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Andrew Ledwith

Andrew Ledwith

Blogger, web developer, Navigator, university employee, writer, editor, musician, mentor, Florida State Seminole, Christ-follower -- but you can call me Andrew.
RT @ricobert1: FSU falls in the polls as they continue to not lose. Guess we shoulda played a Presbyterian last weekend.
RT @ESPNStatsInfo: New Top 4 in College Football Playoff Rankings 1. Mississippi State 2. Oregon 3. Florida State 4. TCU #CFBPlayoff
“Any dream, any calling worth its gold, requires vulnerability and risk.” — @MicheleCushatt #Platform14
“Know the truths about who you are. It’s the platform of your platform.” — @MicheleCushatt #Platform14 // BOOM!
Loved having the opportunity to meet @michaelhyatt, one of my all-time favorite bloggers. #Platform14
“No other success can compensate for failure in the home." — @StuMcLaren, quoting David O'McKay #Platform14
“If you want to change somebody’s life start by changing their day first." — @PatFlynn #Platform14
“You need to put some ‘you’ in your brand.” — @PatFlynn #Platform14
I forgot to charge my Mac last night. Crossing my fingers… #Platform14
.@MichaelHyatt’s number one strategic priority? Growing his email list. #Platform14
“Never kid yourself into thinking that you are your market.” — @RayEdwards #Platform14
“A [Facebook] Like is not as important as a lead.” — @AmyPorterfield #Platform14
“The energy of your business is directly tied to the strength of your email list.” — @AmyPorterfield #Platform14
RT @mondaymonologue: High Hopes for Platform Conference 2014
“Comparison is the thief of joy.” — @MoneySavingMom #Platform14 // That’ll preach!
“This conference is not the magic success pill. *You* are the magic success pill.” — @MoneySavingMom #Platform14
“A body in motion communicates emotion.” — @KenDavisLive #Platform14
"Your first 'painting' probably won’t look that great. Sell it anyway." — @CaseyGraham #Platform14
“When you get clear you get confident. And when you get confident you take massive action.” — @CaseyGraham #Platform14
A new episode of the @mondaymonologue is out. Today I chat about what I hope to get out of #Platform14 this week.
“What if selling and marketing was just about sharing your passion?” — @MichaelHyatt #Platform14
“You are the chief marketing officer of your platform. … The buck stops with you.” — @MichaelHyatt #Platform14
“You cannot fall into the grip of perfectionism. … Perfectionism is the mother of procrastination.” — @MichaelHyatt #Platform14
“Great marketing only makes a bad product fail faster.” — @MichaelHyatt, quoting David Ogilvy #Platform14
#Platform14 is underway!
Ready for #Platform14! (at @TheBroadmoor in Colorado Springs, CO)
Ah ha! Did you really think you could hide from me forever, genesis_post_title_output()?
RT @GaryJ: @jaledwith Pull what you need out of cc @jaredatch
I know it will require a custom field to define the URL, but I can’t figure out the filter necessary to make the swap.
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