writer, editor, musician, mentor, Florida State Seminole, Christ-follower -- but you can call me Andrew.
Just how well do today's college students know how to use the web? Are people in my line of work assuming too much?
I send and receive so many meeting requests. I used to hate trying to do that from my phone. @acompli makes it super smooth and simple.
I’ve been using the @acompli beta for about a month now. It’s now a crucial part of my workflow at my day job.
RT @acompli: We’re officially out of stealth mode: Our mobile productivity app is now in the App Store!
RT @HuffPostTech: Flappy Bird + 2048 = Flappy48
RT @HuffPostTech: Flappy Bird + 2048 = Flappy48
With today’s big update the @1Password app icon no longer looks weird in my iPhone dock. #flatdesign They also added new features.
Beautiful bookstore in Denver @ Tattered Cover Bookstore
I contacted the guy who owns to see if he would sell it. He wants $20,000. Time to do some fundraising. #sarcasm
RT @WordPress: WordPress 3.9 “Smith” is now available with a smoother media editing experience, live widget previews, and more:
“Generally I find the shift from diversity and disagreement into division is fueled by unaddressed character issues.”
I own an iPad 2 and an iPhone 5. That’s two kinds of connectors on every trip. Buying travel accessories for just one is hard to justify.
I’ve never owned one of those portable charging devices. I think if I traveled more often it would be a no-brainer.
I’m sad to discover that @Zipcar is not in Colorado Springs. It’s a great service in a pinch.
MacHeist is giving away a mind-mapping program called Scapple. Seems like it's worth a look.
RT @Pinboard: Heartbleed lessons learned: there is ALWAYS one more reason not to use Bitcoin
Captain America: The Winter Soldier was fantastic. Great story. The fallout creates an interesting setup for Avengers 2.
ICYMI: Yesterday I published my annual birthday essay to my blog.
New post on my blog. My annual birthday essay. A reflection on my twenties.
Over 1,000 pageviews on the Campus Navs website today. The previous high since I took the reigns was 67. People like April Fools Day.
RT @campusnavs: Big news out of Nav headquarters today. Introducing the fifth spoke to The Wheel illustration.
Okay, that’s enough facetious outrage out of me.
Look, I understand the rationale behind moving Black Friday back to 8pm on Thanksgiving. But moving back April Fools pranks?
Newest disturbing trend: People beginning their April Fools pranks a day early.
Newest disturbing trend: People beginning their April Fools pranks a day early.
Ugh. I’m am struggling today. #typos
RT @UConnHuskies: Sorry about busting your bracket @BarackObama... We have room on our bandwagon if you're interested
RT @campusnavs: New post on our blog! Find out how the @RochNavs impacted inner city Minneapolis/St. Paul during their spring break.
RT @tim_cook: Welcome to the #iPad and @AppStore! @satyanadella and Office for iPad
Today I’m trying to capture video from HDV cassette tapes using one of these: It’s, um, not working.
I’m not sure it’s every going to seem normal for me to see a group of ten deer walking past my office window.
It pains me that I picked the Gators to win the NCAA tournament this year. It’s bad enough putting them in my Final Four.
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