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What are you using for your Android home screen and why? HTC Sense? ADW.Launcher? What?
Just a photo I took years ago. (EDIT - just the default HTC Sense, no rooting) - Mike Nencetti
Rooted HTC Dream with CyanogenMod 6.0.0 RC1 with standard ADW.Launcher. - Kevin Mohr
I have the WorldTour webcam desktop wallpaper app, and I point it towards my own version of the Kempten, (im Allgäu, Bavaria) town square webcam. (See http://posterous.neurogami.com/kempten...) - James Britt
I am giving ADW.Launcher another chance, but I'm honestly not sure what the major differences are or why I'd choose any given launcher. - Rahsheen
ADW launcher because there isn't sense on the Froyo build I am running. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
i've just tried WorldTour webcam desktop wallpaper app. Its stunning app! - Yusuf Yıldız
Twitter apps for Android: Should I spend money on Twidroid or Hootsuite? Or just use Seesmic. Multiple accounts is a must. What d'y'all like?
Hootsuite lite works fine for me. Hire many accounts do you need? I'd try Seesmic if that doesn't work? - Rahsheen from Android
If you have to chose a single app, I'd say go with the official client, as it integrates better with the OS than any other option. IMO there's really no reason to pay for an Android Twitter client - LANjackal
Integrates better? In what ways? Maybe I should check it out again - Rahsheen from Android
How many accounts can the official client handle? I need to use at least 4 regularly. - kendrak from Android
I like hootsuite and I don't think you'd have a problem with 4 client handles. The only downside is that some of the interface is a little un-intuitive. - Jonathan Hardesty
I've been trying Seesmic in place if Twidroid. Could not get Seesmic to connect to my Buzz account, and then found that Seesmic notifications do not show the tweet itself in the notification bar; you have to go open the app to actually read the message. Twidrod gets this right and shows the tweet in the notification itself. - James Britt
I'm using the free version of Twidroid and it works better for me than Seesmic, but it's also an older version than what's in the marketplace now. I keep seeing bad reviews of the new version, so you might want to avoid it. Also, I don't have multiple accounts, so I can't help you there. - Holly's favorite Anna
@Rahsheen: The official Twitter client integrates with your contacts. - LANjackal
BTW, what's your use case? For example, 99% of the time I use my G1 twitter client to get notifications of stuff. Only during conferences or such will I use it for sending tweets. So I'm more interested in how the clients handles DMs and such. - James Britt
James Britt
"PHP: The Good Parts: Delivering the Best of PHP " Looks to be about 175 pages too long. - http://www.amazon.com/PHP-Goo...
"PHP: The Good Parts: Delivering the Best of PHP "  Looks to be about 175 pages too long.
"176 pages" - James Britt from Bookmarklet
Austin Godber
Are you there now? Wunderbar. Munchen ist zehr schoen. Bayer ist alles shoen. Eat plenty of spaetlze! - James Britt
Yeah, I am in Northern Bavaria at the moment. Headed to Wurzeburg tomorrow and Heidelberg on Friday. Its been a great trip. - Austin Godber
Mike Nencetti
Alarm clock failed this morning. I set a weekday alarm for 5:30am. I woke up at 5:15. I sat at the kitchen table with my coffee waiting for the alarm, which never went off. I probably ended the clock app with Advanced Task Killer the day before. That may have caused the issue.
This is a brand new HTC Incredible running 2.1. - Mike Nencetti
a test alarm worked fine. - Mike Nencetti
Reading the forums, I will turn off vibrate, make sure the 'alarm volume' not phone volume is set to high. Also add the Clock to the ignore list for the task killer, and set a 2nd morning alarm. - Mike Nencetti
In advanced task killer I set it to ignore the clock app along with seesmic and facebook. That way they always update for me and I don't have to worry about them being killed. - Brandon
Alarm clock worked this morning. The task killer app now ignores the Clock app. I removed vibrate from the alarm. It was one or, or both of those factors that made the alarm fail yesterday. Time will tell. - Mike Nencetti
"Time will tell." Or not. :) - James Britt
My Hero does that occasionally. It also decides not to update the clock unless the screen is on sometimes too. I have yet to work out exactly what causes the problem though. - Amy
Alarm Clock worked Monday. This is a good thing :) needed it. - Mike Nencetti
Ana Santos
hi, i am new here. i want to know if there is an application for friendfeed on android
There seems to be stuff in beta, but I've not seen anything robust. I just use the mobile version of the site in the phone browser. - James Britt
Thanks James. I just brought an htc legend. - Ana Santos
There have been a few, but nothing really better than friendfeed.com/iphone. - rowlikeagirl
Thanks Rowlikeagirl - Ana Santos
Ana, subscribe to the YouFeed room... it's in development now... - rowlikeagirl
Sorry, what is the YouFeed room? - Ana Santos
Thanks - Ana Santos
Top Hacker News
Etude for iPad is out http://etudeapp.com/
Humph... this entices me to look into getting an iPad. Never thought I would! - Pistos
Looks nice, but I'd rather buy a device I can hack on and freely install apps on. - James Britt
Yes indeed. Dilemmas! - Pistos
James Britt
Am I missing something? Does Netbeans 6.8 really not let you paste a path into the Open Project dialog box?
A work around: run NB from the CLI in the folder of the project you want to work with; no, wait, that doesn't really help. - James Britt
James Britt
Dear people of Haskell: What is <|> ? It resists Googling.
James Britt
Will Cartoon Network be having the "June Bugs" Bugs Bunny marathon?
Seems not :( - James Britt
James Britt
Won't renew my sub to Linux Journal. Few articles of interest; only Ruby stuff is Rails; incessant Microsoft bashing is way past tedious.
Yeah, I'm happy I was able to have articles published there, and sometimes they surprise me, but it now seems a bit amateurish, with sloppy grammar and technical errors. - James Britt
James Britt
I enjoy watching FlashForward, but what's the point now? ABC has driven home that you should never invest your time in the 1st season of any long-story ABC series. They are likely to just cancel it anyway and leave you hanging.
Wait 'til there's a season 2 and catch up on the DVDs or torrents. - James Britt
James Britt
"Python is a C programmers version of lisp, and ruby is a lisp programmers version of C." - http://news.ycombinator.com/item...
Slightly paraphrased. - James Britt from Bookmarklet
James Britt
Damn. Chrome just tried to load a PDF, crashed, and killed all other running instances of chrome,each with several tabs open. And "restore previous session" did not bring them all back. Are they copying Firefox now?
With process-per-tab... who'd a thunk it? - Pistos
Does it use Adobe's acroread plugin? That has a (different) long-standing bug which often completely kills a Linux system. Doesn't look as if process isolation would help. http://www.google.com.au/search... - Toby Thain
As far as I know it isn't using any plugin system. Chrome stopped rendering PDFs a while back. I think I altered some setting. But it doesn't offer to download them either. It does nothing. But this time it crashed. - James Britt
James Britt
Tried to view Google's Web font in Chrome: "We're sorry, but your browser is not supported by the Google Font API. To browse the fonts in the Google font directory please switch to a more modern browser." And a link to download Chrome.
Works for me? Chromium 5.0.376.0 on Linux. - Pistos
So, curious, I decide to try it again, and check my Chrome version number, and now it seems to Just Work. Computers are mysterious. - James Britt
Rob Bazinet
Every time you say "I'm looking for Ruby on Rails rockstars." God kills a kitten. Please, think of the kittens. (via @PatrickTulskie) -Yes!
Better that god killed RoR rockstars. - James Britt
Daniel Ferguson
#Firefox should have a splash screen on Mac showing a cute fox taking a nap — so I have something to look at while it loads.
Move to Opera or Chrome. Both are fast. One is well integrated and just works, like Macs, the other is barebones, intentionally minimal, but with a growing set extensions. Firefox is just... slow and [by default] a bit ugly. Then again, for you, why not Safari? - Pistos
Chrome really is quite peppy. And it is supporting an increasing number of add-ons and such (the big win for me for FF). FF is feeling like I did a last summer: fat and old. But I at least started exercising and dropped quit a few pounds. FF is still at the all-you-can-eat buffet. - James Britt
Another vote for Opera. And I actually still use Safari. All my Macs are PowerPC so bloat and speed are headline issues (ditched Ffx a while back). Note that Safari and Opera both have notably fast JS engines. - Toby Thain
James Britt
"Poll: 83% say God answers prayers, 57% favor National Prayer Day " Scary. - http://www.usatoday.com/news...
I've just got to ask :) I have neither a question or a problem with you not believing the former, and not supporting the latter, but why is that scary? - Pistos
Because they can vote. Because they can influence what gets taught in schools, how taxes are spent. - James Britt
Pistos: some of us still "believe in" the separation of church and state. As a Christian you may not feel uncomfortable in a theocracy, but as you know, your country, province and city are among the most culturally diverse in the world - how would you imagine those Canadians of the other hundreds of faiths (including those who hold no religious faith) would like to live under a declared... more... - Toby Thain
I acknowledge your points, guys. At the same time, here's what concerns me: I see it as people on two (or more) sides of issues. Each side thinks they're right, and the other is wrong, or at least less right. What I often observe or encounter is this: When the atheist or a-religious want their way in government, it's deemed okay -- but when the religious want their way in government,... more... - Pistos
Can you give examples of people arguing for teaching unscientific mumbo-jumbo (e.g., creationism by any of its names) *because* they are atheists? Arguing against vaccination or proper medical care on the basis of not believing in the supernatural? What, exactly, is "atheist thinking"? "Everyone deserves to have their say." Maybe, but not all opinions or points of view are equal. For... more... - James Britt
I think we can both agree, then, that focus should be on the actual issues and ideas, and not generalizing that any group is unfit to engage in reasonable and intelligent debate and discussion, or to influence government or society in general. - Pistos
James Britt
Dear LazyWeb: How can start up (g)vi(m) so that it runs a specific macro or function? In particular I want to open a particular file and then make the font really big.
Answer: use the -c flag and pass a command to run after loading the (g)vimrc files. For example, to set the font: gvim -c "set guifont=Inconsolata\ 35" foo.log Very handy. - James Britt
Nick Sieger
Seems the JavaOne committee didn't like my talk promoting JRuby+Rails as a Java web framework. They need to lose focus on Java the language.
Do you think the folks behind JavaOne are more interested in the platform or the language? I bet it's really the latter, though they may not quite admit it. I think outsiders are the ones who champion Java the platform. - James Britt
Austin Godber
Note To Self (and others) How to hook saves in vim: http://stackoverflow.com/questio...
Interesting. Have to give that a try. - James Britt
Having the darnedest time setting up users and permissions in #MySQL ! If only it were as easy as #PostgreSQL .
Argh, I needed to FLUSH PRIVILEGES; - Pistos
Anything familiar is "easy". Don't confuse the two :) You should never need to FLUSH PRIVILEGES. Use GRANT and REVOKE to manage: GRANT [...list of privileges or ALL if you're lazy...] ON schema.* TO username@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'password'; -- also, in CLI, HELP GRANT can be, ah, helpful. - Toby Thain
You *can't* be serious. Nothing about postgres is easy. - James Britt
Actually, I think I did neet to flush privs (#mysql channel confirmed). It was because I was doing a dump and restore of all DBs. I concede on the "familiar/easy". :) - Pistos
@jamesbritt : I suppose it's just a matter of what you have most experience with. I guess having to mentally translate in either direction would be troublesome for most. - Pistos
Yes dump/restore would require FLUSH PRIVILEGES. But ordinary maintenance with GRANT/REVOKE doesn't. Would have been funny to see you in #mysql ;-) - Toby Thain
Michael Fellinger
I'm still sort of puzzled by the existence of 1.8.7. - James Britt
James Britt
Is there a way on Friendfeed to block posts that originate from Twitter? Especially line noise like Github commits and such.
You can hide posts, and it gives you finer control over what it should hide. - Michael Fellinger
Can't just unfollow? :) - Pistos
That's what I ended up doing. - James Britt from email
James Britt
So I install Java on a Vista VM to test @jotbot, and when it's done, Firefox is telling me I have the .Net Framework Assistant add-on installed. I LOVE gifts like these!
Apparently this did not come from the Java install, it only made itself known then because I had previously done a Vista update but had not yet used Firefox. Microsoft has learned from Real media and Apple I see. - James Britt
Charles Max Wood
I'm going to be putting together some premium screencasts. What topics would you like to learn about? #ruby #rails
Ramaze. - James Britt
James Britt
"The first Victoria Cross to be won by a British army soldier - along with the cannonball which blew off his arm - has fetched £252,000 ($387,500) at auction." - http://news.bbc.co.uk/2...
"A fellow soldier had picked up the missile that hit Major Knox and later gave it to him." Yeah, that's the sort of souvenir everybody likes. - James Britt from Bookmarklet
James Britt
"NEW YORK (AP) - This is a headline test of the Associated Press and is not intended for Publication or Broadcasting." - http://apnews.myway.com/...
"NEW YORK (AP) - This is a headline test of the Associated Press and is not intended for Publication or Broadcasting." - James Britt from Bookmarklet
I have to wonder if they even know they are publishing a series of test messages. - James Britt
James Britt
What happened to nfjinjing's account and code on github? He had some sweet #haskell stuff.
I am also wondering. Did you find it out? I am sending him a message now. - Peteris Krumins
He posted on twitter that he was just keeping stuff available via hackagedb. Not quite the same as accessing the repo, but at least it's still active. - James Britt
James Britt
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